illegal market

The Signs at the Library:

Aries: Stalking the aisles upstairs and clotheslining unaware guests. There are signs warning you about them. 

Taurus: Teaching several small children about phonics. They know nothing about phonics, they thought the seminar was about phones.

Gemini: At the best part of their book, they weep loudly.

Cancer: Drunk.

Leo: Hoarded several snacks and pillows under a worktable and now lies in their nest reading something. Security attempts to dislodge them despite the fact that they really are not bothering anyone.

Virgo: Conducting an impromptu erotica table reading/workshop.

Libra: Attending the weekly watercolor classes to show those 4th graders who’s boss.

Scorpio: Currently engrossed in “An Illustrated Guide to the Plants of New England”. They think its a manga.

Ophiuchus: Dueling, but quietly as not to disturb the other patrons.

Sagittarius: Running the illegal black market library from the bathroom.

Capricorn: Proudly wielding the book club.

Aquarius: In the middle of solving the library labyrinth. They are stuck on the marble puzzle in the clock tower.

Pisces: Impersonating a librarian to lead patrons astray.


Hey @sixpenceee! A while ago, I made you a post about an all-white temple with pretty scary design from Thailand. Well, it seems like my home country has a thing for creepy temple, because they also built an all-black temple. Actually, it’s more of a museum, also known as the “baandam museum” or “Black House Museum”. I’m not a 100% sure, but I think this is it’s story: once an illegal wood black market was caught. The wood they sold was Teck or some very expensive wood. The governement didn’t know what to do with the wood and the citizens didn’t want the governement to sell the wood and use money for corruption, so an artist asked for the wood in exchange, he’d build something for the population. The result in shown in the images and look quite satanic. The huge skeleton you see on one of the picture is from an elephant. All skins and skulls and bones are real. Hope you enjoy! 

(all pictures by my brother and I).

The Signs at the Library:

Aries: Stalking the aisles upstairs and clotheslining unaware guests. There are signs warning you about them.

Taurus: Teaching several small children about phonics. They know nothing about phonics, they thought the seminar was about phones.

Gemini: At the best part of their book, they weep loudly.

Cancer: Drunk.

Leo: Hoarded several snacks and pillows under a worktable and now lies in their nest reading something. Security attempts to dislodge them despite the fact that they really are not bothering anyone.

Virgo: Conducting an impromptu erotica table reading/workshop.

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willowlefay  asked:

(1/2) I'm writing a steampunk novel, in which machines are fueled with cryptid blood: cryptids could be found in different parts of the world but while once they were very rare, after the properties of their blood were discovered in the XVIII century they became breeding stock. A century later is clear that their very existence pollutes the air, that many people are born with various deformities and/or psychic abilities because poor people used to eat cryptid flesh, (continue)

(2/2) and that a massive presence of these creatures causes time and space to stretch and bend, making communications and travels nearly impossible in those areas where they were bred. But since “every cloud has a silver lining”, now witchcraft is easier to practise, since the boundaries between this world and the otherworld can be crossed more easely. Now, my question is very simple: does it all make sense? How do I check it? Do you have any observation or advice? Thank you <3


Wow okay, this is a really interesting and unusual concept! 

The pylons and I agreed that your idea makes sense and seems pretty balanced. However, it’s clearly such a nuanced and complex situation, so you’re getting a question-spam! We hope that these questions help you! If you have any follow-up questions or want clarification on anything said, let us know. 

@constablewrites suggested that cryptid is a somewhat odd word to use for these creatures, as it refers to a creature whose existence can’t really be proven or disproven. Though it’s possible the word has evolved in your world, keep in mind that readers might have a distinct idea of what a cryptid is and not appreciate your bending the word, or be unable to get over the feeling that it’s not quite right. 

Also, what if the cryptids come from the other world and are able to cross over (at least conditionally), that being the reason why they thin the boundaries between the worlds? 

Question bomb below the cut!

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Undeniable - Eisuke Ichinomiya (Part 1)

I had the idea for this after rereading Eisuke’s Main Story Happy Ending. This will be a three-part story.

I hope you enjoy this little mini-series!
Feedback is greatly appreciated!


