OBAMA ON ILLEGAL DETENTIONS - we are in deep shit, people.

Although Obama has threatened to Veto the newly approved NDAA, which has provisions to allow the arrest and indefinite illegal detention of citizens WITHIN the United States without trial or being read their Miranda Rights, watching this video makes me doubt that he WILL, in fact, VETO this bill.

We live in terrifying times.
Canada Border Services Agency must change way it treats migrants: Editorial
Fifteen people have died while in the custody of Canada Border Services Agency since 2000 and in most cases no one knows why. The service needs to be held accountable for the thousands of migrants it detains each year

It’s happened again. A 24-year-old man died in a provincial jail last Saturday in Edmonton while in the custody of the Canada Border Services Agency. He was the 15th person to die in CBSA custody since 2000 and the third to die just this year.

But like those before him, it will be difficult to find out how or why this man died.

As usual when a migrant dies in custody, the agency refused to reveal his identity and nationality or say whether his next of kin had been notified. In fact, it sometimes doesn’t even announce that a person has died in custody until the news gets out from other sources and it is forced to confirm it.

Yes, migrants can die in custody in Canada and their death, never mind the how or why, isn’t publicly reported. For all intents and purposes, they are disappeared. That is shocking in a democracy.

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ACLU Sues After Illinois Mayor Has Cops Raid Guy Parodying Him on Twitter

Countless parody Twitter accounts have been created over the years — British PetroleumMark Zuckerberg, the NSAthe Queen of England and even God.

In each case, the target of the account either did nothing in response or simply requested that the owner of the account clearly label it a fake.

Not the mayor of Peoria, Illinois, however.

Mayor Jim Ardis directed his city manager to use the police to hunt down the author of a parody account about him and threatened Twitter with litigation unless it suspended the account, which it did. Now a man who was raided and arrested for creating the account is suing the mayor, a former police chief, and others for violating his constitutional rights.

Jonathan Daniel, 29, created the Twitter account @peoriamayor in March and used it primarily to amuse his friends by retweeting their comments as the mayor. Daniel sent out satiric tweets that contradicted the mayor’s clean-cut image by conveying the mayor as having a preoccupation with sex, drugs, and alcohol. Though he also sent out tweets from the account, he labeled it a parody account three days after he created it, and the account was only active 10 days before it closed.

The matter didn’t end there, however. Peoria police obtained two warrants, under false pretenses the ACLU alleges, to obtain the subscriber IP address used with the Twitter account and to get Daniel’s home address from his internet service provider.

They also obtained a search warrant and on April 15 raided Daniel’s home while the defendant was at work and seized several computers, phones and other electronic devices while Daniel’s roommates were present. Police also arrived to Daniel’s place of employment where they searched him before arresting him for falsely impersonating a public official and taking him to the police station for interrogation. Daniel was only released after demanding to speak with a lawyer, but police refused to return his mobile phone or other property to him.

Illinois law defines false personation of a public official as someone “knowingly and falsely represent[ing] himself or herself to be … [a] public officer or a public employee or an official or employee of the federal government.”

But according to the ACLU, the provision only criminalizes false representations made in person. “Illinois courts require as an element of the offense that there be an intent to deceive the public that the impersonator is acting in the official capacity of a public official,” the organization notes in its complaint. But Daniel’s account “was not reasonably believable as conveying the voice or message of the actual mayor,” the group wrote, and Daniel had “no intention of deceiving people into believing the account was actually operated by a representative of the mayor or the mayor himself, and no reasonable person could conclude such an intent from the content of the tweets or the Twitter account’s profile page.”
Protesters call into question the 'dark side' of Canada's immigration system at Winnipeg rally
The gathering was held to remember some 50 immigrant detainees on hunger strikes in 2 Ontario prisons

Around 50 people were at the Manitoba Legislative building on Thursday evening, signs in hand, protesting indefinite immigrant detention in Canada.

