The different types of dissociation

There are five types of dissociation:

  • Amnesia

This is when you can’t remember incidents or experiences that happened at a particular time, or when you can’t remember important personal information.

  • Depersonalisation

A feeling that your body is unreal, changing or dissolving. It also includes out-of-body experiences, such as seeing yourself as if watching a movie.

  • Derealisation

The world around you seems unreal. You may see objects changing in shape, size or colour, or you may feel that other people are robots.

  • Identity confusion

Feeling uncertain about who you are. You may feel as if there is a struggle within to define yourself.

  • Identity alteration

This is when there is a shift in your role or identity that changes your behaviour in ways that others could notice. For instance, you may be very different at work from when you are at home.

What are the different types of dissociative disorder?

Occasional, mild episodes of dissociation are part of ordinary, everyday life. Sometimes – at the time of a one-off trauma or during the prolonged ‘identity confusion’ of adolescence, for instance – more severe episodes are quite natural.

Dissociative disorders occur when you have continuing and repeated episodes of dissociation. These usually cause what many people describe as ‘internal chaos’, and may interfere with your work, school, social, or home life. However, you may be someone who appears to be functioning well, and this may hide the distress you are experiencing.

  • Dissociative amnesia

This is when you can’t remember significant personal information or particular periods of time, which can’t be explained by ordinary forgetfulness. You may also experience mild to moderate depersonalisation, derealisation and identity confusion.

I didn’t know I had other personalities at first because I wouldn’t remember them taking over – usually people closest to you are the first to know.

  • Depersonalisation disorder

You will have strong feelings of detachment from your own body or feel that your body is unreal. You may also experience mild to moderate derealisation and mild identity confusion.

  • Dissociative fugue

You may travel to a new location during a temporary loss of identity. You may then assume a different identity and a new life. Usually this ‘fugue’ will last for a few days, but it can last longer. To people who don’t know you, your behaviour may appear normal.

When your memory of your identity returns, you may have a range of different feelings about what you did while in the fugue, such as depression, guilt, shame, fear and/or confusion. If you experience dissociative fugue, you are likely to have experienced severe amnesia, with moderate to severe identity confusion and often
identity alteration.

Dissociative identity disorder (DID)

This is the most complex dissociative disorder. It is also known as multiple personality disorder (MPD). This has led some to see it as a personality disorder, although it is not. The defining feature is severe change in identity.

I’d look in the mirror and it would be a different face. I was chaotic and unsettled.

If you experience DID, you may experience the shifts of identity as separate personalities. Each identity may be in control of your behaviour and thoughts at different times. Each has a distinctive pattern of thinking and relating to the world. If you also have very severe amnesia, it may mean that one identity may have no awareness of what happens when another identity is in control. The amnesia can be one-way or two-way. Identity confusion is usually moderate to severe. DID also includes severe depersonalisation and derealisation.

Dissociative disorder not otherwise specified (DDNOS)

Each of the five types of dissociative response (see What are the different types of dissociative disorder?) may occur, but the pattern of mix and severity does not fit any of the other dissociative disorders listed above.

  • Additional problems

If you have a dissociative disorder, you may experience other problems too, e.g.depression, mood swings, anxiety and panic attacks, suicidal thoughts and feelings, self-harm, headaches, hearing voices, sleep disorders, phobias, alcohol and drug abuse,eating disorders, obsessive-compulsive behaviour and various physical health problems.

These may be directly connected with the dissociative problem, or could mean that you also have a non-dissociative disorder. In DID, some problems may only emerge when a particular identity has control of your behaviour, thoughts and feelings.

What are the effects of a dissociative disorder?

Dissociation can affect your perception, thinking, feeling, behaviour, body and memory. If you experience a dissociative disorder you may have to cope with many challenges in life. The impact of dissociation varies from person to person and may change over time. How well a person appears to be coping is not a good way of telling how severely affected they are.

