illegal books

shoutout to the students who, in their pursuit of education, cannot afford to even go see a film at the cinema

shoutout to the students who had to give up their dream schools because they couldn’t afford it

shoutout to the students who recycle their stationery year after year

shoutout to the students illegally downloading books and textbooks because they can’t afford even the e-book versions

shoutout to the students living on the cheapest coffee

shoutout to the students who have sewed their bags/backpacks over and over again because they can’t afford a replacement

shoutout to the students working part time and full jobs to make ends meet and pay their bills

shoutout to the students who have to give up their passions, indulgents and going-outs because extra money is hard to come by

shoutout to the students affording to go to school, but too poor to do anything else

shoutout to the students that run themselves thin in the process of getting an education

shoutout to the students that prevail despite all this

shoutout to the students who need to take a break from all of this

you’re great

No one lived a completely blameless life. It might be just possible, by lying very still in a cellar somewhere, to get through a day without committing a crime. But only just. And, even then, you were probably guilty of loitering.
—  Terry Pratchett - Feet Of Clay

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When downloading books illegally is the only way you can get them  ¯\_(ツ)_/ ¯

Hey Nonnie,

I get that. I’ve been in that position, I’ve downloaded books illegally, because I didn’t see any other option and I didn’t realise how much this hurt the authors. However, in the years on Tumblr and getting more involved in the writing/reading/publishing world, I found out how wrong I was in what I was doing. Writing is not a high paying job as it is, and by pirating books, we’re doing so, so much damage. 

I’m leaving some links here for places where you can get books online legally (I don’t know how many of them actually still work, because the posts I got them from are pretty old, but it’s worth a try):

link 1  link 2  link 3  link 4

Also, most cities have a public library - use it! Libraries are a godsend and more people should be making use of them. Borrow from friends/relatives. Save up for book sales. There are always options if you’re willing to commit to it. 

But please, please do not pirate books. 

Have a lovely day! <3


Kowloon Walled City - The Ultimate Distopia

Once thought to be the most densely populated place on Earth of Kowloon Walled City was a lawless place with 50,000 people crammed into only a few blocks, and gave science fiction movies and books the ultimate inspiration. The city was a phenomenon with families and businesses living in more than 300 interconnected high-rise buildings, all constructed without contributions from a single architect. After years of ongoing building, the inside of the city became a labyrinth of darkness, with no sunlight ever coming in and water dripping down the walls constantly.

Dating back to the Song Dynasty it served as a watch post for the military to defend the area against pirates before eventually coming under British rule. Eventually it became a heaven for criminals and drug users and was run by the Chinese Triads until 1974.

By the early 1980s this dark city was notorious for brothels, casinos, cocaine parlours and opium dens. It was also famous for food courts which would serve up dog meat and had a number of unscrupulous dentists who could escape prosecution if anything went wrong with their patients.  

The city eventually became the focus of a diplomatic crisis with both Britain and China refusing to take responsibility.

Eventually, over time both the British and Chinese authorities found the city to be increasingly intolerable, despite lower crime rates in later years. The quality of life and sanitary conditions were far behind the rest of Hong Kong and eventually plans were made to demolish the buildings. Many of the residents protested and said they were happy living in the squalid conditions but the government spent $2.7billion Hong Kong dollars in compensation and evacuations started in 1991.

logically it’s Elend who started the Final Empire’s Illegal Book Club right but what if Kale whatever or Jastes was like “hey I read this cool book do you guys want to talk about it” and they made the mistake of inviting Elend and suddenly they were reading banned books and deciding that once they took over their respective houses they were going to make some slight changes, gosh darn it

Eren wasn’t always the passionate and driven individual that others know him for. That determination to defeat the titans or anything that gets in the way of freedom was kickstarted by learning about all the possible wonders beyond the wall. Before that, he was a pretty normal little kid without a grand ambitious goal.

Of course, most of the characters close to Eren can’t imagine him just being so…ordinary. His incredible tenacity and desire for freedom has defined him in the eyes of others for so long. 

It just occurred to me that there’s only one character (that’s still alive, I mean) who knew that Eren from before: Armin

And idk, it just struck me as comforting to realize that Armin still enjoyed Eren’s company and liked him even before he became the extremely driven person who’s introduced in the first chapter. That dream to go beyond the walls together has been part of their lives for a while, true, but it wasn’t the only thing that brought them together.

Eren saw somebody who wouldn’t run away, and admired him for that enough to want to befriend him. Eren, who wasn’t exactly a social butterfly and kept to himself. 

Armin clearly liked Eren enough to want to share his excitement with over that illegal book. He’s the one who suggested that they could go explore the world together in the first place. I highly doubt Armin would want to share something so personally precious with someone he didn’t feel strongly for already.

This is part of why I think it’s so far from the truth to claim that Eren and Armin’s relationship is only based on the wish to see the ocean together. It’s so much more than that. Honestly, even that shared dream is more meaningful than it’s often given credit for. It’s not just fantasizing about a dream beach vacation. 

Last we saw of Eren, it was pretty clear that his capacity to dream for freedom was in shambles. The imagery of the ocean and beyond no longer represented ultimate freedom as he once thought, so seeing it in person wasn’t a happy moment for him. The truth changed his perspective. I know it’s common for fans to say that his and Armin’s friendship must have begun dwindling after that ocean scene (I’ve had my doubts as well), but I think this realization about their early days together could prove otherwise. At the very least, it’s bound to be important for later.

Armin knew and already liked the Eren from way back when, before he became a passionate dreamer. Before he desired to see the ocean and beyond. I think Eren himself would benefit just from recognizing that, especially now. 

Now I just want hear from Armin himself what exactly he saw in Eren that he liked so much. It’s something that can be speculated, but it wouldn’t hurt to have some sort of confirmation 😏

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So I am a DM and I have a character who is a little ten year old, how do I make her more interesting for the players to interact with? How do I make her important to the team?

She knows things 10 year olds shouldn’t. For instance, she hints at knowing where her head [family member] kept his gold, or that she saw a [highly illegal] book of magic one time and memorized a few pages. 

She wants a mother or father figure, or a sibling and treats the party members like it. 

She helps them however she can. Bandages cuts, makes terrible but love filled dinners, keeps watch first [bed time is strictly 9pm! No late watches for her].

She’s like, REALLY good at bird sounds. Also dog barks.

She talks about her relatives, or friends a lot. Give her feelings and emotional ties, and make her a real person. 

Maybe she wants to try to train in a certain weapon or specialty, and takes a liking to [party member who uses it].

Harry becomes the DADA professor and breaks the curse, and he and Neville have tea together in their rooms at least once a week to gossip about students.

Ron helps out at the joke store for a bit after he graduates. After a few months he decides to enrol in Aurour training, even if he won’t be with Harry, but also because Harry won’t be there and this is his chance to get get out of the shadows of his best friend and brothers once and for all.

After the trials Draco is sentenced to house arrest. He ends up spending a lot of time library, the other death eaters rarely went there so there’s few memories associated with it. It’s barer than it used to be after the ministry cleared out all their dark and illegal books, but when his mother falls sick he ends up becoming enthralled in healing magic. He promises himself, as soon as he’s done his time he’s going to join the Medi-wizard training programme, and try and help some of the people he hurt.