( @illesty posted a good prompt earlier and I couldn’t refuse, so here you go my dudes! I hope I was able to do it justice, it was trickier to write than I thought aaah)

“Is everyone ready to go? This planet might be crawling with Galra invaders, so we can’t afford to forget anything.” Shiro recited, methodically fiddling with his helmet as he slid it on.

There were echoes of approval from the rest of the team as each member fastened their own armor and prepared their bayards. The process was clockwork at this point, each step flowing one after another.

Lance slid his helmet on and groaned under his breath, looking exhausted before the day had even begun. The rest of the team looked psyched up to hit the battlefield, but something kept tugging in Lance’s chest that couldn’t match their energy. 

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What Comes Next

Welp, welp, welp.

Here, take this bc I dunno what to do with it.

Based on a post of @illesty, lmao I uh…I dunno what I wrote tbh so just…uh, take it. It’s a long post, bros, so like, 2k yah. 

Note: Set after the end of season 2, Keith misses his brother so he pushes himself and his body to the limit and the team is WORRIED TM.

Content: Mention of blood, high levels of stress, stubborn asses, emotional breakdowns. 

Special thanks to both of my betas!! I love you both thank you for taking the time! <3

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me.

There are eyes on him.

Keith can feel them. From the worried and anxious glances Hunk sends his way when he passes by the kitchen’s open door but doesn’t step inside to Allura and Pidge’s hesitation when he pushes past them at the entrance of the training room and starts his training sequence.

He can feel Coran’s concern that seems like it’s washing over him in waves when the Royal Advisor finds him late at night outside Shiro’s empty room and guides him back to his own.

Keith can even easily feel Lance’s heavy stare every time he visits Black’s hangar and spends hours and hours sitting in front of the sleeping Lion.

He’s been able to feel them all but he still can’t hear a thing.

Keith can’t hear the way his bayard hits the Gladiator’s middle, or the way the robot buzzes with an incoming attack before he dodges it, barely missing the hit.

There’s nothing for him to hear except a muffled humming in the back of his head, the familiar sound of his brother’s voice being the only thing Keith takes comfort in these days but, of course, with Shiro being gone, it doesn’t last.

The faint memory of Shiro’s humming seems to dim with each passing day. The warm and safe feelings that it used to bring him are gone and Keith tries; he tries so hard to hold on to them. He tries to dig and dig inside his chest to pull them out of his heart to remember because maybe, just maybe, if he can do that, Shiro will come back.

But he doesn’t. His brother doesn’t appear in front of him, in the middle of the training room, as he fights robot after robot and the humming only turns fainter in his mind, turning into a vague memory and making him even wonder if it ever really happened.

That’s why when the humming stop, and the room is left in silence, Keith can’t do anything but scream.

Keith rages. He shouts, curses and yells at the universe, at the Galra, at the war they never signed up for. Keith rampages until there’s nothing left inside him.

He pants heavily, barely acknowledging the remaining shattered parts of the Gladiator, lying a few feet away from him. His head is pounding and his heart is hammering against his ribcage wildly as he leans forward and bends over with his hands against his burning thighs.

Keith stares at the white floor below him as a few drops of sweat fall from his face and start staining the floor. It doesn’t take more than a tick before he finally becomes aware of the red dots that appear among them.

The teen lets out a shuddering breath out as he tips his head back and allows himself to fall on the floor, barely hearing the way his bayard deactivates and falls from his shaking hand.

Keith sniffles loudly, groaning when he feels the blood running down his nose. He forces himself to raise his hand to his nose to feel it roughly before moving it in front of his face.

He stares at his hand and feels slightly bemused at the blood that keeps dripping from his finger tips and sliding down his palm before he scoffs, swiping it away on his pants nonchalantly.

“Start training sequence.” He mumbles hoarsely, standing wobbly on his feet before taking a deep breath, raising his bayard high and moving back to his previous position in the middle of the training floor.

“End training sequence.” A voice behind him speaks up and the Gladiator turns off before it is able to take even a step forward.

Keith scowls and turns his head towards the voice, eyes widening slightly as he catches Allura’s glare with a mix of annoyance and worry clear on her face and in her eyes. Keith sniffles one more time, as if trying to hide his crime scene.

Allura doesn’t fall for it.

The Princess makes her way towards her Paladin, sighing when she takes in the sight of Keith’s face with blood dripping from his nose and smeared nearby on his cheeks.

“Keith, you need to stop this. Your body is already under a lot of stress, you cannot keep pushing it in this manner.” Keith scoffs at the words and waves the concerns away.

“I’m fine.” He replies shortly, sniffling one again to keep the blood inside him and Allura sends him an unamused look.

“Keith, please.” She sighs, taking out a small handkerchief and raising it towards his face before Keith flinches away from it and her hand falls back in defeat.

