I love this shot in GMW Texas!

It’s their reactions to Pappy Joe’s telling Lucas that “you’ll ruin the family name if you fail and we’ll hate you forever” line. I love how you can see all 4.

Zay is ready to pounce and fight.
Riley is ready to make a fantastic, well-delivered verbal retort.
Maya feels for him.
Farkle is annoyed at how illogical the situation is and how unintelligent Pappy Joe is. 


“I remember that watching Cars when I was little was always interesting. Even then it wasn’t in my top 10 Disney movies for sure, but still I enjoyed it. Recently I found it and rewatched it and I couldn’t even finish it! It seemed like the longest, most boring movie ever. And I found it even weirder and illogical than before.”

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Can I just say with all the stuff you're getting about "Muslim people are bad, etc. (I'm being very general)" that, even though I've read neither in the full, I have studied both religions at school, and both the Quran and the Bible are very very VERY similar. Both of these also stem from the story of Abraham. To insult the Quran and defend the Bible, or vice versa, is illogical. (sorry if this ask annoys you, I had to get it off my chest when I saw the others). Also, you have a lovely theme :)

Yeah thats what I meant. They are very similar and that anon who wanted to kill muslims can just as well kill every muslim, christian and jew because they have very similar stories and morals. Like that anon is such a hypocrite.

Tom was eyeing her closely, carefully watching for any sign of deceit. “A loophole?” he questioned.

 Hermione nearly let out a sigh of relief as she nodded. “A loophole,” she confirmed. “Brought about by the random, illogical way that we were brought together.”

“Not random,” he disagreed. “Destined.” He grabbed the chalice bringing it to his lips and drank greedily, but stopped himself before consuming it entirely. “Here,” he presented the cup to her. “Drink my brilliant witch so that we may be bound together for eternity.”

Hesitating for a moment, Hermione carefully reached for the cup. This was it; there would be no turning back at this point. Tom was staring at her intensely, his eyes darkening and magic crackling from the effects of the elixir. She sensed a yearning in his eyes, a yearning to be connected to her forever

Excerpt from the final chapter of The Mysterious Ravenclaw, complete! Read story here.

the signs as illogical star wars theories
  • aries:snoke is a clone of palpatine
  • taurus:rey kenobi
  • gemini:darth jar jar
  • cancer:rey is anakin skywalker reincarnated
  • leo:snoke is governor tarkin
  • virgo:luke skywalker is kylo ren
  • libra:rey is a clone of luke skywalker via severed hand from the bespin duel.
  • scorpio:rey is a palpatine clone
  • sagittarius:hux is a double agent and the son of luke skyalker
  • capricorn:ezra from star wars rebels is kylo ren
  • aquarius:snoke is darth vader
  • pisces:midichlorian/force baby!rey
I thought the worst ache I felt was in the fourth grade when my stomach rumbled and rolled relentlessly. I remember pinching my arm hoping it would distract me from the pain. I sat in the clinic waiting for my mother to take me out of school. But that pain went away. Then in the twelve grade, I had a rotten headache sitting in the back row of my math class, all while trying to understand the complexity that is calculus. I was sure this was the worst ache I’d experience in my life. But as per usual I was wrong, very wrong. The worst ache I’ve ever felt was when you left. My mind shutdown and my insides went to war with themselves. I didn’t think for myself because nothing seemed to make sense anymore. Thoughts became nonsensical and illogical. My world wasn’t falling apart, it was blowing up. And I haven’t been able to piece it back together.
—  picoquesoguac, The worst aches are the ones not named after a part of the body

I do not, as a female, have privilege over people who are not female. No female has privilege over someone who is not female on the basis of the fact that they are biologically female. Female people can experience privilege if we are white, heterosexual, able bodied, and so on, but we do not experience privilege as a result of the very thing we are oppressed for. To say we do is misogynistic and highly illogical.

Steven Universe: Peridot [INTP]

UNOFFICIAL TYPING by little-miss-witch

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Peridot is all about efficiency and logic. She speaks in lengthy, technical terms and she classifies things according to her understanding of them. She is very cold and calculating, especially at first. Though she will not admit it openly, she’s very curious about the Earth and how it works. She did admit to herself that she’s interested in organic life. She is an excellent problem solver. Peridot has a tendency to be very blunt and if something is illogical to her, she will quickly dismiss it. She always wants things to be done her way by her logic.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Peridot always has many plans for things. She’s very intelligent and never excludes any possibility for error, which is why she’s so efficient. When she first came to Earth, she was very naive. Routine work is very irritating to her, as shown when they tried to give her cleaning chores and even quotes that it should be work for a Pearl. Peridot does not accept anything as it is and always questions what it could possibly be and the ways it could work. Sometimes, however, her Ne can make her anxious as she sees possibility for disaster. She has a tendency to speak her ideas aloud and without filter.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Peridot has a lot of trouble adapting to Earth and very much misses Homeworld. She’s always comparing things on Earth to things she has seen there to help her feel more at home and she clung to her old routine of report logging just for a sense of normalcy. She’s very possessive of her things and develops near obsessive and emotional attachments to them, such as her limb enhancers. She’s very loyal to what earns her respect and admiration, such as Yellow Diamond.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): This is obviously Peridot’s weakest function. She’s very socially awkward and does not care about the feelings of others or takes them into account. She even tells Steven that she thinks it’s ridiculous that he lets his emotions rule over logic. However, the Gems start to change her. She tries to do things to fit in and make them like her, such as trying to make jokes and understand why Amethyst’s feelings got hurt. She even goes so far as to defy Yellow Diamond because they start to mean something to her. Despite thinking emotions are useless, she’s prone to having temper tantrums.