Report officially confirms that immigrant Melania Trump worked in the US illegally before marrying Donald

According to accounting ledgers, contracts, and related documents obtained by the AP, 20 years ago, Trump was paid for 10 modeling jobs before she was granted permission to work in the country. She earned $20,056 in the first seven weeks she lived and worked in the United States. Perhaps worst of all for the Presidential candidate, it’s looking like Donald played a big role in Melania’s getting around the law.

Weird things the signs would be arrested for
  • Aries: Stealing a life-size cut out of their celeb crush
  • Taurus: Overdue library book
  • Gemini: Stalking/Trespassing
  • Cancer: Stealing gift cards
  • Leo: Assaulting someone with a stick of butter
  • Virgo: Playing music too loudly
  • Libra: Offering free flu shots at the strip club
  • Scorpio: Having sex with a picnic table
  • Sagittarius: 'Accidentally' shooting off someone's genitalia
  • Capricorn: Giving people wedgies
  • Aquarius: Inciting a riot
  • Pisces: Letting their pet drive their car