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#illiam from Sioux City (at Meadowlark Coffee and Espresso)

This is a playlist for Illiam and Lamorak, lovers until Lamorak realizes they aren’t even allies anymore.

I owe special thanks to zoldszegfu, who took part in the making of this mix by compiling her own Ilmorak playlist for me. Here I used some of the tracks from her list.

Illiam and Lamorak are my OCs (Lamorak is vaguely based on an Arthurian knight). The people on the cover are Charlie Hunnam and Kirill Gordeev.

Patric Wolf - A Divine Intervention * Marina & the Diamonds - Power & Control * The Pierces - Love You More * Adam Lambert - Can’t Let You Go * Muse - Time Is Running Out * The Pierces - Ruin * Adam Lambert - Sleepwalker * Adele - Turning Tables * Glee Cast - Bye Bye Bye / I Want It That Way * Imagine Dragons - Bleeding Out * Mumford & Sons - Broken Crown

                                                   [ x ] ;

hush. you’ve been having these ‘bad dreams’ a lot recently, and i don’t appreciate whatever’s causing your lack of sleep. huffed william, wrapping his slender arms around mabel in a protective hug. we shall find the source of your unhappy dreams and destroy it.

Nope. Let me clarify: YOU shall find the source of the
unhappy dreams, I mean, you’re the DREAM demon here,
because I’ll go back to sleep. As you said, my lack of
sleep isn’t good for me. Good luck with the hunt.

[ As the blue demon hugged her, she opened her eyes
widely to blink them seconds after, really confused
about that hug. However, Mabel tried to return that kind
gesture of affection by simply patting him on his back.
Pattinghugging, it was basically the same, wasn’t it ? ]

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You machine!


    William hated - no, despised - Sierra Leone more and more with passing day. Ebola had transformed the tiny West African nation into a land of death, and the thick air reeked of festering, lifeless bodies and all manner of excretions no matter how far away from the makeshift hospital one went. To make matters worse, the inescapable heat cooked them in their heavy personal protective equipment, and the impermeability of the polyvinyl-coated material meant that their sweat had no way of evaporating, couldn’t offer them any relief as the temperature of their bodies slowly rose. All it did was drench their skin and clothes, dripping into their eyes and fogging up their face shields until they could barely see in front of them. Every hour, they rotated shifts to allow the unfortunate souls working before them to temporarily step out of their suits and walk to the aid station about twenty yards away from the former schoolhouse to the replace the borderline-dangerous amount of sweat they had lost with warm, technically-clean water from the massive cooler set up on a rickety desk that the locals had dragged out of the schoolhouse when they were first clearing it.

    Today the temperature was unbelievable. Two nurses had already passed out, and the rest of them had come to believe that they weren’t too far from finding themselves in the same condition. While 87 degrees wasn’t unbearable in shorts and a t-shirt, it was potentially lethal if a person had no way to cool themselves or was already brinking on death by dehydration (in fact, three patients had died of exactly that cause in the past hour). Hence, they’d taken to rotating every 45 minutes on this particular day.

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