brigette wijesinha: my cousin/bestfriend/sister. this chick has put up with my shit for over ten years now. we know nearly everything about each other and she is the only girl in this world that i can completely confide in. we’ve been there for each other for the past 13 years, and this distance will not change that one bit. she can be stubborn and naive but she always has good intentions. always making jokes to lighten the mood, but always comes off super awkward. she always tries to make me happy and reminds me of what i deserve. she is the “peanut butter to my jelly, threes to my company, and the macaroni to my cheese”… no matter how big of an argument we get in, we are family, and that is a bond that can overcome any stupid fight.

greg giron: without a doubt in my mind, i trust him like no other. he has proven his loyalty as a friend and has been by my side through my most emotional moments. he is one of the most respectful people i know, and my family absolutely adores him. although i never really say it, he is one of my best friends. he is genuinely kindhearted and puts a lot of value towards our friendship, not just through words but by through his actions, and i could never thank him enough.

michael rodriguez: we’ve had our ups and downs, but our friendship was able to withstand every test that has been thrown at us. there are times when i feel like our friendship is very one sided, but anytime i think like this, he does something to remind me that he cares. I’ve shared so much with him, on so many levels, that I’m positive that he’s the guy that knows me the best. he knows how i think, knows how i react to things, and knows exactly how to piss me off. he can be a dick, but he’s there when i need him. he isn’t afraid to put me in line and is always there to motivate me. i used to call him my bestfriend, but we’ve grown out of having to put a label on our friendship. he is the one person that i can be completely comfortable with and i absolutely adore that.

christopher collins: he started off as one of my brothers’ best friends but over the years he has become like a brother to me. even though he tries to beat around the bush when telling me a story, he always ends up telling me the complex truth that he fails to hide. we don’t see each other as much as we used to, but that doesn’t affect our friendship one bit. even though he has got to be one of the most stubborn people i know, we can rely on each other to vent with no judgements. trust is something that came naturally to us over time. no matter how touchy a subject is, we can manage to find comfort in telling one another. we can argue, and make fun of each other, but at the end of the day i know he will be there if i ever needed him.

erik ligans: he has been my brothers bestfriend for as long as i can remember. ive seen them grow up together and no matter what happened they still remained friends. their friendship is one to envy. erik, my brother, and chris have a bond of friendship that has turned into family and im so blessed to have them in my life. even though we dont talk allll that much, i can trust him. he has a bright future ahead of him and i cant wait to see how far we all get with our lives. no matter what he does, ill be there to support him all the way.

luis avila: this guy has been such a good friend to me over the years. hes heard all of my drama and boy problems since our freshman year of highschool. even though we would rarely hang out, our trust in each other never disappeared. he is understanding and chill about everything and can get along with virtually anyone. although he is always m.i.a he is always down to kick it with the group for nights of simplicity.

cameron curry: my little brother, fatty cam. i met him when he was a freshman in highschool and he has grown so much. he is so humble and kindhearted and i know that he will do well with the time he has left in highschool. even though he is so much younger, he gets along so well with our group of friends and the bond he has with his sister is almost identical to the one that i have with my brother. i love hanging out and having brother sister days with them and i cant wait for the next one when we get back.

ed ng: I’ve only known him for a couple of months, but this guy has most definitely become a dear friend to me. he looks out for me like I’m his younger sister even though I’m older than him. and even though he gives me lots of tough love, he’s only looking out for me. as stubborn as he is, he has a caring heart and is always there for his friends no matter the circumstance. his determination will bring him success, and i am certain about that. even though we don’t have years of history behind our friendship, I truly feel like he will be there for me in the long run, and i for him.

marcos martinez: whatever we’ve had going for the last six months was exactly what i needed. he made me feel beautiful, motivated me to never give up, challenged my intelligence, and reminded me how important it is to live life to its fullest. im glad i got to spend a lot of my last few weeks with him. he knows how to keep is priorities straight and his loyalty towards his friends and fam is so admirable. he is gonna do big things in life and im in full support of whatever he chooses to do.

ashley romasanta: she was one of my bestfriends in elementary school and we began to lost touch, but regained it when she started dating my brother. in the past couple of weeks she has gotten so much closer to our family and friends that its crazy to think that she wasnt a part of it the whole time. she makes my brother unbelievably happy and loves him dearly. im glad that they have each other and i am truly happy for them.