The signs as Latin phrases

Aries: audere est facere To do is to dare 

Taurus: fluctuat nec mergiturTossed by the waves but does not sink 

Gemini: alis propriis volat She flies with her own wings 

Cancer: dum inter homines sumus, colamus humanitatem As long as we are among humans, let us be humane 

Leo: fortuna audens adiuvat Fortune favors the brave 

Virgo: timendi causa est nescireIgnorance is the cause of fear 

Libra: amor omnia vincitLove conquers all 

Scorpio: carpe noctemSeize the night 

Sagittarius: transit umbra, lux permanet Shadow passes, light remains

Capricorn: amare et sapere vix deo conceditur Even a god finds it hard to love and be wise at the same time 

Aquarius: serva me, servabo teSave me and I will save you 

Pisces: utinam ne illum numquam conspexissemIf only I had never seen him.

*Please note all gendered pronouns are actually gender neutral, but translated a certain way for lyrical effect, feel free to alter them*

More than you can imagine

hey guys! i’m finally posting again! sorry for the long wait but school got super sttressful with finals and such. however, it’s summer break so I wrote up a quick fic for my love, Shawn Mendes. hope y’all enjoy it! feel free to send in requests!! 


          It was more than just rain, it was a storm. Wind whipping against the windows, thunder shaking the ground, and lightning causing the lights in my apartment to flickr. I had the entire day planned out, dressed and ready to go, when the sudden storm came barrelling in. I refused to let the gloomy weather ruin my delightful mood. I had been waiting for this day for the last six months, counting down every second of everyday. My lovely boyfriend Shawn followed his dreams on a year long tour and finally has a break to come home. I decorated our shared apartment with welcome home banners and stocked the cabinets with his favorite snacks. I was ecstatic to see him again and eventually join him on the second half of his tour now that my finals are over. I awaited Shawn’s arrival yet it grew later and later with still no sign of my boyfriend. My phone chimed with a text from the man of the hour that read, “Hey darling, my plane was delayed an hour and traffic getting out of the airport is insane. I’ll be home as soon as I can. Can’t wait to see you baby!”. My worries melted away as I knew that he was safe and everything was okay. I rested on the couch, aimlessly watching tv and playing games on my phone. Time passed and I found myself growing sleepier and sleepier. Eventually, the sound of the rain smacking my windows lulled me to sleep.

    I pulled from my sleep by a tugging on my foot and a low mumbling. I opened my eyes to find myself no longer on the couch but laying on top of my bed. Propping up onto my elbows, I glanced down to see a familiar curly brown haired boy yanking my shoe of my foot.

      “Shawn?” I muttered, rubbing sleep from my eyes, “When did you get home?”. He poked his head up at the sound of my voice and he sent me a gentle smile.  

      “Hey sweetheart. I got home a little bit ago.” he ran his hand up and down my shin, “Lay back down hun, get some rest.” I shook my head, sitting up and stopping him from taking off my other shoe.

       “No, no, no I can’t. I had everything planned. Today was supposed to be fun and we were supposed to do all your favorite things. We have to, come on, let’s go.” I rambled, trying to get up and put my show on. Shawn simply shook his head and leaning over to softly push me back down. When I tried to refuse again, he simply did the same thing.

       “Nope, no stressing. I’m home for two weeks, that is plenty of time to do everything and right now we can sleep. Now, let’s get changed into something comfy.” he explained, squatting down once more and pulling off my other shoe. I recently agreed and sat up then followed Shawn toward the closet. He reached in a pulled out a pair of his sweatpants and one of his tshirts. He handed me the shirt and keep the pants for himself. Slowly, we changed into comfy clothes. Shawn discarded his top and wore only a pair of grey sweatpants. I changed into Shawn’s shirt which was rather big on my body and fit like a dress. I decided that was enough and didn’t wear any pants which was normal for me. Shawn approached me and kissed me on top of the head.

        “Let’s head to bed baby. I had a long day and missed falling asleep with you in my arms more than anything.” he whispered, pulling me close. I grinned at his words, resting my head against his bare shoulder as his hands ran up and down my back.

      “You have no idea how much I missed you.” I whispered, reaching my hands behind his neck and playing with his curls. He hummed at my words and just smiled back.

