illness and injury

some fun things about living in an abusive household

  • constantly monitoring where everybody is in the house
  • quiet crying
  • and what they’re doing
  • ‘i want to lock my door but i don’t want to seem like i want to lock my door’
  • not getting dinner 
  • haven’t gone to school in a month 
  • always listening for footsteps
  • not getting lunch 
  • sneaking into the kitchen to get food
  • holding your pee so u don’t have to go to the bathroom and see your abuser(s)
  • own personal pantry in your room 
  • crying because your pet is near the abuser(s) and you can’t get them
  • no breakfast
  • hiding any form of injury/illness 
  • afraid to ask for anything 
  • angry laundry folding
  • i want to take a stand so I won’t clean this 1 (one) fork 

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I feel like Lance hiding wounds/illnesses in whump stories would be less like “I don’t deserve help” and more either “okay yeah i’m not doing so hot BUT HEY they need me i can handle this I totally got this, I’ll get help after this one thing… after this thing…. no after this thing…. okay after–” OR “no i got this i got this shit on lockdown i am a-okay i can do this i’m good i’m–okay, no, i’m not good, buT I CAN’T TELL THEM THAT I ALREADY HID IT WHAT I’M JUST GONNA CONFESS I’M AN IDIOT IN FRONT OF ALL THESE COOL PEOPLE–”


@talortut​ asked:  Hi! I love your blog <3 If you’re still taking requests, I would love to see some sick/hurt/exhausted/whatever Lance with the line “You’re gonna crash" from the starters. :)


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For some reason, I could not find this scene. Like I know it exists, but I couldn’t find it. Anyway, I’m gonna roll with this! For @jigglejaggle (Sorry this sat so long!)

It didn’t take long for the Paladins to learn to not underestimate their Bayards.

When Pidge shocked Lance with hers, she didn’t mean it as anything other than an annoyed jab to hush the boy, and when he fell to the ground, she smirked.

But, he didn’t come back up.

“Um, guys?” She started, staring at Lance with furrowed brows, and when Lance suddenly started convulsing, she cursed loudly. “Shit! Guys!”

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Close Call ~PART 1

Some writing to celebrate VLD’s one year anniversary! This may be a bit late in the day, but I was really busy… whoops.

This is the first of four parts, and the parts are just going to get longer, so sorry if this is too short. The next three parts should be up soon. Yes, I’m posting a multi-chapter-ish thing. Today seemed a good day to do it.

Vague Summary: Lance and Keith get captured while on a solo mission… and separated. Lance is very badly injured already, which is not a situation one wants to deal with when in a Galra prison cell. And Keith is worried. (This is also kind of inspired by Jeremy Shada’s “I mean, Lance dies, so that’ll be fun,” when talking about season 3).

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Psst: @voltronpaella the best beta, @dogsahoy this is the thing I was telling you about,  and @taylor-tut you’ll probably like the other parts better, but I wanted to tag you with my angst anyway if you want me to stop tagging you in my whump/illness/injury stuff just say the word

Keith woke up to an empty cell. The room was dimly lit, a faint purple glow  making it just possible to see. As his eyes adjusted, the ache on the back of his head reminded him of exactly how he ended up here.

Keith supposed he should feel lucky. After all, once the sentries surrounded him, he figured they’d just kill him. Still, it was hard to feel optimistic when he was stuck in a Galra prison cell with no hope of escape.

It’d been no one’s fault, really. The rebel group Matt was a part of had been reported captured, and taken into this prison base. They had to act fast, before the prisoners were sent off to other locations. Two of the Paladins infiltrated, while the rest monitored from the castle, opting for a stealth job.

And, like so many other plans before it, everything had gone to shit.

Keith had been holding off a large crowd of sentries, but once Lance’s location was discovered—


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Sick Prompts/Starters

“Oookay, you sure are delirious.”

“Just can’t shake that cough, huh?”

“Your complexion is scaring me, please sit down.”

