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Disproving absurd lies ignores the most important part - absurdity has a purpose.

Obama being Hawaiian-born. No one celebrating 9/11 in New Jersey. A free and fair election with negligible fraud. Clinton not murdering people. Immigrants committing less crime….

None of those facts is a solution, because the problem isn’t mistaken facts. Intent that demands such facts is the problem.

Don’t ask “Is this true?”

Ask “Assuming this is true, what actions would that justify?”

Don’t ask “How can I convince you of the reality?”

Ask “What dark thing do you desire, that requires such lies to justify?”


Ok so I saw an animation
And I started searching songs about the artists behind them and I found that there is a song I have already heard bcs I saw the art of illegally-radical and I told to myself WHY NOT DRAWING IT bcs I love the idea


Let me start off by saying: my father is abusive, and this post will (hopefully) be the only way for me to get out of my abusive household.

I’ll explain to you guys a few things so that you can understand my current situation:

My father is the father of all control freaks. 

I am 19 years of age - legally an adult in Canada. However, he will not allow me to be independent, such as having my own cat or my own vehicle in my name, and he also uses these things as a form of blackmail to keep me in the house.

He controls how much time I spend on the internet, and who I talk to; he went as far as illegally running background checks on my former partners. 
I have little to no privacy, he periodically rummages through my room to find something to yell at me about, and if he doesn’t, he yells at me for the mess *he* left.

Moreover, he has denied me medical treatment multiple times, even for serious injuries (e.g. a dislocated elbow).

Starting in high-school up until now, I have suffered from several mental illnesses, including depression, extreme anxiety, panic attacks, and PTSD caused by severe trauma that lasted 5 years of my childhood and has left massive gaps in my memory. All of these mental illnesses have had a huge impact on my life, not just at home, but in my school work as well, and my day-to-day life.

However, my father does not believe any of my trauma is real, says it’s my fault if I was traumatised, constantly belittles me for my mental health problems, and says I’m making everything up for attention.

On top of that, he is abusive to my siblings too; one of them is older and already moved out, and the other one is only 14 years old.

Finally, my father told me that if I do not do what he wants and go to school, I will be kicked out onto the street, family ties cut, and *everything* I own taken from me. My cat, will not only be taken away but “gotten rid of” by their words which could mean a number of things.

However, if I graduate a program in college I can leave the house and bring my cat, Molly, with me. This is her!:

(She isn’t actually mad her face just looks like that)
And I also get to keep my vehicle. Both of these things are not in my name even though currently I pay for them both, and take care of them completely by myself. The car is relatively unimportant to me as I don’t consider it an essential but Molly must come with me.

I currently have no money saved up for post secondary education, due to my mental health disintegrating thanks to a disability in the middle of my first year of nursing, and me losing the capability to witness deaths in the hospital placement. And all of this wasting all the funds I had saved. On top of this, he has said that he expects me to go back to school in January, which as of right now is not financially possible. He has said that if I do not go back to school by January then I am to be kicked out. However, if I can reason with my mother then I can possibly push this back to September of 2018, which will most likely give me enough time to gather the funds.  

So as I said, I need to get out of my abusive household as soon as possible, because it’s extremely detrimental to my already fragile mental health. This is why I am opening the doors for commissions of any and all kinds to help save money for this plan.

I am not asking for donations, and I am not asking for hand-outs, because I honestly hate asking for help and I don’t like just taking people’s money without giving something in return. If you are unable to or do not wish to help by commissioning then all I ask is that you reblog this post so that it can be seen.

Here is the plan:

My father, of course, said he refuses to help me in the slightest if I wanted to move, so, I don’t get even a bit of help from my family. That’s why I need to save more money to get in and finish a ONE YEAR program so that I can seal the devil’s deal and get the hell out of dodge as soon as possible (the shortest college programs run for one year). Right now, I work a part-time job that only earns me minimum wage, and still have bills to pay on top of that. I am unable to get a second job as my disability doesn’t allow for it, and because of this I am not making enough money to save for school in time for January. I  am not going to be depending solely on commissions to save the money, as I AM working, it’s just that extra push to get things done.

