illegal immigrantion

So much hate messages in so little amount of time...tumblr you are a consistent aren't you?

I’m going to say one time so you don’t waste your time arguing with me all night: 

Racial profiling by the FBI, CIA or a law enforcement agency? It’s statistics. I’m not saying all Muslims terrorists, but its funny how all terrorists or, at least, a VAST majority…tend to be Muslim. I’m not saying all blacks and Latinos are in gangs, but its funny how a good majority of gangs are made of blacks and Latinos. I’m not saying all white people are in the mafia, but its funny how a good majority of the mafia in the big cities are made up of white people (particularly of Italian and Irish decent. Finally, I’m not saying all Latinos are ILLEGAL immigrants, but its funny how a VAST majority of ILLEGAL immigrants are LATINO. 

While you all bitch and moan about Alabama’s law being “racist” and “bigoted” Alabama is going to be one of the few states actually trying to fight ILLEGAL immigration. As for the racial profiling aspect of it, please tell me a better way to find criminals. Please enlighten me to a way that we can find a suspect(s) FASTER than by first singling out which race he or she is? Doesn’t that narrow it down the fastest, the easiest? Sorry to piss you off but I’d MUCH rather we own up to racial profiling and stop with all this “I don’t want to offend anyone” bullshit than search Granny Crocket in an airport when Mohammad is standing right behind her. Tell me. Reading that scenario: which one is more likely to be the terrorist who is trying to kill you SIMPLY for being an American? You’re right. It is Granny Crocket. 

Was just scrolling through my dash and saw something that said something like "I support the immigrant who waited in line not the one who broke the law."

Fucking really?

I supported the Jew who waited in the camp, not the one who broke the law and hid or ran the fuck away.

When talking about “the law”, how about you really think about what it means.  When you are talking about something that restricts anyone who doesn’t actually hurt anyone, who doesn’t create a victim, and only “hurts” the government, you are basically supporting every single atrocity every single government has ever committed. 

Remember, everything Nazi Germany did was legal, everything Soviet Russia did was legal, and everything North Korea does is legal.  Legal–according to the government.

Opposing immigration is opposing the peaceful movement of individuals. 

Try remembering that the next time you bitch about “legals” or “illegals."