I was in my bed with a light fever. Suddenly I saw skeletons around me. They began to perform a complex choreography and asked me to join their absurd dance. I prayed the Virgin of Guadalupe so she would save me from dancing skeletons and would drive them away. I closed my eyes for a moment, and when I opened them turned out that the Virgin worked the miracle. I was in my bed feeling much better, and my illness was gone.


Author: London_Calling

Genre: angst, smut, romance

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Mental illness, what could potentially be seen as dub-con (it isn’t but if you are super sensitive to bedroom talk you may feel this way)

Minseok suffers from mysophobia, an intense fear of germs. Luhan agrees to help him, one checkmark at a time.


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submitter’s note: this thing made me cry so hard, that I need to share.

admin KT’s note: This story is based on manga called Ten Count by Takarai Rihito. I’m currently reading the manga, too and I’m pretty fond of it, so I couldn’t help but compare. The characters here are less complex and the whole fic seems a bit rushed compared to manga but I liked that the ending fits well with the story.

so I'm having a pretty tough time right now...

I ended up in hospital last night due to vomiting blood and having severe stomach pain.
Been referred to the endoscopy unit for a gastroscopy on 16th August.
Hopefully they’ll figure out what’s going on, I’ve been told it could be stomach ulcers or a tear in my oesophagus.
This means two days off work now, and then another one on my procedure day, so I’m losing money which isn’t helpful at all.
But on the plus side, my new bedroom furniture gets delivered tomorrow, so excited for it, haven’t ever had any decent furniture before - and I’ve bought it all myself!
I’ll post pics tomorrow when it’s here so everyone can see how pretty it is!!
My eating is going really well after my 4 ½ lb loss this week, I’m super buzzing to see how much I can lose this week.
But for now, send me things to cheer me up please?

aa please help a trans girl out it’s super important,,

there’s a tl;dr at the end but if you can read the whole thing, please do aaa,,, my last post wasn’t!! exactly successful or reblogged a nd not a lot of people noticed it at all des pite!! me reblogging it everyd ay!

frozenpastel@gmail.com or donation link (if you can, please use the first method by going to paypal’s “send money” option in the overview tab and using my email! as paypal doesn’t take additional charges that way and every cent is important to me!)

a few months back i needed 4700$ for medication (50$), i needed to help my mom with overdue bills to avoid eviction (600$), and the rest was used on paypal feeds to withdraw money to a card and food! the other 4000$ needed was for my mom’s surgery! she has infect ed teeth gums and they’re mutag enic and. 1500$ was needed to start the surgery and the other 2500$ needs to be !! pa id by october!!

i’ve!! managed to get 1500$ to start my mom’s operation!! she’s gonna get her lower jaw fixed up in a week and her upper jaw’s going to be worked on twice! once in august and once in september!

the thing is, i still really really need 2500$ to pay for the rest of my mom’s operation by octob er!! if i don’t manage to do that we’re gonna get court warnings and!! we’ ll be in court and lose a lot of money (which we don’ t!! have!!) by january! aa nd that’s still really urgent!

i live with my mom, sister and stepdad! i’m mentally ill (professionally diagnosed DID and depression) and!! i don’t have money for meds anymore!! aa nd i need about 20$ p er month for them sso!!

i’m!! physically ill and my stepdad abuses me a lot and!! we’ re planning to move out but until my mom’s surgery is over she!! won’t e xactly be able to work so i need to hang on un til!! october!! and!! i f i don’t have the re st of the money by then we’ll be going to co urt and!! t htat’d make my situation a lo t worse than it is now i’d!! pprobably be home less

i’m not allowed to work due to me having mononucleosis very recently, the after effects are still taking a toll on my liver, and i’m not allowed a lot of physical activity. if i was, our unemployment rate is very very high, and i don’t really know of a teenager with a job in this country!! aand my live r is getting worse and i ’m constantly going in and out of the hospital because of it sso please he lp me ou t aa a

school is over and as i said, i’ll be popping into donators’ email inboxes and asking them what they’d like me to draw, i’ve done a few so far for some minor donors, as i’ll be doing absolutely everything i can to the very few specific people who’ve donated a lot!! and this still applies! if you’ve donated over 15$, i’ll draw you something!! i’ve al ready done 28 doodles so far and!! it might take me a while to get to you ssorry,,

tl;dr: my mom has rotting teeth gums and out of 4000$ for her surgery (1500$ up front and 2500$ by october), i’ve gathered the 1500$!! i need 2500$ more before october or i’ m. gonna be in a lot of trou ble so!! ple ase donate if you can and!! regardless of that please reblog it’d hh elp me a lot!!

