okay so this is an appreciation post (rant lmao) for you gotta die sometime. THIS is my favorite song. i especially love the orchestrations in this song, they are so haunting and get the mood across well. like, when i even JUST hear this song come on, i get chills. also, flash back to the original version of this song, because the piano matched with stephen’s voice literally gets me so SHOOK. i literally get such a weird feeling listening to this. the song is actually a little terrifying. its really eerie too. especially when you think about being in whizzer’s situation. I JUST LOVE THIS SONG OKAY


Phichit: Take care of Yuuri, okay?

Viktor: I will.

Phichit: If you hurt my son, I’ll destroy you

Yuuri: Phichit I’m older than you I can’t be your son.

Phichit: If you hurt my eldest son, I’ll bury you in sacks of rice before you can even say “Bangkok”.


Yuuri: eldest? You have other child?


Phichit: I don’t have any idea what you’re talking about.

Guang Hong: don’t even lie you posted it on Instagram “#MyLilBabyisOnHisFirstDate #ProudFather”

Phichit: Oh sorry for bothering you with my attention. I see that none of my sons want me in their life anymore. I guess that’s how children are, huh? You take care of them, let them in your life, then they kick you out when they’re in love.

Yuuri: Oh my God, Dad, not this again…

Viktor: *whispers* we should put him in the retirement house

Yeah we laughed and cheered when Goldberg did this to Brock but you want to know why? Because Brock deserved it. Hes a part timer who doesn’t give a shit about WWE, just the money they pay him

Kevin worked years for this and gave everything and goes out there every night to do this. So yeah, I am going to be pissed and upset over this because Kevin did not deserve to be humiliated like this and nothing can make that better.

I finally found out why I was so distressed about the bbmas. (To clarify I am happy for them.)
My fear was to be forgotten by them, to not have more meaning to them. I’m an Army for almost 2 years and I kinda dedicated myself to BTS, it would be awful if they treated us like nothing.
But then Jimin lightened my thoughts with the last fancafe post. He also feels weird and he is reminding us that the award is ours. And it is! Because BTS and us are a family! They are as much scared as we are. And they will keep loving us, no matter how much attention they receive.
Anyway, that’s what I think and hope it helps any other army that feels distressed.

aaaaa i think i May have accidentally come across as disliking jotaro domming and kakyoin subbing, which wasn’t intended to be the case

while i do prefer it being the other way around and find it more realistic, one of the points i was trying to make (aside from hating how it’s interpreted specifically) was that it’s unrealistic for only one person in a relationship to always top and the other to always bottom. even if it’s usually one way it still won’t always be that way (like i know jotaro definitely wouldn’t top every time, that doesn’t mean it’ll completely flip around to kak topping all the time) am i making sense? lol

not to beat a dead horse or anything but i think one of the worst things about allura being revealed to be a teenager is that once again black teens are perceived as adults until they say explicitly that they’re teenagers!! like do u think its a coincidence that allura, the only black character, was assumed by EVERYONE in the fandom to be 21-23 but the writers say she’s a teen despite her not acting anything like k/h/l (actual teens)??

a random tale of a frog with no real significance.

Okay so the other day a little frog got into my house and was just chilling on my stairs and I heard my mom freaking out and was like “ Oh shit what’s happenin’-” and I come halfway down the stairs and just see my mother frantically calling for my brother to come retrieve the frog and release it into the wild, ya know, before the dog gets it and leaves froggy guts all over her carpet. So my brother comes out like “ What u need” and then this very sMALL FROG just barely jumps at him and he lets out this blood curdling scream like a 4 year old girl and runs away, my mom then looks to my brother’s friend who was staying over, hoping he was more efficient at catching the frog. and he flat out said “ nope”

and so I grab a tupperware bowl approach the frog saying “ hello friend” and just catch the frog in the bowl. I then covered the bowl with a plate and took froggy outside. ya  know.

because I’m not a wuss. and at this point froggy was my friend.

but when I set froggy down outside, he wouldn’t leave. he just sat there on the plate sitting on my porch. so I just shrugged and left him there. but I came back later and froggy was still there when I looked out the window.

I was kinda like


froggy go home.

but no. he just sat right there. so I figured, maybe I can coax him to go away. so I went outside and he hopped away at the speed of light—- or so I thought. he was actually just sitting in my doorframe desperately trying to get back in my house. so naturally I did nothing and he almost got back in.

long story short, I think this frog is stalking me now, because before this point ive never heard frog noises at night but now I always hear frog noises and I know froggy is out there waiting to come back in.

and so

that is why.

I must stay vigilant

the frog is always watching.