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Hey @sixpenceee! A while ago, I made you a post about an all-white temple with pretty scary design from Thailand. Well, it seems like my home country has a thing for creepy temple, because they also built an all-black temple. Actually, it’s more of a museum, also known as the “baandam museum” or “Black House Museum”. I’m not a 100% sure, but I think this is it’s story: once an illegal wood black market was caught. The wood they sold was Teck or some very expensive wood. The governement didn’t know what to do with the wood and the citizens didn’t want the governement to sell the wood and use money for corruption, so an artist asked for the wood in exchange, he’d build something for the population. The result in shown in the images and look quite satanic. The huge skeleton you see on one of the picture is from an elephant. All skins and skulls and bones are real. Hope you enjoy! 

(all pictures by my brother and I).

Pasar is one of two baby slow lorises kidnapped by illegal pet traders to be sold at Jakarta animal markets. The pair are recovering at the International Animal Rescue sanctuary in Ciapus, Java

Photograph: International Animal Rescue/Barcroft Images

Sorry, Queenie Cult, but Henry SWAN very much does exist.

It isn’t our fault Regina is so despicable. His adoption was an illegal one. Black market. That much was made abundantly clear. She’s quoted as saying “I need someone to cut through the red tape.” to Gold in the episode “Save Henry”. Proof that she believed her precious snowflake ass didn’t have to, and wasn’t going to, go through the same adoption process that every other hopeful parent on the damn planet has to, i.e. home visits, interviews, etc. Take the fantasy aspect away and present all of her crimes committed in this world to a judge (corruption, multiple accounts of murder, framing someone for murder, multiple accounts of sexual assault, child abuse, neglect etc), she’d not only be declared an unfit mother in under thirty seconds, but rightfully locked up as well.

It isn’t our fault Henry is generally happier and more well adjusted with Emma, the better mom he went LOOKING FOR after suffering years of psychological abuse, his maternal grandparents, and his soon to be stepfather.

And it certainly isn’t our fault that your beloved queen is a sociopathic, tyrannical, narcissistic, bloodthirsty, mass murdering, usurping, rapist, sex slave keeping, morally bankrupt war criminal who has no business being anywhere near innocent children (much less be anyone’s mother) because she either sends them to a cannibal witch as a means to her own sick and twisted ends (Hansel & Gretel), has them TRAFFICKED to her because she’s bored with the successful outcome of her own agency robbing crime and feels entitled (Henry), or outright fucking orphans them for rejecting her (Owen).

Negan and Cersei Lannister would be put off by her (and I don’t even watch Game of Thrones!).

Henry is Emma Swan’s boy, through and through. He’s good because of her positive influence in his life, and in spite of Regina’s.

Oh, and FYI, there’s no “hatred of women” or “anti adoption” sentiments going on here either. I simply despise tyrants, be they male or female. I despise when they’re coddled by a narrative. And Regina is the picture definition of a coddled tyrant.



Facebook Marketplace just opened  — and illegal shit is already going down

Facebook launched Marketplace this week, its answer to Craigslist, for iOS and Android. Just hours into the launch, it’s become a black market as chaotic and lawless as a Dark Net forum. Facebook’s commerce policy is clear about what’s banned from online sales, but the illegal items for sale clearly defy its regulations.

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Okay for some reason my post on the FMS Northern Star goddamn exploded so here’s some more stuff that FO4 could have made something awesome out of but left to waste.

And it’s more stuff that involves ghouls! *jazz hands*

So from what we hear the Triggermen were pre-war mafia families that survived the war and got turned into ghouls so they kept up their traditions. You do a few quests running drugs for them and you meet Skinny Malone when you rescue Nick but that’s about it. Naturally, FO4 could have done waaay more with this.

