I wanted to do something for Pride month, but I don’t know if asexual people are welcome in with the LGBT+ crowd, so I put off on finishing this for a while. Nyeh… I still like the idea of the Asexual Illuminati. Also, I tweaked the design from last time.

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Guys how weird is it that today is 6/26 and my aunt was watching lilo & STITCH (aka 626) and gay marriage was legalized today and her brother is gay and he was married 6 years ago and he also has six siblings and 3 parents and six divided by 3 is 2 and 2 plus 1 (bc of one extra dad) is 3 and a triangle has 3 sides and this is the illiminati goodbye

Okay so i have a theory, we all know how phan was created in 2009 right? But think about it, 2009, what else happened in 2009? Michael Jackson died!! We all know what that means, Dan and Phil are defenitely part of the Illiminati!!! Don’t be afraid to reblog this! Everyone owns the right to know!! 

Fear nothing - we are always watching out for you - Illuminati TV Commercial - Official

Während eine ganze Flotte von Wächtern (Sentinel) aus dem All herab über uns wacht, sind die Illuminati immer für uns da – dann ist ja alles in bester Ordnung!?   // Illuminati TV Commercial – OfficialPrepare your life for the new dawn of #ILLUMINATIAM by watching and sharing the Illuminati’s first television commercial. Discover more about us at ▲ Posted by The Illuminati on…

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The second piece from our 3way colab turned out so freaking nice!! This tube features a illuminati neck and dome with a section between some baller equinox tubing. A fat ass rainbow dichro attachment and a beautiful illiminati rettti half life 2 cab. Uv pics to come 😆 dm @riggamortizz with inquiries. #illuminati #minitube #available #uv #uvglass #uvreactive #blacklight #blacklightreactive #glassofig #glassforsale #boro #boroforsale#710 #glassart #dichro #dichroofig #dichroic #dichroicglass #forsale #thousanddollarsmoke #paythepiper #piedpiperglass #therealpiedpiper by piedpiperglass