The effects of dissociative disorder may include:

  • gaps in your memory
  • finding yourself in a strange place without knowing how you got there
  • out-of-body experiences
  • loss of feeling in parts of your body
  • distorted views of your body
  • forgetting important personal information
  • being unable to recognise your image in a mirror
  • a sense of detachment from your emotions
  • the impression of watching a movie of yourself
  • feelings of being unreal
  • internal voices and dialogue
  • feeling detached from the world
  • forgetting appointments
  • feeling that a customary environment is unfamiliar
  • a sense that what is happening is unreal
  • forgetting a talent or learned skill
  • a sense that people you know are strangers
  • a perception of objects changing shape, colour or size
  • feeling you don’t know who you are
  • acting like different people, including child-like behaviour
  • being unsure of the boundaries between yourself and others
  • feeling like a stranger to yourself
  • being confused about your sexuality or gender
  • feeling like there are different people inside you
  • referring to yourself as ‘we’
  • being told by others that you have behaved out of character
  • finding items in your possession that you don’t remember buying or receiving
  • writing in different handwriting
  • having knowledge of a subject you don’t recall studying.
  • Me:*explains symptoms to doctor*
  • Doctor:Wow! Those are really worrisome symptoms, we'll send you for some tests.
  • Me:*gets many tests, never hears back from doctor so makes appointment*
  • Doctor:OH! Right! All your tests came back normal, isn't that fantastic! You're fine!
  • Me:The symptoms persist though so if it's not that then what could-
  • Doctor:You're fine! *pushing me out of the office*
  • Me:But I still-
  • Doctor:JUST! FINE! *final shove out the door*

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Prompt: Adrien gets really sick at school and his evening only gets worse from there. Marinette ends up being the one who takes care of him, seeing that no one else can/will

Adrian sickfic plz

Marinette knows how to keep secrets—she’s got some big ones of her own. And she can respect someone’s privacy when it’s obvious that they don’t feel like sharing, but the second she sees Adrien lumbering into class, his face white, his eyes tired and bloodshot, his hair a disheveled nest on his head, Marinette knows she has some prying to do.

At first she just strains her ears to listen as Adrien chats with Nino, but if Nino notices anything about Adrien’s haggard appearance, he doesn’t question it and Adrien is unwilling to offer up any information on his own. So, Marinette tries to pay attention is class, but she becomes entranced by these strangled choking sounds Adrien makes every few minutes. He always clears his throat right after, and Marinette swears that his shoulders tense every time he has to swallow.

During their break, Adrien dismisses the invitation to have lunch with Nino, Kim, and Max. He tells them he has some homework to finish and that he’s going to go home for a bit. He finishes by telling them not to wait up for him on their return to school that afternoon.

Marinette excuses herself from Alya, intent on following Adrien as he stumbles dizzily to the front of the school. His driver is out front waiting for him, but Adrien has to stop to catch his balance at the bottom of the steps. He sways on the spot and it’s then that Marinette decides that enough is enough.

She jogs up to him and slides her arm through his, embarrassed, but determined to at least get him to the car. From this close she can feel his body burning like a furnace. Adrien falters at the sudden weight and looks down at her, and Marinette is shocked at how glassy and unfocused his usually bright green eyes are.


“H-Hi, Adrien.” She takes a deep breath and steels herself. “You were—I was afraid you—Are you okay? You don’t look too good.”

So much for being tactful.

Still, Adrien graces her with a smile, albeit a tired one. He inhales to answer her, but it’s like something catches in his throat, there’s a gurgling pop inside his chest, and then he’s doubled over, choking on a too-phlegmy cough.

Marinette guides him to sit on the bottom step and when he’s finally able to speak, his breathing wet and congested, he clears his throat and gives her her answer.

“I might be getting sick,” he says lamely.

She offers him a sympathetic smile, almost wanting to laugh at his cluelessness. Instead, she reaches for his forehead, not at all missing how he leans eagerly into her touch. He’s very warm, maybe even dangerously so. He doesn’t need to be at school, shouldn’t have even tried coming this morning. But he’s here now, so there’s only one thing left for Marinette to do.