See, here’s the thing; organized crime needs a society to feed off. What’s the point of being a criminal when there’s no authority, currency, or available market? Current illegal trades are now worthless, legal, or are things ordinary raiders do. Sure you can keep robbing people but there’s a difference between stealing gold from a bank and taking cans of cram from a starving family. So I can just imagine some ghoul mobsters poking their heads out of the ground and going, “Uh, now what?”

Cut to 200+ years later when you show up. Instead of generic mobsters the Triggermen have, ironically, turned themselves into a totally legitimate drug manufacturing business. You meet the original ghoul Don and he tells you the story about how they had to learn to farm the raw materials, process it, manufacture the needles/inhalers, and then advertise their product. (”My old made-man is overseeing a farm west of here. Killed ten men with his bare hands before the war and now he’s the happiest farmer I’ve ever seen. Fucking weird.”)

Then of course you have gang warfare! One group has gone off to become bounty-hunters and assassins that insist on neutrality. Another splits off to become something like the Gunners (or are the Gunners) who do all the shady shit because fuck going ‘legit’. Tensions are flaring between gangs because one wants to trade with the BOS while another is suspected to have been infiltrated by synths, there’s coups and inside-gang violence, and Hancock is trying hard to ensure that Goodneighbor doesn’t become a warzone and even he is at risk at being offed.

What about you? You wanna join a gang? Okay! You wanna become the Don of that gang? Sure, if you’re willing to do the dirty work. Then you can rob people, kill off traders, assassinate people (like Hancock, you monster), be a bounty hunter, run the Combat Zone or Easy City Downs … or run a perfectly legit drug business. Unlike Nuka-World you’ve got the option of being a harsh-but-fair leader or such a total psychopath that your own men want you dead. 

I’d make another list of quest ideas but honestly the possibilities are endless.


Author: bleep0bleep

Summary: Stiles wakes up and suddenly the war is over, he’s no longer a penniless mage, and living in an exquisite manor married to the man he’s been in love with for far too long.

“It’ll be fine,” Stiles says gallantly. “I am certain I will just fall in love with my husband all over again, and I will find plenty of joy doing that.” He winks at Derek for good measure.
Derek blinks.

Info: 23k | Teen and Up | Historical AU, Amnesia, Magic!Stiles

Notes: This fic has all my favorite tropes! Historical AU with magic!Stiles and even some temporary amnesia in the middle. Just two dumb boys in love with a lot of misunderstandings and fluff in the middle. So worth the read! -C

Sneak Peek:

And sleeping on a chaise lounge, is Derek Hale.

Lord Derek Hale, the youngest member of the Senate, who Stiles met when the Mage’s Guild declared his new energy renewal potions illegal to market, who voted against Stiles’ appeal and publicly spoke out on it. Hale is widely regarded as the most handsome (Stiles has no argument against that) and most eligible bachelor in the Capitol, but he is quite possibly the most infuriating person Stiles has ever met.

The time Stiles spent trying to get Lord Hale to change his position were the most frustrating and thrilling months of his life— he spent every day arguing with Hale, getting his work challenged and going home and researching more and reworking his potions. By the end of it all, the work Stiles put into improving the potion made it much more effective and also removed the side effect of the energy crash as well.

In that time Stiles learned way more about politics than he wanted to and found that his newest favorite thing was to argue with Lord Hale. He never felt more alive, never found someone whose dry humor he enjoyed teasing so thoroughly. Derek ended up consulting with Stiles about a few new bills on the table in the Senate, and they ended up working together, researching long hours into the night.


look i’m just glad they didn’t have any of that illegal maggot cheese

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hello! do you think you could do some headcanons about being friends with luffy, sanji and nami? thank you!

