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1920s view of the Chicago Rapid Transit (later CTA) station at Lawrence, looking south. In addition to the interesting details on the station platform (penny scale, all kinds of ads including Kingsbury Beer), it also gives a good view of the freight gauntlet track arrangement (the reason for the overhead wire), and If you zoom in on the image, you can see a freight car parked on the warehouse spur next to the Wilson station. That particular freight siding survived well into the modern era. On the roof of the station platform there appears to be a lighted sign, presumably advertising the L.

Purchased B&W print, photographer unknown.

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NB Blackhawk Savanna Aug. 69 by Joseph Petric
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During an overnight impromptu excursion, CB&Q’s northbound “Blackhawk” makes its 12:57 am stop in Savanna, Illinois, August 1969.


The Commodore Vanderbilt departing Chicago’s LaSalle Street Station, 1935 by Michael Ryerson
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CDV of Young African American Lady in Decatur, Illinois 

With extensive detailed advertisement on verso for Decatur, Illinois galleries of A. Milton Lapham. Cowan’s Auctions.

What is a cdv photo?

Those three letters are an acronym for the French carte de visite or visiting card. This style of antique photography took over in popularity from the daguerreotype or ambrotype of the 1840s and 1850s. Though they provided lovely images, the dag and ambro were easily damaged and not suitable to tuck into an album or a letter to a friend.

The Civil War era of the 1860s, however, saw a wide acceptance of the cdv.


Panama Limited [Chicago IL] 1966

The Illinois Central’s iconic passenger train, ‘Panama Limited’, only 1 of 2 all-sleeping car trains in the United States of America in 1966, departs 63rd Street, Woodlawn, Chicago, Illinois on a rainy day in 1966.

Photographed on Kodachrome slide film.

Photo © John Steven Lasher.