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1920s view of the Chicago Rapid Transit (later CTA) station at Lawrence, looking south. In addition to the interesting details on the station platform (penny scale, all kinds of ads including Kingsbury Beer), it also gives a good view of the freight gauntlet track arrangement (the reason for the overhead wire), and If you zoom in on the image, you can see a freight car parked on the warehouse spur next to the Wilson station. That particular freight siding survived well into the modern era. On the roof of the station platform there appears to be a lighted sign, presumably advertising the L.

Purchased B&W print, photographer unknown.

(via CRT Lawrence station 1920s)


6 Various Amtrak Trains with F40PHRs by Marty Bernard
Via Flickr:
AMTK 269 with Train 318, The Hoosier State, 12th St, Chicago, IL on August 20, 1991. I assume the Superliner cars are headed to the Amtrak Beech Grove, IN shops.


On April 21, 1967, a violent EF4 tornado, one of 10 tornadoes to whip across northern Illinois that afternoon, barreled into Oak Lawn, leaving a path of death and destruction 200 yards wide and 16 miles long. In a matter of minutes, the winds leveled more than 100 homes, wiped out buildings, flipped cars and killed 33 people. Belvidere, Lake Zurich and Oak Lawn sustained the greatest losses, with Oak Lawn bearing the biggest number of casualties.