Allura frowns. “Shiro wouldn’t –” She starts but stops herself when she sees the way Keith freezes at the name and then shakes his head.

“Don’t.” He cracks, voice quiet and so fragile that it makes Allura’s heart to take a sharp flip. “Please. Just – don’t, Allura.”

“He wouldn’t want this, Keith.” She whispers sadly, taking a step forward and taking the teen’s hand on her own, dropping the handkerchief in his palm, “Please, be careful. This is not healthy, you –”

“I need to go.” He declares abruptly, pushing the piece of cloth back to her hand as he takes a step to the side and frees himself from her touch, “I-I gotta – Yeah, I uh – See you, bye.”

They stand in awkward silence before Keith coughs uncomfortably and walks away, heading towards the showers and ignoring the way Allura calls him for him one last time.

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Okay! So, we have a bit of a problem! …Part 2!! To reiterate… I have been made aware that a LOT of the creators in this community are feeling down, unappreciated and uncared for. Which means I have some MORE things to say. And again… this will be long a** post… But! … Please bear with me?

Off we go!!

@bleucheeks :  So, I’ve seen a ton of really great prompts from this blog, but I never realised that they wrote as well? But they do! And they write Haikyuu!! so Imma be binge reading all those fics that’s for sure!! The ones I’ve already read were so good, so I’m really really excited for the others!

@thehallowedangel :  Honestly one of the sweetest humans ever? Like I dunno just everything I see you post is A+, and you’re just super wonderful and ilysm? Also, you’re one of the first people I ever followed and your posts and reblogs always make me ridiculously happy!

@beloved-whumpage :  SUCH A GOOD WRITER!! And a really lovely person! I’m super excited for everything they put out because it’s pretty much guaranteed to be good? And like… everyone should follow them? Yeah. That’s a statement, not a question. Everyone should follow them.

@ambulancemcclain :  This one here is a Wonderful Person like always. It just amazes me how many incredible things you reblog, and I just never run out of stuff to read when looking through your posts! And the comments you leave are so kind and encouraging, and you make the universe brighter!

@shiveringsickies :  Def the cutest. Def has a heart of pure gold. Basically, she’s a queen? And I love everything she posts. The end. Okay, not really the end cause I have more to say but yeah… :) You write the cutest little Shiro! Like I just… I don’t even know how to describe it! It gives me all the feels all at once, and I just want to hug him and wrap him up and hold him and… Ugh! Why you do this to meeee??? I love you!!

@403secret :  I admire your writing SO much! You’re another of the blogs I followed pretty soon after joining Tumblr, and I’m so so so glad I did because you’re absolutely incredible! And I love your blog so much!

@princess-tentacles  :  Writes the best fanfic. Draws the best fanart. Mods the best whump week (Voltron). Reblogs the best stuff. In conclusion, IS THE BEST.

@bigbadsnez :  YOU HAVE THE MOST AMAZING HEADCANONS!!! I love them all so much and always want to write them, but I’m never brave enough to say so cause I feel like I’d prob butcher them all! But your headcanons are the best! And so is your writing! I love your fics!

@kotyonoksnz :  Ohmygosh! Okay, so this blog right here has absolutely gorgeous art! Like… sometimes I just wanna cry cause her stuff is so good? I don’t really know what else to say… just that I cry. Oh! And her OC’s!! Venn, Theo and Anika!! Guys- *sobs* these OC’s are just- *sobs* unbelievably wonderful! I love ‘em so so so much!

@outtacommission :  You write Pidge SO FLIPPING WELL!! Like it honestly liquefies my brain when I see people getting characterisation SO RIGHT. Anyways, this is the blog I always stalk when I wanna read good Pidge fics.

@confetishcake :  M'kay. So… /technically speaking/ I can’t actually view your blog…. what with Tumblr’s new “safe mode” and all but the facts still stand that your art is flipping beautiful!! And since I followed you before that update I still get to see your SFW stuff and just <333

@squidbiscuit :  Another blog I can’t view. /Technically/. Who lets technicalities stop them though? I sure don’t. ESPECIALLY when it comes to art like yours. You draw the greatest stuffing/emeto art ever! I love it all so so so much!!!

@godhelpthesickies :  Can I just give you a hug? Is that alright? … I want you to know something. You’re really, really great. And I know you’re going through a heard time right now but please don’t forget that. You’re really, really great. Also, you’re such a good writer! I love the stuff you write for BMC and Voltron tons and tons! *hugs* **only is accepted** <333

@fevers-and-flus :  Hmm, where to start?? You’re just incredible? *squinty eyes* Are you even human?! You literally write the best Keith EVER!! I die a little every time I see one of your fics! Like I always think my heart is gonna stop while I’m reading it and just! *deep sigh* You’re freaking incredible. No one is allowed to argue.