Specifically, they say they were standing in solidarity with 50 immigration detainees at two Ontario prisons, who went on a hunger strike more than two weeks ago to protest Canada’s policy.

“I’m a refugee myself so this hits close to home,” said Hazim Ismail, who was born in Malaysia and originally arrived in Winnipeg as an international student.

In April, Ismail’s claim for refugee status was accepted. A gay man, he feared for his life in his home country, where homosexuality is punishable by law.

On Thursday, Ismail said refugees around Canada feel connected to the immigration detainees in Ontario. People at the rally were told they could write postcards addressed to the prisons to let those who are there, starving themselves, know they aren’t forgotten.

The rally was also planned for community members who need to heal, Ismail said.

“It provides a channel for you to direct all the hurt, all the questions, confusion, anger.”

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In the United States, a Congressional mandate requires that approximately Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) fill 32,000 beds in immigration detention facilities every day. In Canada, nearly 100,000 people have been detained since 2006.

But for most North Americans, these massive detention facilities are largely invisible. That’s by design. The physical architecture of these spaces remain hidden to the general public. With Undocumented: The Architecture of Migrant Detention, Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist and migrant rights organizer Tings Chak peels away this invisibility. In graphic novel form, she walks the reader through these physical spaces step by step.

The intricately illustrated book was released by The Architectural Observer last year and we recently got the chance to talk with Chak about the project and her work with Toronto grassroots organizing group No One Is Illegal.
Lawyers join doctors and nurses in ‘end immigration detention’ campaign (Canada)
Legal experts are asking Ontario to end a deal with Ottawa that allows the jailing of immigration detainees.

Ontario lawyers are calling on the province to end the “arbitrary and punitive detention” of migrants held in provincial jails for violating the country’s immigration laws.

The move follows a similar effort by doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals in an open letter to Ontario Community Safety and Correctional Services Minister Yasir Naqvi, after a string of recent deaths involving immigration detainees.

“The concern we have is that people are being detained and transferred to facilities for people punished for criminal offences for the convenience of CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency),” said University of Toronto law professor Audrey Macklin, one of more than 100 refugee lawyers in Ontario who signed the petition sent to Naqvi’s office last Wednesday.

“These people have not committed any crime. One of the reasons they give to transfer them is because of their mental health problems, and we know putting people with mental health problems in jail is going to make them worse.”

CBSA transfers detainees from its holding centres to provincial jails if they pose a danger to others, have physical and mental health needs or are unlikely to qualify for early release.

“We are gravely concerned that there are no public laws or regulations governing when and in what circumstances an immigration detainee can be transferred to, and incarcerated in, a provincial jail,” said the three-page letter, signed by lawyers and academics in refugee and immigration laws.

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Canadian Public safety minister wants to end jailing of child migrants, increase CBSA oversight
Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale says changes are coming to Canada's immigration detention system.
By Leslie Young

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale says he is examining the Canada Border Services Agency’s migrant detention practices, including the detention of children.

Speaking Monday at a Senate committee on National Security and Defence, Goodale said he wants to end the Canada Border Services Agency’s practice of detaining child migrants. He told the committee his department is looking at alternatives to locking away children, but he suggests the issue is a complex one that requires study.

“We are working now on a number of very important revisions to issues related to detention in our immigration and border system.” He hopes to put proposals for change forward later this year.

The border services agency holds people who are considered a flight risk or a danger to the public, and those whose identities cannot be confirmed.

In a confidential inspection report made public in January, the Red Cross says Canada should jail child immigrants only as a “last resort” and must find alternatives to detention for such vulnerable newcomers.

The Red Cross says the border agency detained 10,088 immigrants — almost one-fifth of them refugee claimants — in 2013-14 in a variety of facilities, including federal holding centres and provincial and municipal jails.

Among these were at least 197 minors, held an average of about 10 days each.

