illinois artisans program

Illinois Artisan: Agnieszka Watts

“As a designer-artist, she has many inspirations: surrounding nature, arts, history and everyday small wonders found around her. She gains inspiration from ancient cultures, their art, jewelry and fabrics. She was recently asked in a magazine article about her hearing impairment and how she thinks that may affect her work or her expression of art as a result.”

“I think with my inability to hear fully, art expression for me may be different. I have an enhanced vision, which compensates for the lack of hearing, allowing me to experience seeing things more detailed than they would be otherwise. I rely on finding rhythms or patterns in people’s words and speech and combine them to help make it easier to understand and mainly to hear. This also goes into how I partly organize my ideas into my finished creations. This way I have the ability of seeing patterns or rhythms that fit together naturally.”