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Yes, Romania is beautiful, but we can’t post images of our great castles or our breathtaking nature at this moment. Everything is in danger right now. The government of the PSD (the neo-communists) made corruption legal. It’s true, it’s great, would Trump say. But we’ve had our share of corruption. We’re done. We want transparency. We want to be a modern country. But now, those politicians want to legalize corruption and of course they are the ones who won’t end up in jail because of this new law. They steal our money and our lives. 

We, the people, can’t do anything about it, except this: protest and share our message with the world. We only want to live in this beautiful country with breathtaking nature and great cultural places, but without those corrupt and arrogant politicians. 

Please help us, and share. And Romanians: protest!

hey so i know i dont usually post about romanian things but i need to say this

so last night (yes, in the middle of the fucking night, like the filthy thieves they are) the romanian government passed a law that, basically, makes corruption legal (if its under 45k euros, which is a LOT) AND they’re going to let all the (few) people who (they barely) arrested for this out of prison… 

i know this isnt as important to america as trump, but this is HUGE to us. there were (as far as i know) 90 thousand people protesting last night (the last time there were protests this big was in 1989 when communism fell, just to give you a perspective) and there are going to be even more today

this country has had problems with corruption since the dawn of time but i dont reckon it ever being made LEGAL. i just figured id bring some awareness to this…

here and here are two sources

When the Gents took off for the day they didn’t expect to come home to this. Sure, leaving Gavin, Michael and Jeremy aimless and unsupervised for any length of time is never the best plan, somehow even worse when you throw Lindsay into the mix, but Trevor had been around. Trevor who, on second thought, takes far too much glee in passively overseeing mayhem from a distance without actually taking steps to stop it to be a reliable supervisor. Huh. Throw in the fact that Geoff had made them promise to keep a lid on their mayhem for the day, stick around the penthouse and behave themselves and yeah, disaster was inevitable. Still, there’s disobedience, there’s leaving base for a little joyride or antagonising the police or holding-up the convenience store two blocks over, and then there is this.  

The living room of the penthouse is in complete disarray, bottles and cans, straws, a vuvuzela and what looks like hairspray strewn all around the room - Geoff’s first thought was that his idiots have gotten drunk and taken off with some kind of haphazard homemade bomb. This is terrifying for a number of reasons but honestly Geoff is mostly just lamenting the mess he’ll inevitably be left to clean up. His second thought, wading through the disaster zone as Jack sighs and starts chugging straight out of an abandoned vodka bottle, after Ryan points out the chain of extension cords trailing up the stairs to the rooftop access door, is that his idiots have gotten drunk and are throwing things from his building. Delightful.  

None of the three know what to expect when they start climbing the stairs but they can’t help but pick up the pace when Michael’s shouting drifts into earshot, “Jesus man you’re killing him!” The following onslaught of expletives not quite drowning out Gavin’s distinctive squawking and an awful, inhuman kind of moaning. The fact that Lindsay is laughing, loud and helplessly breathless over the rising din honestly isn’t in any way comforting; that woman would chortle her way through the apocalypse and they all know it.

The sight they’re met with when they make it to the roof really isn’t as enlightening as one might hope. The cans have made their way up here too, a rainbow array of silly-string, the kind they used to use to block camera’s and identify hidden traps before their new supplier moved them on to the plain white military grade stuff that actually sticks the first time.  What the surplus has been used for while the Gents were working is immediately evident, though the why is honestly anyone’s guess.

Jeremy, face unrecognisable under a veritable mountain of colourful silly-string and spluttering through his breathing straws, is charging full tilt after a shrieking Gavin who’s still clutching an aerosol can of glue. Add Lindsay charging along in the rear, delightedly blasting Jeremy’s horrifying home-made mask with a hairdryer, and Michael going red in the face shouting at the top of his lungs as he runs in loops to keep them all from careening too close to the edges of the roof, and all they’re missing is the Benny Hill theme playing in the background. An oversight Trevor is probably already considering, sat safely away on the raised lip of the helipad and recording the action with his phone, grin a mile wide as he very helpfully calls out various obstacles just a second too late for Jeremy to avoid.