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New Article has been published on Eagle News

INC calls on the DOJ to focus its attention on giving justice to SAF 44, instead of harassing INC

External image
Iglesia Ni Cristo General Evangelist minister Bienvenido C. Santiago reads a press statement of the INC calling on the Department of Justice to focus its energies on bringing to justice those responsible for the Mamasapano killings, instead of harassing the INC.

(Eagle News) – “The least we can expect from the Department of Justice – is justice.”

The Iglesia Ni Cristo gave this statement today as it called on the DOJ to focus its energy in pursuing justice for the fallen members of the Special Action Force where it said two of those killed were INC members, instead of harassing the INC on what it said were false allegations of its expelled members.

In a press conference today, the INC general evangelist minister Bienvenido C. Santiago read a strongly worded statement in reaction to the “unusual attention” and assistance being given by Justice Secretary Leila de Lima in the filing of the illegal detention case by an expelled INC minister, Isaias Samson Jr., against the Church’s Sanggunian or council of ministers.

The INC questioned De Lima’s motive in pursuing the case against the INC ministers of the Sanggunian.

“Ang pagsusulong ng reklamong inihain ni Samson ay napag-alaman naming nagawa sa ilalim ng patnubay ni Secretary Leila de Lima, sapagkat labis at di-pangkaraniwan ang atensyon na iniukol niya.  Ano kaya ang motibo niya?  Siya pa mismo ang personal na nag-asikaso ng nasabing reklamo,” Santiago said as he read the INC statement.

He said such unusual attention was not seen by the public from the DOJ head in the case of the 44 members of the Philippine National Police Special Action Force (PNP-SAF) who were killed in Mamasapano massacre last January.

“(Ang) pag-aasikaso at atensyon na (ito ay) hindi nakita ng Sambayanang Pilipino sa Kalihim ng Katarungan sa usapin ng pagpaslang sa 44 na sundalo ng Special Action Forces…” he said.

“Bagaman ang dalawa sa mga napaslang doon ay mga kapatid namin sa Iglesia, matahimik kaming naghintay sa mga gagawin ng Department of Justice para tugisin at usigin ang mga may kagagawan sa madugong pangyayaring yaon,”  Santiago said.

“Gayundin sa kung sino sa panig ng Pamahalaan ang dapat papanagutin sa pangyayaring iyon.  Hanggang ngayon, gaya ng alam ng marami ay wala pang napananagot,” he added.

Santiago said that the INC had learned that the DOJ was also giving special attention to other expelled INC members.

“Nakarating po sa aming kaalaman na may ilan pa pong inaalagaan ang DOJ na mga inalis na sa Iglesia at mga kabilang sa mga nais na manggulo sa Iglesia,” he said.

“Bakit hindi binigyan ng atensyon ng DOJ ang kaso ng apatnaput apat na sundalong napatay sa Mamasapano na kasing-tindi  ng ibinigay nila sa mga taong naghain ng reklamo sa kanilang Tanggapan kahapon?  Kumpara sa apatnaput apat na sundalo na napatay sa Mamasapano, dito sa inirereklamo ni Samson ay wala ni isang lamok na napatay.  Halata namang kasinungalingan ang sinasabi ng mga nagrereklamo,” Santiago said as he continued to read the statement of the INC.

He then called on De Lima, including the officials giving orders to her, to give the same vigorous attention to the case of the Fallen 44.

“Gusto naming paratingin kay Secretary Leila de Lima at sa mga nag-uutos sa kanya na hinihiling namin ngayon, hinihiling ng Iglesia Ni Cristo, sa ngalan ng mga naulila ng dalawang sundalong nasawi sa Mamasapano na mga kapatid namin sa Iglesia—na pag-ukulan din niya ng kasing sigasig na pag-aasikaso ang kaso ng Fallen 44.  Sa madaling sabi, dapat maging parehas at walang bias ang Kagawaran ng Katarungan.  The least we can expect from the Department of Justice is Justice,” Santiago said.