the donation link is once again here!! and my email is frozenpastel@gmail.com

Imagine Person A of your OTP is at a party. They get bored so they go outside to get some fresh air. The second they step outside, someone (aka Person B) is almost done puking their guts out. Person A asks them if they’re okay, Person B tells them they’re good. Both sit outside talking for a while and begin to slowly fall for each other.

Bonus: both give each other their phone numbers so they can continue to be in touch.


Neurotoxoplasmosis, also know as cerebral toxoplasmosis, is an opportunistic infection, caused by the parasite Toxoplasma gondii, which typically affects patients with HIV/AIDS, and is the most common cause of cerebral abscess in these patients

Clinical presentation

In immunocompetent patients, acute encephalitis is extremely rare. Even in the immunocompromised symptoms are typically vague and indolent. Development of new neurological symptoms in these patients should raise high suspicion of cerebral toxoplasmosis.


Toxoplasma gondii is an intracellular parasite that infects birds and mammals. It’s definitive host is the cat and other Felidae species. Excretion of oocytes in its faecal content followed by human contaminated uncooked consumption can lead to human infection. In immunocompetent individuals, it primarily causes a subclinical or asymptomatic infection. In immunocompromised individuals (e.g. AIDS patients), toxoplasmosis is the most common cause of a brain abscess.

Self-Care: What to Eat and Drink when Nauseous

Nausea can stem from a lot of different sources– food poisoning, illness, mental illness, medical side effects, etc. Here’s a quick list of food and drink to consider while you’re feeling under the weather, and when you should call your doctor! It can be hard to make yourself eat when you’re nauseous, but it’s ultra important that you stay hydrated and have at least something in your stomach!

  • Plain chicken broth (store bought works, but adding chicken fat/trimmings to a pot of boiling water along with some salt will make a much better broth!)
  • Saltines
  • Plain hummus (NO spices!!) along with saltines
  • Apple sauce or apple juice
  • Flat sprite 
  • Gatorade
  • Ginger tea or ginger ale (flat)
  • Water! Always water!
  • Nuts (a lack of protein can cause nausea!)
  • PLAIN chicken and rice
  • Mint candy or tea

Other ways to deal with nausea is to sit up after you eat, NOT lay down. Avoid caffeine, strong smells, bubbly drinks, alcohol, stay in a quiet, calm place, and perhaps try to get some fresh air. Call your doctor if any of the following happens while you are nauseous: absolutely cannot keep food or water down, vomit more than 3 times in one day, have consistent nausea for more than 48 hours, haven’t urinated for more than 8 hours, have stomach pain, or a persistent fever.

Feel free to reblog this post and add what works for you!

Don’t feel guilty if you’re too sick to do things. You have value simply because you are, even if you cannot be “productive” in the way to which you were accustomed. Learn to cherish your very existence.

Hirshel Jaffe

Quote for today. For all those struggling with illness. You are some of the strongest people I know.

Imagine Person A has some sort of stomach issue (food poisoning, hangover, stomach bug, etc.). Person B does everything they can to make Person A feel better, like holding their hair up while they vomit, rubbing their stomach, making sure they drink plenty of water when they can, and singing them to sleep.

Bonus: Person A, after stumbling around to the bathroom, bumps into Person B and ends up vomiting all over themselves, the floor, and B.

OT3 Bonus: Person C has to clean the floor while Person B helps A shower.

help me!