Somewhere under the blanket of confused disbelief Geoff registers Jack shaking her head, diving back into the bottle with gusto as she wanders towards Trevor, catches Ryan smirking and slinking off to sneak up on the action, tries to come to terms with the fact that this is his crew. That after all this time they can still blow him away with the utter absurdity of their antics. Everyone here is armed, all dangerous, every single one of them is a ruthless murderer.  

There’s a thump, a yelp, cries of foul-play as Ryan croons out some disturbingly excessive line and holds Gavin still for Jeremy’s gleeful retribution. Jack shoves Trevor from his perch and he dances closer for a better angle as a cackling Michael presses silly-string into Jeremy’s blind grasp, Lindsay’s hairdryer still roaring away as she calls out requests over Gavin’s objections.  

Geoff is the most powerful man in Los Santos. These morons are the most dangerous people in the city. The Fake AH Crew now lives in a building caked in glued on straws, silly string and probably glitter. Somehow there is always fucking glitter. It would have been so much cleaner if they’d just made the damn bomb.

It is part of the dominant ideology of our culture to treat damage to property - especially certain kinds of property - as terrible crimes of violence because they have been committed illegally by private citizens protesting government policy, while accepting large-scale murder because it is legal and official.
—  Howard Zinn

Kanaka Maoli, Tino Rangatiratanga, and the Australian Aboriginal flag representing the people of Hawaiʻi, Aotearoa, and Australia’s fight for the right to exist in our ancestral homelands. 

What really happened in Charlottesville.

Disclaimer:I don’t condone nor Support neo Nazis, because they fucked up and make other nationalists look bad. They are just as worse as Antifa, so fuck them both. If you are easily offended about this post, then keep scrolling, why waste time making huge unnecessary fuss about it!! .

This is what happened in Charlottesville, since media is incapable of reporting:

-The Alt Right organized a peaceful assembly in Charlottesville called Unite the Right

-The organizers lawfully obtained a permit to host this event

-Wes Bellamy, the Vice-Mayor of Charlottesville, illegally revoked the permit for this event. Wes Bellamy is a known Leftist and is affiliated with the Black Panther Party, a Black supremacist organization

-The ACLU successfully sued Charlottesville for violating the First Amendment, and a Federal judge ruled that the permit must be reinstated and the right to assemble honored

-Unite the Right was scheduled to take place at 12:00pm today. At 11:30am, a heavily militarized police force illegally shut down the event, physically assaulting peaceful protesters with batons and tear gas. Several people were illegally arrested

-While evacuating, many protesters were illegally assaulted by counter-protesters from Antifa and Black Lives Matter as the police stood by and did nothing. Antifa and BLM members were recorded throwing bricks at people, using pepper spray, and throwing molotov cocktails and tear gas

-A terrorist drove his car straight in to a crowd of people, killing at least one. The state of Virginia declared a state of emergency with the National Guard on standby, and Charlottesville became the #1 news story in the world

-The lying media intentionally portrayed this all in a way to make it look like the peaceful protesters were the perpetrators of the violence, rather than the victims, despite heavy video evidence to the contrary

-This was an enormous breech of everyone’s First Amendment rights, and a violent police-state suppression of free speech that is now being hidden by the lying media. A LOT of lawsuits are incoming, stay tuned!


I know I’m a bit late to announce officially that I’m taking part in the ML Blackout protest blame work and a pretty annoying food poisoning

But here I am.

For those who aren’t aware of the movement, its goal is to show that a lot of content creators in the fandom are fed up of the theft that benefits people who do not deserve it.

We are not here to bully you for it, if you’re stealing fanwork, or to shame you or whatever. Our goal is to educate you so that you understand what you’re doing wrong and hopefully make you stop because I, personally, am fundamentally convinced that you’re not as bad of a person as you think we consider you.

I believe that you can correct your wrongs.

I’m writing in english, but this protest calls out as many nationalities and languages as possible, so feel free to spread this message in your own native languages as well!

