“G8, G20 - they few, we many”

“every single one of us has a reason, together we’re strong lets crash the meeting”

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Friday night I was out at the Edmonton Bike Commuters society, which played host to Toronto MC Testament from the revolution rap duo Test Their Logik. Solid show even though the venue and the turnout might have left a bit to be desired. No shots at anyone organizing though, I say kudos for creating a situation allowing for community building within the Hip Hop sphere, and for giving a guy like Test a place to voice his ideas, regardless of how far off they are from the thoughts of the average conservative who lives in these parts. The “Music is a Weapon” movement made it happen for all our benefit. Big ups for that.

I definitely welcome this type of thought inducing lyrical content, and appreciate the effort to get out here and put on a concert. Test has all sorts of anti corporate/ anti colonialism/ anti capitalist rhetoric to share with people willing to listen. He and his rhyme partner Illogik form “Test Their Logik”, who received a bit of press over the “controversial” lyrics to the song “Crash The Meeting” which they wrote in protest to the 2010 G8/G20 meeting in Toronto. The song actually landed the pair in prison on conspiracy charges, which eventually dropped, but still resulted in a court enforced split for 6 months. With the legal problems behind them now, Test and Illogik recently returned from a European tour, and have just dropped a new album, “A”.

You can buy or download Test Their Logiks Arrested Developmentfree, and if you can find it, be sure to pick up “A”, the newest album, which features “In Da House” which has a new video you can watch here.

Local MC Ras Bee shared opening with human beatbox Grizzly Adams Apple, who did some freestyles after a bit of spoken word from Ryjin Vander Hoek. Theres footage that Bee posted of his performance of his track “Reserved Intention” online as well, and the two of us have a collabo song or two coming up, so watch for that/those as soon as we put a wrap on them.

“The best way to take away someones power is to convince them they have none in the first place.”

**I didn’t expect to have a chance to actually get up and perform when I left my house Friday night, but there was enough time before we had to clear out of the EBC at the end of the show that the mic was free, and I got a chance to show off after everybody else had already performed. Test, during his set before he did his track “Black and Red Yo”, asked the crowd “who knows Black and Yellow from this summer?” and I was the only one to respond, saying “Ive got a remix of it myself…” from the side o the stage.  I could only remember two of the verses to it, but I figured I’d link it for anyone who was there and wanted to hear “Slack and Mellow” the way I recorded it.