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Dina Ali is a woman from KSA who fled the country despite strict travelling laws placed on women. She fled Saudi Arabia in hopes to have refuge in Australia away from her abusive family. However, upon landing in the Philippines, Dina was detained by airport officials who prevented her from travelling any further despite her desperately explaining to officials that her family will kill her the moment she returns to Saudi. PLEASE HELP SAVE DINA ALI BY SPREADING MORE AWARENESS. SHE MATTERS TOO.

There are millions of Saudi Arabian women who face injustice and oppression in their own country by the very people who are meant to protect them. The government and their families.

Women in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia cannot travel even outside their own homes without a male guardian. Women in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are barred from driving leaving them very dependent on male relatives. Among other basic human rights violations.

In July 2011, a woman from Jeddah was sentenced to ten lashes by whip for driving a car although the sentence was eventually overturned. Women are even being controlled at their workplaces, a woman’s work must also be deemed suitable for the female physique and mentality. Women are allowed to work only in capacities in which they can serve women exclusively; there must be no contact or interaction with the opposite gender. 
Consequently in 2005, most Saudi women worked as nurses,doctors,teachers and at women’s banks. Jobs such as judges or other jobs in the high public office are forbidden to women.

Even in schools the quality of education is lower for females than males. Curricula and textbooks are updated less frequently, and teachers tend to be less qualified. At the higher levels, males have better research facilities.

- In 2008 Khamisa Mohammad Sawadi, a 75-year-old woman, was sentenced to 40 lashes and imprisonment for allowing a man to deliver bread to her directly in her home. Sawadi, a non-citizen, was deported

- 2013 was when the Kingdom registered its first female trainee lawyer. It’s first ever female lawyer to be granted an official license from its Ministry of Justice. 2013!!!

- “We all have to live in the borders of the boxes our dads or husbands draw for us.”
-Zahra, 25-year-old Saudi woman, April 7, 2016.

-“It can mess with your head and the way you look at yourself. How do you respect yourself or how [can] your family respect you, if he is your legal guardian”?
-Hayat, 44-year-old former school principal, December 7, 2015.

- In 2013 Saudi women were first allowed to ride bicycles, although only around parks and other “recreational areas”. They must also be dressed in full Islamic body coverings and be accompanied by a male relative.

- In 1991, Saudi women launched a campaign for more rights. 47 women drove illegally through Riyadh, in protest against the ban on driving. Activists presented a petition to King Fahd requesting “basic legal and social rights.” Subsequently, a feminist leader was arrested and tortured. members of the public demanded strict punishment of the women who had driven in protest, and denounced activists as “whores.” The mutaween enforced the dress code more aggressively.

- In 2013 the Saudi government sanctioned sports for girls in private schools.

Despite all of Saudi Arabia’s blatant human rights violations including the indiscriminate bombing of Yemeni civilians and the treatment of women in their own borders, they still get elected to the United Nation’s Human Rights Council.

I love Tumblr feminism but it is so damn West-centric. 

I realise, I realise perfectly, that women get raped and murdered and tortured in the West too. And I am in NO WAY undermining any of that. But feminism is such a complex issue and I’ve come to realise that feminism for one woman is not feminism for the other. 

For one woman, feminism is the right to wear the tightest, shortest clothes and not be degraded or attacked for it. For another woman, it is literally the right to be born. No feminism is more or less “valid”. Please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not saying that your rights are any less important. But feminism is so layered, and I find that–at least on tumblr–much of feminism’s other sides aren’t talked about as much. 

I can only speak reliably for women of my own country. 

