i’m really close to hitting 1k on here so i thought it’d be a good time as any to show some appreciation for all of you cuties as the new year hits !! although i can honestly say 2016 is the worst year i’ve ever had w/ all of the bullshit in my life ( which is currently still going on ) there have been some good highlights throughout the year which i’m grateful for. namely all of the friends & support i’ve received have kept me going even with all of the difficulties. so i just want to say thank you to those who have been there for me & especially want you all to know how much i love you. also to all of the mutuals i haven’t talked to yet i still rlly appreciate & adore seeing you on my dash ! i hope the new year is kind to you all & i hope we can get to know each other more !!!! anyways this includes all of the people i adore as well as some of my favorite blogs mutuals or nonmutuals.

in no particular order tbh i’m too lazy for that lmao but i love u 💕💕

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so originally i wanted to get this out before 2k15 ended but life just got in the way. tho i guess loving on y’all sounds like a pretty good way to start 2k16 so here we go !! the past year has been a difficult one for me but getting to meet so many of you cuties & crying over kpop, tv shows, gaming & everything else with you all has been one of the few highlights of the year. i’ve made some amazing friends on here & i’m forever grateful to all of you nerds for putting up with my shit laughs. & for those i haven’t had the opportunity to talk with a lot yet i still enjoy seeing you on my dash. basically i adore you all & i hope in the new year we’ll get to know each other more ! wishing you all a wonderful new year babes.

the cuties in no particular order xoxo

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