Security Shakeup

In the fallout surrounding King Simon’s tragic death, two of the palace’s hottest details have become free agents. 

Shortly after being removed from the newly illegitimate Prince’s detail, Liam’s longtime PPO, Marcus Jeffries, has parted ways with the palace. Was this an act of solidarity for his former charge or was he just as skeeved out by King Cyrus as we are? While we are devastated to see the end of this beautiful bromance, with the Prince, we’re oh so curious as to who will take Marcus’ place.

The second casualty was, unsurprisingly, Princess Eleanor’s latest PPO Jasper Frost. Apparently it’s no easy task to “serve” a princess. Eleanor blows through body guards almost as fast as her blow. That being said, we think the Princess is onto something by using palace security as her own personal Tinder… Over the bloke? Fire him and have a newer model at the door within the hour. So who will be the Princess’s next victim? We can’t wait to find out.  

As neither PPO could be reached for comment, we’d like to take this opportunity to write a brief open letter to the duo: 

Marcus! Jasper! We’re here for you. You can guard our body any day of the week.


The Prepuce: Anatomy and Physiology of the Foreskin  

While there are various technical (histological, i. e. studies of tissues) and physiological details presented here by an expert in the anatomy of the normal, natural, uncut, intact penis, there are still very valuable points made in the video about the intense pain a baby boy is forced to endure when his birthright – his foreskin – is destroyed and cut off and about the dreadful consequences of the senseless, violent, unethical, non-medical and lifelong-harmful practice of infant circumcision, an illegitimate operation.

The human male foreskin is, with respect to sexual pleasure, the most highly advanced, most highly developed complement of specialized tissues and structures of penises in the family of great apes (which includes orangutans, gorillas, chimpanzees, and humans). The specialized nerves, cells and structures contained in the male foreskin are all lost when the essential* and integrated foreskin is destroyed and sliced off a normal, healthy baby boy. [Some cut-at-birth men have a bit of the very sensitive frenulum left but most US-born men had all of it sliced off at birth.] If you think such tiny specialized cells, specialized nerves, and foreskin structures are unimportant and that it doesn’t matter if the male foreskin is destroyed and sliced off, keep in mind that similar tiny parts of the eyes, ears, tongue, etc., etc. allow a human to know and enjoy the senses and that if any similar tiny cells, nerves and structures were destroyed and removed from healthy body organs, then that human would not know nor enjoy normal, natural physical senses. Therefore, men who were forced to be cut-at-birth have NEVER known what the full measure, the full degree of male sexual pleasures is. Also, the penis of each of them is mechanically damaged FOREVER because the easily sliding/gliding/rolling foreskin is gone. Cut-at-birth men can only personally experience a drastically reduced, a dramatically altered sexual experience. This has been – and continues to be in the US – a great, stunning sexual tragedy as well as a notable human rights violation.

* essential: for NORMAL, NATURAL sexual functioning, for controlling and regulating his own sexual sensations in order to determine when he wants to ejaculate, and for the richness and completeness of a male’s sexual experience, the male foreskin is essential.


The above should be re-written: “Circumcision: A Surgery That, With Our Ignorance, Permanently Scars Both Boys AND The Men Those Boys Become“

- John Churchill Chase
A cartoon in Chase’s ‘Frenchmen, Desire, Good Children’ shows the saints mitigating a fight between French royals.

“The cartoon represents the fact that various sectors of French royalty were suspicious of each other and always struggling with one another for power. So when streets were named for royals, they were separated by a street named for a saint,” Chapman said. “What do you do with a live wire? You insulate it with rubber. And the 'saint streets’ served as a kind of insulator, if you will.”

That’s why Dumaine Street, which Chapman says was named for an illegitimate son of Louis XIV, was boxed in on one side by St. Philip Street and on the other, by St. Ann. It’s also why Toulouse Street, named for another illegitimate son, was flanked by St. Peter and St. Louis.“



lol I love when they slip adult messages in kid cartoons.

3. Ann is advocating that we put more of a focus on discouraging illegitimate children, — Who the hell are you to describe a human being as “illegitimate” because you don’t agree with the circumstances of their birth. They don’t need your approval to be legitimate beings in this universe.

4. It is undeniable, when looking at the data, that unwanted/poorly cared-for/single-parent children are causing the majority of problems in society. — The data measures how “wanted” and “cared for” the children are? No? I thought not. You data only breaks out “single-parent,” which you have equated with “unwanted” and “poorly cared for” due to your own bigoted notion that impoverished single parents don’t want their children and take shitty care of them.


misterhippity on the bigot Ann Coulter, via doctordisaster

Well said.