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Yes, Romania is beautiful, but we can’t post images of our great castles or our breathtaking nature at this moment. Everything is in danger right now. The government of the PSD (the neo-communists) made corruption legal. It’s true, it’s great, would Trump say. But we’ve had our share of corruption. We’re done. We want transparency. We want to be a modern country. But now, those politicians want to legalize corruption and of course they are the ones who won’t end up in jail because of this new law. They steal our money and our lives. 

We, the people, can’t do anything about it, except this: protest and share our message with the world. We only want to live in this beautiful country with breathtaking nature and great cultural places, but without those corrupt and arrogant politicians. 

Please help us, and share. And Romanians: protest!

hey so i know i dont usually post about romanian things but i need to say this

so last night (yes, in the middle of the fucking night, like the filthy thieves they are) the romanian government passed a law that, basically, makes corruption legal (if its under 45k euros, which is a LOT) AND they’re going to let all the (few) people who (they barely) arrested for this out of prison… 

i know this isnt as important to america as trump, but this is HUGE to us. there were (as far as i know) 90 thousand people protesting last night (the last time there were protests this big was in 1989 when communism fell, just to give you a perspective) and there are going to be even more today

this country has had problems with corruption since the dawn of time but i dont reckon it ever being made LEGAL. i just figured id bring some awareness to this…

here and here are two sources

16 February 2015 - IDF soldiers threw stun grenades and pepper sprayed protesters in the West Bank, Palestine. The Palestinian protesters were there to protest plans for the building of another of many illegal Israeli settlements in Palestine. This one would block of the connection from the West Bank to Jerusalem. 

Also, I hate the fake ‘neutral’ tone news media use. The truth isn’t in the middle here, Reuters. It isn’t 'a scuffle over disputed land’ or a 'geographically sensitive piece of land’, it’s Palestinian land being annexed by an occupying foreign army. Disgusting. [video]

A friend of my bf has been in a tree for nine days protesting the (illegal) construction of a new highway and I know someone needs to do these kinds of things but every other day he’s like “[name redacted] has been in the tree for [whatever] days!” And every single time I’m overwhelmed by the knowledge that I would probably let them slash and burn if I had to sit in a tree because I’m selfish and just an all ‘round bad guy.

At 19:00 on 23 August 1989, approximately two million people from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania joined hands, forming a human chain from Tallinn through Riga to Vilnius, spanning 600 kilometres, or 430 miles. It was a peaceful protest against illegal Soviet occupation, and also one of the earliest and longest unbroken human chains in history.


January 9 2015 - More than 800 Danes and Swedes gathered at the train platform for the train between Sweden and Denmark at Copenhagen Airport to protest against the newly instated border controls between the two countries. The border controls are meant to stop refugees from entering the country to seek asylum. [video]/[video]


These images were taken Friday at the ‘Ivory Crush’ held in Times Square NYC. 2000 pounds worth of smuggled pieces of Ivory decorations and other novelties along with Ivory Tusks were crushed in a large machine in order to protest the illegal Ivory trade and raise awareness of the growing issues involved in the practice.

Image Source:

28 August 2015 - Four hours after the Australian Border Force announced they would be doing ‘random’ visa checks (so racial profiling to catch ‘illegal immigrants’ basically) on the streets of Melbourne in what they called Operation Fortitude they were forced to cancel it, after they were blocked in by a crowd of protesters against the racist plans. [video]

This is Ali Mohammed al-Nimr

he was only 17 years old, and sentenced to death by crucifixion and beheading in 2014, could be executed within days after his final appeal was dismissed recently.

Al-Nimr was arrested in February 14, 2012 during a crackdown by the Saudi authorities against anti-government protesters in the Shiite province of Qatif. He was charged with participating in anti-government protests and illegal possession of firearms.

human rights activists following the case said the teenager was not allowed access to a lawyer. They also said he was tortured and forced to make a false confession and that no evidence was produced to support the charge of illegal possession of firearms.

He was sentenced to death by crucifixion and beheading on May 27, 2014.

The needlessly cruel method of execution involves first beheading the victim and then tying the decapitated body to a cross, often in a public place as a warning to others.