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Why I now will never wield a Pick Axe

Context: We were in a mine, having been captured by an illegal mining operation. We are without weapons and chained together. I (my hanging rogue with 16 strength) was trying to break our Druid free with a pick axe. The chains are about 2 feet between each person with a shackle with a pin on one foot.

DM: Roll for attack.
Me: *rolls a Nat1* oh god.
DM: Roll for damage.
Me: Damage? Oh god. *crits*
Me: oh god, Sammy (our Druid), I’m so sorry!
*the pick axe goes through her foot and into the ground*
Druid: It’s okay. I was sort of expecting it. At least it didn’t hit my head.
Me: I’m 2 FEET TALL! I couldn’t hit your head if I WANTED to!

Britain is so weird, there’s a tavern in Whitehall (in London) that was given a royal license in the 1630s allowing it to operate as a brothel, a license that has never been revoked which MEANS that it still technically could operate as a brothel, even though it’s illegal to operate brothels in the UK.

This place could literally rise above the law of the land if they chose to simply because a king who died in 1649 gave it permission to do so. And we, the British, are just like “Sounds fair.”

evolving soulmate tattoo AU

A world with soulmate tattoos that evolve based on your actions, affecting your compatibility with your soulmate.

When you do something that makes you at odds with your soulmate, the tattoo becomes fainter – do it too often and the mark might fade entirely and change into something (someone) else. When you do something that makes you more compatible with your soulmate, the mark becomes bolder and darker, more permanent.

• You’re a low-level thug from one of the most notorious drug cartels. You do your best to quit and live a more honest life when you discover that your soulmate is that sweet, kind florist from the next block. Imagine your horror when your mark becomes fainter with each good deed you do, disappearing entirely when you manage to free yourself from the cartel, albeit in exchange for grave injuries. Imagine your horror when the boss himself hunts you down and executes you – because there’s no such thing as quitting in your group. Imagine your horror when you discover that the boss and the florist are the same person.

• You’re an undercover cop who hasn’t met your soulmate yet. You’re fine with not meeting them ever, you’re content with your life. Imagine your horror when you realize that your soulmate is your next target – a young CEO suspected of every possible crime under the same, brandishing his company as the front for some illegal mobster operations. Imagine your horror when your tattoo becomes bolder, darker, with each report to the higher-ups, with each evidence you find against your soulmate. Imagine your horror when the tattoo starts to burn with permanence the moment you arrest your soulmate.

• You’re one of the lucky ones – you grew up with your soulmate. You’re one of the unlucky ones – your soulmate is your brother.

• You’re one of the rare, chosen ones – your tattoo has been burned in permanence for as long you can remember. You’re lucky, they all say, because no matter what you do, your soulmate is yours for life. You spend years waiting for your mate – over each unlucky thing that befalls you, the loss of your family, your failure to complete your education due to poverty. You spend years more cursing the supposedly-lucky tattoo that seems to attract all the misfortune your way. You’re past your prime with aching joints and brittle bones. Your heart stops one day and you never meet your soulmate.

• You embrace your soulmate with joy – and within your first touch, both of your tattoos burn with permanence. You two are the envy of every person you meet. Your mate proposes that you test the limits of your bond. It starts slow – insulting your mate’s closest friends. It soon escalates and soon, your mate is setting fire to your parents’ retirement home and your tattoos remain vivid and solid.

• You grow up with your soulmate – they’re your neighbor, classmate, best friend. Both of your tattoos don’t change – doesn’t become faint even when you drunkenly make out with your soulmate’s best friend, doesn’t become more vivid when you propose marriage. You’re married for ten years – and as you prepare breakfast in bed to surprise them for your tenth anniversary, you realize that the tattoo on your hand is suddenly gone without trace.

• Your tattoo changes every day. Everyone who sees it – and it’s right on your forehead, like some kind of homing signal – thinks you’re either an unstable freak or some kind of slut. You find someone who befriends you and is kind to you and moves in with you and loves you despite society thinking that you don’t deserve them. Your tattoo continues to change every day.

• Imagine Chuuya’s tattoo growing darker and more vivid each time Dazai fucks his life over, while Dazai’s remain faint the entire time.

• Imagine Judar and Hakuryuu having matching permanent tattoos – but Hakuryuu is in denial so he tries to push Judar away. The tattoo remains permanent.

• Imagine Akutagawa being horrified at how each and every one of his attempts to be mean to Atsushi only makes their matching tattoos more permanent.

