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The enemy of your enemy, right?

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Prompt: “Don’t pretend you’re not having fun.”

Character: Spencer Reid (Suggested by anon)

Warning: Don’t do illegal shit, kids. 

Growing up with Spencer Reid was one of those things where he was the overly law abiding citizen who knew better and you were the less strictly moral led friend who dragged him into things he probably shouldn’t be doing. Being in High School with Spencer Reid meant you dragged him out and about to do things he probably shouldn’t be doing…like hopping over fences into private land and trespassing to sit on the roof of an abandoned building to drink and watch the stars…because that really wasn’t legal and you guys could get caught even if you never had before…but you always managed to drag him out every time and he let you.

“I’m pretty sure this is illegal…we shouldn’t be here, Y/N” You rolled your eyes at your friend taking a swig from the cheap can of beer that you’d managed to scrounge. He always did this, complained and worried and yet you knew he was having fun or else he wouldn’t be here. Rarely could you get Spencer Reid to do anything he didn’t want to do, even if he pretended he disliked trespassing.

“Lighten up, Reid, it’s fine!”

“But-” You cut him off, clapping him on the shoulder, “Don’t pretend you’re not having fun.” Because you knew he was and he knew he was and you both knew you wouldn’t get caught because no one ever came here and no one ever would…and besides worst that would happen would be to be dragged back to your houses by a cop.

“Enjoy yourself for once.” 

A DEA officer stopped at our farm yesterday...

“I need to inspect your farm for illegal growing of drugs.”

I said, “Okay, but don’t go into that field over there…..”

The DEA officer verbally exploded saying, “Mister, I have the authority of the federal government with me!” Reaching into his rear pants pocket, the arrogant officer removed his badge and shoved it in my face. “See this fucking badge?! This badge means I’m allowed to go wherever I wish… On any land! No questions asked or answers given. Have I made myself clear?! Do you understand?!”

I nodded politely, apologized and went about my chores. A short time later, I heard screaming, looked up, and saw the DEA officer running for his life being chased by my big, old, mean bull… With every step the bull was gaining ground on the officer, and it seemed likely that he sure enough would get gored before he reached safety. The officer was clearly terrified.

I threw down my tools, ran for the fence, and yelled at the top of my lungs…

“Your badge! Show him your fucking BADGE!!”

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Hemp for Victory during World War II,

Grown and harvested for thousands of years, hemp has numerous industrial uses which benefit mankind.  However, in the United States hemp is illegal due to it being a cannabis plant, and its legality is also in question in many other countries.  Its important to note that hemp only contains minute amounts of THC, its cannot be used as a drug like marijuana.  However due to zero tolerance laws, even trace amounts of THC make hemp illegal to grow in the US. 

The banning of hemp began in 1937 with the Marihuana Tax Act.  It is often theorized that hemp was included in the law in order to destroy the hemp industry, which threatened DuPont’s business of manufacturing artificial materials.  The prohibition of hemp was short lived, it would take a world war to bring about the resurgence of the American hemp industry.  With America’s entry into World War II, there was an exploding demand for raw materials and industrial goods.  This included hemp, which during World War II was used to produce rope, canvas, and uniforms, all necessary items for the war effort. 

Whereas once there was hemp was illegal, within the blink of an eye the US Government was issuing thousands of licenses to grow it.  Various propaganda campaigns were instituted to convince farmers to grow hemp nationwide.  Many of these former hemp farmers had been driven out of business, fined, and even imprisoned a mere handful of years ago when was initially banned.  One of the most famous pieces of propaganda from the hemp campaign was a film entitled, “Hemp for Victory”, which extoled the virtues of the hemp plant and hemp growers.  It was a complete 180 degree departure from the 1930’s when the government issued propaganda demonizing hemp and hemp growers.

