My daughter was born with a strange illness that stopped her from receiving the sunlight. We had to organize a nocturnal life for us. It was little bit difficult at the beginning, but then we got used to it and built a beautiful world under the moonlight. Instead of dogs we kept cats, instead of canaries we had an owl, we grew impossible plants and instead of sunbathing we were moonbathing. I know when the moment comes my beautiful daughter will meet a man who will be willing to share this world with her.

“Sickness” as we speak of it today is a capitalist construct, as is its perceived binary opposite, “wellness.” The “well” person is the person well enough to go to work. The “sick” person is the one who can’t. What is so destructive about conceiving of wellness as the default, as the standard mode of existence, is that it invents illness as temporary. When being sick is an abhorrence to the norm, it allows us to conceive of care and support in the same way.

Care, in this configuration, is only required sometimes. When sickness is temporary, care is not normal.

—  Johanna Hedva, Sick Woman Theory

Sometimes i forget how tiring it is to shower. Like i remember when i used to feel awake and refreshed after a shower.  Now i need to lean on a wall after a 10 minute shower of just standing there. I need to lay down after if I wash my hair. Its exhausting. I hate having to ration my energy. If I want to go out, I cant shower that day. If I shower that day, I cant go out. I just want to be able to take care of myself without being so damn tired.

I had few pots with marijuana to make poultice to treat my rheumatism. One day I thought that smoking it might also help for rheumatism. Although, it didn’t, it put me in very good mood and even food tasted better. So I kept smoking every day until once I saw that my cats had wings and were smiling at me. That day I stopped smoking. My cats turned back to be normal, and now I only prepare poultice with marijuana.

Dear You,
The person reading this that is going through so much. The person that is struggling to keep their head above water.. the person that fights day in and day out for their life. I am so proud of you- yes, you reading this. And this goes for everyone reading this. Because you are so worthy, and so strong.. and I know that it’s hard.. and I know that you become weak.. feeling hard to stand.. especially on the hard days. But just remember this..
every single “hard day” of your life.. you’ve made it! You’ve fallen asleep at night, and woke up in the morning. That counts for everything- because you are stronger than you think.. and I love you. I love you, and i am so proud of you.

- @the-lifeof-a-borderline

It’s so important to accept systems with nuanced experiences with disability.

Like when one alter is mute and the rest of the system isn’t.

When the system is autistic (cause the whole brain is), but some alters show more symptoms than others. Same with ADD/ADHD.

When one alter has a diagnosis (like BPD, schizoaffective disorder, etc) that the others don’t.

When an alter gets sick when they’re up front, but the rest of the system is fine.

When alters have different allergies.

When some alters are mobile and others are not. 

When one alter is blind or deaf and the others are not.

And anything else like this. Each disability affects each alter in a unique way. These nuanced experiences are all possible. 

White lips

Created because of the fic idea I had in this post.

Words: 6159 (holy cow!!)

Pairings: platonic LAMP/CALM. Also, Logan and Roman are definitely bros in this.

Warnings: nightmares, vomiting (not in extreme detail though), monsters, delusional Patton, basically some angst with a load of fluff.

Taglist: @k9cat @sander-sideblog 

A/N: Otherwise known as the most self indulgent fic I’ve ever created. I’m still not… entirely happy with it, I guess? I’ve read way better fics from other authors, but, well, I still wanted to get this out. Hope you enjoy!


Patton stumbles in the kitchen with a slight frown on his face.

Normally, he wouldn’t get out of bed this early. As much as he loves to make breakfast for the others, he loves his sleep as well, and sometimes he would just be too caught up in a tv serie to do that (honestly, he’s responsible for most of the bingewatching of Steven Universe that Thomas does at 3am, which is a great source of annoyance to Logan).

But this morning, he just feels… off. He woke up at 6am and couldn’t fall back asleep for some reason, even though he feels tired enough to do so.

He shakes his head and rearranges his face in a more pleasant expression as he walks to the coffee pot. Well, he shouldn’t let this ruin his day. Now he has the chance to make breakfast, after all! He knows how much the others love a little shared breakfast to start the day.

He quietly hums as he makes some coffee, and then he turns to the stove with a blank expression. He isn’t really sure if he’s hungry. And the thought of pancakes actually doesn’t appeal to him right now.

Hmm, strange. He shrugs and picks up some fruit. He will make a low-maintenance breakfast today instead. He’s sure the others won’t mind.

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