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was witchcraft practiced in ancient rome?

At various times, Roman and Hellenistic culture, often including the dominant religion, permitted use of amulets and talismans, certain methods of divination, and curses to obtain justice and/or vengeance. Mainstream medicine often included spells. On the other hand, attempts to control other people, to influence a particular destiny though magic, and divination by necromancy were regarded as illegitimate practices by the authorities, and there are known cases in which practitioners of these activities were prosecuted. 


War Foes Are Promised Churches as Sanctuary

Martin Gansberg, The New York Times, 3 October 1967

A group of educators, clergymen and literary figures opposed to United States participation in the war in Vietnam pledged yesterday to make “synagogues and churches across the country sanctuaries for conscientious objectors.”

Among the 320 signers of a statement, “A Call to Resist Illegitimate Authority,” were 35 clergymen. The statement, which will appear as an advertisement in the next few days in nationally distributed newspapers and magazines, supports youths who resist the draft.

Representatives of the signers said at a news conference yesterday at the New York Hilton Hotel that they planned acts of civil disobedience in eight cities beginning Oct. 16. They said these would include an attempt by 500 to 1,000 men to return their draft cards to Federal authorities.

A Medieval Tradition
Describing civil disobedience as “an act of religious conscience,” the Rev. William S. Coffin Jr.f chaplain at Yale University, said that “arrests of those who refuse to answer the draft will have to be made in a synagogue or church.”

Mr. Coffin, who was chairman of the meeting, said that “any man who asks asylum in a church will be given it.” He said the clergymen participating in the jprotest were prepared to offer sanctuary to conscientious objectors,^ “so that this country can see'the nation is in violation of our basic laws.”

Under Selective Service law, it is illegal for anyone to aid, abet or counsel men to refuse the draft. A lawyer for the American Civil Liberties Union said that as far as he knew there had been no immunity from arrest in a church since the 12th century. Before that, he said, civilians could avoids arrest by taking refuge in a church. 

Mr. Coffin, noting that Federal agents would have to enter religious buildings to make any arrests, declared: “If a further mockery of American justice is not to be made, we [the clergymen] must be arrested, too.” 

He did not elaborate, however, on what plans if any had been made to feed or otherwise care for men who sought sanctuary in churches or synagogues.

Mitchell Goodman, the writer, outlined the group’s plans. The campaign will start, he said, with the turning in of draft cards and statements declaring refusal to “engage in any way with the Selective Service system.”

As an ilustration of what is planned, he said, about 200 men are expected to meet at the Federal Court House at Foley Square to give their draft cards to Government officials.

“We will, in a clear, simple ceremony,” hersaid, “make concrete our affirmation of support for these young men who are the spearhead of direct resistance to the war and all its machinery.”

On Oct. 17, Mr. Goodman said, draft-age men in the San Francisco Bay area will interrupt operations of the Oakland Induction Center, the only one-in Northern California, for an| indefinite period. Other groups; will block activities at war sup-; ply plants, napalm factories and local draft boards.

Mr. Goodman said he did not know yet how this would be done, but indicated that one plan was to deliver a busload of “bogus draftees” to the induction center to hamper its operations.

The final step, he said, will take place on Oct. 20, when a group will demonstrate outside the Department of Justice in Washington at 3 P.M. “There we will present to the Attorney General the draft cards turned in locally during the week,” Mr. Goodman said.

In a statement issued on behalf of those who signed the advertisement, the group said:

“We hope that by using traditional American tactics of nonviolent civil disobedience against conscription and militarism, we will spur further antidraft activity and help to build the tidal wave of revulsion that will lead to the withdrawal of our Army from Vietnam and an end to the unconstitutional intrusion of the Pentagon into policymaking,”


People’s Republic of Kharkov, Ukraine: Anti-fascists hold Freedom Square into the night despite ban on protests by illegitimate authorities representing the junta in Kiev, April 12, 2014.

From Union Borotba (Struggle): In Kharkov, around 1,000 defenders of the city are currently gathered at Freedom Square to protest the invasion of Nazi provacateurs and mercenaries of the oligarchy from different factions. Kharkovites are determined and willing to give a fitting rebuff.

Photos and report: Borotba

The Fedora in Your Head

by Michael


Background:  Lesser Than the Sword’s Baby Talk


You have the biggest head I’ve ever seen. Can’t just reply, it has to be a formal essay. You’re supposedly a pinnacle of Christian orthodoxy but 100% comfortable taking God’s name in vain, might think that one over.  greater-than-the-sword 

This is shameful!

I’m taking the gloves off.  From here on out you get the bare-knuckled pugilism of Adamic patriarchy.

