A young Pazuzu Illlah Algarad, born John Lawson.  Pazuzu became into hard drugs in the mid-90’s, along with Satanism.  He took his name after the Assyrian demon in the film The Exorcist.  He began sacrificing animals (even eating their beating hearts) and setting churches on fire.  When Satanism wasn’t enough, Algarad transitioned into Theistic Satanism, which involves worshiping the fallen Angel, Lucifer.  In 2009, Algarad killed a man and buried him in his backyard.  His girlfriend, Amber, killed another man and buried him in the yard as well.  They were arrested October 5th, 2014.


Spoilers by @sayakakat2012 and me. Translated page by page so that’s the format here. Im on mobile so sorry for long post. This info may be wrong but this is what we were able to deduct. Please dont use it elsewhere without consulting @sayakakat2012 and support the official release!

Page 2: Tienzan valley
Aladdin: This scenery looks unusual at first sight, there are traces that the hole in the sky has extended
Yunan: There are some traces but it has been blocked, I don’t think we should worry about Il Illah descending again

Page 3:
Aladdin: Yunan!?
Yunan: It’s nothing
Aladdin: Try not to overdo it, you are still healing from the wounds of the last battle
Yunan: Thank you, but I’m all right Aladdin. I must return to the valley of the rift
Aladdin: Yes, I’ll be going back to the Kou empire
Square: Kou Empire
Aladdin: I’m back!

Page 4
Aladdin: J-Judal?! Judal….

Page 5
Aladdin: You look different, are you all right? I should stop flying like this…
Judal: Ah…hm…
Judal: Hey Hakuryuu, this weirdo is treating me as if we were friends
Hakuryuu: That is Aladdin
Judal: What?! That’s why I felt sick all of a sudden!

Page 6:
Alibaba: Aladdin! What happened in the Tenzan?
Hakuryuu: Tenzan valley?
Aladdin: Yes, some days ago I had a strong uneasiness, but I’m not sure what it is
Kougyoku: At the same time I received a report, there were sigthings in Tenzan’s sky of a strong momentanous light

Page 7:
Alibaba: So Aladdin and Yunan went to see what was going on
Morgiana: What did you feel, Aladdin?
Aladdin: I’m not sure
Morgiana: Not sure?
Aladdin: I still can feel it….the world has changed, is not the same as yesterday…I have a strong uneasy feeling…

Page 8:
Judal: Well I haven’t felt anything wrong…
Hakuryuu: Even if you’re a magi?
Judal: Stop it!
Aladdin: Anyways, I shouldn’t be worried about this situation
Alibaba: I’m glad to hear it…(notices Kougyoku looks distressed) Kougyoku?…Kougyoku!
Kougyoku: Eh?

Page 9:
Alibaba: Why do you look so worried?
Kougyoku: I’m sorry, I was just thinking on something. I was thinking on what I told him the day we went out of the International Alliance…I abandoned the alliance but now I’m uncertain, did I do the right thing? Sometimes anxiety can transform into pride…
Alibaba: It’s all right! Didn’t you say it? There was a lot of discussion in the imperial office
Kougyoku: Yes…

Page 10: Also, didn’t you prepare a trading route with Reim? You did that on your own!
Kougyoku: Thank you, Alibaba
Judal: I see…but I believe Hakuryuu would be a better emperor than the old hag
Hakuryuu: Hey! Where are you going?!
Judal: To have fun

Page 11:
Morgiana: What made the light appear in Tienzan? A lightning strike?
Kougyoku: Those were the only data reported
Aladdin: There was someone close to the center of the IA in that momento
Alibaba: For now, we must ask Sinbad! (calls Sinbad) Sinbad, is that you?
Sinbad: Hey!

Page 12
Sinbad: Hello Alibaba!
Alibaba: Hey! I wanted to know…have you seen something like a lightning strike the day before yesterday nearby the headquarters of the International Alliance?
Sinbad: A lightning strike? Not at all, I haven’t had any reports like that…
Alibaba: You seem a little nervous, How have you been recently?
Sinbad: Good! Busy as always

Page 13
Sinbad: Though I haven’t received any invitation to your wedding with Morgiana, I think you have made yourself a favor
Alibaba: What? Made myself a favor?
Sinbad: So…like father like son…
Alibaba:…hahaha! Don’t give excuses to not go to the wedding!
Sinbad: Hahahaha, joke!

Ja’far: Sin! It’s time for the meeting!
Sinbad: I’m coming!, well see you later Alibaba! (hangs)
Alibaba: He said he didn’t know anything…
Aladdin: Ok! We must keep working on this!
Square: Without interruptions nor problems, nigh arrives

Square: However, three days after that, something happened
Aladdin: This night is not very calm…Huh?

Aladdin:Who is awake so late?
(he finds Alibaba)
Aladdin: -A?!

Alibaba: I….I…Morgiana left me
Aladdin: …Huh?

If He opens a door for you, thereby making Himself known, pay no heed if your deeds do no measure up to this. For, in truth, He has not opened it for you but out of a desire to make Himself known to you. Do you not know that He is the one who presented the knowledge of Himself to you, whereas you are the one who presented Him with deeds? What a difference between what He brings to you and what you present to Him
—  Imam Ibn Ata'illah Al-Isjandari
When a person commits a sin, this is accompanied by darkness. Indeed, disobedience is like a fire, and darkness is its smoke. It is like someone kindling a fire in a room for seventy years. Do you not think that the roof of that room will be blackened? In the same way, the heart is blackened by disobedience. And nothing wipes it clean except repentance to God. Humiliation, darkness, and being veiled from God are thus the natural accompaniments of disobedience. But when you repent to God, the effects of these sins disappear.
—  Imam Ibn Ata Illah (may Allah have mercy on him) from “The Bridegroom’s Crown”

The Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him & give him peace), in the Hadith recorded by Bukhari, predicted that Zina will become widespread towards the end of time (along with alcohol consumption and ignorance). Sadly, it seems we are living in such times! Through my experience of dealing with people’s life issues and problems, I say with a very heavy heart that Zina - in it’s various forms - has engulfed the Muslim Umma. Married or single, male or female, old or young, so called practising or non-practising, connected to Mosque and Islamic and charitable work or disconnected, it seems like everyone is at it, la hawla wa la quwwata illah billah… So many stories and incidents I have heard, and some so obscene that nothing amazes me anymore.

When I say Zina, I mean in all it’s forms - from full blown relationships and adultery to the Zina of the eyes and heart, flirting, porn addiction and emotional attachments. Social media has exacerbated the problem even more, and committing Zina has never been easier than it is now. People, sadly in the name of Islam at times, build emotional attachments with others via social media. There are some who are married with children and living with their spouse, but have an emotional attachment to another person living on the other side of the world.

Death is just around the corner brothers and sisters. Let us fear Allah. A bit of fun in this life at the expense of punishment in hellfire in the hereafter is just not worth it. And believe me, the grass is not always greener on the other side. A distant relationship may feel fun, but try living with the person whom you’re chatting to all day and night, and you’ll realise very soon the person is not worth spoiling your marriage, life, spirituality and connection with Allah. O Allah protect us and our children from the harms of Zina, and everything related to it, Ameen.

—  Mufti Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari