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What’s amazing about today’s attack in Jerusalem on IDF soldiers is that the entire world is talking about as if it’s an “out-of-the-blue terror attack” against “innocent and poor soldiers.” Yet these soldiers, no matter what their role is in the IDF, are all participating in, enforcing, and maintaining an illegal occupation which dehumanizes Palestinians everyday; they are culpable in these crimes and are not innocent in any way at all. Yet no one draw these connections. 

But when a Palestinian is shot dead, whether they were someone who carried out an attack or was someone simply walking down the street, no one even notices it, no matter how innocent they truly were. Even if the media talks about it, which it rarely does, they will talk about their killer – the IDF soldier – and not the victim. 

This contradiction is so apparent right now with how the media is handling, for example, everyone knows about Elor Azaria, the IDF soldier who executed a wounded Palestinian laying on the floor. Meanwhile, no one knows, cares, or thinks about Abed, the Palestinian Azaria executed in cold blood. Even in our death, we’re never the focus of our own story.


This Thanksgiving, on a day when millions of Americans are gathering with their families to honor the Indigenous people who helped the first European settlers survive their first winter, hundreds of water protectors from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe face another wave of brutality by Morton Country Sheriff’s department. The citizens of Standing Rock will go to honor their ancestors on their sovereign land, whose burial grounds have been desecrated by the illegal occupation and construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

This comes in the wake of continued violence perpetrated by Morton County police and Dakota Access’ private security forces when on Sunday, November 20th, 21 year old volunteer Sophia Wilansky, who was delivering water to the front lines, had her arm blown off by their concussion grenade. They also blasted hundreds of people who have traveled from around the world to support the efforts at Standing Rock with water cannons in sub-freezing, nighttime temperatures. Medics recorded 167 people suffered police-induced hypothermia. This incident has sparked international outcry and 500-1000 U.S. combat veterans, as well as members of the clergy and volunteer supporters, have come to Standing Rock to protect from these flagrant human rights violations by putting their bodies on the line.

Morton County Sheriff Kirchmeier continues to report false information and make unsubstantiated claims, calling unarmed Water Protectors “evil agitators” while his force is simultaneously attacking medics, media, women, youth, and elders who demonstrate near the drill site in peaceful prayer and ceremony.

Outrage across the country at these attacks have urged the Whitehouse and Department of Justice to intervene. This brutality must not be allowed to continue, especially on this day of giving thanks. That thanks should be directed towards celebrating the very Indigenous communities which, through struggles like this, have guaranteed the very water Americans are pouring at their dinner tables tonight.

#NoDAPL #WaterIsLife

—  The People For Bernie Sanders’ Facebook


16 February 2015 - IDF soldiers threw stun grenades and pepper sprayed protesters in the West Bank, Palestine. The Palestinian protesters were there to protest plans for the building of another of many illegal Israeli settlements in Palestine. This one would block of the connection from the West Bank to Jerusalem. 

Also, I hate the fake ‘neutral’ tone news media use. The truth isn’t in the middle here, Reuters. It isn’t 'a scuffle over disputed land’ or a 'geographically sensitive piece of land’, it’s Palestinian land being annexed by an occupying foreign army. Disgusting. [video]

anonymous asked:

I am sympathetic to the Palestinian people. However, I believe Israel has a right to exist. One day there will be peace, but it will not mean the destruction of Israel or Palestine. When there is peace, I would love to visit Gaza.

If Israel has the right to exist, does that give it the right to exist on other people’s expense? on their land? -after illegally occupying it and dehumanizing its civilians. Killing whoever opposes their illegal occupation. Spreading illegal settlements all over the stolen land like cancer. Building apartheid walls aim to  divide what is left of the land but claim it’s for their illegal settlements “protection” [Yeah, right! Thief in the house wants protection]. Do you think Israel has the right to do that to any country?!! I don’t mind, though, Israel has its own country and exist as long as it’s not by stealing other’s and claim it’s theirs [That’s absurd].

P.S, Palestine is already destructed by the Israeli entity (in case you’re oblivious).

Dear anon, you have to know that the last day of occupation is the first day of peace.


riverside oden carts #1 by kazu saito
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At 19:00 on 23 August 1989, approximately two million people from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania joined hands, forming a human chain from Tallinn through Riga to Vilnius, spanning 600 kilometres, or 430 miles. It was a peaceful protest against illegal Soviet occupation, and also one of the earliest and longest unbroken human chains in history.