I present my apologetics in a formal manner for a reason, as a matter of order and clarity. Stick to the substance and stop wasting space with the projections of your petty, egotistical psychobabble as if you knew what was in my heart. Either judge rightly or not at all, you cackling hen.

The likes of you and that smarmy, limp-wristed punk rabbits-of-negative-euphoria lie as causally as dogs lick their genitals. I don’t claim to be the pinnacle of anything, and I don’t take the Lord’s name in vain. Holier than thou rooty poots like you make things up out of whole cloth without shame, but that doesn’t surprise the patriarchs of classical liberalism as we know all about the denizens of the womanish, bubblegum traditionalism of popular culture.

Little boo boos, full of gossip, snide and sneer … but no common sense.  The woman are shrews, the men are wimps.   

Either substantiate your allegations with direct quotations from my blog or piss off. You have “The Nature of My Error” given to you in good faith, which entails a frank admission of my foibles as a man and as a human being, and my desperate need of the beloved Redeemer, but that belies your Pharisaical narrative, so you disregard it.

I asked for a source on that “Women are socialists men are conservatives” thing and you just told me it was a “well-established, empirical fact of history” which is sure as heck not a source.  greater-than-the-sword  

No! You sneaking, manipulative little bitch, you keep couching my observation regarding the nature of the weaker vessel, which is backed to the hilt by scripture, as an assertion that all women necessarily vote socialist, and you just did it again! We all know that all women do not vote socialist. I never claimed any such stupid thing, and this is the third time I’ve pointed the obvious out to you, you straw-man spouting demagogue.  That doesn’t speak well of your character, bitch.

This is what I wrote:

It is a well-established, empirical fact of history from exist polls and electoral demographics that most women consistently vote their dependent, collectivist nature for big government, whilst most men consistently vote their more conservative, individualistic nature for smaller government.

Eve was deceived in the Garden. Adam willfully disobeyed out of his fear of losing Eve. Eve’s collectivistically dependent and more emotional nature is generally more susceptible to deception and manipulation than Adam’s individualistically autonomous and more logical intellect of rational absolutism reinforced by His latent brutality of provision and protection in a dangerous world.

This is the argumentative drivel of red herring to which only demagogic scumbags resort:

I know I am under the authority of God. Now stop trying to put all males and by extension yourself, in the position of a godlike authority.  greater-than-the-sword 

Listen up, witless, the 19th Amendment is not going to be abolished.  Women’s suffrage is not going to go away.  We’re going to ride this bitch to ruin.

Hence, the point of the original OP goes to the reason Western civilization is unraveling.  The issue is the patriarchy of the classical liberalism of the Anglo-American tradition, which asserts the limited, republican government of individual liberty, versus the collectivistic, democratic egalitarianism of Continental Europe, which asserts the nanny state of socialism.  Most women invariably emphasize positive rights, the governmentally imposed civil rights/protections of equal outcome, over negative rights, the inalienable natural rights and civil liberties of equal opportunity.

The reality of the human condition is that women’s suffrage divorces Woman from the authority of the rational absolutism of the masculine intellect and the sacrificial love of the masculine heart.  The result is the destruction of male-female relations, the destruction of the institutions of marriage and family, the societal bedrock of liberty.  Bottom line:  women cannot compete with men on an even playing field in the realm of provision.   Hence, the unrelentingly obnoxious impositions of the equal-outcome mentality, as the biological family of nature disintegrates, at the expense of the inalienable rights of natural and constitutional law.  Take a close look at Europe.  That’s America’s near future.

The Repressive Tolerance and Double Speak of Homofascists

 It is resolved:  feminism is evil and wicked

Your allegations of sexism are of no import. They are the stuff of a false paradigm prattled by a spoiled brat who has lost sight of the eternal and the fact that in order for women to compete with men in the workplace our nation’s children must be raised by the state schools of collectivist-think and conformity.  These morons can longer make out the point at which their rights end of those of others begin. 

[Y]ou’re wearing a tinfoil fedora. Right. None of this makes a single lick of sense. It’s sooooo unequal that a woman might lead anything. Because government rulership is the perk men deserve for the burden of household headship. Am I reading this right?

Why is one a burden to be endured and the other a reward that has been earned? Basically, if men DON’T get the only say in government, they’re being oppressed. I’m completely blown away by how UTTERLY ASININE this is.  greater-than-the-sword  

Out of the mouth comes the abundance of the heart 

Reward? Perks?

Rebellious female-think.

