Beautifully Oblivious Boy

(OOC: Based entirely off of the song If I Could Tell Her from Dear Evan Hansen. And its a conversation between Remus and James about a conversation James and Sirius had idk if i made it that clear)

Remus: Sirius has been acting weird lately. Do you think he’s mad at me?

James: Can’t be. He thinks you’re awesome.

James: Definitely. In fact, he said-

James: “-sort of subtle and perfect and real”? He said you “never know how wonderful that smile could make someone feel”. And he knows-

James: And he noticed how-

Remus: You’re not…in love with me are you?

James: No, you beautifully oblivious boy, I’m not in love with you.


Phichit: Take care of Yuuri, okay?

Viktor: I will.

Phichit: If you hurt my son, I’ll destroy you

Yuuri: Phichit I’m older than you I can’t be your son.

Phichit: If you hurt my eldest son, I’ll bury you in sacks of rice before you can even say “Bangkok”.


Yuuri: eldest? You have other child?


Phichit: I don’t have any idea what you’re talking about.

Guang Hong: don’t even lie you posted it on Instagram “#MyLilBabyisOnHisFirstDate #ProudFather”

Phichit: Oh sorry for bothering you with my attention. I see that none of my sons want me in their life anymore. I guess that’s how children are, huh? You take care of them, let them in your life, then they kick you out when they’re in love.

Yuuri: Oh my God, Dad, not this again…

Viktor: *whispers* we should put him in the retirement house

okay so this is an appreciation post (rant lmao) for you gotta die sometime. THIS is my favorite song. i especially love the orchestrations in this song, they are so haunting and get the mood across well. like, when i even JUST hear this song come on, i get chills. also, flash back to the original version of this song, because the piano matched with stephen’s voice literally gets me so SHOOK. i literally get such a weird feeling listening to this. the song is actually a little terrifying. its really eerie too. especially when you think about being in whizzer’s situation. I JUST LOVE THIS SONG OKAY

Yeah we laughed and cheered when Goldberg did this to Brock but you want to know why? Because Brock deserved it. Hes a part timer who doesn’t give a shit about WWE, just the money they pay him

Kevin worked years for this and gave everything and goes out there every night to do this. So yeah, I am going to be pissed and upset over this because Kevin did not deserve to be humiliated like this and nothing can make that better.

like the moment ur not interested in shipping people will Drop You Like It’s Hot 

and no one wants to fucking DO ANYTHING. no one wants to plot, no one even fucking threads anymore its ridiculous. all people do is reblog shit with their stupid fancy tags and thats it. 

i mean sometimes people will throw out starter calls for shits and giggles and do nothing with them. or even post that One stater, never reply and thats it 

I finally found out why I was so distressed about the bbmas. (To clarify I am happy for them.)
My fear was to be forgotten by them, to not have more meaning to them. I’m an Army for almost 2 years and I kinda dedicated myself to BTS, it would be awful if they treated us like nothing.
But then Jimin lightened my thoughts with the last fancafe post. He also feels weird and he is reminding us that the award is ours. And it is! Because BTS and us are a family! They are as much scared as we are. And they will keep loving us, no matter how much attention they receive.
Anyway, that’s what I think and hope it helps any other army that feels distressed.