You have changed. Since you came home from your dads.. You’ve changed. Since you broke up with me.. I’ve seen the “real you”.. The one from 8th grade.. Obiviously you loved me.. And still do.. But im sorry.. You hurt me.. I hurt you apperently.. You made me go “offline”, cut, and worse.. Im sorry.. #ivechanged #goodbye #illmissyou #illloveyoujustasafriend #movedon #imsorry

As some of you may know or maybe just figured out after having followed me for a while, Leda has been a huge inspiration of mine over the couple years I’ve known of her. For so long I wanted to be just like her and I do see so much of myself in her. It makes me so sad that she’s been driven to this. Yes, she has changed over the years but she’s just GROWING UP. People complain she’s too childlike and then when she acts more like an adult people complain they miss the “old Leda”. I really don’t understand some people. I feel like she tried so hard to make everyone happy but it’s just not possible (I know that feel). So I know she’ll probably never see this but I just feel like I have to say that Leda, you’ve been a huge inspiration of mine and you are part of what made me who I am today. Even though I don’t actually know you, I love you and I hope you’ll be happier now that you don’t have to try so hard to make everyone else happy. Focus on yourself for a while, and I hope you’ll be back soon <3 #leda #ledabunnie #illmissyou

James Gamble, was a light in the dark for me. He brightened my day no matter what. I was his last kiss, and for that I am so lucky. So lucky that I got to spend the time I spent with him, no matter how little. I told james every single day that I loved him, knowing he would never say it back but that didn’t matter to me. I knew he was hurting, and I knew I loved him and told him no matter how weird it seemed. He needed to know that people cared. So even though we couldn’t save him, we were able to make his last moments filled with love, which is something I don’t think he’ll ever forget.