• Imagine Yuuri being torn between worry and contentment that Victor’s tattoo remains shimmery-faint. Because on one hand, why are their tattoos faint?! On another hand, at least the tattoo matches Victor’s nice skin…

• Imagine Katsuki and Midoriya having matching permanent tattoos since they’ve met each other. Katsuki enjoys how even as he bullies his Deku, the tattoo proclaim them as the best possible match…

• Imagine Will being SO DONE because no matter what he does – try to kill Hannibal, try to flirt with Hannibal, walking his dogs, giving out lectures – his tattoo only becomes darker each time.

• Imagine your OTP :D

just what you need

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summary: “People here, they’re dangerous you do best not to mix.” he explains, watching in interest at your reaction to his words. “Are you one of those people?” you ask. Bingo. He almost smirks he’d seen this scenario countless times, small naïve girls wanting nothing more than to play with fire, to get burnt. He leans forward within his chair, the proximity closing between the two of you as he pulls his lighter from his pocket. “I’m the worst kind.”

suggestive language. word count: 1,839

His lips caress the mic almost like a lover, whispered words of lust and promise as his melody sweeps through the dimly lit bar. With closed eyes his fingers strum over the guitar strings almost effortlessly, his eyes roam the crowd leaving him smug as he takes in their reactions. A quirk of his lips and suddenly he’s slamming down on the strings, the noise explosive as his body pushes up against the cold wood of his guitar. His voice is like velvet, sliding it’s way upon your skin and pulling you to the edge of your seat.

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Happier (Oliver/Felicity; T)

Ships: Oliver/Felicity

Summary: Set at the end of 5x18. Felicity asks to take a look at Oliver’s wounds.

A/N: Title taken from the Ed Sheeran song of the same name.

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“The new lineup could use a little more green, Hoss,” says Rene.

“I’m not quite there yet,” Oliver says. “But I’m thinking that with this team behind me, it’ll be sooner rather than later.”

“Well, good,” says Felicity. “Not that black isn’t a great look on you and all, but I prefer the green.”

Oliver smiles, turning to Felicity, just as the rest of the team murmur their goodbyes and begin to disperse from the room.

“I do too,” Oliver admits, “but it’s too soon.”

“That’s okay,” Felicity says. “Take your time.”

“You mean with the hood or with what Chase did to me?”

She considers. “Both. But, uh, speaking of which, your tussle with Anatoly may have worsened your injuries, so for the love of God, if you’re not going to see an actual doctor can you at least let me check on your wounds?”

Oliver chuckles faintly, unzipping his jacket to reveal his bandaged chest. “Sure.”

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Peregrine Derrick, left, and Lucian Bole, right. While the two were both Slytherins (Class of ‘95), they didn’t become close friends until they became Beaters as third years on the Slytherin Quidditch team, after which they were nearly inseparable. The pair were known for throwing some of the best soirees the disused music parlour has ever seen, complete with absinthe cocktails and a full jazz band that they somehow procured. Lucian was the smooth talker and mouthpiece of the two, while Peregrine, who was self-conscious about his stutter, rarely said a word outside of his frequent whispers in Lucian’s ear.

Both Peregrine and Lucian were actively engaged in underground Resistance to Voldemort’s fascist wixen regime of the late 1990s, as the two operated an illegal anti-ministry newspaper and were able to travel freely throughout the wixen world owing to Peregrine’s Quidditch career. After the war, the couple were married at Stonehenge, and Peregrine became the first professional Quidditch player with one arm, having lost the other to curse damage at the Battle of Hogwarts.

Photograph courtesy of the Hogwarts Archives.

(Alexander McQueen)

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A scenario where Dino first meets his S/O, he was expecting her boss to go to their meeting and it ended up being her and she's feared in the mafia but she turns out to be soft-spoken and awkward in conversations? Sorry if it's too much ; v ; Ily

Your very honest nature and disregard for the feelings of others makes you an indifferent person that most people have trouble getting along with. Paired with the fact that these very values find you a friend within the Varia (and by default, other terrifying comrades), there are numerous whispers and dwellings about your status as a member.

But they’re not all for naught – you provide results and your boss keeps you close to her; always at her beck and call and you’ve never failed her before. You’ve always maintained a 100% success rate.

And you don’t pay any heed to these rumours either – you haven’t heard most of them and honestly, you don’t care either. The more people that tremble when they hear your name, the better it is as you’re not forced to result to violence, yet.

