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Differences in the Family: Gen 1

Since I sadly don’t have access to the Swartz family for the time being, here’s a temp lil legacy! Her name is Daisy and she’s unflirty, squeamish and clumsy.

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Sylvia Seegrist (1960-?)

Sylvia Seegrist is an American spree killer. On October 30, 1985, she opened fire at a shopping mall in Springfield, Pennsylvania, killing 3 and wounding 7 before being disarmed. The people killed included 2 men and a 2-year-old boy. She was 25 and had been suffering from paranoid schizophrenia for over a decade. Her case provoked discussion about the state’s authority to commit at-risk people into mental care facilities versus individual rights as she had been committed and discharged from mental care several times prior to the shootings.

Seegrist has some similar origins to many other mentally disturbed spree killers, including a tendency for violent thoughts, discussions and behaviour which would build to a major incident. Ruth Seegrist testified that her daughter’s paternal grandfather fondled and exposed himself to Sylvia when she was just 8 years old. “She was a ‘normal’ child, but was sexually abused by her grandfather and became a troubled teenager,” her mother told the jury, saying she had not known of the abuse until Sylvia was 13. When they discussed it, Sylvia said, “But momma, you don’t know how intimate our relationship was.” Seegrist was first hospitalised at the age of 16 and was diagnosed with schizophrenia. She was hospitalised a dozen times and each time she was discharged psychiatrists said that she was no longer a risk to herself or to others.

When she turned 18, Seegrist tried to enlist in the Army. At the time she was inducted, she was assumed by her fellow platoon members to be a lesbian, and they harassed her for this, seven setting her up on a prank date and making her the butt of many jokes. Seegrist spent a lot of time at the mall she later chose for her killing spree, harassing customers and making statements about how “good” other killing sprees were, including the 1984 San Ysidro McDonald’s massacre. Seegrist joined the Army in December 1984 but was discharged after just 2 months because of her behavioural problems. Seegrist had drawn attention to herself by dressing in full green army fatigues at the spa and sauna at a local fitness club. An instructor there said “she hated everyone and would often talk about shooting and killing people.” Her behaviour was so worrying that clerks at the local K-Mart told her they had no rifles in stock when she went there to buy one. She eventually managed to buy a Ruger 10/22 from another shop.

On her first trip to the Springfield Mall on October 30, 1985, Seegrist bought Halloween items from a party shop. She then worked out at the fitness club before returning to the mall. Leaving her vehicle, she retrieved her weapon and fired at a man 27 metres away from where she was standing. The man wasn’t hit, and having seen the car Seegrist arrived in, flattened one of her  tires to prevent her escaping in that car. Seegrist approached the nearest entrance and had fired at, but missed, a woman using the ATM machine. Before entering the mall, Seegrist shot and killed 2-year-old Recife Cosmen who was with his parents outside a local restaurant. Once inside, Seegrist first randomly into stores, ignoring some. Many customers ran when they heard the gunfire but Earl Trout, who either had not heard it or couldn’t hear it was standing in front of a store when he became one of the 3 people killed that day. Augusto Ferrara was the last of the 3 to be killed in the rampage. John Laufer, a local grad student, disarmed her as she walked up to him and raised her gun to shoot him. Laufer forced her into a nearby store while he waited for the arrival of mall security. The guard that responded first asked her why she had done what she just did – she replied, “My family makes me nervous.”

After her arrest, and prior to a competency hearing, Seegrist was transferred to Norristown State Hospital to be evaluated. On March 6, 1986, Seegrist was deemed competent to stand trial for the killings. She was found guilty, but insane, and was sentenced to 3 consecutive life terms, one of each victim that died, and seven consecutive 10-year terms, one for each victim she wounded. The judge said that Seegrist “should spend the rest of her life in some form of incarceration”, and she was sent to the psychiatric speciality hospital Mayview State Hospital to be evaluated before being moved to the State Correctional Institution in Muncy, Pennsylvania.