It is honestly dangerous for me to be out of the house, alone, after a certain time of night. It’s risky for me to get wet in the rain because I’d look “sexy” and therefore I’m “asking for it”. In the burning heat of summer, I have to think twice about wearing anything short or sleeveless or in any way comfortable, because it would be “indecent” of me. It’s dangerous for me to wear a skirt, or a dress, unless I’m moving from a car to an indoor area, I’m cat-called on my way to college when I’m literally just wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, it’s dangerous for me to enter a taxi alone because I’m at the driver’s mercy, it’s dangerous for me to turn a man down because I could literally HAVE ACID THROWN ON MY FACE, and when I talk about issues like rape, powerful men in powerful offices in the country literally try to blame anything else but the rapist, including (and this is what an actual politician said), “spicy chinese food that gives men fire”. In my country it’s illegal for pregnant women to do a sex determination procedure because most people, when finding out that the unborn child is female, abort her. Doctors take bribes and do the test anyway. Aborted female foetuses are often fed to stray dogs or thrown into sewers. Female babies that are born are often murdered. There are places where local village councils don’t allow women to own mobile phones because it would give them too much freedom. Women are pulled out of school–children!–and young college students, to get married, because a woman’s only job is to give birth to a boy, and why not start right after her body is able to carry a baby, right? Martial rape isn’t against the crime, because some lawyers and judges literally can’t wrap their head around the fact that married women can be raped by their husbands.  Lesbians–they’re not even allowed the freedom to have sex. (Section 377). Trans women, are of course, not even considered human beings. 

And as bad as the women in my country have it, I realise that I am, in fact constitutionally, granted SO much more freedom than women of other countries. The law gives me the right to wear what I want, go where I please, drive a car, be alone. The law gives me freedom, even if my society does not. As a cis, straight woman, I am not considered an abomination against nature. And therefore when I read about the lives of women in countries worse of than mine, I am reminded that I am, in fact, endlessly privileged. My nationality grants me equal status with a man, my parents–progressive and feminist as they are–give me freedoms that even some of my friends don’t have (such as the freedom to choose the man I marry), my education and financial status give me the freedom to dream of what I can be in the future. I am lucky.

Feminism for women in my country is when a girl’s father tells me, “I’m going to educate my daughter like a boy, I want her to become a government servant.” I don’t think, how dare he choose a profession for his daughter, she has the right to choose! I think, wow, he’s giving her an education. 

Feminism for a woman in my country is when I tell my Australian cousin that, “it’s actually getting MUCH better. Child marriage has reduced.”

Feminism is when I have to explain to a New Zealander that, my father doesn’t force me to do anything. He doesn’t dictate the clothes I wear or where I go, or who I meet. I listen to him because I love and respect his judgement, and I know that when he looks at the crop top I’m wearing and asks, in badly-hidden surprise, “You’re wearing that?” it’s not because he has a problem with me showing skin, it’s because he’s terrified of me getting raped or killed. And when I talk about boys with my mother, it’s not because she’s forcing me to get married at the age of 18 to a man of her choosing, it’s because I have a crush and I want someone to talk to. That is more than what I can say for over 50% of my friends. 

No “version” of feminism is inherently more valid than the other. But Western feminism tends to discuss issues like equal pay and sexualisation in media, which are literally so far out of the issues women from less liberated societies face. And I believe that those women deserved to be acknowledged as well. 

Feminism should be about all women, of all backgrounds, otherwise we might as well not bother. 

Onision’s Track Record: Underage Girls

In light of recent events, here is a post detailing Greg’s relationships with underage girls. Getting in trouble with the legal age of consent is nothing new to Greg and something he has a lot of experience defending himself for. I hope this sheds some light to the current situation with his forums and exploiting his underage fans.


Shiloh explicitly states that Greg violated the Mann Act, which is essentially a federal law claiming that it is illegal to transport women/girls across state lines for sexual acts. People are still prosecuted to this date for violating this law, a pastor was recently convicted in 2012 for transporting a minor to a state with a lower age of consent to have sex with her. Which is the exact same thing Greg had done multiple times with Shiloh.

In this screenshot, Shiloh recounts her abusive relationship with Greg again but with more details into his warped sexual fantasies. Near the end Shiloh mentions how young she was when she was taken advantage of and announces her fear that Taylor could experience the same abuse. She makes a point to mention her age being the same as Taylor’s when they began their relationship with Greg.


