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If you wanna know how deep white idiocy runs, there people who live in Springfield, Illinois—home and final resting place of 16th President Abraham Lincoln—and have the audacity to fly confederate flags.


Hey guys,

Today’s show is in Chicago, Illinois which is home to both the first openly-LGBTQ advocacy group in the United States and to Boystown, the first officially recognized gay village in the U.S. Boystown is now known for its nightlife and colorful atmosphere.

In Chicago we’ll be working with Project Fierce, an incredible organization that aims to reduce LGBTQ youth homelessness in Chicago by providing accessible housing and support services.
At a time when LGBTQ youth are at greater risk for depression, bullying, and violence, than their peers, organizations like Project Fierce are a necessary resource for teens that don’t feel safe. About 40% of homeless American teens identify as LGBTQ and Project Fierce can provide them with a safe and comfortable environment.

Want a ticket upgrade? We’re taking donations of basic necessities that are often taken for granted. We are asking that you bring a new stick of deodorant to donate at the show. Bring at least one to be entered in a raffle for a ticket upgrade.

Love Troye x

In June 1986, 27 year old Paula Sims claimed that a masked gunman broke into her home and fled with her 13 day old daughter, Lorelei (pictured top). It did not take long for a search to recover her tiny lifeless body, which was found hidden in a wooded area close to their Illinois home. She had allegedly been suffocated to death. Due to an absence of sufficient evidence, Paula avoided any extensive questioning and moved away with her unsuspecting husband, Robert, where they had two more children: son Randall in 1988 and daughter Heather in 1989.

Three years after their first daughter’s death, Robert Sims returned home to discover Heather missing (pictured bottom). Paula Sims again began to insist that another unknown assailant had knocked her unconscious and taken the six week old baby, although their son had been left unharmed. Although this too was considered a case of kidnapping, it was soon disputed due to the mother’s lack of injuries and the coincidental nature of this second crime. Heather’s body was later discovered inside a park bin and both Paula and Robert Sims were arrested. Although she at first denied all involvement, Mrs Sims conceded to the defence prior to sentencing that she had killed her daughters because they were not boys, while her husband had remained completely unaware. Paula acknowledged that she had drowned Lorelei whilst bathing her and suffocated Heather in her cot. She even went as far as freezing Heather’s body before dumping it in order to confuse the authorities about the time of death.

There were other incriminating aspects of the crime which, from the jury’s perspective, confirmed Paula Sims’ guilt. For instance, the garbage bag containing Heather’s body was identified as being manufactured at the exact same time as the roll of bags found in the Sims’ home. Witnesses also testified about overhearing Paula apologising to her husband and becoming upset in the hospital after giving birth to a baby girl. She is currently serving a life sentence without parole. Despite her best efforts to maintain a male bloodline, Paula’s plans ultimately backfired in the long-term. In 2015, her estranged ex-husband Robert and son Randall were both tragically killed in a car accident after a drunk driver collided into their vehicle and forced it off a bridge. They both died immediately at the scene.


I’ve been feeling very nostalgic… I miss Papa II and his sassy, grumpy ass. I guess I’ve been feeling very homesick lately and the Infestissumam era makes me think back of home in Illinois when I first discovered these spooky nerds, which was where I was able to see them for their first time in STL and also their first headlining show there and actually meet a couple of the guys…

This band is killing me.

All drawn with an ink pen on watercolor paper. I may or may not be creating prints to sell (it kinda of depends on your opinion). If I do, there will be a very limited amount (like 10 or less) because I actually have access to a printing lab in my school and they will be on my etsy shop. Stay tuned for news if you may want one…

2nd for a Reason.

Study this map for a moment. Now study the next.

Notice anything? For one. It would seem that the strength of Sate Firearm regulations has absolutely noting to do with whether a citizen will seek to be armed.

Notice something else. Gun Regulations also seem to have no correlation against Fire Arm fatalities.

Fascinating. A+ Calif is on the list of the top ten in gun related deaths. Illinois, home of Chicago is on the list of the top ten as well, Up there with F states like Mississippi and Nevada.

Whats more. “Gun Crazy” states like Texas and Colorado are not in the top ten. Maybe they are high on the list. I could not find the actual ranking to go with the second map-chart. Still, Both beat the two most regulated states in the nation.

You know what I see? Four of the top ten states border Mexico. Two are on the Gulf. One is South Carolina, it speaks for itself. Another is Maryland. Not sure what is up there. Maybe they lump D.C. into Maryland.

And the last two states have  passing marks on the Progressive Firearm Regulation chart. THey should be Havens of Progressive peace. Of the top ten states bloodied in gun crime, only half have failing scores.

Yet even still. More ink MUST be wasted on even more taxing regulation. Meanwhile ever more blood is spilled on the streets. Regulation will never stop criminal behavior.

See, these two folks are just out to make a withdrawal from their local bank. Unfortunately, this Bank is a “Gun Free Zone.” I’m sure these two fine gentleman will simply return their guns to their vehicle. After all. They are law abiding citizens. Right?

Guns are scary after all. Guns are evil.

Take this Lady for example.

Yep. Definitely on the Progressive naughty list. She could stab somebody with that thing.

And here we see more bad apples rotting the bold Tree of Progress.

Such a shame. Government wanted to stop gun violence in their community too. They agreed for a while……………

And than somebody got all teary eyed….

And at some point they got it into their heads they should start owning guns illegally.

It was easy to deal with them at that point. Progress always does depend on the forethought of controlling the citizenry. And we should know it. So many great chaps in history proved that point resoundingly.

My point is not that we should be afraid of regulations on assault rifles. We instead should fear losing our right to defend ourselves.

Making gun ownership illegal will not make guns disappear.

We tried that with Drugs. And I think that point should be self evident.

Guns are just a tool. Like a Sword and the Sciences. Just because you fear using one, doesn’t make it evil to do so.

I’m not fighting to abolish Gun regulation. I’m just asking the uninformed to stop saying things like. “Why are guns even legal in the first place?”

Well it is because these fine men asked Americans to turn in all guns to their local Authority following a small tea party in Boston.

We learned a lesson than. If even the Government; or just ordinary criminals, wish to do you harm. At least you have a gun to defend your home, and yourself.


Alice was found abandoned without food or water.  She had given birth but the puppies were nowhere to be found.

She was pretty darn heartbroken.  Thankfully, her best friends in the world at Belly Up for Adoptions near Chicago, Illinois, started hand-feeding her, playing games with her, training her, and loving her.

She started playing with other dogs and opening her heart and now she is a wiggly, tail-wagging, cuddly and trusting sweetheart.

Now all she needs is a new home where he can be loved forever and ever by her very own person! Call the Bellyrub Klub at (630) 542-3559 or email Sue at to meet me or find out more!