“No, no, don’t throw up in that!”

“You’ve kept that cough through two colds and it sounds like you’re on your third.”

“Don’t you hide that thermometer from me!”

“Put your arm around my— Or just fall on me, that works too.”

“How much of that medicine did you take?”

“This is why we use tissues.”

“As much as I want you to rest right now, it’s freaking me out that I can hold you down this easily.”

“You wanna walk by yourself? Alright, let’s see that.”

“When you said you were sick I thought you meant a cold, not the freaking plague!”

“Why do you only want to wax the floor when you’re sick?”

“Mm…I don’t think it’s just the sniffles this time.”

“Please stop wasting what’s left of your voice on complaints about soup you can’t even taste.”

“I can tell you’re sicker than you’re letting on.”

“This is the third time I’ve had to put you back in the bed. Why the heck do you want to lie on the floor so bad?”

“You passed out at the pharmacy.”

“I know you’re cold but that blanket is gross now, you need a clean one.”

anonymous asked:

(Same old deseace anon) It's okay you can take your time to answer this. Your health is much more important than this, after all! I'm having trouble picking a decease, actually... I've thought about it and I still can't find anything, and I thank you so much for taking your time to help me!! I really appreciate it!!

Hi again, love!  I’m very sorry for the wait, but I think I’ve found something that will help you…

Coming Up with Illnesses for Your Characters

WebMD has a feature called the Symptom Checker, which is actually pretty awesome!  You start by entering your character’s gender & age range (to increase accuracy) – then it gives you a full body model (I winked out a sensitive area), with body parts to click on and expand.  Here’s an example:

Each symptom you click will add to the list in Section 2, which screens the WebMD database for compliant illnesses, diseases, disorders, etc.  Some symptoms will prompt questions to get more information:

This gives you more of an idea of how the symptoms affect your character’s daily life.  Once you’re finished, Section 3 will give you a list of possible conditions, listed by accuracy of the match.  For example: I started the test with bruising and color change (they were at the top of the list) and added headaches, and I wound up with these results:

So.  Give this a shot – start with the symptoms you want (I believe you mentioned headaches & general chronic pain?) and maybe add a few more, then see what you come up with.  You’re probably going to need to be more specific for the engine – because a lot of diseases cause chronic pain and headaches, which made this question nigh impossible to answer.  But hopefully, this is a better answer than I could’ve brainstormed!

Again, sorry for the wait!  I wish you great luck with your story, love :)

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!


I was 3 years into my recovery from anorexia and I still had trouble describing to people that struggling with an eating disorder was more than just not wanting to eat. Mental illness is very complicated and for the most part invisible. If someone is physically ill often you can see the outward manifestations of their illness or injury and offer to help to alleviate that pain or work towards restoring health. Your leg is broken? Here is a cast to help you mend the bone. You have a fever? Stay in bed and drink lots of fluids, etc.. But a mental illness?  There is no scan of the brain that can detect an eating disorder, but it is still the deadliest mental illness, recovery is incredibly difficult and death tragically common. This is a disease that is acutely painful; life threatening, but at times it can make no outward appearance. Yes, sometimes people with an eating disorder lose weight in such a drastic way that you can see them as clearly needing help, but often people battling with this illness can look totally “healthy” on the outside and have a war raging inside against themselves. It’s horrible and beyond that, it’s also greatly misunderstood and not spoken about often enough.

I’ve always loved the thing where like person A is really hurt/sick and disoriented and Person B has to get something for them and while they’re away person A wakes up and is really scared bc person B is suddenly missing and they think something happened to them.

So they try to go looking for them but are wayyy too rekt for that and end up passing out on the floor so when person B comes out there’s like a good few minutes of panic and then TONS of guilt for leaving person A alone in the first place (even though they had no choice).

You can tell it’s a good Iron Man comic if Tony is naked and crying, possibly in the rain, because he thinks none of his friends love him. – Sineala

Other signs of a good Iron Man comic:

- Tony thinks about how everyone would be better off if he was dead.

