These days, a producer or a DJ has so many options and choices when it comes to playing their music live.

Just look at some of the different setups that artists are using these days:

Richie Hawtin’s Live Rig:

External image

Richie Hawtin is a techno pioneer that’s been known for his ability to layer sounds and create space like no other DJ on the scene. His live rig consists of using a Allen & Heath Xone 92 Mixer, Maschine MK2, Traktor Scratch Pro, 2 x Native Instruments X1s, and several other iterations. He’s now incorporated the new Ableton Push into his sets.

Daft Punk’s 2007 Alive Tour Live Rig:

External image

The French duo definitely doesn’t go shy on the analog equipment during their shows. You can see a host of Moog modular synthesizers and Behringer BCR2000s (loads of them) to help control parameters on effects and builds which they all have centralized through Ableton. Loops, effects, and so much control with this setup. 

DJ Enferno Live Rig:

External image

DJ Enferno is a lesser known DJ but has been putting out some quality YouTube videos of him creating some crazy mashups and routines using 2 x Technics 1200 Vinyl turntables with a Maschine MK1 to help his sets out by launching samples as well as control effects parameters.

We see the benefit of each side and also the downsides of each side. It’s a really nervous feeling when your Macbook crashes on stage with your whole set going silent on you.

But for what it is, the digital realm can really help shape your music through endless parameters that are just not available in the analog realm….or at least not conveniently without extensive modular analog rigs that are definitely not mobile by any means.

So with that said, we really look forward to using one of these in the near future.

Our live rig would consist of: 2 x Pioneer CDJ 2000 Players, Allen & Heath DB4, and Novation Launchpad. Giving us the flexibility to really use what we develop in the studio while playing live.

And create our own sounds and fills on the fly. Beautiful indeed. 

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