Santiago, who was among those named by Samson in his complaint for illegal detention, said the INC has the right to expel members who are creating trouble and sowing disunity in the Church which upholds unity and solidarity as one of its main biblical doctrines.

He said the problem that had recently arisen concerning the INC was an “internal” one, and that the INC had to discipline and even expel some ministers  who wanted to destroy the INC Church Administration led by INC Executive Minister Eduardo V. Manalo.

“Natural lamang na kailangang ipatupad ng Iglesia ang mga disiplina, ayon sa mga aral at mga tuntuning itinataguyod ng organisasyong ito mula pa noong una, na nakasalig sa Banal na Kasulatan o Biblia.  Karapatan naman ng organisasyong ito, at marahil ng alinmang organisasyon, na dumipensa laban sa sinumang nais puminsala rito,” Santiago said.

He said this is why the INC is disciplining, suspending from Church duties, or even expelling members who were found to have violated biblical doctrines that all INC members, especially INC ministers, know by heart.

“Spagkat iyan ang paraan para mapanatili ang pagkakaisa ng Iglesia, dalhin sa labas ng Iglesia angmga nanggugulo at nagtatangkang maghasik ng pagkakabaha-bahagi,” Santiago said.

Samson, the expelled INC minister who filed a complaint for illegal detention against the members of the INC’s Sanggunian, claimed he was placed under “house arrest”.  But he had earlier told the press that he was allowed to leave his house when he asked permission to attend a worship service.  But Samson did not proceed to the worship service .  Instead he called a press conference in Manila where he aired his grievances against the INC administration before the media.
STOP THE MADNESS: Third person reports being anally violated by police

A third New Mexico resident is claiming that she was physically abused by police and medical staff who exceeded their authority to search for drugs she never had. The woman’s attorney came forward with her story just a few days after a local news channel reported similar stories involving New Mexico police forcing two suspects to undergo invasive surgery to prove they weren’t carrying drugs. Police used expired and nonexistent warrants to justify the improper and unethical searches, according to KOB-TV 4.


So it begins. FBI trying to expand the definition of terrorism to include cyber crime so that they can work on being able to prosecute Anonymous without proper criminal due process. That didn’t take long, did it?

Anonymous Members Arrested - FBI Fear Mongering? (by TheYoungTurks)

BBC- Report on Indian Govt opening fire on peaceful Sikh rally after media blackout order

The Indian Govt has today opened fire and sanctioned the use of water cannons and brute force by Punjab police on thousands of it’s own citizens whilst they were peacefully staging a sit-in protest. Sikhs had gathered to protest the lack of police action in a case of the desecration of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji in the area of Kotakpura Punjab. Disturbingly the Indian Govt has ordered a media blackout in Punjab. Yet still news, images and video footage is emerging on social media of the violence being perpetrated against innocent civilians – three civilian deaths have been reported and hundreds of casualties, with the death toll set to rise as more reports come to light.

This is the most recent episode in an escalation of violence by the Indian Govt against the Sikh minority of India. They have also been torturing and force feeding an octogenarian who- protesting against the illegal detention of prisoners who have long since served their sentences- has been on hunger strike for over 280 days. The Punjab police has been harassing his supporters and illegally detaining prominent Sikh figures who’ve been peacefully protesting the state’s interference in matters concerning the Sikh governing body.

Despite the BBC having large presence in India with many reporters stationed there – it has not picked up this story. There is no mention of this on any of the their news media outlets in India or here in the UK, despite the fact that their express global purpose is to “provide international news broadcasting of the highest quality, enabiling individuals to participate on the global debate on significant international issues”. This is a significant issue for the 20 million Sikhs worldwide. We rely on the BBC as (in their own words) an “independent, objective and honest” news organisation to report on such issues.

Please sign this petition and get the BBC to cover this story and turn the spotlight  “the worlds biggest democracy” and the crimes it’s committing against it’s own people.

We now need 150,000 signatures please sign below!

63,725 needed to reach 150,000