Could you please write friendship hcs for Koala, Pudding and Carrot please? These ladies need more love, ty ♡



  • oh my god Luffy
  • will lay down his life for you
  • grabs you at the most ridiculous moments and runs off into adventure with you
  • comes and goes into your house as he pleases
  • insults your other friends and family if he doesnt like them or finds weird things about them
  • steals your food
  • you are the kind of friends that make shenanigans at 1 o’clock in the morning at the local market, with illegally racing against each other in shopping carts


  • such a sweet friend who cares so much for your wellbeing
  • bakes sweets extra for you
  • you can call him up at 3 am in the morning, he’ll be there for you
  • tries to get you to be his wingman
  • I believe he would sometimes dress you up
  • You watch chickflicks, romcoms, and tragic romances together
  • And watch the respective tv shows
  • You have to kill all the bugs for him
  • will do everything in his power to win you that goddamn giant teddy bear at the goddamn shooting range of the goddamn funfair


  • she knows how she can get you stuff
  • you first thought that she was a bossy bitch until she helped you out of a bad situation, since then you’re bffs 
  • you probably have to keep her from shoplifting
  • Will beat you up whenever you fool around
  • Do not try to scare her with bugs or something, she will beat you up
  • Has so much faith in you and your abilities
  • will bribe and deal with other people so she can get you two an exclusive night at the theater or at the ice rink


  • protective friend
  • you’re the ‘solving crimes and mysteries’ friends 
  • the reason you haven’t failed all your classes yet
  • “(Name) I swear to god, if you don’t study now, I’m gonna shove those books up your-”
  • go to bookclubs together and discuss a great book the both of you were reading at the moment
  • gives really great advice
  • beats up everybody who makes fun of you
  • SUPER CUDDLY, will squeal and tackle hug you


  • super sweet mom friend
  • will feed you with sweets
  • always worried abou you
  • “(Name), buckle up, please.”
  • her mama mode is always on
  • She’s pretty honest tho
  • “Pudding, do you like my shirt?”
  • “Ehhhh…”
  • “Nevermind.”
  • You two would walk down the streets arm in arm, with shopping bags


  • another crazy friend
  • *dragging you at your arm* “(NAME) WE HAVE TO GO RIGHT THERE!”
  • sends you pics of the monthly meme 24/7
  • all the activities she’s suggesting are outdoor sports
  • Hiking and then campign? Greeeeeeeat idea, Carrot, ha ha…ha
  • you wear matching outfits a lot
  • Will kill you when you still her food but steals your food herself
  • she’s as fast as Zoro, when she senses danger she will take you and push you behind her so she can protect you

Antisemitism during the Civil War — U.S. Grant and General Order No. 11,

In 1862, Ulysses S. Grant was a Major General, tasked with commanding Union forces in what was then the Department of Tennessee, a military district which included Tennessee, Kentucky, Southern Illinois, and Northern Mississippi.  One issue that constantly confounded Grant’s administration of the district was the illegal black market trade of cotton, a good which the Union heavily restricted in an effort to damage the southern economy.  Grant came to the conclusion that the cotton was primarily being operated by Jews living within the district.  In a very iron handed effort to staunch the illegal cotton trade, Grant issued General Order No. 11 on December 8th, 1862, which decreed the expulsion of all Jews living withing the Department of Tennessee.  Under the supervision of the Union Army, all Jews were to be given 24 hours to gather and pack their things, after which they were to be escorted under guard off the territory.

Incredibly, little of Grant’s order was carried out and enacted, and the savior of Tennessee’s Jews would be a most unlikely person; General Nathan Bedford Forrest (pictured above, right), famed Confederate cavalry commander and infamous founder of the Ku Klux Klan.  At the same time that Grant issued General Order No. 11, Forrest conducted a daring cavalry raid in which he cut all of the telegraph lines and destroyed the railroad lines leading to Grant’s headquarters in Mississippi, inadvertently preventing the communication of General Order No.11 from spreading throughout the district.  As a result, most of the regional commanders failed to receive the message, and most of the Jews living within the Department of Tennessee were left untouched by the order.