Greg knowingly entered a relationship with Taylor while she was underage and attending high school. Greg met with lawyers frequently to confirm the legality of their relationship, while Taylor’s father objected that it was illegal in his opinion. The age of consent in New Mexico being 17. Greg and Taylor met only 10 days making contact online and had sex the first day they met in person. Greg obviously does not take issue with having sexual relationships with minors. Greg also married Taylor secretly from her parents only a month after turning 18! Which doesn’t seem totally underhanded and sketchy at all! /s

Side Note:

Billie joined their relationship in the end of 2015/early 2016 when she was 18 years old. Age of consent in Billie’s home state, Virginia, is 18. I find it curious that Greg seems to carefully check the laws before pursuing anything. He’s aware he is doing something morally wrong and knows he can get into some legal shit if he isn’t careful.

Also here is a screenshot of Taylor patronizing Billie for her age even though she was even younger when she got with Greg.

Greg like to harp on to the fact that a lot of his criticizers seem to point out the fact that he’s been in multiple questionable relationships with minors, and still feels like he hasn’t done anything wrong. The fact that this has happened not once, but twice shows his true intentions when it comes to children. Greg likes to forget the fact that teenagers are still children.

His Audience in General

OnisionDrama made a great post outlining Greg’s target demographic and why YouTube analytics aren’t exactly a valid reference when trying to determine the average age of an Onision fan. I know personally I lied about my age online from the time I was 12-17, which is the exact age range of Greg’s followers. Here we have multiple polls from 2012-2016 showing the majority of fans are indeed minors. Which is why most of the girls featured in his “body positivity” videos are underage.

Here is a poll from Taylor as well, showing most of their shared demographic being under 16 years old.


Sarah is a friend of Taylor’s. They began talking when she was 14. After her sixteenth birthday, Greg and Taylor started housing her officially. She moved in with them around Halloween 2016 and has been there since. The age of consent is 16 in Washington. Notice how once again, Greg calculated the perfect time to move her in after she became legal.

Miscellaneous  Notes

It’s been speculated that Greg privately emailed Robert Casio to defend his actions and offered verbal support. Robert Casio being a convicted sex criminal after impregnating a 13 year-old child. Casio uploaded this video thanking Greg for his kind words of encouragement, but only referred to him by his first name and not his online persona as to prevent public backlash.

AntiSouthernMovement being a well-known second alias of Greg, left this comment showing his support of a convicted sex felon. SG also did a video calling Greg out which has more details of the situation.

What I feel to be pretty damning against Onision’s case of “dindu nuffin wrong” was the email scandal that happened in 2013. Someone sent Greg an email claiming to be a model/actress that would like to collaborate sometime, she mentioned being 17 years old, and attached a topless photo. Greg then pursued and asked for her facebook for more pictures and to communicate further. After this came out to the public, Greg began the process of covering his own ass at first by saying “I didn’t see her age!” then later changing it to “I never opened the attachment!”.

Another piece of damning evidence is how much Greg has announced that he isn’t a therapist. He has no desire to help his followers. 

He never wanted to offer guidance to his audience. He dismissed and out right ignored any fans emailing him for help/advice. But now he has changed his tune since it’s more convenient for him to act like his videos are therapy for those who need it, rather than admitting he was asking for pictures of minors’ bodies.

It’s also important to note context. Greg says the photos are harmless and nothing you wouldn’t see in a public swimming pool. The context of underwear though is that is IS private. Swimwear serves an obvious purpose for being comfortable clothing specially to swim in. Underwear’s purpose is to protect your genitals, it is meant for privacy, to be worn underneath clothing. The hard difference between the two is obvious, swimwear is public, while underwear is private.

So understand that photos of underage girls alone in their room, posing in bra and panties, will always been seen in a sexual context. 