So when your Boss is a little too busy for a meeting with another Boss of an allied family, she sends you out to meet him because you’re the only other person she’d trust with this task. Though you’re tired and slighty (extremely) sleep deprived, you agree anyways.

“Oh, uh…” the blond starts, standing up when you enter the room because he was not expecting you. “Sorry, I was expecting–”

“She couldn’t make it. I’m sorry that I’m filling out for her today but I’ll try to note down all the questions that arises from this meeting.” You give him an apologetic smile, settling into the chair opposite him.

“Right, sorry – I hope she’s okay.” Dino’s taken aback by the fact that you ramble (if he wasn’t so nervous he’d find it cute).

“Yeah, no, she’s okay. She’s not sick or anything – just… needs some time off,” you answer, placing the files onto the table. “Please don’t tell anyone I said that. She’s not supposed to be taking time off. As a boss she’s supposed to be taking care of her family.” Your eyes widen a little. “Oh right, I don’t even know why I’m bothering to tell you this – you’re a boss of your own family. Of course you know what it’s like.”

Dino smiles, visibly relaxing in his seat because this flustered person is not at all what he’s expecting from you but he’ll gladly take it. “No, it’s okay. She should be allowed to take breaks.”

“Yeah, that’s what I tell her,” you chuckle, turning your attention to the files on the table. “Okay, so, you wanted to talk about the warehouses on the coast…? ” Lips are pursed as you look up at him.

He clears his throat, turning his gaze to his own files. “Uh, yeah. We’ve received some words of illegal operations happening inside and we’d like to investigate.”

Shit,” you murmur, rubbing your eyes. Your drop your hands, looking at the blond again. “Shit, I’m sorry for swearing – I just hang around a few people that swear a little too much.”

Dino only laughs, because he’s sure he knows exactly who you’re talking about. “Don’t worry about.” He’s laid-back throughout the meeting because it’s not so bad now that he’s met you in real life.


  • After he’s kept in contact with you after the meeting and has been dating you for a few months, he likes going through the rumours that the Mafia have made up about you just to see your reaction to them
  • “Your eyes are always bloodshot because you’ve killed so many people and are kept awake with the nightmares.”
  • “I… I binge TV shows until I’m too tired to stay awake. But then I have to get up early so I’m just always sleep deprived.”
  • “You’re quick to shoot because you have unresolved violent tendencies.”
  • “I get jumpy and people… scare me.”
Chamber of Secrets - Part 10

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Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: After the Avenger’s falling out, you were put in charge of putting Bucky together. Under King T’Challa’s orders, you were given a month’s time to create a new arm while simultaneously figure out how to get the triggering memories of his past out of his mind. As the time goes by, you found yourself confiding in him, despite his frozen state.

A/N: This one’s a bit short, kinda filler-ish, but building up for the next chapter will hopefully be up soon. Expect someone to make their first appearance in the next part! 

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For: @consuelodoodles

Words: 1199

Rating: G

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Satya/Mei

From: @agenthill to @consuelodoodles

It is a little-known fact that Zhou Mei-Ling is not, generally speaking, fond of people.  Because she is polite, and kind, people often assume that she likes them, or enjoying being social, but she decided to change the world through climatology for a reason—namely, that she has faith in the planet more than her fellow man.  In fact, Mei’s introversion is what made her an ideal candidate to be assigned to the remote Ecopoint: Antarctica.  The “antisocial” qualities Mei’s parents rued in their daughter are what kept her sane, both during the portion of her expedition that went as planned, and that which came after.

Between this, and Dr. Satya Vaswani’s reputation for being cold, aloof, and difficult to work with, Mei has more than enough reason to believe that she and her new colleague will not get along, and nearly said as much to Winston—would have, were it not so rude.

However, Mei could not have been more wrong.

Dr. Vaswani— “I prefer Satya”—is tall, beautiful, and graceful, and Mei finds that she is instantly smitten, drawn in by that measured tone and deliberate speech.  Satya does not speak loud enough to be irksome, nor need Mei strain to hear her; she is assertive and composed.  Unless she jabbers—and Mei can tell immediately by her demeanor that she is not the type who would be prone to do so—then Mei cannot imagine that she could be exhausted by Satya, who exudes confidence and, with it, an aura of calm.

“Hello Satya,” says Mei, remembering herself.  “I’m Dr. Zhou Mei-Ling, but you can call me Mei.”  She extends her hand and is secretly glad that Satya refuses it—her palm is sweaty, and that would make a poor first impression indeed.  “It’s a pleasure to meet you,” she adds and, for once, means it.