      Two men stood before her. Each holding a different future. The road of her life depended on which man she chose.

      One path held simplicity; coming home late from work, collapsing into each other’s arms, snuggling on the couch whilst watching a random movie the two had decided on. It meant reliability, dedication. Calmness in knowing that their lover needed them and only them, never wanting to stray. This path would lead to a predictable and common life - dating, getting engaged, then married, having a child or two, raising them, experiencing the ups and downs of life together, but never faltering too much because the warm love of their partner kept them going. Then perhaps retiring, living out the rest of their days in their now-empty household, not minding it so much because they still had each other.

      She could see the entire plan of their future together. It was happy and normal and sweet. And then there was the alternate option.

      A life with this man would consist of glamour and extravagance; parties, mingling with millionaires clad in suits and dresses whose price tags had more digits than a zip code. Riding in limosuines, drinking only the best champagne. Years of attending illegal, black market auctions flashed before your eyes. And beyond that…you couldn’t tell what the future would hold. With the other man, a loving home filled with children was practically a given, but would this man even want a child? Nothing was set in stone. This path held luxury, excitement, but also so much mystery. A life with him would be exhilarating, but security was not assured.

      Unlike the other man, she hadn’t a clue what her life would become. She could only predict the near future, what about when she was old and her time on earth was almost up? Would she have achieved anything? Would she have had the things that her younger self had dreamed of; a loving husband, having kids, standing side by side and facing life together? She didn’t know. She had no way of telling what this enigmatic man would give her in life. His world was bold, fast-paced, hectic. By choosing him she would surely be taking a gamble. Could she actually handle all that entailed?

      Tearing her away from her imagination, one of the two spoke, “_______. Choose.” He demanded.

      “This is a big decision. Let her take her time.” The other said gently. Before she even knew her mouth had opened, the words abruptly slipped out.

      “I choose Takahiro.”

      The two men stared at her. Both of their mouths dropped in surprise, although one soon formed a smile. With a slow motion, giving her time to pull away in she so wished, he softly took her arm and pulled her close, into his chest. The formally-dressed male continued to stare at her, almost refusing to believe her decision. However, he quickly composed himself, turning his expression back to its usual stony one. After the brief hug, she turned her attention to him.

      “Eisuke, I-”

      “It’s fine. I said it was your choice, and you’ve made it. I hope you two are happy together.” He said in an almost monotonous tone, although there was a hint of coldness that lingered just beneath the surface. That same chill seemed to seep into her body, right to the heart, giving it a painful throb when the CEO turned on his heel and quickly walked back towards the brilliant hotel.

      Tears began to gather in the woman’s eyes. She knew more than anything that she loved the man who was beginning to disappear from her sight, as well as from her life. However, she had opted to think with her brain rather than her heart, and she chose the man who could provide a safer, simpler, and more loving lifestyle.

      Takahiro smiled at her, she erased her tears and smiled back, trying to hone in on the light feelings she held for him, and in turn forcing the love for Eisuke back in the recesses of her mind. She would grow to love him, she was sure. After all, he was a fantastic guy. And he led her to his home, arm around her shoulder, where they shared a sweet night together. All the while with _______ pushing down her feelings for the remarkable hotel owner.


Thanks for reading!
Part 2 coming very soon!

anonymous asked:

If you're still taking prompts, what about Graves taking Credence to get a wand? You write him being such a nice sugar daddy in your fic. I want to know your thoughts for the wand too =D

This might not be EXACTLY what you are imagining, but @martythegirl and I brainstormed up some pretty specific things.

First, her wonderful illustration:

Now, I think a lot of JKR’s ideas are just Bad. The idea that wands make magic users better and America needed English people to come teach ~real magic~ with ~wands~ but then witches and wizards are demonstrated to be Incredibly Powerful by having them use wandless magic is… nonsensical.

Also it’s just really racist? The idea that NO ONE ELSE ON THE PLANET (except white Western Europeans) was using any sort of magic-infused item to aid in the casting and use of magic is just incredibly false and Bad.

