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This is a playlist for Illiam and Lamorak, lovers until Lamorak realizes they aren’t even allies anymore.

I owe special thanks to zoldszegfu, who took part in the making of this mix by compiling her own Ilmorak playlist for me. Here I used some of the tracks from her list.

Illiam and Lamorak are my OCs (Lamorak is vaguely based on an Arthurian knight). The people on the cover are Charlie Hunnam and Kirill Gordeev.

Patric Wolf - A Divine Intervention * Marina & the Diamonds - Power & Control * The Pierces - Love You More * Adam Lambert - Can’t Let You Go * Muse - Time Is Running Out * The Pierces - Ruin * Adam Lambert - Sleepwalker * Adele - Turning Tables * Glee Cast - Bye Bye Bye / I Want It That Way * Imagine Dragons - Bleeding Out * Mumford & Sons - Broken Crown

           William had spent the last few days losing his mind over his absent memories, but with the carnvival set up and a distraction awaiting him, William had followed the hundred others who were ready to take part. However, half an hour after arriving, the male had gotten lost. “Where the hell are the hot dogs?”

demonicerror asked:

(GUESS WHO) "Are you okay?" Bending down to his knees for the kid, the sapphire-raven haired male was suddenly getting a strong sense of deja vu. Probably because this boy seems to remind Ciel whenever Lu would be depressed and eventually cry.

From this meme

                    Ɯilliam’s heart thundered with fear as he tried to find his way through the meandering alleyways of Jerusalem’s Lot. He had no idea what was going on, why he’d suddenly seemed to lose all memories of when he was older, and he was suddenly very short and vulnerable. It didn’t help that it had started to rain too, and he had nowhere to find shelter in. Everyone and everywhere looked menacing, despite being ambushed by a group of scary-looking monsters that wanted his money. He didn’t know what had happened, but he was surrounded by monster guts after some sort of huge explosion, some of their blood splattering on his small frame. 

                    is legs couldn’t carry him forward any longer, and he had to sit down somewhere, so he eventually found himself at the corner of a street, huddling himself for what little warmth there was as he shivered and sneezed, an ugly mess of tears and snot dribbling down his face. The rain didn’t let up, even when a young man appeared in front of him, blocking his field of vision. William flinched at his voice, trying to shy away from the other because he was afraid the man would harm him. However, he seemed genuinely concerned, and William gradually shook his head, fresh tears streaming down his cheeks as he sneezed from the cold. “I-I’m…lost,” he murmured, only slightly more audible over the heavy rain, “I can’t find my parents nor my sister…” He did not want to inconvenience the other, but he was awfully hungry too.


                                             &&. Battle of the Block

                                                 William & Riley vs. Caleb & Logan

                               Caleb & Logan, win the Battle of the Block competition
                                           and guarantee their safety for this week!