- Tony does a heartwarming charity-type thing that involves not just giving money but also time and energy (create and support a battered women’s shelter, visit small children in the hospital, etc.)

- Tony shuts himself in his lab/workshop and doesn’t come out (or sleep or eat) for multiple days. (Steve, Happy Hogan, Pepper, or Jarvis stopping by to go “WTF, Tony, eat some food and take a nap!” is optional, but most opt to include it)

- Tony has built a shiny new toy new piece of technology. He’s going to test it himself, right now. He already has ideas about how to improve it.

- Somebody else has designed/built a shiny new toy. Tony already has ideas about how to improve it.

- A piece of Tony’s technology comes to life. It loves him very much. It also wants to destroy him.

- Someone wants to steal Tony’s tech and use it for nefarious purposes/already has stolen it and is already using it for nefarious purposes. This is all Tony’s fault and he must stop them at any cost.

- Tony is suffering from some kind of injury/illness/other health issue (heart condition is the most common but far from the only life-threatening thing he’s suffered from). He puts on the armor and fights the villain anyway/puts on the expensive business attire and does the important Stark Industries-related thing anyway. Then he collapses from exhaustion/illness/bloodloss/concussion/the tech implanted in his chest that keeps him alive running out of power/a heart attack.

- Tony is suffering from the above-mentioned serious medical condition. He keeps it a secret from almost everyone so as not to upset/worry them and/or reveal his Iron Man identity.

- Tony is dealing with a serious personal problem of some kind. He keeps it secret from almost everyone so as not to upset/worry them and/or because he’s ashamed of it/afraid of their disapproval. It is his responsibility to fix it ALL BY HIMSELF.

- Tony is dealing with a dangerous threat to the entire Avengers team/entire city/entire planet/entire universe. He keeps it secret from almost everyone (including people who really REALLY ought to be told about it ASAP because it directly involves them) so as not to upset/worry them and/or because he knows they’ll disapprove of his methods for dealing with it/he doesn’t want them to have to dirty their hands dealing with it. It is his responsibility to fix it ALL BY HIMSELF.

- One of the other Avengers/one of Tony’s employees is dealing with a personal problem or superhero-related problem of some kind. Tony wants to make sure they know that they don’t have to deal with it alone.

- Tony performs a Grand Romantic Gesture for his current love interest and/or performs a similar Grand Gesture (ex: “I’ll give away my beloved childhood home to Luke Cage for a dollar for the good of the Avengers”/“You dropped your shield in the ocean so I used my billionaire resources to search the entire ocean for it in my spare time”/etc.) for an Avengers teammate

- Tony like someone/thinks he owes someone something/feels bad for someone, so he immediately offers them a job with Stark Industries, buys them a house/car/fancy piece of tech/etc., or invites them to join the Avengers, even though he’s only just met them in this very issue.

- Something bad happens involving SI or his tech. Tony blames himself for causing it/not preventing it/not forseeing it and having a plan for it/existing.

- Something bad happens involving the Avengers. Tony blames himself for causing it/not preventing it/not forseeing it and having a plan for it/existing.

- Something bad happens in his general vicinity and/or that even tangentially involves him in any way. Tony blames himself for causing it/not preventing it/not forseeing it and having a plan for it/existing.

Okay, but consider~

Characters in a huge amount of unknown pain. Like, characters who suddenly get terrible chest pains, that feel like a knife is being driven right into their sternum, but know they aren’t having heart problems. Characters with a throbbing pain in their right side, too high to be their appendix and they can’t take a breath or make a movement without wincing.

The pained grimace.
The short, shallow pants.
The tears that leak from the corners of their eyes despite heir best efforts to maintain a cool facade.
The frustration and helplessness that come from no having any clue what could be causing this.
Finally breaking down and collapsing with a sharp gasp and a small strained sob.

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