So what we can gather from all of the above is:

  1. Greg has no issues being in sexual relationships with minors. As long as it’s barely within the legal limits, he has no moral opposition to dating children.
  2. Greg invites minors into his life and supports relationships with minors even as young as 13.
  3. Greg is aware of his demographic’s age and takes advantage of their naivety for sexually themed photographs of minors.
  4. Greg never intended his “body positivity” videos to be helpful. Greg never had any intentions on helping his fans.
  5. Greg is not qualified to comment on the health of developing girls’ bodies. Greg has no medical certifications nor any experience in the medical field. This includes therapy.
  6. Greg somehow doesn’t understand that you legally can’t make money from minors’ images without parental consent. Minors cannot legally consent without their parents permission.
  7. No matter how many excuses Greg comes up with, there’s no way he can talk himself out of being a hebephile piece of trash.


because like there’s a common misconception that the elizabethan english theatre used boy actors because it was illegal for women to appear on stage, when in fact the reason was that the way you started out as an actor in early modern england was to be apprenticed to an older actor. (it was also partly because some theatre companies during this period grew out of the tradition of traveling choirs, which in turn grew out of ecclesiastical boys’ schools.)

the way that apprenticeships worked was, if you were a boy between the ages of like 8-12 years and your family couldn’t afford to feed you, they might sell you to a craftsman to do unpaid labor for him in exchange for training in his craft for the duration of your early adolescence. and you would essentially become a part of that craftsman’s family: you would live in his home, his wife became like your mother, and his children became like your siblings.

one effect of the apprenticeship system was to systematically bar women from the professions that relied on it. rather than being sold as apprentices, girls whose families couldn’t afford to support them would either become servants or be married off. no family would sell their daughter as an apprentice, because the risk that she would be sexually abused by her master was too great. (which is not to say that boy apprentices weren’t sexually abused, because there’s significant evidence that they often were.)

the objection to having women on the stage, when it was first introduced by charles ii during the restoration period, wasn’t that it was too scandalous or risqué for women to act with men, but that there were no women who were trained as actors. the thing was, there also weren’t many boy actors left, because theatre had been outlawed by the puritans during the civil war. so this period of twenty years (1662-82) where no theatre was produced and no one was being trained as an actor had the effect of wiping the slate clean or leveling the playing field and enabling people who hadn’t been theatrical apprentices, including women, to become actors. so what you see in this period is not a change in popular tastes or a loosening of social restrictions on women, but actually just a development in the history of the theatrical profession away from a feudal, patriarchal system of apprenticeship and toward a modern capitalist system of competition.

C: White people are so fucking stupid. Their racism has made them blind to the white Europeans here on expired visas. I met one lady who left France five years ago and has never been approached by INS. They ignore a border more open then Mexico that has hundreds if not thousands of white folk waltzing into the US with ease. I’m not even gonna bother saying which border either cause I doubt they even realize this themselves.

anonymous asked:

I cant believe you're so intolerant of pro life people. A majority of women make up the pro life movement and that's because there's no need to be against bringing a child into this world. The only exception I leave is when there is a medical emergency because if the baby cannot be delivered and this places a risk to the mother and any other childs(twins/triplets) life in the womb then there are no other alternatives but to do what's necessary.

Then you’ve obviously never read a single thing on my blog. Search pro life or abortion in my tags. 

I’m intolerant of people who would rather a woman bleed to death on a floor after getting an illegal abortion than having a perfectly safe procedure because they place a ball of cells above a real life human being and think that if they have an opinion every other woman in the world should obey it. I’m intolerant of people who want to deprive a woman the right to decide what to do with her own body. I’m intolerant of people who are stupid enough to think that a woman working two jobs to try and make ends meet can afford to be pregnant for 9 months, get the necessary healthcare, and take the time off work to give birth. I’m intolerant of people who are ignorant enough to think that forcing a woman to raise a child she doesn’t want or think that children should be put in to the unreliable, often traumatising, social care system is a better option. I’m intolerant of sexist people who think that having a womb qualifies them to force other women in to decisions they don’t want. 