“Likewise,” answers Satya, though she does not seem to feel that way at all.  Mei might begrudge her the rudeness, if she did not wish, sometimes, she were bold enough to do the same. 

“Am I to assume,” Satya continues, “That you have already claimed a space for your own?”  As she speaks, she looks past Mei and into the lab behind her.

“Sort of,” says Mei, “I don’t really use that much space for my work, but I’ve set up under the window because I like to be able to look outside.”  A half-truth.  What Mei likes is to be able to look outside, to know that she is no longer trapped inside by ice and snow, that she could exit the building at any time, if she so chose. 

“The workstation further from the window is more spacious,” Satya tells her, “And therefore yours by right of seniority.  It would not be difficult for us to move to the window if such was your preference.”

‘We could,” says Mei, shifting her weight from one foot to the other, “But your work with hard light will probably take up more space, if what I’ve heard about your methods is true.”

“Ah,” Satya’s face shifts, then, from impassivity to pleasant surprise, and Mei thinks I want to make her smile again, “Most logical.  Thank you, Dr.— “

“Mei,” she corrects.

“Thank you Mei.”  Then Satya’s eyes are on Mei again, gaze piercing, and Mei finds herself looking away under the pretense of cleaning her glasses in order to hide the blush rising in her face.  Many times, Mei has been stared at—unkindly, for her weight, with admiration, for her association with Overwatch during its prime, and now, most often, curiously, an object of fascination because of what she survived—but this is among the first times the staring has been welcome, has made Mei flush not from shame, embarrassment, or anger, but because she is enjoying the attention.

Mei resolves, then, to ensure that Satya will look at her like that again.

Before Mei can again elicit from Satya such a reaction, however, or dare to hope to make her smile, she must learn more about her.  After all, I would not do to offend out of ignorance, and Mei finds herself wanting to learn more about Satya, to know what it is she enjoys, what it I that compels her. 

Were Mei in the habit of lying to herself she might justify this curiosity by claiming that Satya’s detached aura was intriguing—and it is—or that she enjoys the challenge of trying to understand so inscrutable a person—she does not—but the truth is far simpler than either of those things: Mei has a crush.

A crush which has, unfortunately, led her to lapse into silence yet again—which is impolite and embarrassing both.  Fortunately, Satya does not seem bothered, and so Mei continues their conversation as if the pause never happened; it may be more polite to apologize, but if Satya does not care, as she seems not to, then to draw attention to such would surely be worse.

So, Mei will simply continue speaking, suavely as possible.

“So,” says she, “What brings you here?”  Perhaps Mei is not so smooth as she might like.

“I am here to offer my services to Overwatch,” answers Satya, no longer smiling, or even looking at Mei, as she makes her way across the room to the workstation they designated for her moments earlier.

“Right,” says Mei, “Of course.”  What sort of answer did she expect, asking a question such as that?  As a scientist, she ought to know better.  “What I meant was—why Overwatch?  Why know?  You’re one of, if not the, most talented among Vishkar’s architechs; you could get a job anywhere, but you came her, to an illegal, underfunded, underground operation.  So—why here?”

Satya turns again to look at Mei, the brown of her eyes striking in the instant in which they accidentally make contact with Mei’s own, and answers without hesitation, “It is my intention to shape the future, as it has always been.  A small change in perspective has lead me to believe that such is best done where I am beholden to no one.  Overwatch has influence enough to facilitate me, but little power to constrain me.  It is here that I can achieve my full potential, and shape a better world.”

There is another pause—for what can Mei say to that?—before Satya resumes speaking, only to ask, “Why are you here, Mei?  Much of what you said of my work applies, too, to you.”

Then Mei need not ponder her answer, for this, above all other things, she knows.

“I wanted,” says she, “No, I want, to work with others who care as much about their causes as I do.  I want to be somewhere where my dream of a brighter future isn’t dismissed as naïve, or fruitless.  I want to be somewhere with the freedom and power to make a change.”

What she wants is to save the world, and more than that—she wants to do it with people like Satya at her side.

“I see,” says Satya, tone even as before, “It would seem, then, that we are in alignment.  Our fates are entwined.”

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If the square root of pony is an illegal operation, how about the *square* of a pony? (Or pony to the power of n in general terms.) Is that possible?

I give you a squared pony.

Pinkie can also poomf herself into a cube. Probably also an n-dimensional hypercube if you wanted higher powers, but I won’t ask in case she breaks the fabric of reality again.

