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Yes, Romania is beautiful, but we can’t post images of our great castles or our breathtaking nature at this moment. Everything is in danger right now. The government of the PSD (the neo-communists) made corruption legal. It’s true, it’s great, would Trump say. But we’ve had our share of corruption. We’re done. We want transparency. We want to be a modern country. But now, those politicians want to legalize corruption and of course they are the ones who won’t end up in jail because of this new law. They steal our money and our lives. 

We, the people, can’t do anything about it, except this: protest and share our message with the world. We only want to live in this beautiful country with breathtaking nature and great cultural places, but without those corrupt and arrogant politicians. 

Please help us, and share. And Romanians: protest!

Caught You! | Moon Byul (Mamamoo)

Caught You! | Moon Byul (Mamamoo)

Word count: 4.2k
Warnings: mentions of strippers and prostitution, overstimulation, very brief mentions of guns
A/N: the song I was describing is the Coming Of Age Ceremony

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“Virunga” is such a powerful documentary that shows the hidden side of conflict in the Congo as SOCO try to illegally take over natural parks such as Virunga in order to mine and dig for oil. 

The documentary shows the life of those at the park who will not stand for their primate friends being destroyed for greed, and are willing to be killed too if it means they can try and save the animals.

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You can bet your ass Darth Vader made slavery illegal on Tatooine (naturally crime bosses such as Jabba ignored this law) but you can bet your ass he tried to free all the slaves

vadey poo don’t give no fucks about slaves. he murdered children with his tainted laser sword why da fuck would he suddenly be like “u know what im done murdering children let’s go free some mf slaves”
the empire even allowed slavery so I think anakin was long lost a long time ago. whether he knew about it I’m not sure but his precious empire definitely allowed slaves and he didn’t do shiiiiut

opium poppy - papaver somniferum

the desire to be gone is strong today, as everything feels as meaningless and forlorn as it did four years ago where it all should have ended originally but there always has to be a hero. the opiates won’t take the pain anymore, just make me gain weight and I wish memories could be erased from the brains of others, so they would not grieve. apparently the ugly moth has to learn, that all his pathetic attempts of flying with those beautiful butterflies will always end in devastation within its mind and heart. it’s all falling apart. again. not one friend. no one left to care. why carrying on for nothing. adieu, mon chéri

sorry about it. it’s just a bit messy in my mind right now, enjoy the poppy flower

68.  Supreme Court limits government’s ability to rescind citizenship; 6/22/17

“The U.S. Supreme Court narrowed the scope under which the federal government can strip naturalized Americans of their citizenship on Thursday, ruling that false statements made during the naturalization process had to be relevant to gaining citizenship in order to justify revoking it later.

“Justice Elena Kagan, writing for a unanimous Court in Maslenjuk v. United States, said that using small omissions or minor lies to denaturalize immigrants went beyond what Congress authorized. ‘The statute it passed, most naturally read, strips a person of citizenship not when she committed any illegal act during the naturalization process, but only when that act played some role in her naturalization,’ she wrote.”