Abortion has existed for as long as human beings have and will continue to do so for the rest of human existence. The choices are either to make it legal and safe, or illegal and kill women. You choose the second. I can’t accept that

rival | one

— mafia au

— warning: vulgar language, light mature scenes in future chapters, mentions of blood and violence

Growing up training how to do self-defense and getting rid of bad influence was a part of your life. To eliminate the people who did illegal business. Older women on your clan pitied you, knowing you were to be put in whole life training and getting taught that no matter how many people you kill, you aren’t the bad guy. Although you were an orphan, people in your gang looked after you like their own family, treated you like their own kind. And you were to be forever grateful for that. As an exchange, your loyalty will be forever in their hold; to never betray them.

At first, life seemed hard just for a young person like you. Your desire for freedom never ran out of your veins, it was always there. They always told you that freedom wasn’t an option to take freely, you fight for it.

“Please! I don’t know where their hideout is!” A man cried out, thrashing on the chair where he was tied. One of your clan barked out a laugh, then he kicked the chair angrily. The man on the chair fell down, hitting his head, continuous cries left his mouth and all the people around him could only give him a stare of anger and disgust. Your leader, whose name remained unknown, walked over and placed the man back on its original position before questioning him once again.

The man coughed out blood from his mouth, before he weakly glanced up and sighed. “Alright, alright, I’ll tell you. You know the bar that always blasts rock music? Next to it is an apartment, and if you look closely there are stairs that led to an underground place. Please don’t tell them I told you! I was told to never ruin their trust on me!” You crossed your arms and walked over to man, tipping his chin up to face you with your pistol.

“How can we tell you’re telling the truth? You could be lying to us for all we know.” You stared down at the man, before continuing. “Nevermind, we all know someone will have your head off if you’re lying .“ You shoved his face off.

“I think I know what he’s talking about.” One of the females who you recognized as Booyoung spoke up, directing her gaze at the man before clearing her throat. “It’s a bit far from where we are actually, we’ll have to take a car.” And it turns out that the underground place was on the other side of the city, where thugs and drug addicts mainly lived.

Your leader instructed you to dress yourself extravagantly, but was also told to hide a gun and a knife underneath your facade. They were sending you first to the bar alone, but several would follow you behind; they wouldn’t leave you out of their sight since you’re an important person to them.

The bar was surprisingly a bit deserted, apart from the men that scattered the whole place. You strode further inside, placing yourself into one of the stools. A short man raised his eyebrow as soon as his eyes landed on you. “What can a fine lady like you be doing in a place like this?”

You bit your lip and shrugged. “Just tired of going to the same place in my area, gets boring if you ask me.” He merely laughed, nodding sincerely.

“What can I get you?”

“Give me your best drink!” You watched him turn around before you reached up to touch the earpiece attached to your ear, hearing muffled voices.

“Are you in?” Your eyes scanned the men that was near your spot, making sure no one was getting suspicious of your weird actions.

“Yes, are you getting in now?” You tilted your head down, as if to fix your dress making your hair cover your whole face. So no one would notice you speaking out of nowhere.

“Yes.” The doors opened, revealing your gang. One of them made an eye contact with you, dropping it immediately as soon as the bartender returned with a glass of colorful drink. You smiled at him, nodding in return but you didn’t say anything when you saw a faint bubbling in your drink and that’s when you knew he had put a drug in. You pretended to yawn, purposely knocking off the glass, letting it fall on the floor and break into pieces.

You forced a gasp and gave the bartender a look of feigned sadness. “I’m sorry! I accidentally hit it! I’ll pay for it!” You placed a bill on the table before you ran off to the rest room, purposely bumping with one of your fellow mates. p>

You entered the rest room, the flickering lights and white rusted tiles was the first thing you noticed. Your hands reached down underneath your dress to take a hold of your gun before a voice broke you from your mid-actions.

“I know what you’re up to.” A man stood on the doorway, his arms crossed as he stared you down, trying to somewhat intimidate you as he stood on his ground. You shifted your position and stood straightly as you stared back at him, pursing your lips together. “You’re part of them aren’t you?” He scoffed, shaking his head and taking large steps towards you.