       “Oh darling, I don’t think you understand. Tour was fun and all but god, I could not stop thinking about you. All I wanted to do was come running home to you and our little apartment.” he whispered back, pressing a kiss on the top of my head. My face flushed pink at his confession. “Now let’s go lay down” he said. We pulled apart and shuffled to our separate sides of the bed. I wiggled under the covers as Shawn did the same. Once we were comfortable in the bed, we rolled to face each others.

     “Welcome back cuddles?” I asked, lightly giggling. Shawn only smiled and opened his arms as wide as possible. I shuffled over and laid my head against his chest while his arms wrapped around me, pulling me closer. He hummed contently in my ear.

     “Man, I swear I missed this the most. This is the life.” he sighed gleefully. His fingers ran up and down my back, creating that blissful feeling I craved while he was away on tour. “Now, let’s get some sleep babe.”.

     “That sounds amazing. Goodnight, I love you.” I whispered, glancing up to look at Shawn. He looked so peaceful smiling down at me. He leaned down and pressed a soft kiss to my lips, a kiss I had missed more than words can describe.

       “I love you more darling.”.

So recently I’ve noticed myself creating really interesting sentences where none of the words are from the same language. Usually they’re not too long, 3-4 word phrases, but it’s still very strange. The most notable two so far-

“Que عندي holnap?” - Spanish Arabic Hungarian - lit. what at-me tomorrow - “What do I have tomorrow?”

“Varför valde تعبانة vagyok?” - Swedish Latin Arabic Hungarian - lit. why very tired.fem - “Why am I so tired?”

And it’s really interesting the way my brain is willing to structure and create phrases like these in my head without any additional prompting.


Star Wars worlds : Ilum
The planet Ilum was situated in the Ilum system, a star system located in a region of the Unknown Regions known as the 7G sector. Ilum was an arctic world; that is, the entire planet was covered in ice and snow, and was therefore inhospitable to most species. Hidden beneath Ilum’s frigid surface is what came to be known as the Crystal Caves. Within the maze-like Crystal caves grew kyber crystals, which brought the Jedi Order to Ilum, so they could harvest the crystals in a rite of passage known as the Gathering, in which Jedi initiates harvested their crystals by attuning themselves to the Force. As such, Illum was a holy site for the Jedi Order for centuries.

One of my favourite documented curses is:

“Hic non defectus est, sed cattus minxit desuper nocte quadam. Confundatur pessimus cattus qui minxit super librum istum in nocte Daventrie, et consimiliter omnes alii propter illum. Et cavendum valde ne permittantur libri aperti per noctem ubi cattie venire possunt.”

[Here is nothing missing, but a cat urinated on this during a certain night. Cursed be the pesty cat that urinated over this book during the night in Deventer and because of it many others [other cats] too. And beware well not to leave open books at night where cats can come.]

Cologne, Historisches Archiv, G.B. quarto, 249, fol. 68r

A Deventer scribe, writing around 1420, found his manuscript ruined by a urine stain left there by a cat the night before. He was forced to leave the rest of the page empty, drew a picture of a cat and cursed it. Cursed it and then made a realisation about his own involvement in his frustration. Rage to self-awareness in the time of a scrawl XD.

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Dooku meeting old ben! after getting back from a long mission and wanders who he is until quigon shows up and explains.

His feet sinks into the snow but Ben does not stop as he pulls his robes tighter around himself. He has to get away from the Sith and the base and if that means wading through the snow in his boots, then so be it.

But the cold is closing in on him and Ben struggles to keep walking through the aches and pains in his body.

Ben…this way.

The white haired Jedi looked up, squinting out from under his hood at the snow covered landscape, the falling snow around obscuring his vision.

This way. Ben this way.

The voice calling for him is soft, gentle, encouraging. It makes Ben follow it even as he dreads what he will find in the end, if he’s being tricked or if his cold mind is tricking him.

Not a trick. Safety. They won’t find you here.

The mouth of a cave appears and Ben stares at it, shaking before he wades through the snow and inside it, shaking ever harder. He is so cold and numb that he can barely focus, yet his steps becomes easier once out of the snow as he steps into the dark cave.