(mostly british) kashmiri families are doing injustice to their children by not teaching them the truth about their heritage and identity and how they’re not pakistani but under illegal occupation by pakistan

by doing this they are then effectively facilitating pakistan’s continued erasure of the kashmiri identity

we need to keep kashmir alive, we need to fight for our independence and we can show that resistance by no longer identifying as pakistani because that’s what they want us to do, they want us to forget who they are so they can continue occupation of our land and the genocide of our people

teach your family, your siblings, your children and never let them forget that they’re kashmiri


CasaPound: arrested for defending Italians

Released under house arrest after the detainment, Simone di Stefano, Vice President of Casapound Italia and the mayoral candidate in the latest Capitoline elections, has made it clear that he was arrested for nothing but defending Italians facing economic difficulties: lady Laura and Massimo family who were evicted from their appartments in via del Colosseo.

Having symbolically barricaded from inside of the house, di Stefano and 15 (currently released) militants were no less symbolically pouring water and throwing flour at the police. However, the leader of the activists was accused of resistance to law enforcement and illegal occupation of the building. Hypocrisy of these charges is especially obvious given that the city administration headed by the 5 Stars movement, in particular, Daniel Frongia, Deputy Mayor of Rome, didn’t even show up to sort out the issue in spite of their initial promises.

“We did not come to steal; we came to prove that Italians do not give up in the face of injustice,” explained Simone di Stefano. “Neither will we abandon them in the future,” to sum up the message of his interview.

Freedom to Simone di Stefano, “house arrest” for the accounts of moneymakers in the government!


A Palestinian demonstrator runs towards and drags a fellow injured demonstrator after he was shot in the leg by Israeli security forces near the Jalazoun refugee camp, close to the illegal Jewish settlement of Bet El, in the West Bank on March 13, 2015.

The incident occurred during a march against Israel’s construction of Jewish-only settlements on occupied territory, which is illegal under international law.  

If anybody is offended by me mentioning the Palestinian struggle on the holocaust anniversary, I could really careless.
Muslim children are dying from this illegal occupation.


Palestinian women, children and men demonstrated in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh today against the occupation and illegal theft of their lands. The protest was met with a barrage of over a hundred tear gas canisters fired by Israeli soldiers. The village’s women and young children also faced down Israeli snipers, who were attempting to occupy earth mounds directly amidst the protesters 6 February 2015  . via TamimiPress

Cheney started an endless war and made Halliburton the beneficiary of billions in contracts.

Could you imagine a Democrat being ex-CEO of a military contractor, then starting an illegal occupation based on false intel, giving his former company billions?

Let’s not forget Cheney was former Secretary of Defense during Iraq War in 1991. He knew how wars made money for contractors.

A Palestinian woman places an olive tree branch and a Palestinian flag on a piece of land close to the illegal Israeli settlement of Ofra in the West Bank during a protest against Israel’s settlement expansion, on February 9, 2015.
According to the Israeli press, the country is preparing major expansions of the settlements of Kedumim, Vered Yericho, Neveh Tzuf and Emanuel.



I never post stuff unrelated to my art, but this is a really serious issue for me and the Korean citizens. There was a protest today in downtown Seoul which was brutally suppressed by the police. The above video shows South Korean police shooting water cannon and tear gas at a 69-year-old man who has already fallen down. Contrary to the South Korean police’s argument, the protest was previously announced and approved of. This was not an illegal occupation nor were there any violence involved. What was supposed to be a peaceful march turned into mayhem. The participants were protesting President Park’s recent policies one of which was the adoption of state-produced history textbooks. Other policies included allowing businesses to lay off employees more easily for the sake of “flexible labor market.” Korean Twitter is flooding with live feeds of the violent suppression of the protest in Gwanghwamun. None of the major South Korean press has covered this so far. 

BBC offers small coverage:

NYT offers some more details, but I don’t like how it mentions 2008 protests against the FTA and “mad cow disease.” It makes it sound like the citizens are “overreacting” to the government policies. The history textbook issue is a threat against sound democracy and the new labor law threatens many workers’ livelihood. And even if the citizens’ demands had little rational grounds, the police has no right to use violence or to deter their march.

Mind that the police aren’t “spraying water” over these people. They’re using water cannons that can deal a serious damage and high-concentrate tear gas. Water cannons should not even be shot directly at people. 

I take classes right near Gwanghwamun in Jonggak area and I’ve seen posters for this demonstration before. It was clearly announced and approved by the city. It is a shame that things like these are happening in a supposedly democratic country. The police violence and suppression have been escalating since Park took office. South Korean government should be ashamed.