This is exhibit A of Eve loosed from the authority of the patriarchy of classical liberalism under divine and natural law, a social contract under which you’ve never lived, and you don’t have the intellectual heft to comprehend it, in spite of the fact that you have the pre-suffrage history of it at your disposal. Under the social contract of unadulterated classical liberalism, there is no overtly corrupt, bureaucratic nanny state to ameliorate/subsidize Adam’s baser inclinations. The  responsibilities and attending prerogatives of Adams’s authority under God, not the state, you dense piece of work, are blood, sweat and tears.

All of your blather is that of an ungrateful, narcissistic bitch of feministia projecting the filthy allegations of the perks and privileges of her illegitimate political authority without the responsibilities of authority. That’s all you’ve ever experienced. Only men bear the full brunt of the responsibilities of civilization, and you’re utterly blind to the reality of the increasingly oppressive and abusive policies denigrating and emasculating boys and men who are buckling under the burden of those responsibilities as abandoned and mocked by Adam’s helpmate.  

In answer to your question:  No! You obviously didn’t read that right, Jezebel, because you’re too busy chomping on the rotten fruit of feminism and spewing the seeds of it’s hatefully rebellious rhetoric.

This is what I wrote, full context:

There’s no such thing as equality between men and women in political responsibly and authority. It’s not equal, but axiomatically unequal, as men bear the greater burden of responsibly for humanity by nature. It’s axiomatically oppressive and abusive to men. It’s Woman displacing the sobering and conscientious prerogatives of authority with the narcissistic perks and privileges of her illegitimate authority without the responsibilities of authority. It’s Man still burdened with the responsibilities of authority without the prerogatives of authority. It’s the enslavement of men via the government. It’s the employee fleecing and telling the employer what to do. In cotemporary terms, feminism is the Marxist subversion of the division of labor and provision between the genders. Political rights for women = unbridled governmental power. Equal political power is the systematic annihilation of not only liberty, but Adam’s ecumenical, marital and familial authority. It’s instability and ruin. It’s the march toward totalitarianism. it’s decline and fall.

The Jezebel vomits:

Christian women must submit to the “intellectual authority” of “masculinity” in “all things”. That’s a nice and broad way to tell me to quit arguing with you. Quit having an opinion woman, I know everything!  greater-than-the-sword 

You’re damn right it is! You need to shut that filthy, disrespectful trap of yours and listen up for once in your life. Stop projecting the rebellious narcissism of the spiritual license and perversion of Jezebel as you disobey God’s word, which commands you to be silent and peacefully submit to the spiritual and intellectual authority of divinely redeemed and inspired masculinity so that you can be instructed. The reason you don’t understand me is because your perception of reality is skewed by the rotten fruit you’re still adulterously chomping on, Eve, behind Adam’s back. That’s why you can’t objectively and accurately state the premise from which I am arguing. 

So you spout straw men, red herrings and non sequiturs with that sneering attitude of yours.   

Consider the possibility that you’re being a completely pretentious, pompous know-it-all. When I see you boasting about your accomplishments like I do in the next paragraph, it doesn’t do anything except inform me about your ego.  greater-than-the-sword 

More feminist guff. I stated my credentials. You think to give me the lip of a spoiled brat.  

I submit to God. I submit to my parents. I submit to my pastor. If/when I have a husband, I will submit to him. Now whom exactly am I failing to submit to? You?  greater-than-the-sword 

You came rip-roaring out of nowhere on my OP This is what the biggest lie of feminism looks like … claiming that it’s full of lies and half-truths without bothering to understand the premise, spouting the clichés of feministia.

That Haughty Spirit of Jezebel

You claimed things about that OP that are patently false precisely because you won’t shut your mouth long enough to respectfully listen, think and understand me, the human being.  You prefer the absurd caricature of feministia doggerel so you can justify your slanders as you ascribe nefarious and cowardly motives to me.

I couldn’t possibly have the best interests of women and children in mind as one who provides, protects and cherishes with his very life if need be, eh? The Founders couldn’t have possibly had the best interests of woman and children in mind?

On the other hand, I know precisely what your premise is and why you think the way you do. I’m capable of intellectual objectivity.  I understand you perfectly at a glance. You don’t understand anything about me because you fail to allow for the necessity of wrapping your head around my premise in good faith.

I’m standing on the Declaration of Independence and the natural and constitutional law thereof! You idiots of the progressive left and right, respectively, with your cultural Marxism on the one hand and your bubblegum traditionalism of our gynocentric society on the other are the busy bodies of rack and ruin.  

Oh and if I hear the phrase “rational absolutism of the masculine intellect” one more time, this conversation is over.  greater-than-the-sword 

Do you know what it means?

Hell no!  Because you don’t have the first clue what Paul is talking about in Romans 1:18, and you won’t be taught.

The rest of your crap is more of the same—the projection of your petty, narcissistic la-la on me that exists nowhere in the world except in the heads of  nincompoops like you.