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I am all about Morrigay, tell me more.

jeez where to start

Morrigan is like the most precious character there is and she is so goddamn important. the way she grows like do you realize she starts off as a witch of Wilds who’s never been outside the swamps to end up arcane counselor to the Empress of Orlais like. wow.

she’s had a fucked up childhood - remember that time in the Fade where demon!Flemeth started hitting her and she said it was “more like it” and “too little too late” GOSH - and a mother who was definitely not a mother to her and who is the only understanding she has of the world and boy how terrible that vision of the world it - no place for friendship, love, emotional bonds, all of this is weakness.

and yet as she gets to know you, whether via the romance or the friendship path she realizes that there is so much more to life than what she originally thought and that she can love and be loved and she is SO CONFUSED because she’s never felt that way before and she wants it to stop and go back to where things were simple but she can’t and it’s killing her because emotions were not part of the plan and yet it’s so deliciously forbidden

she’s probably more sensitive than most of your other companions, but she hides that side of her behind a mask of sarcasm and indifference. She acts like she doesn’t care, but she clearly does. she’s so multi-layered oh god I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love all the facets that make Morrigan who she is

the way she wants to shape her own destiny and is not there to enjoy the ride - she’s going to do what she wants to do even if it means leaving you behind and that p much super awesome because Morrigan has her own agenda and her own motives and that’s who she is take it or leave it she won’t compromise

“live long my friend, live gloriously” basically kills me every time

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Skimmons lab partners AU (can you imagine it, at first Skye's like hell yeah partnered with the class nerd no work for me, and then things happen)


14. lab partners AU (also put here on Ao3)

It all started when Skye’s old lab partner dropped out of class in fear that she would set him on fire since that one time that she was fiddling with the Bunsen burner and his notes just so happened to catch fire. It was an accident. Mike doesn’t believe her.

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I have been tagged in a few of those “getting to know you” things on Tumblr lately, and I have a few minutes to calm down from an annoying call with my cellphone carrier. So I decided to answer one and then never do it again.

illhaveasalute, this one’s for you. 

If anyone wants to answer these questions too, tag me because that’s a thing people do. I will read all of your s e c r e t s.

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marvel is just doing so many things rn that make me angry

i can’t even with this stupid company

why did nobody warn me this is the life of a comic nerd

like i love the slice-of-life-ness of the she hulk run it’s so great


it’s all about the moneys #capitalism 

same? i don’t think many people were reading though :( i just need the jen in my life forever and always