She tugs on Adrien’s arm until he’s standing and steers him the direction of his ride, frowning at Adrien’s gorilla-like driver who didn’t even bat an eye as Adrien was on the verge of passing out in front of him.

Adrien slides into the backseat and seems to melt into the upholstery, his neck and limbs sagging now that they’re able. He calls out a quick word of gratitude to Marinette, before he feels the seat dip beside him. He opens his eyes to see Marinette clipping on her seatbelt.

“Marinette, what are you doing?” Adrien asks, genuinely confused. He runs a hand through his hair, tousling the blond tufts even further. “Never mind, just—please don’t tell my father.”

Marinette nods her consent and watches Adrien signal the driver to leave. She stares out the window, conscious of Adrien leaning back against the headrest, his eyes closed. After a few minutes, he presses his fist to his lips and starts again with those subdued coughing noises. Marinette can tell they’re painful, probably more so because he tries to hide them.

“You don’t have to try so hard,” Marinette says softly.

Adrien only clears his throat again in response.

They pull up the Agreste mansion just as soon as it begins to rain. The driver gets them inside the gate, but there’s little any of them can do about the distance from the car to the front door. Marinette sighs—getting drenched is that last thing Adrien needs.

Still, Adrien climbs out, holding the door open long enough for Marinette to follow him, and then together, they race up the walkway and into the mansion. They’re both panting as they stand in the foyer, but now Adrien is shivering, his breathing wet and crackly.

Marinette puts her hand on his back as Adrien doubles over, his hands on his knees, gasping and coughing, just trying to catch his breath. Through his chattering teeth, he tells her that he wants to go lie down, so she follows him up the stairs, never touching him, but always close enough to catch him should he stumble.

His room is like nothing Marinette could even dream of. She doesn’t know if she should be more impressed with the rock climbing wall, the half pipe, or the collection of monitors assembled against the wall.

She tears her eyes away from the walls at the sounds of Adrien coughing. He’s curled up on the bed, his hands fisted tightly around the sheets as he coughs. His face grows red as he struggles for breath, Marinette sitting by his side, a steady hand on his back until he’s calm again.

The room is terribly stuffy, the air stale and moist. Across the room, Marinette spots a cute, frog-shaped humidifier. It’s on, steam rising up in gray plumes.

“My mom bought it,” Adrien says, his voice raw. “I used to get sick a lot when I was a kid.”

Marinette smiles at the fleeting look of fondness that passes over Adrien’s face. “Do you have a thermometer?” she asks, her fingers brushing against his temple. He’s awfully sweaty.

Adrien points over his shoulder. “Table.”

Marinette reaches around him to grab it, wondering if its proximity indicates that he checked his temperature that morning. Adrien takes the thermometer from her and slips it into his mouth without complaint. He closes his eyes, his coughs muffled around the thermometer.

After a long moment of silence, the thermometer beeps. Marinette takes it from him, frowning at the numbers on the digital display.

“39.6. Adrien you need to see a doctor.”

He mumbles something that vaguely sounds like a disagreement. “I want to sleep. Please, Marinette…”

He words fade, as though he is already on the cusp of sleep. Marinette has no choice but to let him lay there, doing her best to make sure he’s comfortable. She runs her fingers through blond sweat-drenched bangs, not at all flustered around Adrien when he’s barely conscious and in need of her help.

She leaves his side temporarily, stealing into his bathroom to grab a wet rag for his forehead. Adrien manages quiet words of gratitude, his congested breathing evening somewhat as sleep finally claims him.

Marinette stays by his side as long as she’s able, skipping her second half of school, but not before texting Alya to pick up her homework. Adrien sleeps restlessly, hacking wet coughs keeping him from finding true solace. Still, Marinette is there to gently rub along his spine until he’s finished, rewetting and adjusting the towel until he’s comfortable enough to nod off again.

If you’re sick:

Sniffles- soup & tea & a bath (if possible, add bath bomb or bubbles)

Upset stomach- bland foods (crackers, toast) & Sprite/7-up/Ginger Ale

Headache- Tylenol, herbal tea (w/ as little sugar as possible), & a nice nap

Stomachache- Tylenol, water, rest (sometimes a fizzy drink can help)

Most of all, rest up and drink lots of water!

