illinois corruption

what each state is most known for
  • Alabama: racism
  • Alaska: cold, north, big
  • Arizona: hot, immigration
  • Arkansas: diamonds
  • California: surf, hollywood, big
  • Colorado: ski, mairjuana
  • Connecticut: not rhode island
  • Delaware: first state, “crossing it”
  • Florida, theme parks, oranges, hot
  • Georgia, peaches, peanuts
  • Hawaii: hawaii
  • Idaho: potatoes
  • Illinois: corn, corruption
  • Indiana: corn, better version of illinois
  • Iowa: corn, perhaps?
  • Kansas: the setting for the 2006 post-apocalyptic action-drama series jericho
  • Kentucky: the derby
  • Louisiana: new orleans, the bayou
  • Maine: like canada
  • Maryland: weird shape
  • Massachusetts: accents, 1776
  • Michigan: car manufacturing
  • Minnesota: lakes
  • Mississippi: racism, overweight (info from supersize me)
  • Missouri: st louis
  • Montana: big, empty
  • Nebraska: don’t know what this is, sorry
  • Nevada: vegas
  • New Hampshire: the one touching maine
  • New Jersey: we all know
  • New Mexico: manhattan project
  • New York: NY NY
  • North Carolina: better version of sc
  • North Dakota: new oil
  • Ohio: rust belt
  • Oklahoma: panhandle
  • Oregon: portland vibe
  • Pennsylvania: liberty bell, benjamin franklin
  • Rhode Island: smallest
  • South Carolina: fort sumter
  • South Dakota: mt rushmore
  • Tennessee: appalachia
  • Texas: remember
  • Utah: mormons, great salt
  • Vermont: the one not touching maine
  • Virginia: robert e lee
  • Washington: seattle needle
  • West Virginia: yikes, hunger games
  • Wisconsin: cheese
  • Wyoming: the capital is cheyenne and that is it
A Chicago cop is accused of framing 51 people for murder. Now, the fight for justice.
Chicago Police Detective Reynaldo Guevara is accused of framing at least 51 people for murder. When a group of mothers, aunts and sisters found that no officials — not the state’s attorney’s office, not the mayor’s office — wanted to take up their cause, the women went in search of justice themselves.
By Melissa Segura

Next week a man convicted in one of Guevara’s most dubious cases will be in court for what could be his last chance at freedom. Will prosecutors continue fighting to keep Roberto Almodovar behind bars?

illinois: all of the corruption and temperate steppe climate of ukraine, none of the radiation! (still some fascists though; stay out of naperville and schaumberg)

Meet a judge so incompetent/corrupt, he gave back a bribe mid-trial.

6 Legitimate Organizations That Secretly Act Like the Mafia

#4. Courthouse Turns Murder Trials into Dollars

Judge Thomas J. Maloney sold murder verdicts for fees between $10,000 and $100,000. As a lawyer, Maloney formed ties with organized crime and regularly paid off judges to secure lenient verdicts for a known hit man and other mafia clientele. Fast-forward through 13 years presiding over criminal cases, and you have Illinois’ only known instance of a judge fixing murder trials. To execute his legal chicanery, Maloney used his bailiff and a well acquainted lawyer to ferry messages and payments between the judge and crooked lawyers.

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Women, stand up against corruption, loss of rights, and abuse!

Dear tumblr,

I have a little question and favor for you.

In Illinois, women have been losing their children for NO REASON due to corruption and father’s rights law that recently passed. I’m sure you all know Illinois is corrupt, however this is a very real problem that is being covered up.

Three Illinois women have decided to stand up against the corruption and uncover the lies and injustice!

Three women have had their children taken away for “being disabled” (epilepsy), not being as wealthy as the father, and for no known reason at all. These women are white, black, and Hispanic. This is not a race issue, it’s a sexism issue.

All three women and their children have been mentally, physically and/or sexually abused by these men and when then reached out for help, they lost their children! How does this make sense?

One father is a felon, a drug dealer, and he got his 16 year old who attempted suicide because he couldn’t handle living around his father. The court ruled he stay there. The mother hasn’t seen the child in 9 months. The child wishes to stay with her mother.

Another father was arrested for an unknown felony and the court issued the child stay at the father’s to be raised by his girlfriend whom is unrelated to the child, until he got out of jail. The child is 8. The mother hasn’t seen the child in 7 months. The child wishes to stay with his mother.

The last father is a CONVICTED CHILD ABUSER and has an order of protection against him and to protect his child and the child’s mother from hiom. The judge annulled the conviction to give the 5 year old child to the father. The father works all day and sleeps all night and the child is left to be raised by the mother of the woman the father cheated on the child’s mother with whom is of no relation, but is ignored and neglected. The mother sees the child weekly with unnecessary supervision. The child shows up beaten, bitten, and with black eyes. The child wishes to stay with his mother.

The children have all been taken from a safe environment and the only home they know, to be placed in an unsafe environment with their fathers. The mothers have tried to reach out to social media and have been silenced, taking away their freedom of speech.

Luckily, a few media outlets have decided to take on this story, providing a voice for all 3 women and the hundreds of other women afraid to stand up. None of the women have any convictions or reasons for their children to be taken from them. One has gone broke paying court fees, forced to go live with her parents. One has been working with her church, praying for her child to come home. One has been hospitalized due to her disabilities and the court ordering her off her medication causing her medical conditions to worsen.

Why am I telling you all this? Why am I asking for help from Tumblr?

Well, once the story is written all 3 women are going to need support. They’re going to need strength, shares, reblogs and they will need your help to make this story public. Viral even.

Once the story is public and the media is involved, people will begin to question the ethics of these judges and the reasoning behind removing the children from safe and healthy homes and putting them in dangerous situations to where they aren’t comfortable and definitely NOT safe.

I kindly ask that you get ready to offer your love, support, likes, shares, reblogs and tweets to these women.

Bring these babies home! Give these babies their mommies back! Help these women save their babies!

Thank you in advance, Tumblr!


Someone sick of the sexism and fighting for the rights of women and the safety of these children.

Please… join the fight! Women lives matter! Children’s lives matter. Help bring these babies home!

Thank you!