Fanwork theft is not okay because you have to realise that:

1) You’re gaining notoriety, notes, followers, etc… out of content that you have not created. You are, concretely, stealing notoriety that should go to the creator. You are becoming popular not because of who you are, but because of what other people have done. And that is not okay. That is not deserved popularity.

2) You’re monetising content (on youtube for example) THAT DOES NOT BELONG TO YOU. You are gaining money that you have stolen, that you do not deserve. And that is wrong in all the possible ways you could possibly think of.

And more importantly, what you’re doing is illegal! You might be a minor, but you can still be sued and lose the trial because you are in the wrong.

And do not believe that the artist will never sue you because there are so many other reposters. Things are bound to come and bite you in the butt one day and the more you leave it be, the more you’ll have to lose.

You’re a minor, but trials are a very big deal.

Of all the years I’ve been on the internet, and for having used a huge amount of social medias intensively, I have seen the phenomenon of art theft protest grow incredibly big on many social medias. While it was quite small at the beginning, the wave is growing and I do not doubt that it’ll have an impact one day such as that of the Arab Spring that have shaken so many countries, including Syria, a few years ago. We all tend to underestimate the power of the internet, but it is there and it can destruct a country.

In support of the Miraculous Content Creator Blackout, I will not be reblogging or creating any content for Miraculous Ladybug until July 15th.

I am willing to answer any asks about the concept of art theft, and will reblog all ML Blackout posts I deem educative for you.

Hoping for the best by the end of the protest! Miraculous Ladybug is lucky to have an amazing and supportive fandom, and I trust you all to realise the importance of this blackout!


Guys, your tags in the last post regarding Russia are heart-melting… All your support and interest in what’s really going on here - it’s really important. Cause thanks to the government’ actions we feel isolated, the TV keeps saying we’re surrounded by foes and any protest will lead to blood, failure for the motherland and the triumph of the enemies… They keep silent about the real enemy within. 

Guess how many official channels talked about the nationwide protests the day they happened? About all the people who got beaten and arrested? Not. Any. One. I’m not kidding. The day after, press choicely started to mention ‘illegal protests in some towns, sponsored by provocators’.  

(What makes your demonstration ‘legal’ in Putin’s Russia: your meeting, its goals, slogans and placement must me officially approved by the  government agency beforehand. If you go to the street without their approval, you’re automatically counted as a perpetrator. Some activists were arrested in the cafe whilst just discussing the forthcoming meeting. The organizators are tracked by the social network chats and calls - when our only way of communication is the Internet, cause the opposition has no chance of being heard on TV or in the press. If you still dare to go to the demostration with a broadsheet and stay safe, there is a high chance of being fired at work or barred from the university. Those who bear anti-putin broadsheets are arrested in the first place).

Nevertheless, the government wants to make an illusion that there is no real opposition in Russia. And that the opposition leader who initiated the protests all-over the country, Alexei Navalny, is not trust-worthy and more is like a clown… 
A few days before the demonstrations, an unknown person splashed brilliant green dye in his face and ran away. Not talking about a damage for eyes it could cause, were they expecting he won’t show in public with a green face? 

Well, it only resulted in green becoming ‘the new black’ in the protests~ 

The government claims such ‘anti-patriots’ are dangerous and lead the country to the downfall and blood… It’s them, not us, who do this. 

Death by Paperwork

A Pam from HR story
Post Supergirl 2x15

Agent Alex Danvers sat in her office, looking meekly at the huge stack of paperwork in front of her. “I, um, have to fill all that out to get reinstated?”

“In triplicate.” Pam folded her arms across her chest and dared Agent Danvers to object. When nothing was forthcoming, she reached for the first sheath of papers, brandishing it for a moment before slapping it down on the desk. “Incident report for a brawl at a local nightclub.”

“We were…”

Another set of papers smacked onto the desk, interrupting the agent’s attempt at an explanation. “Discharge of a firearm in said brawl.”

Her glare halted Danvers’ finger in mid-air, and she kept the glare up until the hand returned to the agent’s lap. “Abuse of a prisoner in custody.” Alex actually flinched as another set of papers hit the desk. “Insubordination.”

