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Heya there! So i´m doing this again because I really need to follow new blogs (and the last time i did i found 20+ awesome blogs), so if you guys could please like/reblog if you post any of the following, it would be a great help!

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also multifandom´s are 100% okay, so its if you only post about one of the above, i will check every blog that likes/reblogs this post, thank you! (◕‿◕✿)

i keep seeking friendships/connections that i will never have and that probably will never exist. i don’t have many irl friends, and the ones i have are busy to put it simply. we all got our own shit, they just have more for various reasons. my whole life i’ve felt like the throwaway friend. i’ve definitely never felt like i’m anyone’s best or closest friend. so on social media i try to create a bond that i don’t have with anyone (save for maybe my mama and my kids). but it doesn’t work here either. i’m still throw away. i feel like 5 people would notice if i disappeared tomorrow. and maybe that number would go up to 7. but by the weeks end it would max out around 9 or 10. i just hate feeling like i can’t connect. or that i’m not worth the connection. oh well…

This is really cheesy guys but the reylo fandom is literally the best fandom Ive ever been in. I know there are a lot of ant/s trying to stir up trouble and everything but you’re all so supportive of everyone in the group and the tag is such a positive place to be when its not being crosstagged and I just wanted to thank yall for that so much you’re all so supportive thank you I love you all.

honestly this season hasn’t been my favourite. i’m not gonna lie i’ve been pretty disappointed. but yesterday with the vilde clip and today with the penetrator chris clip i am the happiest i have been in a while with skam. do i like vilde? she’s ok. do i like penetrator chris? not particularly. but this the the final episode of skam. ever. and as julie wraps it up, giving us an insight to these characters we don’t know too much about, i am happy with the way she’s ending this show that has touched so many people. showing us a little bit of what could have been. i’ll miss skam so much, but i am truly happy with this ending julie is giving us.

Yu-gi-oh meme stuff

Naoki: *on the phone with his mom hanging from a tree branch* Yeah mom, Yeah im okay im okay *hangs up dropping the phone* I AM NOT OKAY

Ignis: *rolling along the floor* It’s faster if you roll !


Kusanagi: *runs up to Akira* Have you seen my son, He’s about this tall *brings out a photo of Yusaku* clearly gay but we haven’t had the talk


Naoki: A** hole you locked me out !

Yusaku: this is my roommate Naoki


Yusaku: Can you maybe chill ?

Revolver: How about maybe YOU chill ?

Me: Yusaku is kinda scared of Revolver, You wanna know who elses is kinda scared of Revolver ? That’s right ! Kusanagi is scared of Revolver and so Yusaku and Kusanagi form an alliance to be a little less scared of Revolver


Yusaku: TELL ME !

Revolver: oh you’ll find out am about to summon it

(I apologize for this random shizzle)

  • me, now *crying*: Please....there's too much favoritism for Lance in this's not fair...why do y'all have to put down my boy Keith to make Lance seem better...
And now, an unimportant list on things that annoy me

1. Rape jokes
2.Suicide jokes
3. Making fun of Autism
4. Pointing out self harm scars to people (Yes, we’re aware that we have the scars. We don’t need you to tell anyone)
5. Fidget spinners (They almost got all fidget toys at my school banned)
6. Teasing someone for something they can’t help
7. Talking about someone behind their back (Seriously, I can hear you talking about me. I’m right here.)
8. Joking about feminism.
9. Using Gay as an insult
10. Joking about being transgender
11. Fat shaming people
12. Not taking mental illnesses seriously
13. Joking about mental illnesses
14. Calling people who wear hijabs or other Muslim /Islamic Attire terrorists
15.Holocaust jokes.
16. Teasing people for not being able to afford things
17. When people tell other people who are stressed that “they don’t have it as bad as them” and “you have it way easier than me!”

Also known as a day at my school

Friend rant incoming. Whenever I become friends with someone who I don’t actually click with, I force myself to enjoy their interests. I’ve had interactions where I could tell you what the other person wants to be when they grow up, who they have a crush on, or what their family is like.

But they never made an effort to get to know me. I’ve read books, watched videos, played entire video games just so I could connect to someone. And you know what? It ruins that content for me. I still can’t look at Portal without remembering someone who hurt me, even though they think they did nothing wrong. I love talking to people, but about mutual interests. And, my sense of humor isn’t always the same. If I can’t joke with you, that’s half my conversation material gone. I’m usually more mature than my peers, so it’s awkward for me to tone down myself. Finally, there’s church. I haven’t had the best experiences with overly chruchy people. I believe in God and whatnot, but I don’t go to church because my family’s too busy. But someone people take that as a personal offense, and say, straight to my face, “People who don’t believe in Jesus don’t go to heaven.” Okay, didn’t ask. 1. I just don’t go to church 2. Who are you to say that when there’s so many religions that you don’t bother to find out about and understand? And, stemming off of this, chruch people that bash me for supporting LGBT people. Someone I used to be close to would criticize my work, “the homosexuality makes me highly uncomfortable but other than that it’s good”. Um, thanks for attacking the main plot of the story, which is kinda necessary. This same person said later, “I support homosexuals just not homosexuality” “hate the sin love the sinner”. If you can’t even stand them being represented in media and in your personal life, how are you going to support them? So yeah, I have beef with my own religion being over bearing, not others. I’ll let you know if I can’t continue a conversation. Or I’ll drift off. I’m changing and growing, so I’ll lose some friends on the way. Just don’t expect me to form a deep, everlasting bond with you if you won’t ever listen to me and my opinion.