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tbf im totally new to it (hiphop anon) i guess i should ask what would you suggest to a new listener?? (i dig flylo if that helps LOL)

oh man that’s cool, there is a fun time ahead of you. flylo actually put a rap album out under Captain Murphy if you haven’t heard it. If you dig Captain Murphy, try MF Doom /Madvillian or SparkMasterTape.

otherwise here is a scattershot of different rap albums i dug with a bunch of different styles, might be worth checking out each:
Kendrick Lamar: Good Kid mAAd City
Busdriver: Jhelli Beam
Waka Flocka Flame: Flockaveli
Nas: Illmatic (probably the most well respected album in hip hop history)
A$AP Rocky: Live, Love, A$AP
Schoolboy Q: Oxymoron
Lil Ugly Mane: Mister Thug Isolation

dead ass, the reason i’ve had such a hard time thinking about leaving NYC is bc this shit is really in my blood. like, i’m literally one gen from the birth of hip-hop in the birthplace of hip-hop, like my pops sold Kid Capri his first set of turntables, i just can’t shake being here and my love for this city, man.