Josan Gonzalez

At a speed equivalent to the exponential compounding rate of Moore’s Law, we rage into the dystopian future of artist Josan Gonzalez. In this not-so-distant reality, silicon and steel intermingle with human flesh and a race of hybrid beings strive to survive amongst the remnants of our ravaged planet. Channeling artistic legends like Moebius, Gonzalez’s work promises to carry on the journey and take us deeper into uncharted territory. 

  1. Virus, The Future Is Now, Vol 2., “Don’t call us a gang. Don’t call us criminals. We are the law. We are the future. , Gotham City belongs to the mutants. Soon the world will be ours., 2015
  2. War Machine, The Future Is Now, Vol 2.,War Machine, 2015
  3. Enemies of Reality, The Future Is Now, Vol 2.,"We are the nothing grating against the norm, We are the something that will not conform
    No one understands what we’ve been given
    We are the useless by-products of soulless meat
    We are all gone we all sing the same tragedy
    Open wide and eat the worms of the enemy
    We are the enemies of reality, in a world that’s unforgiving”, 2015
  4. 2088 Teaser, The Future Is Now, Vol 2.,“Inside four walls I live my life, doesn’t matter what I’ve done,
    The government’s always right,
    They tell us what to be,they tell us what to believe,
    They’re wrong my friend is gone”, 2015
  5. Frankenpunk, The Future is Coming™ // 2088 : the graphic novel, 2015
  6. XI Citadel, The Future Is Now, Vol 2.,“I will create in my own image,
    If God can then why can’t I?”, 2015
  7. Conqueror Worm, 2014
  8. The Fixer, 2015
  9. Gardenia, The Future Is Now, Vol 2.,“…Six hundred sixty six miles per hour, Hear a purrin’ motor, and she’s a burnin’ fuel
    Push it over baby, we’re makin’ love (un)to you”, 2015
  10. Social Guerilla, 2015, images posted with permission of the artist.

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Fight Club President Mako Mankanshoku

This is Mako from the series Kill la Kill in her 2-star goku uniform.
Finally I’ve got this done! I feel like this image (half of it at least) is the start of my digital work now that I have a cintiq; making my life so much easier.
Next is Tsumugu Kinagase for the Kill la Kill zine, and I can’t wait to do this piece! 


Having a post Halloween Sale on my Etsy store, everything is £6+P&P, 3 for 2 prints and a free postcard sized sketch with every order. Get my book of Skull drawings limited to 100 copies! Trying to clear out the old stuff to make way for the new.