What is going on with this fandom lately? Where did people get the idea that they should discredit each other’s ships? Canon, non canon, poly, straight, gay, bi, non binary, suffering, interracial, non-canon sexualities, killed off in canon, still alive, who cares? Why is anyone weighing in on what anyone else likes? It’s not about you at all. Don’t like, don’t read. 

It’s not a secret that I don’t like every ship. And I stand by my personal preferences as valid. I also stand by YOUR personal preferences as valid, even if I am against them. If I ever made anyone feel like their ship was stupid or wrong or illegitimate or less than any other ship, I want to apologize and retract whatever statement that might have been.

Your ship is valid, no matter who you ship. Even if I don’t like it. We don’t have to like the same thing. There’s no reason why we should like the same thing, we’re not the same people and there’s room in this fandom for as many ships as there are fans. 

Knock it off. You are not the arbiter of who is allowed to ship what. Neither am I. It’s no one’s business but the shipper.

Ship and let ship. And don’t be an asshole.
Bill’s BDS wisdom by exposing it as an anti-Semitic fraud
As a leader of the progressive movement, Mayor de Blasio is swimming helpfully against an anti-Israel and anti-Semitic tide on America’s

Leaving aside the merits of such positions, what many BDS supporters fail to understand is that the movement’s architects see Israel’s very existence as illegitimate. Ultimately, they aim to end Israel’s character as a Jewish state and homeland.

Helpfully, de Blasio focused squarely on the movement’s too-often-unspoken goal.

“We in the United States, or in any nation, you can disagree with a particular government’s policy at that moment in time, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t believe in that nation, or its right to exist, or its founding ideals,” the mayor said at the Hampton Synagogue in Westhampton Beach.

De Blasio also described BDS as “ahistorical,” meaning that it writes off critical facts in the histories of Israel and the surrounding region, including that Israel has been a Jewish homeland for several thousand years.

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Omggg I was just thinking..... Any Leo Headcanons?? Btws, love your writing.

Aww, thanks love! I had a bit of fun with this one, plus my friend and I were chatting and things escalated pretty quickly but … I’m happy with this :D

  • Leo is always the designated driver
    • Which doesn’t end well because he gets to choose all the music and literally it is a mess because one second you’re listening to latino soul music
    • And the next second you’re listening to American country, like it fades out from this gorgeous song and then it’s just ‘YOU KNOW I LIKE MY CHICKEN FRIED, COLD BEER ON A FRIDAY NIGHT’.
    • Then it switches to rap and then kpop and Leo swears this isn’t just to drive everyone insane he actually listens to all of this stuff.
  • Leo gets bored one summer and builds his own car and you know that it’s the most tricked out over the top thing imaginable.
    • This thing has solar panels on the roof just to power all of his gadgets
    • Literally there are two different refrigerators in his car
    • Not just one, TWO.
  • Festus gets his body back finally and Leo takes midnight flights when he can’t sleep
    • He had to stop flying over New York though, he kept on scaring small mist-seeing children and demigods.
  • Piper and Leo are the BESTEST OF BEST FRIENDS
  • They play tennis together because they had abandoned tennis courts at the Wilderness School so they got really good when they skipped class
    • They sneak into country clubs and play tennis there
    • And they beat every other person in that clubs ass you know that my little babies wipe the FLOOR with these old white people.
    • Every time they come up with a new life story in the car on the way there.
    • Like “hm last time we were the illegitimate ethnic children of Donald Trump.”
    • “I’m thinking this time we had the same mom, but one of us she had with her husband and the other she had from the pool boy.”
  • Piper has no idea what she’s doing when it comes to romance so she doesn’t trust her own advice but Leo thinks she’s really smart and intuitive.
  • Leo thinks all girls are like too pretty for words (in a respectful way though) and he never hits on them unless it is very clearly a complete joke as to not step on their toes and because he gets super nervous if he’s not joking.
    • So instead him and Piper will go out in the mortal world and people watch all the attractive people in NYC
    • Leo will tell stories about how their dates would go if he went on a date with one of those attractive people
    • And Piper would pretend to be the chick, she has pretty could chick sense so she’d tell him when he did things wrong and be like
    • “That’s why you don’t ever talk to attractive people you idiot.”
  • Like honestly they are ultimate goals.
  • Leo and Jason sort of drift off from each other until they discover they’re both reALLY good at Mario Kart
    • They spend afternoons hooked up to a giant tricked out TV in the Hephaestus cabin competing
    • Other campers come to watch
    • The Stolls start charging money per-entry
    • Katie: “ThIS ISN’T EVEN YOUR CABIN!”
    • Travis: “When has that ever mattered? We clue Hephaestus in for one third of our earnings!”
    • You can always tell when they’re having a competition because they can be heard clear across camp
    • The Stolls also hold bets on who wins and usually it’s Leo
    • And every time Leo loses he’s like:
  • Leo likes erupting into fire to either scare everybody or make sure they avoid him like the plague.
    • New campers getting a warning about spontaneous eruptions of campers.
    • None of them believing it until Leo decides that the campfire could be a little brighter and he erupts into flames.

lol I love when they slip adult messages in kid cartoons.

In an era of excessive gun violence we have a paranoid gun culture that is (literally) loaded for bear and a political environment where gun rights and regulations are a top level issue  And we have a Republican presidential nominee whose message encourages paranoia, violence and anger among his followers directed generally at various “others” and specifically toward his opponent who he characterizes as a criminal and an illegitimate tyrant who plans to abolish the Second Amendment. What could go wrong?

3. Ann is advocating that we put more of a focus on discouraging illegitimate children, — Who the hell are you to describe a human being as “illegitimate” because you don’t agree with the circumstances of their birth. They don’t need your approval to be legitimate beings in this universe.

4. It is undeniable, when looking at the data, that unwanted/poorly cared-for/single-parent children are causing the majority of problems in society. — The data measures how “wanted” and “cared for” the children are? No? I thought not. You data only breaks out “single-parent,” which you have equated with “unwanted” and “poorly cared for” due to your own bigoted notion that impoverished single parents don’t want their children and take shitty care of them.


misterhippity on the bigot Ann Coulter, via doctordisaster

Well said.