Why Not Wyo?

“Wyo offers “No Frills” as both a tribute to hip-hop and as a foundation for his career in music. In the English language, the phrase “no frills” usually means to, “emphasize the essential essence of something.” Wyo, through his debut mixtape, explores this definition. Through both raw vocals and authentic lyricism, Wyo works to emphasize the essential essence of what he believes hip-hop to be. The tracks are a collection of, as he explains, “rap ballads over beats.” No Hooks. No Adlibs. No Gimmicks…No Frills.”

Taken directly from Wyo’s DatPiff bio! Why? Because I could have not said it better myself! That’s exactly what it is. No Hooks. No Adlibs. No Gimmicks. In fact, I would say that its all bars, all truth and all love if anything. It is safe to say that this young man definitely pulled my heart strings this week.

First, let me just say that  "No Frills" made me feel really good inside. I don’t know if it was Wyo’s choice of instrumentals, his lyrical content, his metaphors, his stories, his samples, his production, his flow or his message that captured and kept me  because honestly, this mixtape has it all! The overall vibe of the mixtape is very smooth, yet at the same time very gritty, offering the best of both worlds for the listener. I think that the production quality is crazy cool in that it seems have been tailored to add to the overall rawness of the mixtape. Not only does it feel and sound good, you actually get something out of it. The lines are cleverly and effortlessly put together, they have substance, they have emotion and they are sincere and you can tell. And while he only gives you a glimpse into his life, you do get a good sense of who he is. Another “good kid in a m.a.a.d city,” who certainly has a story to tell and a message to sell.

Simply put, this album quality mixtape is ‘THE shit,’ or what Urban Dictionary defines as “Something that kicks ass. Not to be confused with shit, which is something that sucks ass.”  To be honest, the only thing that I didn’t like about it was that it did not have more songs! (Mind you, there are already 13!) But I digress…Any who, If by any chance you are now interested in hearing “No Frills,” click here.  If you are a serious music lover, or you just love to support Indie artists, ask yourself, Why Not Wyo? :D