illegal music use

The World We Live In

An Astrological and Numerological Point of View

Currently the world is dawning on the age of Aquarius, leaving the age of Pisces. Technology is relatively new, social media is relatively very new. We are now able to gain access to so much more information, current events and talk to people across the globe. With that, comes the rebellious that Aquarius brings - from illegally downloading music to using social media as a way of protesting against those we never would’ve been able to before, the underdogs are getting their voice heard. Yes, this has happened before, but nowhere near the amounts that is happening right now. 

If you think about, in a way, the internet is almost equal. Those with an internet connection and an account to whatever can have their voice heard. Those that don’t have internet, have others vocalising for them. The world right now demands change. 

However, we are still leaving Pisces. Not that Pisces was bad by any means but it is what gave us such strong religious ties, causing a lot of mess nowadays - Aquarius aims to unite all religions. It also gave everyone the ability to dream amazing dreams. Albeit, they could be unrealistic, i.e. ‘The American Dream.’. It brought about intuitiveness and richness too! The Pisces age should be dubbed 'The Roller Coaster Age’ if you ask me.  Extremes of feeling and passion. Most of all sensitivity, which comes with its own strengths and weaknesses. A sensitivity, that still lingers with us today.

We also live on planet Earth, a constant and forceful energy that affects us everyday. Almost collectively, we aim and want others to be grounded, humble, down-to-earth. The opposites seen as undesirable and bad. We have invented money, created as way of bargaining and trading - this of course, exists because we are stuck on the earthly plane forever tempted to the material. Essentially, money is what makes the world go around. 

Earth is the third planet after the sun. It is why we are also so concerned with the social aspect of life, even for introverts. Human nature doesn’t allow us to live alone forever without debilitating consequences. 3 is creativity and liveliness, it’s shadow, chaos and agitation. 

Right now, it is 2015, this year equals 8. I expect to see a lot of harm but hopefully a lot of growth and development from this year.