I’m sure, however, that you’re wondering why I don’t just leave. And believe me, I have tried to. Here is a short list of examples of what my father is like and why I cannot leave of my own free will:

1.  Once, I ran away in the middle of the night after a massive fight, he called the police on me and told them I had drugs in my possession (obviously, a lie) to get me searched and arrested. There is a great possibility of this happening again if I tried to get away even though I am an adult, he’d do anything to try and get me arrested.

2. I tried to leave to a friend’s house for refuge during a massive fight over laundry, which led to my father furiously chasing me down the driveway to my car. There, I sat with the doors locked and windows rolled up while he banged on them and tried to rip open the door for a good 20 minutes. He then said if I left the driveway *in the car that is actually mine*, he would call the police and tell them I had stolen it to get me arrested again.

3. While he is not physically abusive, he has tried to hit me. During yet another fight, which involved him coming into my bedroom while I was sleeping in the middle of the night to yell at me for something minor I can’t even remember, he attempted to grab my face and hit me. I have without a doubt that he will make some kind of physical attempt at keeping me from leaving the house.

I have tried to fight fire with fire so many times, and every time it has just ended with more violence and abuse. For the past several years I have tried to escape or find ways out, and have failed. Getting through the next year or two with my head low, doing what he says and taking the punches as they come is the only way out.

Thank-you, for reading through this to the end. If you are interested in helping and want a commission please message me, or send me an ask if you have questions, and we can work out details and prices. If you still wish to help but cannot commission all I ask is that you re-blog this post.

I will be posting some recent drawings Ive been working on for examples.

Mystic Messenger : Day 1 ~ V Walkthrough (FULL ANSWERS)

I worked all alone - I cheked each answers ~ Please be considerate.

Like, reblog, or do nothing, but please don’t copy/paste it and claim it as your own… I am on my own and spent a lot of time to do this.

If you are on phone, please setting the page to be seen in the computer version! On the phone, the answers are sometimes unaligned and it can confuse you…

In order to not bother and annoy my followers who don’t play this game by this looong post, I’ll put a seperate line. Click to see.

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I am suddenly not feeling good

Max Pacioretty.

ALRIGHT so here we go my hand has been forced and ill probably sound extra but I’m way past that at this point. These are some essentials you need to know about Max Pacioretty and why I think he’s one of the most underrated players. 

1.) I just want to point out, right off the bat, that this beautiful man plays out his heart and fucking soul. Sometimes, he has his moments. Sometimes, he isn’t 100% and that’s okay, because he still plays with all that he is able to give. You know who ELSE has their moments? Every single player in the NHL. Including Carey Price and including Sidney Crosby idk just name any NHL star’s name and they have most DEFINITELY had their low moments. 

Can we also remember that Max Pacioretty played with a broken ankle, and that he scored a goal and got two assists in a game while he was sick with the flu? So for all the people claiming he didn’t try his best throughout the 2016-17 season, please rethink this. 

2.) A lot of people forget that Max Pacioretty was nearly paralyzed from the neck down. Y’all know who Travis Roy is? Long story short, Travis Roy was basically a hockey prodigy and got to play on varsity his freshman year at BU. However, he only got to play for eleven seconds before he went to check someone and fell head first into the boards and broke his C4 and C5 vertebrae. Travis Roy is fascinating and I actually had the pleasure of meeting him earlier this year, so if the spirit moves you, you should check out his story.

Why is that important? Well, because of that injury, Roy was paralyzed from the neck down. 

You know what happened to Max Pacioretty? He received an illegal check that broke his C4. People who survive spinal cord injuries above this level need ventilators or machines to breathe. Yet here he is, six years later, and now the fucking captain. Idk about y'all, but that’s so amazing to me. Sometimes I wonder what health issues he still deals with today, but that’s a mystery.