However, there were some Jews who were rounded and expelled, especially those living in Kentucky.  One Jewish man, a Kentuckian named Cesar Kaskel, gathered together a delegation of Jews who were able to arrange a direct audience with President Abraham Lincoln himself.  When Lincoln learned of the Order, he revoked it immediately. After the Civil War Grant’s General Order No. 11 became more widely known when he ran for President in 1868.  He often excused his actions, claiming that it was an assistant who drew up and enacted the order without his full knowledge.  Later he would apologize for the order, making amends by dedicating the Addas Israel Synagogue in Washington D.C.  However the order haunted Grant throughout his political career.  Regardless, Grant won the Presidency twice, securing most of the Jewish vote during both elections.

Dishonored 2 - Premium Collector’s Edition - PlayStation 4


  • Pre-order bonus offer: For a limited time only, pre-order Dishonored 2 and receive a free digital copy of Dishonored: Definitive Edition. Pre-order bonus offer will extend to all existing pre-orders. Codes will be packed in game. 
  • Imperial Assassin’s Pack: Pre-order to receive the bonus pack, including:
  • Bonecharms (Duelist’s Luck: Bullet packs have an increased chance of holding one more bullet, and Void Favor - Supernatural powers have an increased chance of consuming no mana)
  • Lore Book: A Musician’s Farewell
  • Pack also features: Antique Serkonan Guitar, and 500 coins to use in illegal black market shops
  • Corvo Attano’s Mask Replica and Stand. This recreation of Corvo’s in-game mask stands at 13.5" (H) x 6" (W) x 5.5" (D).
  • Emily Kaldwin’s Ring Replica and Display Box. This wearable replica of Emily’s ring is constructed of zinc alloy and includes a premium, embossed black ring box with purple velvet inner lining. Full Color Propaganda Poster Print. This limited edition full color print is issued by the infamous Propaganda Office of Karnaca.
  • Collectible ‘Legacy’ Metal Case. Exclusive to the Dishonored 2 Collector’s Edition, the limited-edition metal case is decorated with the portraits of Empress Emily Kaldwin and Royal Protector Corvo Attano.
  • Digital Imperial Assassin’s Pack. Earn exclusive bonecharms like Duelist’s Luck and Void Favor. Discover new lore and art including an Antique Serkonan Guitar and the book Goodbye, Karnaca - A Musician’s Farewall. The Imperial Assassin’s Pack also includes 500 coins to acquire new gear and weapons within Karnaca’s illegal black market shops.
  • Dishonored: Definitive Edition. This premium package will also include a digital copy of Dishonored: Definitive Edition. Remastered for this generation of consoles, the Definitive Edition includes the original critically-acclaimed game in the Dishonored series which won more than 100 'Game of the Year’ Awards plus all of its add-on content: Void Walker’s Arsenal, Dunwall City Trials, The Knife of Dunwall and The Brigmore Witches.

By Bethesda | Available for pre-order via Amazon (Release date: November 11, 2016)

The U.S. Founding Fathers taught that liberty is almost never taken all at once; it happens slowly and incrementally. This means that the task of safe-guarding liberty is about recognizing patterns of behavior and the reasoning behind them, not avoiding some grand law that entirely takes away some particular right in one felt swoop. In light of this fact, let us briefly consider the gun control debate. Today’s advocates of ever increasing gun control  state what their objective is: to stop tragedies such as this (referring to U.S. mass shootings).  Now if the objective of this continual demand for new laws is to prevent such tragedies, the demand for new laws may in principle continue for as long as the problem continues. At each stage advocates  proclaim  “All we are asking for is X”.  But that is all they are asking for now.   As horrific shooting tragedies continue despite their efforts (maybe  or maybe not with the same weapons due to an expanded illegal market) they will demand even more “action”, and with the exact same moral justification: we cannot witness these crimes and do nothing. 

 It is similar to the economic Progressive who  claims that he does not want to raise taxes to an oppressive extent, but  his pursuit of his goal of social justice always leads him another step further  every time his ideal world does not materialize.