@doublecheckyoself :  You reblog the greatest stuff!! I was scrolling through your blog yesterday, and I found so many incredible artists that I’d never heard of before so thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

@musick-em :  Oh gosh! Your writing is incredible!! You actually wrote the first Voltron fic I ever read!! I can’t wait for more fics!!

@illesty :  Hey!! You’re a super great writer!! I love all your Klance fics so, so much!!

@coldandfloozy :  I love, love, love you Voltron fanfics! They’re so good!! I especially love the way you write sick Lance! It’s just A+++!!!

@whump-dump :  I found your blog a while ago through a Shance fic you wrote for Ki! I love the way you write them!! They’re so flipping cute, and I just wanna wrap 'em up and cuddle 'em!!

@elsiemcclay :  You are an amazing writer!! I found your blog fairly recently, but you are honestly incredible! I love everything you write! Also, I’m sorry school sucks so much for you right now, and I know you feel alone, but you’re really not, and if you ever need someone to talk to I’m 100% here.

@potato-fan-girl :  Ah! Okay! I love all the fics you post! You’re a really great writer, and I basically die over all your Klance fics because Klance is my fave!! I just can’t get enough of those two, and you’re over there handing them to me on like a silver platter! So thank you, thank you!!!

@tis-sue :  Hey!! Heen is so flipping adorable!! I love all your art, but he’s just so, SO cute and I just can’t! I love him so much!! Everyone needs to see him! Everyone! Follow this blog and see Heen! Yes, do it. You are all obligated to do so. *grins*

@ya-nurse :  You legit draw and write the cutest Klance EVER!!! I always wanna wrap them in blankets after seeing/reading your creations!!! I love you!

@caramelfuzz @ithadtobesneezing @wemermaid4this @ittybittysickficblog @flushed-and-fevered @appynation @sicklylittlesnowflake @apvrrish @notfeelingsowell @youremarvelous @youreburningup @emuyh-art @sickyaboi @hotarubi-e @feverhalo @sniffleprincess @lance-mcpain-is-my-mcgain @snifflesnuff @graceless-fever :  These are all blogs I’ve only just found! (thanks to @ambulancemcclain) I’ve scrolled through your guy’s posts, and I love you all! I can’t wait for more art/fic!! And how have I not found you all before now?! It’s an /outrage/! It’s a /scandal/! (hehe, catch that one?) No, but seriously…. please be warned…. I have a tendency to go through and like…. /EVERYTHING/…. sorry in advance! :)  <333

@toosicktoocare @nerdlycharming @mypoorfaves @tossing-cookies @feelingalittlesick @fluffyllamas22 @sneezehq @taylor-tut :  You guys were all tagged in the first post, but I tagged you here as well because you were suggested to me again by ambulancemcclain ! You’re all super awesome! Don’t forget it!! *all the hugs*

Thank you @fluffyllamas22 @doublecheckyoself  @ambulancemcclain @cabbagespoon for suggesting people!! <333 *hugs*

GAH! That’s a total of 74 (I think… I may have miscounted) blogs (including the first post) that I love and that everyone should check out!! And I’m still sure there are people missing (actually I know for a fact there are people missing because there were actually more people rec’d that I couldn’t include since I can’t find their blogs due to 'safe mode’… I apologise for that), so please let me know… *grins* or you could add them yourself!!

Why are space plants always so evil? (A sickfic)

This fic is based off a prompt I saw on @illesty​‘s blog, which I think came from @sweetmisschesire​ originally? Anyways, basically Lance and Keith both get sick/poisoned from a Space Object, but only Keith gets treatment for it because angsty sickfic! Lance really needs to learn to tell people when he’s not feeling well.

tws: mild emeto and descriptions of blood (take care friendos)

              It happened so quickly—one second, Lance was poking at the huge, balloon-shaped fruit hanging in their path, and the next it just… exploded into a wave of orange goop.  He yelped, spitting out some of the goo that had splattered itself all over them. Keith jumped about a mile, eyes widening before he was splattered with ooze.

              “Quiznack!” Keith cursed as he began to cough. “What… what was that?”


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I fixed a grammatical error in my name, which made my old one “deactivate”.

Let’s try this again!

This is my illness/injury sideblog for the various fandoms I love so much! I’ll be posting the current fics I already have, and writing more for the lovelies in this great community!

I’d like to give a personal shout out to @taylor-tut @thesickficsideblog @403secret @beloved-whumpage @underthewweather @illesty @whumpdump and @outtacommission (plus like a WHOLE bunch more seriously you guys are the greatest sorry if I didn’t mention your name) for inspiring me to make this blog!! 

I hope you enjoy the content!