“Unauthorized removal of DEO weaponry from the premises.”

“That gun is mine! I called dibs!”

Pam continued as if Agent Danvers hadn’t spoken. “Unauthorized use of DEO weaponry by a civilian. Sexual harassment of an NCPD officer.”

On a roll, Pam ignored the shocked look on Alex’s face and her “I was off-duty” protest. Smack. “Illegal use of explosives in a residential zone.”


“Collusion with a known Cadmus agent (Father).” Pam picked up the last, heavy stack of papers and gazed at them lovingly. She had only been able to file them once before, and also on the behalf of one Agent Alex Danvers. She was going to be legend in Washington. “And finally, Unauthorized Space Launch and Failure to Log a Flight Plan per NASA regulation 47390-13-86.”

Alex finally looked defeated, and she brushed her hair back behind her ear as she pulled a cheap ballpoint out of the cup on Pam’s desk. She grimaced as she tried to write, shaking the pen a moment before trying another pen. “I’ll leave you to it, Agent Danvers,” Pam said curtly. “I need a cup of coffee.”

She walked briskly out of the room and around the corner to find J'onn waiting for her. “How’s it going? Is our agent learning her lesson?” he asked with a fond smile.

“I think so,” she replied with a mischievous grin. “But I think she has missed some mandatory sexual harassment training, and I’ve signed her up for refresher course on safe handling and proper procedures for DEO weaponry.”

J'onn laughed. “If this doesn’t teach her the error of her ways, nothing will. Now what do you say I buy you a nice latte from that new cafe up the street? I think Agent Danvers will be plenty occupied for the next few hours.”

“Ici on noie les Algériens” - “Here we drown Algerians

-Graffiti on the Saint-Michel Bridge, after the massacre

The Paris Massacre of 1961

In 1961, France found itself embroiled in a fierce counter-revolutionary war against its colony of Algeria. The war started in 1954, and as it dragged on, anti-Algerian laws and attitudes seeped into mainland France. In retaliation of the brutal suppression of the Algerian independence fighters, several police buildings were bombed in Paris. French police began to ruthlessly target Parisians with Algerian backgrounds; other minorities, like Moroccans, Tunisians, Spaniards, and Italians, were sometimes targeted out of ignorance. Those stopped by police were met with harsh interrogation and outright violence - a disturbingly common method used by French police was to beat, handcuff, then throw a suspect into the Seine, effectively executing them through drowning. Established law followed this trend, and by 1961, it was illegal to merely protest against the Algerian War.

On October 5th, a general curfew of 8:30 PM was enforced against all “Algerian Muslim workers,” “French Muslims” and “French Muslims of Algeria.” Pro-Algerian movements urged Parisians to protest this curfew on the night of the 17th. French police responded by mobilizing some 8,000 + police officers and riot suppression specialists and blocking access to the capital by severing all routes of ingress and egress. Out of the 150,000 Parisians who had Algerian backgrounds, about 40,000 assembled to protest on the night of the 16th. French police cracked down, arresting some 11,000 of the protestors.

However, some 4,000 protestors avoided arrests and were able to peacefully protest on the Grand Boulevards. Stopped by police at the Opéra de Paris, the protestors turned around and reversed their route.

The massacre began shortly after. Near the Rex Cinema, police open fired on the crowd with live ammunition, then charged. A similar scene unfolded on the Neuilly-sur-Seine, with protestors being shot and beaten without cause. French police began to throw dead or unconscious protestors into the Seine, sometimes within sight of the Notre-Dame.

Other protestors were arrested and brought to different locations, like the Palais des Sports, Stade Pierre de Coubertin, or various police headquarters. For almost a week, the prisoners were beaten and tortured, or outright executed. French police who carried out the acts were noted to have stripped all identification off of their uniforms. Bodies and half-alive prisoners were dumped into the Seine at night.

For weeks, bodies washed up on the banks of the Seine. The entire massacre was deliberate and planned, penned and ordered by the head of the Parisian Police, Maurice Papon. Papon would receive the Legion of Honour from Charles du Gaulle later that year.