And ANOTHER THING, it’s obvious that wands can be made from things beyond just the limited list that is available in the extra-canonical sources JKR has provided. Even Picquery’s wand has a core that’s technically unapproved/possibly illegal in America. And since it’s America, I figure if wands are supposed to be licensed and highly regulated by MACUSA and this is some kind of gun control metaphor with heavily racist overtones, then there’s got to be a market for illegal and unregistered wands.

I wanted the wand that Credence would eventually possess to reflect something DEEPLY North American but also sort of dark and terrifying and taboo. Something that is outside MACUSA’s laws and honestly sort of scary to anyone with sense. 

Therefore the wand is Maple with a Wendigo tooth core. :)

And this is set about a year after “In a City, Reconstructed.” It’s more “I love you so I’m going to track down someone I arrested for illegal wandmaking and threaten him into giving you a wand” than “Baby boy, let me buy you something nice.”

Alexander Running Deer sits beneath the bare limbs of the Ash outside his home. He moved to the Dakotas specifically to stay away from other people — magical or not — so he frowns when he sees four figures walking up the road to his home. Coyote, who dozes with her head on his ankles, glares at him when he moves.

Alex picks up his walking stick and hoists himself to his feet.

He does not plan to have visitors. Not now. Not ever.

Especially not in the winter.

“Go away!” he shouts at them.

Three of the four strangers stop walking, but the third does not.

“We’re here to buy,” the man says.

As he gets closer, he begins to look familiar.

“Well, I ain’t selling!” Alex shouts.

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jessie2289  asked:

Hey I'm mobile is slavery tag up for updates soon?😙

last update was 5 months ago so yeah

Collateral by BRBChurch (1/1 | 3,786 | NC17)

In a shady underground business, there’s a beast who is kept for disposing of… disloyal cliental. A boy who made a bad business deal starts refusing to make payments. He gets thrown to the beast.

The beast has some fun.

Alpha’s Slave by SterekMad269 (5/? | 4,606 | R)

Derek gets a new slave because his pack thinks he needs someone to help him in his house. But Derek does not know what to do with a human nor does he want one.

For the First Time by Decemberangel (1/1 | 10,758 | NR)

In a world where werewolves are slaves, sold and bought in underground markets, they are abused in every sense of the word. Stiles is a wealthy and talented lawyer who has spent his entire career fighting to make the slavery, buying and selling of werewolves illegal. When he goes to finish fighting for the freedom of werewolves in Alaska, he’s asked to go undercover to help bust an illegal black market auction. He thinks it’s just another raid but ends up getting a little more than he bargained for when he finds and frees his mate.

Light in the darkness by Amare_fanfic2000 (1/1 | 2,618 | R)

Derek is a roman officer in a war camp. After spending years doing the same work and rejecting the slaves his uncle forces upon him Derek gives in. Something about this slave makes him give in. But is that a good thing?

Terrible at summaries! - sorry

No More Play by FairyNiamh (1/1 | 3,390 | NC17)

Stiles never expected this, ever. (READ THE TAGS!) 

Black Tie Affair ft. T.O.P

Genre: Gangster au! angst later

Word Count: 2,224

Pairing: ReaderXT.O.P

A/U— My loves I hope you like this official first part of this most likely 2-3 part series! I’m really going to miss my Tabi oppa I’m not going to lie guys. So this is me coping with his enlistment.

Originally posted by affectaed

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So this is Martin Shkreli, the guy who decided that that his pill was worth 750 dollars.

People use this situation as a criticism of the free market, or spooky capitalism. The argument typically goes “the rich people will aquire all the resources and keep them from you unless you’re also rich”

This guy is only able to get away with this because the state issues patents, recognizes copyright, and enforces intellectual property laws. That means that his medicine (the proportions and portions of the chemical make-up of his medication) are protected by a US Patent. The government will use force of violence against you if you try to make your own medicine. That is why he can hike the price, because there is no competition, and creating competitive options in this market is illegal. The state forces monopolies upon us, a society of free peoples would be able to make its own medicine in whatever capacity they damn well please.

Markets don’t issue patents, markets don’t create laws that guarantee monopolies for big pharma. The state does, the state is why we can’t afford medical care.

