- John Churchill Chase
A cartoon in Chase’s ‘Frenchmen, Desire, Good Children’ shows the saints mitigating a fight between French royals.

“The cartoon represents the fact that various sectors of French royalty were suspicious of each other and always struggling with one another for power. So when streets were named for royals, they were separated by a street named for a saint,” Chapman said. “What do you do with a live wire? You insulate it with rubber. And the 'saint streets’ served as a kind of insulator, if you will.”

That’s why Dumaine Street, which Chapman says was named for an illegitimate son of Louis XIV, was boxed in on one side by St. Philip Street and on the other, by St. Ann. It’s also why Toulouse Street, named for another illegitimate son, was flanked by St. Peter and St. Louis.“


The illegitimate son of the king of the demon world, the broken vampire prince Kino (CV: Maeno Tomoaki)

“Isn’t this even better than I imagined? Your blood’s the best.“

Karlheinz’s illegitimate child, born in a remote region of the demon world. For the sake of a certain goal, he plans the destruction/ruination of vampires. A natural airhead and a selfish/willful prince who thinks that people doing things for him is a matter of course.

Species: Vampire
School Year: 3rd year
Age: 17
Height: 178cm
Weight: 65kg
Blood Type: AB
Favorite Food: Konpeito
Hobby: Smart phone games/mobage


lol I love when they slip adult messages in kid cartoons.


Troian friend started on pll last season. She kind of came in out of nowhere I didn’t expect to see her again. I figured she was doing a guest appearance.But she stayed in Rosewood all this time.

In British legend, Sabrina was the illegitimate daughter of the King of Britain and was drowned in the river by her father’s ex-wife.

We don’t know whose Bethany’s parents are. We only know what she looks like as a child. Also look at Sabrina’s shirt, not an exact but still creepy ass horns.

She hasn’t been in that many episodes, but they have done this before. Could be nothing but I thought this was still interesting. I feel like that she also kind of looks like little Bethany. Maybe she is her twin?

So guys I know this is probably crazy but it’s pll why not?

bellarke au;  i have offered you my heart a thousand times

and if some other lady has hope of it, she lives in powerless, deceiving hope || il canzoniere, sonnet 21

from the moment bellamy blake saw her, he knew he was in love. but in renaissance italy, a cardinal of rome has no chance with the (illegitimate) daughter of the pope, engaged to be married to the prince of naples.

…clarke doesn’t plan to stay that way.

3. Ann is advocating that we put more of a focus on discouraging illegitimate children, — Who the hell are you to describe a human being as “illegitimate” because you don’t agree with the circumstances of their birth. They don’t need your approval to be legitimate beings in this universe.

4. It is undeniable, when looking at the data, that unwanted/poorly cared-for/single-parent children are causing the majority of problems in society. — The data measures how “wanted” and “cared for” the children are? No? I thought not. You data only breaks out “single-parent,” which you have equated with “unwanted” and “poorly cared for” due to your own bigoted notion that impoverished single parents don’t want their children and take shitty care of them.


misterhippity on the bigot Ann Coulter, via doctordisaster

Well said.