Seegrist’s rampage spurred the state government to form a legislative task force to address better ways of caring for the mentally ill in the community. Seegrist’s mother, Ruth, urged legislators to make changes to the state mental health laws. It is unknown what, if anything, was changed. In response to the 2012 school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, The Philly Post ran an article named ‘Decades After Sylvia Seegrist, Mentally Ill People Are Still Murdering Innocents’, in which Ruth Seegrist said: “You know, it’s ironic that people who are irrational are expected under the law to get help on their own. There needs to be something in the law that compels a troubled person to be diagnosed by a psychiatrist. In the 1950s, we were institutionalising people who weren’t mentally ill. You could institutionalise someone who was just unruly. We’ve gone from one extreme to the other.”

At the time of Seegrist’s spree, gun buyers were required to sign a form declaring that they had no record of being in a mental institution. Sylvia Seegrist lied and purchased a .22 semi-automatic rifle for $107. In 1998, the state of Pennsylvania enacted the Pennsylvania Instant Check System (PICS) which enabled licensed gun dealers to conduct a background check using their mobile phone. A reporter from the New York Times wrote to Seegrist asking her to share her thoughts about what happened at the time of the shooting and about her life prior to that day. Part of her response read: “As I am safer in prison less threatening or perverted lesser crimes than my family.”

Seegrist served her first 2 and a half years of imprisonment at Norristown State Hospital before being transferred to Muncy State Prison for women. Ruth Seegrist and her ex-husband visited her regularly and she seemed to enjoy the visits. But in 1992, Sylvia Seegrist had difficulties with her antipsychotic medication. Although she doesn’t know what medication Sylvia is taking now, Ruth says that in 1997 Sylvia decided to stop any contact with her family. Visits and phone calls stopped and the last letter Ruth sent to her daughter was on Nov. 30. Sylvia never replied. “It’s her illness,” Ruth said in 2002. “She’s schizophrenic and psychotic and becomes extremely paranoid. She dwells on things in the past. Since I was her closest family member, I got blamed: She did what she did because of me!” Seegrist’s prison counsellor meets her every 2 weeks and notes that Sylvia takes her meds, spends time at the library, exercises a lot and tries to keep herself mentally sharp.

One of Sylvia’s motivations for the shooting was a fear that her mother was trying to have her sent back to a mental care facility. She said that she would “rather die or go to prison than go to a mental hospital.” Ruth Seegrist said she had seen ‘A Beautiful Mind’, a 2001 biographical drama about John Nash, a Princeton math professor and Nobel laureate who was also schizophrenic, like Sylvia. “I thought it was very well done,” Ruth said. “When a person is so delusional – at first he thought it was all real, but it really was in his mind.” Of her daughter, Ruth said: “I really believe she belongs in the forensic unit of a hospital, not in prison. They should be incarcerated in the forensic unit of a hospital until they get functional and stabilised.”

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(@miss-lovinavargas) TAKE ME ON YOUR WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING SPREE =A= Pretty please? (BTW I love your art)

Lia; More people - the merrier!  OWO~ By the way… YOUR SO CUTE!!! O3O *squeaks at your cuteness* 
NYAAAAA!!!! >///A///< It’s not good! I SWEAR!!! *hides and leaves cookies for senpai* @miss-lovinavargas ))

Absum the Weavingwitch is so firmly entrenched in the clownfolklore (the lore of clownfolk) that few would even recognise her extralunar heritage. she stitched the suits of She of Lips, She of Snow and She of Leaves, binding them to their initial themes; she knitted a romper for the Lunar Child from custard rinds and moonlight; she wove a former emperor’s veil for an ill-fated wedding spree, and it survives to this day in the Hall of the Accursed, where the inmates banter, on their more exceedingly dull nights, whether or not it is still just an object or if an inappropriately competent ringbearer had their essence cast into it after the festivities, remaining silent and immobile afterwards out of professional shame. for these projects, and many more besides, she is paid with the rest of the clothes of her clients, the finest of which are put aside for leisurely consumption. the other 99% go to stock her franchise of charity shops.

CLASS: Marotte

DIET: Fashionable




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i dont even know what is going on anymore, once rad, then ill now killing spree?? could you maybe explain? it is really confusion

Alrighty! I have two arcs going on- An Alice arc and another arc which I feel I may cancel- The Illnesses, Fresh- all that other stuff is M!A. It is not canon at all. I may tag non-canon from now on and keep canon things with interaction tags. I am slightly cleaning up this blog so old stuff will be disappearing- mostly things from the beginning. Sorry if me blog is confusin’ ya, I’ll try to organize it more.

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