Facebook Marketplace just opened  — and illegal shit is already going down

Facebook launched Marketplace this week, its answer to Craigslist, for iOS and Android. Just hours into the launch, it’s become a black market as chaotic and lawless as a Dark Net forum. Facebook’s commerce policy is clear about what’s banned from online sales, but the illegal items for sale clearly defy its regulations.

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me: dude calvin coolidge had a pet raccoon in the white house

he: ya i know. i know most raccoon trivia.

me: what about this

he: that is not a regular trash panda, you cannot fool me

me: look at it just look

my name is panda

do not confuse

with trashy panda

in the news

i secret panda

red fur so rich

and sveltest figure

i classy bitch

he: yes is panda, but is not real TRASH PANDA. has not adapted to new world. lazy and unresourceful soon to be extinct wild panda.

wild panda sleeps, chills, and plays all day in wooden suburbia.

trash panda evolve, adapt, grow smarter, integrate into new economy.

trash panda toils, accrues skills and capital, and creates smart pandas in inner city

trash panda do math

trash panda attend society events

contrast with wild pandas, who engage in white collar crime and illegal market manipulation

vote for trash panda

josieandthepussycatsofficial  asked:

so i know you're anti-gun restrictions, and i am too, but i always get tripped up when people ask about school shootings (or other kinds of public shootings) in places where they got the guns legally. what would your response be to that in a hypothetical like, friendly debate on gun control?

I like the idea of background checks but frankly, no, I don’t think things like that are 100% preventable by pretty much any means. Whether you look for a history of violence, or radical ideology (which will absolutely include the left), etc, any way you cut it you will miss someone. And those you reject can find other means of buying a gun, though doing it illegally is difficult and often requires access to illegal gun markets you’d only have access to unless you already were a criminal or knew a lot of them, or just lived close to an area where there’s a lot of, say, gang violence carried out with illegal guns.

Having cut domestic abusers from gun access, as has already been done, I think is a good step to address violent misogynists when there are protections to ensure people aren’t being wrongfully convicted; these men comprise a massive portion of that violence since much of it is violence against women. But I won’t lie and say I think that gun violence is totally avoidable in a country where you have guns. I think you can either have them available, or not have them available, and since there are already more guns in the US than people, I think it’s safe to say there is no real return to a mythical pre-gun era. You address the social causes of violence to limit it, and I think there’s a lot in American culture that is fundamentally violent. But I also don’t believe in some fantasy where you can have average citizens able to buy guns while knowing for certain or even close to certain that there will never be misuse of them. It’s a risk that just has to be taken.

There are measures that could address screening people better but all have downsides as well as upsides. Check ideological backgrounds? That allows the FBI to determine who is too far left or right, even if they have no history of violence, and I of course do not trust the FBI to do that. Screen for mental health issues? That cuts out many people who, again, have no violent tendencies and are more likely to be victims of violence than to perpetrate it, many of whom are no danger to themselves or others, plus you set up a system that employers could gain access to. There are not many “common sense” gun violence solutions and it is more complicated than most want to admit.


CEO!Im JaebumxReader
Words: 5k
Angst and full of lies

Originally posted by markificent

The most powerful man in Seoul, South Korea, was putty in my hands. I watched as he walked into his house, setting his briefcase down when he looked up, seeing me sitting on his couch with a glass of chilled wine. He looked around the house, his eyes full of alarm.

“Calm down, your wife went out with the baby,” I assured, seeing him let out a breath of relief before turning back to me.

“I’ve told you to be careful when you come over. My wife could see you and this could end horribly wrong! I have to keep up with my reputation.” Jaebum shook his head.

“Wouldn’t it be such a shame if people found out that multi-billionaire Im Jaebum, the man who has a perfect wife, a beautiful child, the biggest and most expensive house in Seoul and owns more businesses than anyone can ever imagine, was actually cheating on his perfect wife with some random lady that nobody even knows. A lady who has him wrapped around her and has him in a snap of her fingers? Plus, he cons business out of their own money just to make that extra million.”

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@teary-eyed-circle-of-friendship i want to inform you that last night i somehow dreamed about a Far West + Saint Seiya 12 Houses AU … i can’t remember much of it, but Saga had a sugarcane plantation and managed an illegal slave trade market, and Camus and Hyoga participated into a “pistols at dawn” type duel..
It was fairly weird.