Sometimes we ask the Lord so many why’s. Why do I have to get sick, why do I have to get broke, why do I have to experience a failed relationship, why do I have to feel unwanted, unworthy, unloved? Why am I compromised, why am I taken for granted? Why do I have to fail? Why are things not going the way I planned, the way I wanted? What did I do wrong or maybe have failed to do to have succeeded or to have felt wanted? 

We wanted answers, we ask when everything’s going to be okay, but we don’t get it right away and so we have to wait because a flower doesn’t bloom right away when it’s just planted yesterday. We need to wait for the Lord’s perfect timing so His will for us could be fulfilled! We have to experience all that so we can be molded into the person God wants us to be: strong, mature but dependent on our God.

Just because we experience all these downs today, doesn’t mean it will remain forever that way. We will eventually reach our peak with God because nothing is impossible with Him. He can turn every setback to a breakthrough, He can restore and heal, He can turn things around, He can help you succeed, He can make you change the way you see yourself from a nobody to somebody, He can give you your identity that you are loved and you are priceless! He loves you so much and He has good plans for you. He loves you so much to not lift you up and carry you. So never give up, never lose hope, trust in God, remain faithful, and wait patiently for what He has in store for you!

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. -Proverbs 3:5-6 

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OMH WAIT how about some super miserable Nico who unknowingly has appendicitis and Will is brushing it off as nothing and it gets really bad? aAaAAA that'd be beautiful omg I love your solangelo stuff so much

You should write something with someone (Nico or Will) in the hospital for something non serious.

“I’m dying.”

Will rubbed his arm gently. “You’re not dying. It’s just the stomach flu.”

Nico sighed. “I’m in so much pain.” He closed his eyes and wrapped his arms tighter around himself.

Will was worried. Nico was presenting with far more pain than the usual cramps associated with the lesser stomach virus. But Nico wasn’t vomiting, and his fever just barely topped one-hundred. The only thing he really complained about was pain near his stomach, and he seemed to want to avoid moving at all costs. So far, the only thing Will had been able to do to help was coax him into taking in a little bit of water, but after a while, Nico wouldn’t even drink, no matter how hard Will pleaded with him.

He twirled his fingers through Nico’s hair while the latter dozed fitfully. Nico’s flushed cheeks stood out like warning beacons on his pale skin, leading Will to wonder if maybe he’d been wrong. Nico had complained of stomach pain hours ago and it had only gotten worse as the day had gone by.

Nico whined softly in his sleep and Will froze, his hand buried halfway through Nico’s hair. Nico’s eyes flashed open and Will barely had time to register the panicked look on his face, before he jumped up to retrieve a trash can, catching whatever fell from Nico’s lips the second it was placed under his chin.

Nico choked and spit out water, his stomach desperately trying to rid itself of contents he didn’t have. He met Will’s eyes, briefly, in between heaves, and Will’s breath caught in his throat. Nico’s eyes, glassy with unshed tears, conveyed only one message to Will.

“Do you want to go to the hospital?” Will asked, pushing sweaty hair back from Nico’s face.

Nico only nodded and buried his head in Will’s side.

Nico woke up in considerable pain, though it had greatly diminished since that morning. He kept his eyes closed, his body weighed down with the crushing need to sleep, but he felt Will’s hand in his—warm and inviting and everything Nico wanted to be a part of.

His eyes fluttered open slowly and he was met with unfamiliar surroundings. It took him a moment longer to remember that Will had taken him to the hospital when Nico’s pain became too unbearable. He wound up having to get his appendix removed.

Will was slumped over the hospital bed, his head resting along Nico’s side. Nico noticed that the corners of Will’s eyes were red and puffy, as though from crying. Nico reached out and ruffled his hair.

Will jolted up as though he had been electrocuted. His eyes roamed lazily around, trying to understand what had woken him, until he noticed Nico looking at him and he jumped out of his chair.