I feel like surviving and recovering from an injury like that MIGHT leave a guy a bit traumatized? But that’s just me. I’ve never had someone nearly snap my neck so I can’t speak from experience. I certainly would be scared shitless to play the dangerous sport of hockey again.

3.) This gift to humanity scored his first NHL goal on his first NHL shot when he was brought up from the AHL. They sent him back down after that, but when he was brought up for a second time, he ended up being the highest goal scorer that season. When he returned from this injury? He had a 33 goal season and won the Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy

“’If I walk by him, I’d say hello,“ said Pacioretty of the guy who broke his neck. "It’s not awkward. It’s all part of the sport.’”

I’m a bit petty and hold grudges, so I personally wouldn’t have forgiven him. This isn’t a hate post towards the guy, which is why I didn’t name him.

His teammates stick up for him no matter what, and that’s when you know you’re a good and respected captain. Your teammates want to defend you and value your reputation. Let’s not forget the time that rumor was passed around that Therrien claimed Max Pacioretty was the worst captain in Habs history, and Nathan Beaulieu came quick to his defense with:

So please don’t tell me that Max Pacioretty isn’t allowed to have his moments. Or that he single handedly let the Habs down this season. Or that he doesn’t deserve to be the captain.

Please stop using Max Pacioretty as a scapegoat for everything that goes wrong in the Montreal Canadiens season. 

If anyone has more to add to this list, please do. 

Walkthrough - Mystic Messenger - V Route (Another Story) - First Day Chats

Mystic Messenger Related Pages


Events in this story will spoil major plot points in the Causal Story, Deep Story, and the Secret Ends. Therefore, I would NOT recommend you play this route until you have finished at least the Good End for Seven and the Secret Ends in the Main Stories first.

  • 300 Hourglass to unlock
  • Eight Endings
  • 80 New CGs
  • If you want to get all the chats on the first day, you have to start after midnight.
  • If you don’t want to use wakthrough, but want to know the chat times, they will be added here.
  • Calls to V and Ray are 10HG each. Since there is no calling card for V or “Ray,” I will not be making outgoing calls to either of them.
  • Missed chats cost 15HG to unlock.

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Checking 101

Someone wanted me to go through each type of check and explain the different between all of them. So here’s a brief intro to checking in ice hockey!

Legal Hits

  • Body Checking - this is the generic type of check. generally the player isn’t leading with any particular part of the body. This is usually done against the boards during puck battles, to separate a player from the puck, or to knock them to the ice. Body Checking is only legal when done to a player who is in control of the puck. Body checking is also allowed in womens sports to a smaller degree, for instance contact is allowed if the ref thinks the players target was not the player but instead they were going for the puck.
  • Hip Check - This is when a player will crouch and hit the other player with their hip (or butt). This would usually involve targeting the other player in the hips as well as a way to throw them off balance. these are the types of hits goalies will usually go to if they do decide to hit, or if a player ends up upside down and flipping through the air it’s usually because of a hip check. It is usually done against the boards though so, the flipping doesn’t happen too often.
  • Shoulder Check - You may have already found the theme here but basically this is when a player hits another leading with the shoulder. Shoulders checks are used to knock a player out of position and involve usually shoulder to shoulder contact because the player needs to keep their elbows tucked in and their shoulder away from the head for it to be considered legal.
  • Poke Check - Okay now we’re getting further away from the physical body to body checks but this still counts because the stick is considered part of the player technically. Anyway a poke check is when the defensive player uses their stick to poke the puck away from the offensive player. This does not generally involve contact between the two players and is used simply to cause a turn over or defend the net.
  • Forecheck - This is a more general term for basically the way you play in the offensive zone. It can more specifically refer to the offensive player that recovers the puck after it’s dumped into the offensive zone. THis way involve body contact against the boards and a puck battle.
  • Back check - Similar to a forecheck but the opposite basically. It’s defensive play in the defensive zone. Usually involves some combination of sticking yourself to the offensive player and trying to knock the puck from them at the same time. Since hockey tends to be defended by zones, you won’t necessarily see one defender all up on a specific guy but they’ll kind of attack the player in waves as a way to keep them away from the net.

