( @illesty posted a good prompt earlier and I couldn’t refuse, so here you go my dudes! I hope I was able to do it justice, it was trickier to write than I thought aaah)

“Is everyone ready to go? This planet might be crawling with Galra invaders, so we can’t afford to forget anything.” Shiro recited, methodically fiddling with his helmet as he slid it on.

There were echoes of approval from the rest of the team as each member fastened their own armor and prepared their bayards. The process was clockwork at this point, each step flowing one after another.

Lance slid his helmet on and groaned under his breath, looking exhausted before the day had even begun. The rest of the team looked psyched up to hit the battlefield, but something kept tugging in Lance’s chest that couldn’t match their energy. 

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I fixed a grammatical error in my name, which made my old one “deactivate”.

Let’s try this again!

This is my illness/injury sideblog for the various fandoms I love so much! I’ll be posting the current fics I already have, and writing more for the lovelies in this great community!

I’d like to give a personal shout out to @taylor-tut @thesickficsideblog @403secret @beloved-whumpage @underthewweather @illesty @whumpdump and @outtacommission (plus like a WHOLE bunch more seriously you guys are the greatest sorry if I didn’t mention your name) for inspiring me to make this blog!! 

I hope you enjoy the content!

Voltron prompts!

Hey, guys. So, the last fic I posted got a fantastic reception (I kinda cried a little), and while I am planning to write that interlude (and maybe some more Klance after Lance wakes up), I’d love for some more prompts! I especially like whump prompts, injury, illness, etc…. If you need ideas, try @taylor-tut
@beloved-whumpage @ya-nurse @whumpdump @illesty @stephaniebithell @lovelylangst and a whole slew of others who I can’t name off the top of my head. Sorry!