France never officially recognized the existence of the massacre until nearly four decades later, in 1998. However, official statements only mentioned 40 dead, when other estimates place the toll at closer to 200.

In 1998, Maurice Papon was first convicted of crimes against humanity due to his aiding in the deportation of French-Jewish citizens during the Vichy Regime. In 1999, he was also found guilty of perpetuating the 1961 massacre. He lost all rank and decorations, including his Legion of Honour, but was released in 2002 on the grounds of ill-health.

Republican think tanks came up with this idea about the military and the flag and are using it to cause division and to help them in their campaigns; also, using this strategy to make protests illegal. Every time someones makes a stand or a kneel in the name of social justice, the status quo’s comfort zone gets a little shaken and they have to get their whiz kids at think tanks to create a strategy and talking points to be used that will alienate the protesters with the masses. What do the strategists do? They come up with a brainstorm by associating the flag and the national anthem with the military, and in these times it is politically incorrect(made so by Republicans and Fox) to criticise the military(unpatriotic) or even Israel(anti-semitic) as an example. So if the Republicans can associate not standing for the National Anthem with the military, you can turn the masses against the progressive protesters as being unpatriotic and non-supportive of the military(we don’t live under a military dictatorship). The military personnel do not have a superior tier of citizenship. Our national symbols are not the property of the military, they are all our property. Trying to reason with these Trump people about the First Amendment(Authoritarians don’t like the First Amendment) is an exercise in futility.

hell of a first date

Summary: It’s hard to top a first date that starts with meeting in the back of a police car.

Pairing: Twelve/Rose

Rating: K+ or light teen // Word Count: 876

Note #1: for the lovely @caedmonfaith​ on the occasion of her birth ♥ Happy birthday!! Have this little bit of ridiculousness :D

Note #2: based on a pair of prompts that can be found at the end of this ficlet and for the record i was picturing a young Capaldi here like… this because of reasons :)


“I demand to know what you’re charging me with. I was doing nothing illegal,” the man protested in a loud voice, Scottish accent prominent.

“You refused to move when asked,” the exasperated police officer answered.

Rose craned her neck to get a better view out the back window of the patrol car she was in. The officer who had picked her up had ahold of a man’s arm and was dragging him towards the car.

“Not illegal. You can’t arrest me.”

“I can bloody well do what I like. You were being a public nuisance.”

“I was just sitting there.”

“On the ground! In the middle of a busy train station!”

“Good place to think. The noise is excellent at drowning out the more annoying thoughts in my head.”

“Just get in the damn car. We can argue about it down at the station.”

“But I’ve done nothing!”

The door to the car slammed shut as he shouted that last bit and he huffed as he sat back against the seat.

“So then, did I hear right that they’re arresting you for sitting in the middle of the train station?” Rose asked brightly, turning to face her seatmate.

He startled, apparently not having realized there was someone else in the car as he’d been glaring out the window at the cop. “You’re naked,” he said.

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echoraven1219  asked:

Ideas for a character that used to be in a gang? What sort of problems might he have now (he's already a kleptomaniac)?

Hi! Here’s a bit of a mix of ideas and problems:

● Old gang is trying to get him back
● On parole/ watched by the police
● Criminal record makes getting a job harder
● Feels like he needs a group of friends or a family (as one appeal of gangs is the loyalty)
● Hard to not resort to violence during a disareement
● Lacks a home or money since he was dependent on the gang
● Afraid of walking into gang territory and getting caught back up in the mess
● Has to constantly check his morals to make sure he doesn’t slip into crime again
● Almost too nice because he’s trying to make up for his past
● Old rival gangs mess with him/ hurt him
● Lost in terms of his goal for life
● Struggles to reconcile with family
● Unsure of how to act around old gang members
● Snitched on his old gang and has to watch his back now
● Can’t decide what to do with his illegal prosessions or money
● Protesters harass him becuase he was involved in a shooting a long time ago that involved a stray bullet and unintended victim
● Drug addict/ alcoholic/ smoker
● Feels overwhelmingly guilty about people he’s killed, hurt, or helped to kill (visits the graves)
● Tries to cover up gang tattoo