Illegal Hits

  • Cross checking - this is a pretty easy illegal hit to identify. Cross checking happens when a player hold the stick in both hands and pushes into the opposing player in kind of a bench press motion away from their chest. This can lead to the stick being broken over the opposing players body or more likely send them tumbling down. Either way because it’s illegal you’ll usually see it away from the play or after the whistle, because it’s already illegal so they don’t have to follow the other rules about hitting.
  • Elbowing - this occurs when a player leads with the elbow into a hit. Generally it’s towards the head and players try to play it off as saying they were going for a shoulder check and the other player somehow moved into their elbow. This is illegal for obvious reasons I think - elbows are dangerous as fuck.
  • Knee on Knee - This is pretty self explanatory, when two players are skating at each other and one leads with the knee with the intent to hit the other player in the knees, that’s what we call a knee on knee hit. These are very dangerous because knees are very important and similar to the head, one bad hit to them and that can be the end of someone’s career. Also sort of related to a hip check, any hit below the knees is considered illegal.
  • Hit to the head - All these types of hits are illegal. If you aim for the head and they can prove you intended to hit the head, that’s an illegal check. Some things that would make a hit to the head legal include, if the player was on the way down and the hitter could not have anticipated it, or if the player intentionally put themselves into a dangerous position to get a longer penalty. You’ll also see sometimes hits to the head are not considered dangerous simply because the player hit was not paying attention and therefore the hitter had a reasonable expectation of the player being able to avoid the contact and did not.
  • Boarding - This is a type of body check that occurs against the boards. Players against the boards are considered to be significantly more vulnerable than players in open ice.  Players against the boards will usually be facing the boards with their backs exposed as a way to protect the puck. Boarding is an intentional hit of a vulnerable player against the boards and the penalty assessed can be increased in severity if the player hits the other in the numbers on the back of their jersey.
  • Charging - this is usually involved in boarding but can happen in open ice as well. Basically if you build up momentum by taking intentional strides towards an exposed player. Stridse can obviously be taken as long as it’s far enough away from the player about to be hit.
  • Interference - This is not necessarily a type of check however it would be in certain circumstances. If a player were to body check another when they did not have the puck this would be interference. basically you can only check a player with the puck. otherwise it’s interference.
  • A note on illegal body checks - One other thing would make a body check illegal. This ties in to hitting the head but basically if you hit another player you are not allowed to leave your feet to do so. 

Hopefully i covered everything !

the fact that antis/hazoff shippers/solo harry stans have stolen my personal photos (and ones with my father who passed away last august) and put them up on porn websites just goes to show the type of people these fucking demons are. 

honeys, you aren’t going to “break” me. i can and will have you tracked down. yike guess you didn’t know i have a private investigator in my family! 

did you know that what you’ve done is illegal? just checking.

(Tw vom i guess?? And OD and injury mentions) AU where Jack is living out a life where he didn’t OD, going through the motions of being picked by the aces, training with them.

But he keeps having these reoccurring dreams.

There’s three in particular he remembers. One of getting sick and throwing up in a bathroom before passing out and waking up in his bed again. One of running down a street, into an decrepit looking house, going inside and into a room, where there stands a really familiar looking boy but he knows he’s never seen him. And a third where he’s in the playoffs, and suddenly he’s flying through the air and hitting the ice, he can see there’s blood and people yelling, but its muffled. He’s taken to a hospital, and he swears he sees the same boy from the second dream getting into the ambulance with him and begging him to stay with him. He always wakes up from that one crying.

His dad tell him reoccurring dreams are just a product of stress but Jack can’t shake them from his mind because they seem to be escalating a little more every night, more intense and more real.

And then he starts having them in the middle of the day, randomly.

And he swears he hears voices that come from nowhere. Different ones.