Further in. Its warmer. Ben you have to go in further or you will freeze.

And Ben walks in the dark, he walks what feels like hours but must only be minutes before there is a soft light.

He can walk no further as he slips down on his knees, looking around with his faded green eyes. “…It looks like the caves of Illum.” He whispered. “Are those…kyper crystals?” He blinked before leaning his back against the stone wall, tucking his robe more around himself as the Force resonated gently around him.

There was no answer to his question as the crystal glowed gently. For the first time since he was by Maul’s side, Ben feels peacefully warm, his head falling back against the stone wall and his eyes falling shut.

He slips into an exhausted meditation moments later as he reaches out for his Qui-Gon.


There’s a soft, fragile brush against his shields and Qui-Gon almost feels as if his legs are cut out from beneath him as he sits down in the extra chair of the ship. ‘Ben?

“Qui-Gon?” Mace and Adi looked to him but the long haired master only waved his hand, focusing on his bond to Ben.

There was another soft brush and Qui-Gon tried not to be frustrated. He was to far away from where Ben was to be able to hear or feel him properly. “Ben’s reaching out but its faint. Wherever he is, he’s still to far from me.”

“Hultomo.” Mace reached out and brought up the information about it. “Its an icy, lifeless planet with two moons. We managed to trace Palpatine’s ship to it. Or we assume that is where Ben is also. If not its a lead to where the sith and he is.”

Qui-Gon rubbed his face at that. “No more leads, I just…I want to find my bondmate.”

“And we will Qui-Gon.” The long haired man looked up as Dooku rested a hand on his former padawan’s shoulder. “Though I do still wish you’d waited for me to be present at your bonding ceremony.”

Qui-Gon smiled tiredly at his former master. “You were far into Wild space master, and I didn’t want to wait to…”

“Rushed.” Yan clicked his tongue before looking to the information on the console. “Hultomo…its a good thing we’ve packed winter gear.”

“And brought a healer with us. Force knows what condition we and Ben are going to be in.” Adi sighed, crossing her arms over her chest.

“I still say we should have brought Maul with us, his bond to Be-”

“No. Maul is a padawan regardless of his skills with a saber and he is still injured.” Qui-Gon objected. “Ben would not want him anywhere near another sith after that. There is a reason why I made Obi-Wan remain behind too.”

“I agree with Qui-Gon. No padawans.” Dooku rumbled.

“…Are we enough though?” Adi asked softly, looking around.

“We should be.” Master Tholme murmured. “Seven masters should be enough. All of us are skilled with battle.” He nodded to Depa. “Even our youngest.”

Yaddle hummed from where she was meditating beside Depa. “Darkness we are heading towards, perhaps end a sith threat we can but doubtful I am.”

“Being bluntly honest, all I can think about is getting Ben away and safe.” Qui-Gon rubbed his face. “And its not only because of my bond to him but consider this, his knowledge of the future.” He glanced at the others to forestall any arguments that Ben’s rescue was the more important mission.

“If his knowledge falls into the wrong hands, it will doom the future, regardless of how much he has changed it. It can still be used by someone knowledgeable and cunning.”

“Qui-Gon is right, getting Ben to safety is our primary goal though the destruction of the Sith are also a worthy task.” Mace offered as they dropped out of hyperdrive above the planet. Adi instantly had the ship scanning the surface, a small frown on her face as she did.

“There is a few settlements, isolated pockets that should not be there.” She murmured softly.

Qui-Gon?’ Came a weak voice and he instantly closed his eyes to listen.

Ben, Ben are you alright?

There was a short, stuttering silence as the others talked around Qui-Gon. ‘No…I’m very cold Qui. And my mind is a mess, he ripped through my shields. Will you come find me?

Of course my Ben. Do you know where you are?’ Qui-Gon took several calming breaths, releasing his tension into the Force.

I’m not sure. I think…I think I got away Qui-Gon. I think I’m hiding but I’m not sure…come find me?

Qui-Gon snapped his eyes opened. “Ben is no longer with the Sith. He’s not sure where he is but he seems to have escaped their grasp.” He announced, his voice cutting through the others talk.

“Then split up we shall. Find Ben you will.” Yaddle stood, brushing of her tunics.

