Zoldyck family name meanings

I was browsing a Japanese HXH forum the other day and someone pointed out something REALLY interesting about the Zolydyck children’s names (besides the fact that their naming convention is just a game of shiritori, lol.)

If you give the names a reading in kanji, the meanings are very telling:

  • illumi / いるみ / 居る
    to exist (as a person)

  • milluki / みるき / 見る
    to watch, to look at it (ie “watching tv”, “looking at a computer screen”)

  • killua / きるあ / 斬る
    to kill

  • alluka / あるか / 有る
    to exist (as an object)

  • kalluto / かると / 刈る
    to cut, to clip, to shear

I’m… getting really emotional about Alluka’s name…….. and I’m so mad that it’s in direct contrast with Illumi’s…. that piece of shit.

Anyway I just found this very interesting and wanted to share it with everyone so you can be upset with me too!!


Hunter x Blood Type x Adultrio
Based on Blood Type Personality Meme [Original comic.]
Yep, it’s their official blood type and surprisingly accurate enough!
Illumi [A]: Cautious, organized, punctual | Stubborn, overearnest. 
Hisoka [B]: Wild, adventurous, passionate | Selfish, unpredictable.
Chrollo [AB]: Calm, rational, controlled | Two-faced, forgetful.

me: “Stop ruining their fictional life!”.  me: "nuhh.“