Some sound like his parents, some he can’t pinpoint but he knows he recognizes them. Sometimes he hears Alexei Mashkov for some reason?? They’re always familiar, and they’re always sad sounding. Sometimes it’s just rambling about their lives, and other times it’s crying and asking him to hold on. And again, sometimes he hears the blonde boy. Jack isn’t sure how he knows it’s him, but hes sure it is.

Then, Jack starts feeling something on his ring finger. Almost like a phantom pressure, like he’s wearing a ring but there isn’t one.

It’s almost like something is trying to break through, but can’t quite get it yet.

Two weeks pass, and Jack finally wakes up in a hospital bed, and he remembers. He remembers Bitty, and Samwell, and the Falconers, and the playoffs, and then there’s vague, fuzzy memories of taking an illegal check, helmet flying, and being knocked down onto the ice.

Hello fellow Army’s! 

It has been a long time since I posted about the MAMA voting and if you already aren’t informed a MILLION plus votes have been stolen away from us with EXO leading in all categories. Yes we were leading until Thursday night when MAMA checked for illegal votes and all the legitimate votes were taken. 

K - Diamonds ( Korean Army’s ) have been trying very hard to get a word out by MAMA to explain what really happened. We deserve an explanation since A LOT of us have been voting day and night. Please don’t take this issue casually. While all of us are pursuing MAMA for an explanation PLEASE TUMBLR ARMY join the MASS VOTING everyday and help our beloved BANGTAN SONYEONDAN to win their Daesangs. PLEASE SPREAD THE MESSAGE AND VOTE FOR OUR BABIES!!!


Across the Divide

TITLE: Across The Divide

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Thirteen

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki sneaking out of the palace as a youth to see the city and countryside, while out one day, he accidentally gets in trouble for something, but a young girl deals with the situation, allowing him to be left alone and his true identity be kept secret. She is a poor girl who is only in the city to sell goods with her father, so she does not realise it is Loki, even though she sees his face. They form a friendship as she shows him around the city, and tells him the date she comes to the city every month for a particular market.

RATING: Teen and Up

Loki could only focus on Ariella as the ship quickly flew over the Aesir countryside towards the city, and in turn, the palace, where there would be the best healers in Asgard to help his friend. For the entirety of the journey, he spoke of all manner of mundane and droll matters, just so Ariella would have his voice to comfort her, he spoke of the land below them, of the weather and even of the ship they were in. in her fitful sleep her breathing was shallow and fast, and every so often, she muttered something, it was only when he focused hard, did Loki realise that the word she was saying was his name. her grip, though weak and feeble, was concentrated solely on holding onto him tight, as though she was terrified he would vanish.. After a while, he looked up, sick of Fandral staring at them. “What?”

“You really do care for her?”

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Rumors - A.I.

Hockey!Ashton :D

“You’re fucking joking, right?” y/n asked Ashton as he watched her with his arms crossed over his chest.

“Do I look like I’m joking? he questioned back as she turned off the stove in the small off campus apartment he shared with his teammate, Calum who was probably being disturbed from his pregame slumber. “There’s pictures to fucking prove it.”

“When would I fucking have time to cheat on you, Ashton? When I’m not with you, I’m in class. If I’m not in class, I’m doing fucking school work. Oh, and on top of that, we’ve been together for over a year. What in the fucking world would posses me to fucking sleep with someone else, Ash?”

“I don’t know, y/n. You tell me!” he yelled back to her as he slammed a hand on the table. “Get the fuck out of my apartment.”

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me, Ashton. You can’t be serious right now?” He glared at her clearly not letting up anytime soon as she scoffed, grabbing her jacket from the chair before grabbing her backpack. “Good luck at your game tonight, Irwin.” She trudged to the door, slamming it behind her as Ashton took a deep sigh removing himself from the kitchen where the smell of her cooking lingered as Calum came out of his room in sweatpants, a distraught look on his face.

“What the fuck just happened?” he questioned as Ashton pulled out his phone going towards his most recent messages with an unknown number and pulling up the photos of his girlfriend with another dude. “You can’t be serious.”