“What if the siths are looking for him too?” Mace frowned.

“I will go with Qui-Gon.” Yan decided. “We worked together as a team for many years, should we encounter them, we can cover each other.”

“…I don’t like this.” The Korun sighed.

“He’s cold Mace. He says the sith ripped through his shields.” Qui-Gon got up to go ready the winter gear. “He’s not in good shape, I can tell you this much right now.” He packed in extra blankets and the spare set of clothes he had pulled from Ben’s part of the closet just in case.

The Korun closed his eyes before sighing and nodding. “Alright, we split up.”


Anakin Skywalker is six years old.  He’s just been bought for the very first time.  He can still hear the auctioneer’s voice listing off his best features as the hands and claws of the buyers in the audience reached above their heads.  Taurani, the Phindian man who’d just bought him and his mother, prods Anakin in the back, gently pushing him towards a bodyguard.  The bodyguard ties thin chains around his and his mother’s wrists, and they follow the Phindian (now mounted on the back of some animal whose species Anakin does not recognize) to their new living area.  Through his sandals, Anakin can feel the hot sand.  When he steps into a deeper spot, it seeps into his shoes and scratches his toes.  

Anakin is eight years old.  He’s finished his work for the day, and Watto has agreed to let him go outside for awhile before the household retires.  It’s a rare grey day on Tatooine, and Anakin sits quietly under the awning of the shop building, letting the faint trace of a breeze tickle his cheek.  His fingers absentmindedly rake through the sand and trace delicate plans for his new android project into the coarse crumbs.  He’d seen his mother beaten in the market earlier.  He hates this place.  He hates the Sand People, the slavers, the shopkeepers.  Angrily, he swipes his hand through his sandy blueprints and trudges into his work shed.  Building will help him to calm down.

Anakin is ten years old.  Three people had visited the shop today.  A man and a girl.  There’d been an alien with them, too.  He hadn’t recognized his species, but the creature might have been the stupidest thing he’d ever met.  The older man was kind, though.  At least, he’d been kind to Anakin.  But the girl was the person he remembered best.  She’d been older than him, but she wasn’t an adult.  She’d been beautiful.  Anakin was sure she’d been an angel, even after she said she wasn’t.  That was the kind of thing an angel would say.  He sighed, and continued to sweep the shop floor.  He grimaced.  He hated the sand.  There wasn’t a single other trivial thing like it that could make life so miserable.  He thought about the visitors again.  They’d been interesting, sure.  They had also tracked all kinds of sand in, and it could be impossible to clean up sometimes. 

Anakin is twelve years old.  Master Kenobi has taken him, along with a half dozen other Padawans, to a planet called Illum.   They’re going to start building their lightsabers today.  Master Kenobi had knocked on their shared dorm’s door the night before and told them to dress warmly.  Stepping off of the transport, Anakin understands why.  It’s an ice planet.  He shivers.  At least it’s not a desert.  Then he steps outside.  Snow.  Snow, up to his knees.  No, he thinks.  This is just a different kind of desert.  Cold instead of hot.  Snow instead of sand.  It wasn’t that different at all.  The more he thought about it, the more the snow reminded him of sand.  It had the same cruel, visceral nature to it.  Always hindering, never helpful.  It could look beautiful and appealing, at least until your feet were burning with pain.  Both powdery substances got everywhere, too.  You couldn’t escape it.  At least the snow melted.  But the sand… he would have sworn before the Jedi High Council that he’d been brushing sand out of his hair even a year after he’d left Tatooine.  He shivers, and stares down at his damp boots, kicking a frozen clump of snow in no particular direction. He hopes that his group won’t have to be here long.  

Anakin is fourteen.  He and Master Kenobi are dueling in the temple of the courtyard.  It’s pitch black outside, the way it usually is at two in the morning.  Master Kenobi had said they came out to fight this late because it would help Anakin to rely on the Force, but Anakin was fairly sure it was because Obi-Wan didn’t want to be seen.  Strictly speaking, Anakin wasn’t old enough to duel his master yet.  He steps forward, brandishing his lightsaber to deflect Obi-Wan’s blow.  His foot lands solidly on the stone floor, and he can’t help but remember sliding when he tried to stick a difficult piece of footing on Tatooine.  The sand would give way under him, dragging his whole body down with it.  He’d lost fights that way before.  He couldn’t count the number of black eyes and broken noses the traitorous sand had cost him.  Taking advantage of his Padawan’s distractedness, Obi-Wan forces him backwards, with Anakin folding his back in such a way that he can’t react to anything his Master does without Obi-Wan moving first.  Anakin doesn’t mind losing too much.  He’d lost to his own emotion.  The ground had nothing to do with it.  There was no sand here.  

