illest shirt


i just realized i probably have the illest t shirt ever. besides the fact that its fucking bob marley and its fucking tye dye rastafarian colors and it looks great. it has fucking tyler the creators signature on it and it was the same t shirt frank liked. ima frank fan.we all know that by now. so .. i dont value objects/clothes but its probably one of my favorite items in my closet. i dont even wear it anymore. ironically, before the carnival i wasnt a odd future fan like that i just went for my nephew, hes a huge fan. sure enough hes like the only person who almost got on stage, tyler tried to help him up but security got him lol, he crowd surfed and got in hella mosh pits. hes 14 im 22 but that scared me lowkey…i feel hella old and concerning and wack for saying that but it was surprising seeing him be a free spirit like that. im glad he enjoyed his self on his birthday, his dad is away right now, when his dad was around he took him hella places, so im like, trying to still continue that bonding experience, cause besides his dad im like the only person he looks up to..anyway. and then he met tyler the next day. but that carnival was dope. ill probably go again this year. i like of now that i seen them live. i just dont like some of the fans who try hard to act like them niggas. idk i dont like posers. wack as fuck. i swear people who are die hard fans for anybody always taint their credibility, just IMO personally. school boy q performed he had like a mini asthma attack damn near mid performance. brand new guys was my shit, i know that song by heart. but everything else was like bleh. mac miller show was cool as fuck but not something youd pay to see if youre not really like a loyal fan of his. cause i dont really listen to his music and i was like “ok this is a nice show but idk what the fuck everybody so hype about this song for”.Then the stage turned red and  Kanye west came out. his show was perfect. grass is green.  bitches fart. frank sounds exactly like his album live. exactly. hes not a studio artist at all, although ima fan of his, when i watched his live videos on youtube prior to seeing him live, he sounded hella pitchy, so in my mind i was expecting that before he performed..i was wrong. he hit every note. maybe it just doesnt translate well on camera, cause  it was perfect in person, and his quality, like the sound of everything was like if you were playing the album. nobody else shit sounded like that. Idk im bored as hell thinking about the last time i actually did something hella fun. im going to vegas in may. cinco de mayo weekend. and then taking my nephew to new york this year. he dont know it yet though.

just bought the illest meninist shirt to wear with my sketchers boutta look dope as fuck!!!! also kik me at pussyslayer69, tryna lose my virginity ha ha ha!!