“This is seriously the last thing I need right now,” Ashton mumbled before heading to his room to change into something nice for the walk over to the rink, demands from his hockey coach.

The two hours before the game were probably the most nerve wrecking. He hadn’t been this nervous and nauseous in over a year, usually having y/n to calm him down before the game, but between this being the semifinals and the fact he had found that his girlfriend just cheated on him, he couldn’t think straight.

“Irwin, you alright?” Luke asked walking up to him as he taped his hands, ready to slip them into his goalie gloves.

“Not even close,” Ash mumbled back forcing himself to take a bite of the granola bar in front of him before taking a sip of powerade. He hadn’t eaten before he left, leaving y/n’s food to become cold on his stove.

“Well, I need you get your head in the game, mate. You’re our best forward. Don’t get too far into your head.” he nodded at Luke’s words, standing up and grabbing his stick ready to head onto the rink. His eyes instantly rested on the guy he recognized from the picture in a red uniform that contrasted his white.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” he muttered to himself throwing on his helmet, taking the ice. The warmup dragged on, soon resulting in the captains making their way to the center of the ice, Ashton for his team as well as a masked member of the other team, instantly being told to shake the others hand. The way the guy’s eyes shone through his helmet had Ashton even more nervous than before. There was something about them that was off, and Ash didn’t like it.


For the most part, the first period of the game went by with no problems. The game was scoreless at the start of the second period, but halfway through, the other captain had started getting physical with Ashton.

“What’s your problem, mate?” Ashton asked after being checked for the third time when he didn’t have the puck.

“I hope, y/n sucks cock better than when I dated her,” he said before skating off towards his end of the ice to attempt to score, Ashton not bothering to move as the words registered in his head. He shook it off trying to regain focus as the puck made its way towards him, quickly gaining control as he headed towards the opposing teams net, only to be illegally checked once again into the glass. “God I miss that pussy.”

“Fuck off,” Ashton said pushing the kid off of him going back after the puck. When another member of his team held it at the half, he was satisfied staying where he was waiting for the opportunity to try to get himself open for a shot.

“She felt so good wrapped around my dick.” At that last statement Ashton had dropped his stick, turning to hit the kid into the glass behind him, pulling off his helmet sending a shot right to his jaw. The kid retaliated hitting Ashton with his stick, ready to throw a punch as each team went to hold the two boys back as the ref sent them both to the penalty box, as well as a suspension from the rest of the second period.

Y/f/n was in the stands with a group of their shared friends watching in horror as Ashton and her ex boyfriend were forced off the ice, calling her instantly hoping she wasn’t still sulking in her room. She answered on the second ring knowing something was up if she was calling her while at the hockey game.

“Is Ashton okay?” were the first words through the receiver as y/n hesitated to answer.

“Brett hit him good…and they were both just ejected from the game for the rest of the period,” y/f/n said as people started hitting on the glass yelling at the ref for missing the first three illegal checks.

“Wait, Brett’s there? They’re playing Northwestern?” she asked, the sound of shuffling coming y/n’s end. “I’m pretty sure I know why Ashton yelled at me earlier. Brett probably still has pictures of us on his phone that he sent to Ashton to get in his head before the game.”

“Well, it worked, because without Ashton, we’re probably fucked,” y/f/n said back hearing y/n’s keys in the background. “Are you coming?”

“Of course I’m coming. Ashton’s not blowing this god damn game because Brett a pussy. I’ll be there in twenty.” By time she had gotten there, the horn signaling the end of the second period has just blew, both teams starting to retreat to the locker room as y/n caught Calum’s eye, running over quickly to the scowling Maori boy.

“Oi, y/n, you shouldn’t be here,” Calum said with a frown on his face as she huffed trying to catch her breath. The underarmour long sleeve she had under Ashton’s away jersey was too much causing her to sweat, but she knew it would have the reverse affect if she took it off in the freezing arena.