Nico blinked, still groggy, surprised when Will suddenly wrapped his arms around him, holding him gingerly. Nico smiled sleepily, taking in Will’s scent as he held him close.

Will grabbed his face an kissed his forehead. “Nico, I’m so sorry. Appendicitis never even crossed my mind. All your symptoms were fairly—”

“Will,” Nico blinked slowly, the blond’s rambling making him disoriented. “It’s okay, I’m okay. I don’t blame you.”

Will kissed him again, wiping his eyes and plopping himself back into his chair. He was smiling faintly, but he still looked pretty shaken. “You were in so much pain when we got here,” he said quietly. “Then they said it was your appendix…”

“It’s not your fault,” Nico whispered. “Really.”

“Thanks, Neeks, I appreciate it. But I’m still sorry.” Will smiled when Nico yawned. It wasn’t surprising—he had just been released from surgery. “You should sleep. We’ll be in recovery for a little while longer.”

Nico nodded, closing his eyes. It wasn’t long before he was asleep again, and Will remained by his side the entire time.

My dad has to appear in court because he didn’t pick his weeds and got reported on. If he doesn’t show up there will be a warrant out for his arrest, higher fines, and his license could be suspended. He’s been very sick this past year and woke up so sick he couldn’t even walk this morning, which is his court date.

I got a hold of the court and asked them for an extension and had to email the judge, but the clerk said he could still deny the request. The appearance is for a “vegetation standard violation” Does anyone know if I can show up on his behalf? Or is that not a thing? 

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More sick adrien? ( Your fics are awesome)

Could you write something with someone randomly getting a stomach bug out with their crush ;)))

Adrien with a bad stomach ache maybe?

I went with Chat Noir instead—I hope that’s okay? Also, I somehow managed to write 95% of this while having a migraine, so…yeah.

Something was wrong.

Chat Noir was exhausted, his muscles screaming as he leaped over rooftops after Ladybug. They had been patrolling for over an hour, the night had just begun, and Chat was already beginning to think he was going to have to call it quits.

He was queasy, the feeling only made worse by the hot, sticky sweat rolling down his back. His stomach hurt, he had a headache.

Ladybug came to a stop on Adrien’s rooftop, both a blessing and a curse. Chat Noir landed beside her with no small amount of stumbling and flailing.

“Are you all right?” Ladybug asked, her eyebrows raised.

Chat Noir thought about how he’d usually make a corny joke about falling for her, but he just wasn’t feeling it today. He wanted to crawl down into his bedroom window and curl up in his own bed and sleep, but that would totally kill the secret identify pact he had with Ladybug—repercussions he was willing to accept if that meant he would begin to feel better, though he knew he would regret his actions later.

He sighed. “I’m fine.”

He tried to ignore, but didn’t completely miss how Ladybug gave him a sidelong glance, her eyes narrowing as she undoubtedly tried to scrutinize him. He knew there was no way she missed his shivers, the way he wrapped an arm protectively around his midsection, bringing his other fist to his lips to stifle a burp.

“Go,” he said, waving her off. “I need a minute.” He swallowed back a gag.

Admittedly, he half expected Ladybug to somersault off the roof and leave him curled up in a ball of misery on the roof of his own home. So, imagine his surprise when Ladybug grabbed him by the shoulders and lowered him to the ground.

“I can’t just leave my partner in his time of need,” Ladybug said, a small sympathetic smile on her lips. “Are you feeling sick?”

Chat nodded, bringing his knees to his chest in hopes of alleviating some of the pain in his stomach. “I just started feeling nauseous.”

“Are you going to throw up?” Ladybug asked quietly. There was an unmistakable anxiousness to her voice, as though the very thought of Chat Noir heaving up his insides completely unnerved her.

Chat swallowed thickly. “I sure hope not, my lady.”

They sat in companionable silence for a long while, Chat resting his head on his knees, fighting hard not to whimper piteously, his body fidgety as he tried to keep the pain, dizziness, and nausea at bay.