Anakin is sixteen.  He slumps against the headboard of his bed, one knee  drawn up in front of him and the other stretched out with the rest of his leg.  He doesn’t know how much longer he can deal with being banished to his quarters.  He’s in trouble with the Council again.  Obi-Wan stuck up for him during the proceedings (the way he always does), but in the end, the Council had still decided he must be punished.  He’s been grounded and his lightsaber has been temporarily revoked.  He glances at the time display on the wall.  He only has three more days of a two week sentence to serve.  He sighs, and gracelessly drops off the bed and into a siting position, legs crossed, hands resting on his thighs with his palms facing the ceiling.  He closes his eyes and focuses.  Obi-Wan told him to meditate during his confinement, so he will.  How long he’s under, he doesn’t know, but when he opens his eyes, half the objects in his room are floating.  He grins, and plucks a grain of sand that’s floating about eye-level out of the air.  He stares at it a moment, remembering Tatooine.  He’s not grinning anymore.  Despite the evening breeze wafting through the courtyard and into his window,  Anakin can suddenly feel an intense heat on the nape of his neck.  His floor seems to shimmer with the reflection of two suns beating down on golden sands.  Long-forgotten scars across his body begin to tingle with a phantom pain that Anakin recognizes as the sharp sting of being caned. Caning had been his first master’s favored method of punishment, and the wounds he’d left on his young slave’s skin had never truly healed. Despite being mental rather than pyhsical, the pain makes Anakin wince, pulling him out of his memories. He drops the grain of sand and lets it fall. A long sigh forces itself out from behind his teeth. He doesn’t move from his seat on the floor for a long time.  

Anakin is eighteen.  Padmé - no, Senator Amidala - has come back into his life for the first time in eight years.  She still looks like an angel.  She also refuses to give him the time of day, which hurts, but at the same time… he’s a Jedi.  She’s a senator.  Their stars crossed the wrong way, he decides, and tries not to linger on it.  He fails.  Obi-Wan senses something wrong with him, and Anakin knows.  Thankfully, Obi-Wan has left him alone so far.  Anakin finds himself thumbing his lightsaber more often than usual, as if to remind himself of his duty.  Duty.  Duty to what?  Who was to say he couldn’t leave whenever he wanted?  He was tired of the council, anyway.  Tired of the endless picking at him, tired of their constant warring with the Chancellor, tired of their infinite rules and regulations.  Sometimes he wished he could just toss his lightsaber away and leave it all behind.  Or maybe take his lightsaber with him, he didn’t know.  But where would he go?  The Order was all he knew now.  He certainly couldn’t go back to Tatooine.  He’s spent too many years surrounded by civilized people and clean buildings and healthy children and stone paths.  To go back to the suns and the sand… he can’t do that now.  But sometimes he wishes he could.

my star unknown / lost

A mystery written in the stars.

pairing: shin hoseok/reader

genre: mystery and fluff

word count: 2.912

author’s note: this is a pirate and soulmate au inspired by the meaning behind mx’s group name. I just wanted to write a scenario that would fit it ha ha. I hope y’all enjoy my first attempt at a mystery! I apologize if it may seem confusing at first, or even rushed, but please be patient with me.

warnings: mentions of blood, death and violence.

When the eventide washes over in a wave of cerulean shades and sable rinses, a veil of stars illume with a mysterious twinkle up in the dusky sea welkin above.

And the astrals are more than just stipples of silver that seem to still out in the vastness of space. Legend has it that these pixels of purpose cast an enchantment of their own to the ones who look upon their radiance for guidance, for destiny is written within these same stars. The asteroids kindle missives of fate and soul mates, of the Zodiac tribe who created this stellar ritual eon ago.

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