Hi yall, I’m Rowan, a queer dude from Ohio. I am struggling financially and currently have NO insurance and SEVERAL mental/physical illnesses that require medication. I am also trying to escape my depression, hopefully with school! I would love to be a forensic scientist or psychologist, and I’m sure all of you probably know how expensive school is!

  • I’m seeing a psychologist ($160/visit)
    Taking Lialda for Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome (w/o insurance: $450/bottle)
    Taking 50mg Zoloft (blessedly, only $12/bottle!)

    Anyway, any little bit will help and I appreciate signal boosts if you can’t donate! I have a donation button on my profile.

Thank you all so much!

Carlota Valdez fell ill with fever. The night she felt pricks. She saw a lot of little red devils. They jumped on her bed and pricked her with their tridents. Carlota thought it was the end and the devils came after her because she used to gossip a lot with her friend Lupe. Carlota prayed to the Virgin of Zapopan promising not to gossip again if the Virgin would save her. The Virgin sent a ray of light that frightened the devils. They disappeared, and the next morning Carlota woke up alive and feeling better.

12+ Specific Illness Helped by Crocheting
  1. 5 unusual illnesses helped by crochet. Meniere’s Disease, Chronic Lyme and other unique health issues can be eased with the benefits of crochet. Here are stories about five of those illnesses.
  2. 10+ issues helped with crochet. Here are ten more common issues that are helped by crochet, to give you an idea of the variety of the craft’s benefits.
  3. Addiction including for teen boys in recovery. There are many ways that crochet can help people with addiction, including people who are in inpatient treatment facilities or in group therapy for substance use.
  4. Alzheimer’s Prevention and Treatment. It’s hard to believe that crochet can help prevent or Alzheimer’s treatment or even aid in its treatment but research suggests exactly this.
  5. Anxiety. There are so many different health conditions that cause anxiety, as well as the possibility of getting anxiety as its own separate condition. Crochet can help with this.
  6. Asperger’s / Autism. Several people on the autism have shared their stories with me about how crochet has helped them in a variety of ways including reducing stress in social situations.Bipolar. There are three possible phases of bipolar - depression, hypomania and mania. Crochet may be used in any or all of these three phases.
  7. Bipolar. There are three possible phases of bipolar - depression, hypomania and mania. Crochet may be used in any or all of these three phases.
  8. Cabin fever. Do you get restless during the long months of winter when you’re stuck inside? Crochet definitely helps to pass the time in a positive way!
  9. Caregiver stress and depression as well as self-care for caregivers. People who care for children, spouses, parents and others all have to practice self-care to prevent their own stress and depression. Crochet is great for this!
  10. Chronic Fatigue. When you have chronic fatigue it can feel like you will never do anything productive again but crochet is something that you might be able to do!
  11. PTSD. There are many causes of PTSD and different types of the condition. Crochet can help a lot of people with various related symptoms. One military man related his experience to me about crocheting after wartime.
  12. Pregnancy complications including anxiety, pain management and postpartum depression can be helped through intentional crochet work.

Arteriovenous malformation (AVM) is an abnormal connection between arteries and veins, bypassing the capillary system. This vascular anomaly is widely known because of its occurrence in the central nervous system, but can appear in any location. Although many AVMs are asymptomatic, they can cause intense pain or bleeding or lead to other serious medical problems.

An AVM lacks the dampening effect of capillaries on the blood flow, which means that the AVM can get progressively larger over time as the amount of blood flowing through it increases, forcing the heart to work harder to keep up with the extra blood flow. It also causes the surrounding area to be deprived of the functions of the capillaries — removal of CO2 and delivery of nutrients to the cells. The resulting tangle of blood vessels, often called a nidus (Latin for “nest”), has no capillaries. It can be extremely fragile and prone to bleeding because of the abnormally direct connections between high-pressure arteries and low-pressure veins. The resultant sign, audible via stethoscope, is a rhythmic, whooshing sound caused by excessively rapid blood flow through the arteries and veins. It has been given the term “bruit”, French for noise. On some occasions a patient with a brain AVM may become aware of the noise, which can compromise hearing and interfere with sleep in addition to causing psychological distress.