Chick-fil-A is being sued for alleged bias against job applicant with autism

Chick-fil-A has sparked some controversy over its hiring practices. An Illinois man named James Kwon says he was denied a job at the chain because he has autism, Courthouse News reported. According to the lawsuit, Kwon performed a work-study program at another restaurant where he was praised by a supervisor and later worked with a job coach to prepare to apply for a position at Chick-fil-A in 2014. Read more.

if you go to the ten most fun cities in Illinois this man will stalk you for the rest of your natural life while constantly repeating “Kisses For Daddy!”

Cryptid ABCs: Enfield Horror

The Enfield Horror’s story begins on April 25th, 1973 in Enfield, Illinois when a man named Henry McDaniel returned home with his wife to find his children in distress. His children claimed a thing had attempted to break in. He later heard scratching on the door and opened it, only to face the Enfield Horror. He shot it with his .22, only to have it run away into the night hissing. Numerous sightings, including an attack on a young boy, served to validate this story.

The Enfield Horror was described as being gray in color, with two arms and three legs. It was stumpy, had a short body, and was about five and a half feet tall. Huge pink eyes and large claws and talons only added to its unnatural appearance. It is very fast despite it oddly numbered legs and the fact that the third leg has a smaller foot. McDaniels claimed it covered 50 feet in three leaps. It also has a horrendous screech like a banshee.

The town of Enfield received a large spurt of tourism due to these sightings, which, like any good monster movie, angered the sheriff. The sheriff was not much help during the sightings, and ended up arresting five people, virtually ending the monster fueled tourism.

World renowned cryptozoologist Loren Coleman visited an abandoned house in Enfield where the creature had been seen. He heard strange cries and saw scratches on the home. He said he was genuinely bewildered by what had taken place in Enfield, lending credibility to the tale.

About 40 mile away in Mt. Vernon in 1941, people were also terrorized by a leaping creature, but it is not generally considered to be closely related to the Enfield Horror due to dissimilar appearances.

Out of Hellfire (Sam and Cas)

Harrowing Hell seemed to become a usual thing for Castiel. He had done it once, for Dean. And now he had done it again for his brother.

It was harder this time, to get to the Cage, which is where Sam had ended up. Pulling the younger Winchester out of it had been no small feat. It wasn’t going to be something he cared to repeat.

Gently bringing Sam to a motel room somewhere in southern Illinois, he lay the man down and wearily settled against him; too exhausted to think about the implications, and waited for him to awaken.