Also, I think I’ve answered eight asks today. How in tarnation is my inbox not clear???

I feel like at the end when Oliver was getting his much needed beverage and Digg said something to the effect of ‘Well my wife’s operating an illegal black site’, that Oliver really could have replied with ‘And my wife’s gone rogue with an underground super hacker organization.’ 

And then they exchange a look and throw their hands up in the air and shake their heads and say, ‘Those crazy girls of ours, god love ‘em’ And then the show ends on a freeze frame. 


On February 5th 1941 a young man was combing a beach in South Uist when he saw a ship in trouble and beginning to list, the captain fought a valiant struggle with the stormy sea to keep his ship on course but it was futile, his ship came to rest on sandbanks off the Isle of Eriskay where she began to flood.

This ship would go down in history and would arguably become the most famous shipwreck in the Hebridean islands primarily because of it’s cargo, amongst other things 260,000 bottles of whisky, the ships name? The SS  Politician.
Unfortunately as the ship had veered off course an incorrect location was given to the lifeboat crew on Barra. Local islanders were roused and they set forth in a sailing boat to offer assistance to the crew. The lifeboat finally reached the ship and all the crew were rescued.

When the locals learned from the crew exactly what the ship was carrying, a series of illegal salvage operations took place at night, before the customs and excise officials arrived. The islands supplies of whisky had dried up due to war-time rationing, so the islanders periodically helped themselves to some of the 260,000 bottles of whisky before winter weather broke up the ship. Boats came from as far away as Lewis as news of the whisky travelled across the Outer Hebrides. No islander regarded it as stealing, as for them the rules of salvage meant that once the bounty was in the sea, it was theirs to rescue.

This of course was not the view of the local customs officer, Charles McColl, who was incensed at the blatant thievery that was going on. Not a penny had been paid in duty for this whisky so Mr McColl whipped up a furore and made an official complaint to the police. Villages were raided and crofts were turned upside down. Bottles were hidden, secreted, or sometimes drunk in order to hide the evidence.

On 26 April at Lochmaddy Sheriff Court a group of men from Barra pleaded guilty to theft and were charged between three and five pounds. Mr McColl was furious at the leniency of the men’s sentences, but the police, being mainly locals themselves, were tired of the bothering the locals who had not, in their minds, done such a bad thing. However, Mr McColl continued his crusade against these illegal salvagers and some of the men were sentenced to up to six weeks in prison in Inverness and Peterhead.

Back at sea, the official salvage attempts were not going too well, and it was eventually decided to let the Politician remain where she was. Mr McColl, who had already estimated that the islanders had stolen 24,000 bottles of whisky, ensured that there would be no more temptation. He applied for, and was granted, permission to explode her hull and as one islander, Angus John Campbell, commented: “Dynamiting whisky. You wouldn’t think there’d be men in the world so crazy as that!”

In 1987 Donald MacPhee, a local South Uist man, found eight bottles of whisky in the wreck. He sold them at auction for £4,000.

The wreck of the SS Politician still lies off the coast of Eriskay, although it is below the water line as winter gales have destroyed the deck and cabins. In 1988 the island got its own ‘legitimate’ pub, named ‘Am Politician’.

The events surrounding this ship were immortalised in the “fictional” book and a year later film Whisky Galore. The pic of the bottle is an original salvaged from the wreck, it is on display in the pub on Eriskay, you can pick up decanted bottle for as little as £70, not bad for a piece of history.

Your dog bites me? I'll uncover your illegal operation.

(warning: long story)

This happened when I was 19, so about 5 years ago.

I was walking home from a friend’s house one morning and had my headphones in. He lived a bit out of town (we lived in a small town of 4,000 people).

As I was walking, I turned the corner to get onto the main road. I had a big ditch to the left of me, and a row of rundown houses to the right.

Then I see two dogs running towards me. I’m used to dogs running around here and looking for treats or to get pet.

Anyways, one dog quits running while the other, a boxer breed, runs towards me, he bites my ankle. He latches down f*cking hard. I scream out in pain, he drags me down into the ditch.

I fall on my back, look up and see this dog dive at my face. I kick him in the face, and jump up. There is a car honking at me that is trying to get me to get in.

I crawl up the ditch, dog bites my leg again. Kick it, then get to the car. Dog jumps up at me, I block it with my arm.

Now I have one bloody leg and one scratched up arm that is bleeding profusely.

I get into the car and land in the lap of two women.

