illllllllllllli replied to your post: so up there means vagina in your language, well fine that went way over my head.

You have some of the stupidest arguments. Why do you go back and forth interminably with every libertarian and provocateur who pops their head up?

I don’t know what you mean. Are you criticizing me for having a conversation with someone who wants to engage me? Am I only supposed to talk to users who agree with me and/or appear intelligent?

People ask me all sorts of questions. And I privately respond to many of them. When I’m blogging on tumblr, I’m trying to be engaged. That’s how I see it.

Regarding the criticism of my post flaming Leon, I think anon is somebody who I do converse with and “know”–a follower, in other words. Maybe somebody who I follow as well. I’m going out of my way to be thorough because I appreciate all the responses I get to my writing here.

I use tumblr to maintain a writing schedule. When I can’t work on my novel–whether I’m not inspired or blocked or distracted (and I’m easily distracted)–I log into Tumblr and write. I try to write so many words a day. To keep writing fit. I write about what’s readily at hand. If my mailbox has messages in it, I start there. If I’m not posting for a couple of days, it’s because I’m doing some other writing. When I’m here, I like to be engaged and focused and experiment with my ideas in responses to others’. 

Anyway, I delete many things that people submit. Little anonymous one-liners meant to hurt my feelings just get deleted.

I don’t see the arguments that I get as stupid. I used to teach writing classes, rhetoric classes, literature and business ethics classes. You’ve likely been or will be or are a university student. You remember some of the ridiculous things students (and teachers) say and write. I’m sure my patience and willingness to discuss has a lot to do with my experience as a teacher and life-long student. I’m willing to tolerate provocations from anti-intellectuals  as much as intellectuals. I like to think that’s why this blog is popular.

That said, I block people who are being uselessly provocative. And as you likely know, those blocked are all Ron Paul fans who are never really interested in a conversation.