During World War II 350,000 acres of hemp were cultivated.  As soon as World War II ended, the US Government made another 180 degree policy turn, once again demonizing hemp and crafting regulations which made it de facto illegal.  In 1970, it was made illegal to grow in the US with the passage of the Controlled Substances Act.  Today hemp is still illegal to grow hemp in the United States according to Federal Law, and even small countries such as Serbia produce more hemp than the US.  However, hemp is legal to import into the country, and quizzically the United States is the largest consumer of hemp in the world.

Apparently it's easier to find out how to grow magic mushrooms than legal ones

I have been trying to figure out how I can grow ANY kind of mushrooms in a yard or anywhere else outside. I don’t want to eat them, just look at them, so it doesn’t matter what kind. No one seems to know how I can do that. But if someone wanted to grow illegal, hallucinogenic mushrooms that will land you in federal prison, well, they have all sorts of ways and equipment and stuff you can buy online to do that.
Why do I live in such a goofy, upside down and backward society, where it’s easier to find out how to do illegal things than legal ones?
But I am trying to discover on my own how to do legal stuff in spite of this goofy society.
And I figure if I get different kinds of mushrooms and put them in a blender with water to suspend the spores, and I add some kind of carbohydrate to feed the spores, and add a little food oil to also feed the spores, and then blend all that together, and then mix it into a mixture of wood chips and cow manure sitting in a pile on the ground, then, surely at least one of the kinds of mushrooms will like it and I will get something growing.
In theory…
But there is also the possibility the ground up mushrooms will either digest each other or be too busy competing with each other to actually be able to grow.
I guess I am hoping one kind will grow initially and use up what it needs but set the stage for the next one to grow in what’s left.
So far here are the kinds of mushrooms I have chopped up or blended and dumped in the pile: white button, brown button, shiitake, enoki, white oyster, brown beech, yellow oyster, king mushroom, seafood mushroom, grey oyster, and wood ear.
My carbohydrates have been diet coke, diet pepsi, corn syrup, sugar, soy flour, and different seeds. The food oil has been palm oil and canola oil. And composted hardwood chips and composted cow manure.
Nope, you will have to stop salivating now…
What I am hoping will happen is the button mushrooms will grow in the manure and sprout up while meanwhile digesting the wood chips a little, and the oyster mushrooms will like the wood chips and sprout out of that while doing something that will let the rest grow later and then sprout. I don’t know what the others do to manure or wood chips but maybe they will grow later.
I don’t see anything anywhere about any mushroom liking food oil. But maybe it will hold the spores in or something.


10 Poppy Seed Heads, and a Packet of Seeds

This item is for decorative use only.

These are seed heads from my home-grown giant poppies. They can be used for floral arrangements, crafts, jewelry, and more.

The seeds are the same as those used in baking, and can also be pressed as an oilseed.

Seeds are harvested from same seed heads shipped, and packaged separately for planting.

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Donald Trump

So, ‪#‎MeghanKelly‬ calls out ‪#‎DonaldTrump‬ for his past numerous sexist remarks, he denies being sexist, says that people are too “politically correct” and then calls her a bimbo for bringing it up.
Donald Trump is an embarrassment to the Republican party and to America. You’d think that people would distance themselves from him more, but instead he is the #2 favorite for the Republican nomination. What does that tell you…?
Side note, there is a big difference between being “politically correct” and not being a disgusting human being. You can’t call women sluts, fat pigs, dogs, slobs, bimbos and disgusting animals, get pissy when its brought up ahead of an election, then argue that its a joke and that people need to stop being so “politically correct.” Especially not when you have an illegal immigrant growing on your head and two out of your three wives were all Russian mail order brides. *cough cough*…sorry, I digress.

funny how growing marijuana is illegal but growing a fucking human infant in ur goddam STOMACH is a social norm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: ‘Maybe she will like me if I make up a story about how the camp admin who she thinks dislikes her is secretly growing illegal clowns in his basement and is nervous and jumpy about his crop being ready by the end of circus season, and that’s why he’s been short with her.’
Her: [responds with ‘haha’]