I’m apologizing asking to be taken to the hospital. I’m a f*cking mess. One woman says my name and says we were classmates. I apologize that I don’t recognize her. They are coming home from church. I jumped into a car of Jehovah Witnesses.

The driver says he’s going to drive slowly past the place. We see the boxer dog run up to a house, a woman looking outside, checking to see if the coast is clear, and lets him inside.


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Mama peño! I'm dying for some mafia!Jumin or saeyoung hcs if you have the time?

~Okay! ^^ no problem! I can give you a bit of insight into their characters!


  • Extremely wealthy
  • His family owns many factories and other businesses such as restaurants, trucking etc.
  • Him and V grew up near each other and have been friends since they were children. Together they ran their little neighborhood block.
  • He had a lonely childhood before he met V. And he actually got bullied for his wealth by a lot of the other children, just out of pure jealousy and the fact that they thought he was weird.
  • The first time he met V, he had been in an alley with some of the other neighborhood kids. They were throwing rocks at cats and Jumin told them to stop, so they turned on him. They only got a punch or two in when V showed up out of nowhere and kicked their asses for him. They became fast friends after that.
  • Jumin didn’t find out about V’s family and their history of crime until they got a little older. V was too embarrassed to tell him, after seeing the way Jumin and his father operate with integrity. But Jumin didn’t judge him for it and that made their friendship even stronger.
  • He’s not a fan of hats, but you could normally find him in an expensive pin stripe suit.
  • He’s completely loyal to V, but he is not afraid to tell him when he is doing something foolish. This is why he is a great consigliere.
  • Nickname is ‘Dapper Don’ because he is always dressed to the nines
  • He always has the best cigars. And every time V calls on him, he brings him some as a gift. But V prefers to smoke from a pipe and never uses them. So he gives them to Saeyoung or other men in the outfit.


  • Feared by the men underneath him.
  • V took him in when he was very young. And he has been like a father figure to Saeyoung. 
  • Nickname is ‘The Mad Hatter’ because he is one of the most feared hit men in the area, and he does whatever it takes to get the job done.
  • If he comes around to collect your debt, you know you’re in deep shit.
  • Runs an illegal gambling operation in the basement of Zens club, and that’s where he spends most of his time. He loves to play cards.
  • You can usually find him wearing a hat and a black suit. When he is out and about he wears a long tan trench coat.
  • He has a soft spot for Yoosung, but still messes with him all the time. Everyone gets a kick out of seeing Saeyoung razzing him.
  • He took initiative to head the bootleg liquor operation, and V was incredibly proud of him. It was one of the first times he truly felt like he could take over and run things if he had to.
  • Never goes anywhere without at least one gun

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Hi there. I was just wondering if you ever thought of doing some pieces bringing GTA Buttons and Meg into becoming Associates, or of them discovering the Spceial vehicles?(namely Buttons finding the rocket voltic) Also, your lovely looking characters (specially Meg, birlliant look and attitude) helped me design a much better looking GTA character than I ever thoiught I would have. I'd show you a picture but Tumblr doesn't like linking stuff.

Thank you! <3 Meg not only owes an extermination company (which is a front to the crew’s shady doings) but she also runs several illegal operations (weed farm, passport fabrication and counterfeit $$$ printing) through her biker gang.
As far as the rocket car goes, I’m not sure how we would fit it in their business plans but I know Buttons would have a hell of a time with it. (I love rocket races!)
(That’s them at the Devil’s Cabbage Farm ->)

I know asks don’t allow sending pics but if you want you can send one through IM! I’ll take a look at it whenever I’m taking a break :)


Desert Wasp – An aggressive and territorial breed.  They are poisonous and only to be handled by professional trainers.

Tree Hugger – A large Flygon breed, this one is actually easily domesticated and can be very affectionate.  Still only recommended for higher level trainers due to their overwhelming strength.

Ballroom Dancer – An exclusively female breed, they are no longer strong flyers but are quite bulky and defensive.  Difficult to train and they need other Pokemon to connect with.

Scarlet Menace – A Flygon breed intended for combat and is no longer a strong flyer.  However, it’s hardened exo skeleton and scales make it incredibly durable and strong.  Very rarely found in the wild.

Solar Diety – Rare and solitary, this breed is said to be extremely powerful.  Capable of producing hot scales, this Pokemon breed is a bit slower than the regular Flygon purebred, but is extremely powerful.

Bahamut – Only fragments of files describing such a Pokemon have been found after cracking an illegal Pokemon splicing operation.  Cannot be traced to any source and further digging has yielded no results.  Report to authorities if spotted.