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OKAY SO THE EMO THEORY let's start with Jack Barakat. He called Mark Hoppus "Dad" a few times by now. Who else does that? Josh Dun. Josh and Jack are born on the same day so they are CLEARLY twins and Mark Hoppus is their dad. Pete Wentz said once "Thanks to mark hoppus for being my dad", what means that Pete Wentz is also his son so Josh and Jack are his little brothers BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE. Josh loves space and Aliens. Who left his Band to write and study about aliens? (1/2)

(2/2) Yes Tom Delonge, the guy who was hella gay with Mark Hoppus. So clearly those are toms genes. So Pete, Jack and Josh are Marks and Toms children ILLIMINATI CONFIRMED

…………………holy shit fam

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I guess by you not buying into the "illuminati" creates a reality where it doesnt exist. But Can you really ignore institutional racism, 911 lies, war for profit, the poisin in our food and water and tell yourslf that there isn't something going on?

I *used* to believe in a lot of that, don’t get me wrong, I read: Divine Conspiracies, 911 lies, Financial Tyranny, David wilcock’s blog was like my bible and I READ everything under the sun about x,y and z that I need to do to decalify my pineal gland, avoid my ego, and make sure the illuminati doesn’t steal my soul while i’m having an astral project experience. Yes I drank the New Age Kool-aid. I believed EVERYTHING.

I was the crazy one who obsessed about food labels, strictly ate organic foods on a tight budget, only used clean natural products and used fluoride free toothpaste just in case something might happen….Then one day I woke up after an ego death experience having faced the death of the Ego and said to myself:  

NONE of this shit matters! 

How the fuck does this help my life? I’m even afraid of eating?! 

Suddenly I am an epiphany, I am DOWSED in fear tactics and ABSOLUTE NEW AGE BULLSHIT. These articles are laced in fear tactics and old world dualism of FEAR-induced thinking. Even after awakening, if you feed on this info you’re feeding on the old world of dualism and fear. 

The New Age circles are filled with dualistic perceptions rooted in fear, insecurity, lack of control of personal reality and the judgmental paradigm of creating an unconscious hierarchy. Dark ones vs. light ones. wtf is that?

 We’re creating an old belief and storyline because we don’t feel we are in control and are prisoner to our experiences. When we’re the ones guiding the ship, we created this! 

Do I want to stay stuck in this fear paradigm of illusions? 

So we create all these little ridiculous fear mechanism that rooted into everything we are generating inside our reality. The illuminati, fear of food, fear of chemicals, fear of dark ones, fear of entities, fear of psychic attack, fear, fear, fear, When fear is an illusion of separation, it doesn’t exist. 

Fear is merely a construct you create around your insecurities that are creating symbolic representations inside your reality through the ego so you can create something you understand through the subconscious.

nothing external can dominate over the consious perception of our minds. You are ALWAYS in control, you guide your thoughts, you take action, you give belief which generates into meaning and symbol manifesting into your reality. 

The more you stay here, in this fear paradigm of illiminati bullshit, the more you are generating fear laced experiences, insecurities and feeling like a limited person of experience. 

I said enough. None of these things are hurting me but they are making me live like a crazy panic-induced weirdo who is afraid of chemicals, water,  and eatting food!

 It’s time to move forward. Nothing can stop spiritual progress because everything is energy.

The universe doesn’t want us to live life in fear and misery?

No the universe desires us to live in love, abundance, prosperity, happiness and infinite possibilities.

It is merely the energy and belief you are putting behind the idea in your reality.

What you create is from the energy behind it. What are you focusing on?

It’s just beliefs. 
The choice is yours. 

Fear /ungrounded/ insecurity = limited beliefs
Love / Divine Guidance rooted in material world / security = empowered beliefs

Don’t believe everything you read. Instead learn to manage your energy and generate empowering beliefs that make your life unlimited.

That’s the real lesson


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It's not a "jewish conspiracy" it's an illuminati conspiracy the illuminati are made up of elite internationalist bankers, aristocracy, and royalty. They are psychopathic/sociopathic by nature, and yes they are satanist who have a lust for power, control, and domination. Illiminati simply means "illuminated ones" they hoard their esoteric knowledge of natural law and human consciousness and use it against us. It has nothing to do with being Jewish but rather whos abusing their free will.

There would be so much to say about so called “conspiracies”, but let’s just say that the secretive power elite with a globalist agenda is nothing but the privileged class that is the owners of capital.

Their goal is to establish a synarchy, that is a union of politicians, lobbies, upper clergy, and the Mafia-controlled drug economy. This group has no other function than to concentrate capital in more and more restricted hands, so that they can more easily influence the lives of billions of people. One of the more concrete purposes of elitism is the use of techniques of eugenics as a function of imperialism and colonialism.

The real power however appears to be in the hands of those who have already wealth, and really Freemasonry becomes a mere tool in the hands of capital. As we said then, it is certainly a meeting of potentates determined to deceive ordinary people, and to take maximum profit from their business: finance, human trafficking, drug trade, weapons and raw materials.

As you see more than a conspiracy fairy tale, what we live in is a simple cyclical evolution of the capitalist system, which tends to monopoly and economic as well as cultural imperialism.

The names of the elite are not so hidden either, they can be found on the websites that list the names of the lucky millionaires of the earth, whose ultimate aim - namely the safeguarding of the capitalist system - led us on ‘brink of nuclear war.

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