“Calum, I need to talk to Ashton, now,” she said running a hand through her hair.

“I really think you’ve done enough for today,” he fought back getting ready to walk away.

“I know about the pictures. My ex is on Northwestern. He’s the guy that Ashton punched. I bet you he sent the pictures of when we were dating to Ashton to piss him off, and it worked. I wouldn’t cheat on him, Cal, I love him. Now, either you can tell him that, or tell him to get his ass out here after he gets his ear chewed off by your coach for getting ejected,” she responded quickly as Calum raised his eyebrows in surprise.

“Wait a minute, you love him?” he asked, a smug smirk on his face as she rolled her eyes, confessing her love for Ashton for the first time to his best friend was not the way you had planned on telling him, but she was quickly running out of options.

“Calum!” she yelled hitting him causing him to laugh.

“I’ll let him know about his girlfriend’s affections. Go find y/f/n, Michael, and Michaela. He’s going to need to make sure you stayed.” She nodded before running off to find her two best friends who had settled in at the half.

“Did you catch Ashton?” Michaela, Luke’s girlfriend asked as Michael sat with his arms across his chest, snap back rested on top of his head backwards. He was the only one of his friend in his group of four that didn’t play hockey, settling for baseball instead.

“Nope. Cal’s helping me out. I explained the situation. Now, let’s hope Ashton’s stubborn ass believes it,” she mumbled back waiting for the timer on the clock to run out so the third period would start.

“He’d be stupid not to. He’s had you wrapped around his finger for a year. He’d be dumb to think you’d sleep with another guy,” Michael chimed in causing her to smile slightly. At the two minute mark, the two teams made their way out of the locker room, Ashton and Calum being the last two walking the slowest, both boys deep in conversation as Ashton’s eyes flickered towards the stands moving to the area that she usually sat in making eye contact. He looked back to Calum nodding his head before slipping his helmet on ready to take the ice, clearly seeing Brett had also made his way back onto the ice. When the horn finally went off, Ash made his way to the large circle at half ready for the start of the third, Brett making his way in front of him, a visible smirk being seen through the mask.

“Hope I didn’t upset you, princess,” he teased as Ashton kept his mouth quiet, focusing on the puck being dropped as he went in scooping it to the side, passing it to Calum who made his way down the ice, Ashton making his way to the other side ready for a pass behind the net from Calum, skating behind the net as Calum positioned him in front of the net, backing up as Ashton passed the puck once again, only to get it right back for a slap shot into the back of the opposing net causing the arena to erupt into cheers with a score of 1-0, Ashton scoring the only goal of the game.


“I’ll see you back at the apartment, alright?” y/n asked y/f/n who shook her head giggling slightly. “No?”

“You aren’t going to want to come back, trust me,” she giggled causing y/n to roll her eyes at the thought of hearing her best friend and Calum have sex. “Good luck with Ash, babe.”

“Don’t choke on Calum’s dick, babe,” she responded earning the middle finger as she walked away not bothering to wait for Calum who would make his way there when he did. Y/n didn’t have to wait long for Ashton who came barreling out of the locker room, clearly having skipped his shower trying to make sure he didn’t miss y/n. He loved the way she looked in his jersey, wanting nothing in that moment to have her wearing nothing but that jersey in his bed. “Ash.”

“Baby girl,” he said grabbing her hips pressing a kiss to her lips softly, resting his forehead against hers. “I’m so, so, sorry.”

“I should be the one apologizing for my sorry excuse of an ex,” she said back kissing him again as her arms wrapped around his neck. “I love you so much.” he chuckled slightly pulling his head away from her.

“I know. You told Calum apparently. Nice to know I had to hear from my best friend that my girlfriend loves me.”

“Hey there, buddy. You were pissed at me and I was not going to be responsible for the loss of this game,” she teased poking at his chest with a smile on his face.

“If it helps, I love you too.” She smiled at his statement nodding her head as she grabbed at his hands. “Now that that’s out of the way…makeup sex?”