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so how damaging do u think it would be if Victuri did not become canon? I feel like people would seriously start boycotting these baiting shows or just wouldn't take them seriously anymore. I think because yuuri on ice!!! has such a HEAVY amount of homoerotic subtext and if nothing happens this will be a true eye opener of how badly we are getting mocked.

It would literally just be the biggest ‘fuck you’ to anyone who supported/shipped it/actual LGBT+ people, like, ‘Oh, you thought you could get some representation for once? Not from us! Fooled you for the nth time!’

I really, really do not think this will happen. But it could, because it has happened every. Time. Before. So it’s not just like our concerns are illegitimate, or that the show has been set up as so spectacularly gay that it can’t possibly be anything else – it can, and it has done before, even if not to the same level, and it can be again. Don’t underestimate how much a producer will twist something or create a false promise of an idea to draw in viewers. They are still a commercial enterprise, at the end of the day.  

But again: I don’t think this will happen. How bad do you think the critical response would be in the fallout of the show if nothing came of anything? If, say, Viktor just turns up with his girlfriend that he’s been betrothed to since he was 10 or some stupid heteronormative shit like that. Their ratings would bomb; they would lose so much support from fans; the chances of high audience figures in any subsequent shows would be critically damaged. 

It has been set up as so astronomically gay – only by the third episode – that even to write off any gay context now is to have a pretty commercially damaging effect on the producers themselves already. They have, in other words, set themselves up to fail if they don’t pull through with the erotically/romantically gay subtext that has so far been put in place. 

It seems, to me, incredibly stupid that they could do anything but have a gay relationship between Yuuri and Viktor now. Like, why even fucking bother to build up this dynamic between them if you’re not going to act on it? What’s the fucking point of it anymore? Why go to that much effort implicitly and explicitly defining their dynamic if nothing happens? It literally doesn’t make sense. 

So yeah. It would be… Like. They would just bomb so hard if they didn’t pull through. Which means, basically, we’re going to be getting the gay, but it’s just a case of when. I just hope so much that they don’t draw it out until the final episode just to give us a kiss or anything. I don’t want that to be the climax of the series; can’t we have a consistently positive same-sex relationship that starts early and grows, comfortably and self-aware, throughout the whole show? We’ll see.

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I don't like how USWNT players can manipulate the NWSL to get traded to where their spouses are. I get why they do it and I don't blame them (if you've got the power, use it), but I feel like it shows how illegitimate (I can't think of a better word atm) the NWSL is. Professional athletes in more developed league are forced to treat it more like a business. Someone in the NFL would never be able to set a trade in motion solely based on where their wife/family is.

i dont think there’s enough arguments to change that, of course big name players have more sway in a league, no one said the spanish league was illegitimate when bravo and ter stegen were manipulating barça to get the #1 gk spot

at least ak is one of the uswnt players who has truly given her all to this team and this league, and should the trade rumours be real we all know she is a player who has done enough for her wish to be granted, specially in a situation where she could realistically lose her allocation in one of two years and the spirit would not be able to afford her salary, also she has spoken a lot about starting a famiy and setting things in motion for her post soccer career and i dont think thats a weakness on her side

ps: a player in the nfl could probably afford to move their family to whatever tf he is lmao be real

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: why do people give writers such a bad rep? Why are people convinced that we sit around doing nothing all day and just stare at a computer screen and one day words magically appear and then they magically turn into a book and then we never have to write ever again because they think publishing a book means you’re set for life and can travel the world and never have to work again? Where does the notion that creating art is lazy come from when it used to be the most celebrated form of work in history? Why do people think that that writing isn’t a Real Job™ and just a hobby, and that writers somehow freeload their way through life to avoid the Real World™ and that all writers somehow live in a disconnected utopian fantasy and need to grow up? Why? Where does that come from?


Just got hold of ‘Aftermath: life debt’ before work, at my local Waterstones - flipped to a random page and found out that HUX is an illegitimate child named - ARMITAGE!!! Ahhhahahahahaa! What else will this book reveal??? I’ve also seen Leia and Han’s names mentioned a lot !!!

My second attempt of Lord Morgan/Marc. The first attempt was a disaster so I got rid of it. I am surprised there are no attempts of designing a lord Morgan from fans (if there is I haven’t found any, yet).

Anyway, there got to be an Outrealm where Morgan/Marc is a daddies boy or Chroms illegitimate child that lives with Virion. Come on


get to know me meme \ favourite male character  [1/5]

General Hux

Glorying in the moment, General Hux stood at the head of the assembly flanked by his senior officers, all aligned atop a raised platform backed by an enormous crimson-and-black banner stamped with the insignia of the First Order. Enhanced by artfully concealed amplification, his voice boomed across the troops assembled on the parade ground. 

“Today is the end! The end of the government incapacitated by corruption! The end of an illegitimate regime that acquiesces to disorder! At this very moment, in a system far from here, the New Republic lives and wheezes, staggering onward, depraved and ineffectual and unable in any way to support the citizenry it claims to serve. Meanwhile a host of systems are left to wither and die– without aid, without care, without hope. Drowning in its own decadence, the New Republic ignores them, unaware that these are its final moments.” A hand swept sharply downward. 

“This fierce machine which you have built, to which you have dedicated your lives and labor and upon which we now stand, will being a final end to the worthless Senate and its dithering members. To their cherished fleet. When this day is done, all the remaining systems in their hundreds will bow to the First Order. And all will remember this as the last day of the Republic!”

Turning, Hux solemnly gave the signal as the assembled thousand turned to face the mountainous, snowy landscape. 


“We are Lancastrians. We beg for nothing.”

The House of Lancaster was the name of two cadet branches of the royal House of Plantagenet. The first house was created when Henry III of England created the Earldom of Lancaster—from which the house was named—for his second son Edmund Crouchback in 1267. The second house of Lancaster was descended from John of Gaunt, who married the heiress of the first house.

in this gifset: earls + dukes + kings + the Beauforts (illegitimate line)


lol I love when they slip adult messages in kid cartoons.