Even though he was somewhat pleasing to look at, with his cat-like eyes’ gaze staring you with much intensity as you did with him and his crimson lips, he was also someone you shouldn’t accommodate yourself with. He was an enemy, a person you should have shoot as soon as he took a step inside the restroom. But your arms remained frozen on your side as you watched his next sudden actions.

“You shouldn’t waste your life away like this.” He tsked and snickered, keeping a two feet distance away from the two you. You glanced from his shoulder and pursed your lips tightly once again as you clenched your fist, continuing to remain silent as your other hand prepared itself to get ahold of the gun attached on your thigh.

“Why don’t you talk? Are you mute, perhaps?” You took a step forward and shoved him slightly, your eyes remained eye contact with his as he chuckled.

“So you’re not? Hm, but why don’t you want to talk to me? It’s getting tiring talking by myself, you know?” He didn’t miss the glance you made down on your legs, as soon as you got a hold of your gun and pointed it right in front of his face, he also had a gun pointed in your face. Letting out a laugh to himself. “Isn’t this funny? Us pointing guns to each other? I don’t want to die this way, just saying. I’m sure you don’t want to either.”

“You never shut the fuck up, don’t you?” You hissed, catching him off guard for a moment and you took it as an advantage to shove him roughly, making him stumble backwards on the floor. Kicking his gun away from him, you straddled him as you pointed your gun right in front of him.

“You do talk! You never warned me that your voice was that sexy.” He purred. You raised your other hand and brought a fist on his face making him shout in agony. His face scrunched up in pain as he held his face, before he looked up at you with a sickening smile.

“You’re so aggressive, I like it.“

How to..."Fake Identity"

There are two kinds of fake identities:
a) The ones you want to keep for many years
b) The ones that are meant for temporary, “single-use”.
Only a) should conform to your “real life” by more than 50%.

1.Be prepared
Being spontaneous is risky. It is a sign that you have lost control and it makes it very likely that you make a noticeable mistake. Also you can’t pretend to be a Syrian refugee, if you don’t know what Aleppo is. Therefore it will be safer you if you do your research and have more than one identity prepared.
2. Apologize
Have a plan B, or a “back-up lie”. For example, if some notices that you are not a orthodox catholic, as you said you were, apologize and explain that you are a Satanist and that you felt the need to lie, because you were scared of prejudice. Turn doubt into pity by being ashamed and sorry.
3. Be plain
Drawing attention will result in envy and doubt. It should not be the main purpose of a fake identity. Therefore it is not necessary to invent “talents”. Don’t say you can speak russian, if you can not.
4. Character traits
Inventing a fake identity should not be dreaming of what one would like to be. If you loose your focus, you might risk “loosing yourself”. “Negative” traits, weaknesses you yourself don’t possess will “keep you grounded”.
5. Geographic differences
Make sure that the people, who know you as someone else won’t be able to meet and recognize you if you are yourself or playing an other “role”. If they do ->2.
6. Concentration
Don’t start putting less effort into your “costume” or forget what “role” you are playing. You need to be aware of your surroundings.
7. Amount
The more false identities, or the more often you use them, the more likely it is that you will become “addicted”, “loose yourself” or that someone will figure you out. Make sure, there is always a difference between the way you see yourself and other’s see you.
8. Names
Don’t use too many. They might confuse you, become annoying and are more often than not a waste of effort.
9. Paranoia
People will assume something is wrong if you act like it. Too many lies will make you fear that you will be figured out, which in turn will lead you to lie more and so one. The usual solution is to be “yourself” for some time.
10. A red line
Don’t change everything. It is not only a waste of effort, but people who play an insecure, poor, or spineless “character” for too long tend to develop self-esteem issues. If you have no character trait, that works as a safety bond, you risk loosing who you were before.

Remember the time before the “game”. You can “reset”, “start over” or go “offline” for a while. Control it yourself.

