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okay hear me out: hisoillu, rimming

((So I accidentally 1.2k’d this, so have [The AO3 Mirror Here] and enjoy!))

“Hisoka,” Illumi says in his typical lyrical way, and oh, how Hisoka just wishes that Illumi wasn’t face down in the mattress right now; just so he could see the irritated little blink he’s surely doing. “You had better have a good reason for this.”

Hisoka tuts.

“Illumi, your suspicion hurts! And here I thought we trusted each other.” Hisoka lets out a quiet sigh, entirely unable to keep the lavisciousness out of his voice as he digs his fingers into the exposed curve of Illumi’s ass. “I have the best reason for this.”

“And that is?”

“Because I want to.”

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Hunter x Hunter - Adultrio genderbend. (request by @momoi0324​)

Turns out they look like belong to Charlie’s Angels, Sin City or some kind of spy films.
Hisoka, the red hot spicy babe. Chrollo, the femme fatale [x]. Illumi, the badass dragon lady.

If u wonder why I made them kinda muscular, read my analysis down here.

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