I don’t think I really liked you.
I think I liked being touched for the first time, hands all over me
like you were clinging to something that mattered.
Thank you, I guess you made me realise in a twisted way,
I do matter,
whether or not I’m in someone else’s arms.
My worth is not dependent on my heart’s proximity to someone else’s.
Rebuilding my own skeleton taught me more than school ever could about my own anatomy,
I exist,
this body remains mine even in another’s hands.
—  ‘First Kiss/New Beginning’ by Georgia Radley (
You said my name like a chant to
wake the dead.
I’m no ritual, baby, I’m the goddess
you ought to pray to.
Baby, I’ll give you flames.
I won’t drown in the waves that come out your mouth,
sentences breaking on the rocks,
salt in my eyes,
baby, I don’t feel that sting anymore.
My mama taught me to swim gently,
my mama taught me I was special,
my mama said my name like she was frightened of its power,
like she was an inch away from screaming it,
like her insides were spilling out.
Baby, I say your name to my friends and I roll my eyes
at how I don’t have time for boys who cast everything out to sea,
I say it over vodka shots with girlfriends,
I say it in the same dress I wore when we met, I wasted my time,
baby, I’m over it.

I’m lonely and I’d let you kiss me again if you tried - Georgia Radley (