Having a “fake identity” is useful, necessary for some. However it is a toy, too. And if you spend a day as a homeless, an illegal immigrant, a women or men, a homosexual, etc. you might not only satisfy your curiosity, but “learn” something about society.


The title of this video is Abortion Stories Before Roe v. Wade | The Scene but I think a more appropriate one should be The Truth Pro-Lifers Want to Keep Hidden. Watch as four women talk about what life was like and what they experienced in a time when abortion was illegal. Three of the women experienced abortions and one was a medical student and watched the flood of sick, dying, and dead women come into the hospital she worked at.

It does talk about rape and death so if you’re sensitive to that I suggest you avoid this. If you’re pro-life I suggest you watch it even more than I would a pro-choicer. We know this could be the reality, you don’t.

anonymous asked:

I am really sorry but I just don't understand how you can claim to have peaceful views and beliefs and still be supportive of abortion because it's a woman's choice. You're happy to speak for ducks, chooks, sheep, cows and a multitude of other animal rights but not allow the one human right that should not be argued about? The right of an unborn child to live. This just seems like a huge contradiction to me and for this reason I will be unfollowing you.

Hey pal. That’s okay, you have every right to follow and unfollow whomever you choose. I’m sad that you think this way and have to leave, but I wish you well! Just in case you have stuck around or are having a cheeky peek at my blog to see a response, I’ll answer your message anyway.

I rather enjoy (and agree with) the quote “I am made entirely out of contradictions, stitched together with good intentions”. I think that applies to all of us, really! For example, say 90% of the population eat meat. Most will identify as ‘a dog person’, ‘a  cat person’ or ‘an animal lover’ or at the very least be against cruelty towards animals. Simultaneously, those people - who may even have pets, support the RSPCA and think whaling is disgusting - will then go home and tuck into a cooked baby lamb or chicken. I care deeply about our environment, yet it conflicts with my equally deep love of travel and exploring which increases my global footprint. Maybe you support body positivity but secretly wish you could lose or gain weight. We all live the best that we can, not everything is black and white but rather on a spectrum, and I don’t think these two issues are on the same graphs. I am a feminist (as I believe all females are), and my views are shaped by that. I don’t believe a female should be forced to have a child and bring a human into this world if the situation isn’t right. I also don’t believe a female should be impregnated without her consent, forced to have the child, then have it taken away. To me, these principles actually go hand in hand more than they contradict one another.

I don’t think abortion and the slaughter/exploitation of animals are really comparable anyway. Abortion could be the consequence of rape, childhood/teen pregnancy as a result of poor sex education, or generally not being fit to raise another human being - the other is us choosing to exert our dominance over others and use them for our pleasure, entertainment or food when there is no reason for us to do so. 

You may speak up for that foetus, but who speaks for the woman? The person who has to endure 9 months of physical, financial and emotional stress, then another minimum of 18 years, possibly resulting in poor living conditions for both mother and child. I wouldn’t wish anyone to be born out of regret or obligation, that’s no life to live.

I believe that the decision to have or not have a child is one that can be made only by the parents, and the woman whose body is in question. Raising another human being is an enormous responsibility and should not be enforced when it’s not desired/possible. I don’t think other, unrelated people (usually men) should be allowed to dictate laws that will impact another’s life (and body) like that. The worlds population is already reaching astronomical numbers, so I don’t believe we should feel forced into bringing more people into this world if the potential parents don’t wish to do so. It could contribute even more to homelessness, children in orphanages and the already growing amount of people living in poverty. Furthermore, I feel that even if medical abortions were made illegal, women (or their partners) would still have the need for this option and be forced to take some sort of action themselves, which would be very dangerous and traumatic.

When it comes to this topic, I am pro-choice. Not pro-abortion, but pro-every-female-has-a-right-over-what-happens-to-her-body. This incudes all females, not just humans. I’m pro choice, and anti sticking-our-arms-or-’rape racks’-up-inside-female-cows-to-forcefully-impregnate-them-and-make-them-carry-a-child-before-tearing-it-away-to-be-killed..

Best wishes to you x