The Meaning Behind The Logo

Me and the homie Illestraider developed this in 2009. I did the conceptualizing and of course he executed the vision. I got the idea for it from a picture I caught on a Youtube video that I can no longer find. But the picture showed a depiction of God reaching down and touching a line that divided spirit and matter. That is what the line in the middle represents; that point where we transformed in our descent into matter and the point where we crossover and ascend into spirit. The entire logo is an hourglass on it’s side and split in half with that divided line.

The hourglass on its side represents the ending of Time, as existence is infinite. The blueish-purple section represents Sunrise and the reddish-orange section represents Sunset, with the middle orb being the Sun and the black representing dark matter.

For whatever reason; when we think, when we pray, when we question, when we meditate and when we concentrate, the direction is always UP. I’m a big thinker, so I wanted to capture the infinite-ness of what is above. Because as above, so below.