“You don’t have to stay here,” he finally said. “I’m just going to rest—”

He stopped abruptly when he felt a small, gentle hand on his back. Ladybug gave him a small smile, rubbing soothing circles over his back. If Chat Noir was running a fever, and he strongly believed that he was, he hoped the flush on his cheeks masked his embarrassment. He managed to return her smile, her presence alone leaving him feeling marginally better.

“I’ll stay with you for a little bit longer, if you don’t mind. I think Paris will be fine if we call it a night early.”

Chat Noir breathed a sigh of relief. He leaned his head experimentally on Ladybug’s shoulder, surprised and a little excited when she didn’t immediately push him off. In fact, she placed her free hand on his head, ruffling his hair affectionately.

He leaned into her touch, glad to have someone to look after him. “Thank you, my lady.”
If you can, my family needs help

Hi everyone,

As many of you know, I am currently in South Korea trying to achieve my dreams. I arrived in Korea on February 12th. A couple of weeks after I arrived, my father became gravely ill. He was found on the floor of our apartment, barely responsive and covered in his own urine. It is unsure how long he had been there. He was admitted to the ICU at our local hospital and then transferred to a hospital 3-3 ½ hours away. The doctors said he had pneumonia as well as the flu.
I have a 6 year old little brother as well as 3 cats and 2 dogs that I left in my mother’s care when I came to Korea. Because of my animals, my mother had to commute back and forth from our home to the hospital to be with my father. It was a stressful time for her as it is a good 7 hour trip total not including traffic and the time spent at the hospital. My brother missed school often.
My father was released after a week or so of being in the hospital. But once he was home, he only seemed to get worse. My mother knew something was wrong but doctors wouldn’t listen. He returned to the ER several times with no luck.
Finally, he was admitted again and tests were run. He had had a stroke before his first hospital stay, yet doctors failed to find it. He also has weakening (?) of his neck so he must wear a neck brace or else he could become paralyzed if he falls down. They found a tumor near his heart and swollen lymph nodes as well. Nodules were also discovered on his lungs. My father once over came Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. Doctors are saying it is a 50/50 chance that the cancer could be back. The other 50 is a nasty infection.
He has since been released home but must travel back and forth between our house and the hospital in San Diego at least 2 times a week. Since he can not drive, my mother will have to take him.
My brother has been pulled from school and put on an independent study to prevent him from missing so much school.

The results of the biopsies are not back yet, hopefully within the next couple of days. I just learned that he must go back tomorrow to have a biopsy done on the lung nodules. Doctors want to perform surgeries to strengthen or decompress his neck as well as to remove the tumors but then can not do anything until all the results come back.

Being in Korea, away from my family, and without a way home is incredibly stressful for me. I can’t imagine what my mother is going through alone. I have always been her support to get her through the difficult times. Money is extremely tight for my family right now. They have been supporting me while I am in Korea and can no longer do so because of my father’s illness. Luckily, I have tutoring jobs to keep me afloat and friends close by should I need a meal.

I have nothing to give in return, yet I am asking that you help my family with anything that you can. Currently, they need help with travel expenses as well expenses for food and utilities. My mother also has to buy workbooks and such so that my brother can continue to study.

I beg of you… please help in anyway you can. I know I have nothing to offer in return, but know that I will always be grateful to you and should you ever need something in the future, even just a listening ear.. I will be here for you as best I can!

Thank you. Even just sharing this to spread the word is help.

This is a PSA

Being in retail, you’re exposed to a lot of germs. No matter how much we try, sometimes it’s hard to avoid getting exposed.
So from a retail worker who is currently sick with a stomach virus (and who never got sick this often before working in retail), let me just give a few words of advice:
Don’t cough or sneeze into your hands and then touch the products, money, etc. Do that into the crook of your elbows.
Don’t lick your fingers and then touch your money. Money is already dirty, and you’re infecting anyone who comes in contact with it.
If you’re sick, stay home. Unless you can’t get anyone to buy your medicine for you - then at least cover your mouth.

We use hand sanitizer, wash our hands, etc., but airborne illnesses can be difficult to avoid. Please consider the people around you.