illegal danish

I lost (or had stolen) the melatonin I brought with me here, so yesterday I went into a new age-type vitamins and supplements store, since they’d probably have it. I ask the lady if they have any, and she says yes and then disappears into the back room where she’s cradling this little bottle of melatonin like it’s a holy artifact. Really weird. Anyway, it was too high of a dose and too many pills for what I was looking for, so I say no thanks. Fast forward to today, I walk into a pharmacy and am told that (for some fucking reason) you need a prescription to buy melatonin in Denmark.

I almost bought illegal melatonin from a Danish hippie


So after several months of trying to rebuild my FC I’ve “inherited’ been having very little luck. I could totally start shouting out in every zone and ask people to join, like that annoying gnome from the Illegal Danish video. (It’s a WoW thing). 

So now, I’m looking to see if there are any active RP FC’s out there who are looking for a house of there own who would be willing to discuss a merger. 

I’m hoping for an RP/PvE type of FC that my owner character can fit in with as well. 

So if anyone knows anyone who’s looking, send them my way. Thanks. 


Illegal Danish Super Snacks [HD] UNCUT

(Here ya go Russell.)