the customer is always annoying
  • customer:hi, i've never been in here before. can you help me find something i'll like?
  • me:sure! what sort of things do you enjoy? :)
  • customer:well, i'm a vegetarian but i will eat chicken broth. i can only eat high-fiber or gluten-free breads. wait you dont have gluten-free bread? you really should, it's 2015. :/// and i hate olives, and whatever i get i want it to have cucumbers. i am watching my carb intake. i also don't eat seeds. also are your dressings low-fat? oh my god this is so expensive, no, delete all of that. i'll just have (she ends up ordering a greek salad with no olives, add cucumber, and mozzarella cheese.)
  • me:*stares directly into the security camera like i'm in the office*
  • the customer later complained to the manager that her salad was awful and demanded a half of a sandwich. on normal bread. with meat.

hey y’all! i’ll try to keep this short. i’m 24 years old, autistic, and physically disabled. i have severe chronic pain, chronic illnesses, and some mental illnesses as well. i work full-time as a receptionist but i still don’t make enough to support myself. i make enough to either pay bills or pay for food/gas/meds but not both. right now i have ~$10, no food, and i have rent & other bills coming up in a few days. 

i’m accepting donations, but if you want to work out some sort of exchange i can offer 1) promos 2) advice, chronic illness/disability related or otherwise 3) critiques or editing for your writing, and 4) i have a storenvy here with cheap accessories & knick-knacks, and i’m slowly but surely adding (mostly plus-size) clothes as well

you can donate to my paypal using my email ( or i also have venmo & the square app. thank you for reading and please boost if you can! 

when will my good mood return from the war

                     ✘ ————  DO YOU HAVE a shotgun? what?! don’t look at me like that, ‘s a serious question. what do i need it for? to shoot some fuckin’ birds that won’t let me sleep at all. like, every single mornin’ they’re like “oh look … what a beautiful morning … y’know what it needs? YELLIN’!” fuckers, how would you feel if i woke up every mornin’ and shook your fuckin’ tree and screamed at ya?  U G H. ‘m runnin’ on two hours of sleep … so … ‘m just gonna … lie here for a second or two … don’t mind me … ❞ ( he starts talking slowlier and slowlier and plops down on the first free spot he finds, not even aware of what it is that he’s lying on )

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guess i hate trans women, what do i do now?

Listen to/read up on and research what we’ve said in the past/what we are saying (both older and younger transfeminine people) and don’t speak over us (that is really essential to start breaking down transmisogyny step by step).  Uplift our voices.  Be patient.  Don’t coerce us into doing emotional labor for you.  If you need emotional support when you’re sorting through all that shit, go to other people who aren’t camab and trans to work out/process those feelings.  Don’t tell us how to deal with transmisogyny.  Don’t speak down to us.  If you fuck up, own up / apologize and move on.  Signal boost trans women’s survival funds so that we’re not the only ones doing it.  Most trans women are struggling to stay alive.  Donate if you can.  Or support us by hiring us/paying us for different jobs.  Pay attention especially to how transmisogyny overlaps with cissexism and ableism and classism and racism (which is pretty much where this all started) and whorephobia and ageism and religious oppression.  Realize that trans healthcare is life-saving.  Pay attention and bring attention to how our reproductive rights are often violated.  Pay attention and bring attention to the overwhelming medical gatekeeping (in the psychological community as well) that we have to withstand in order to even have a shot at adequate healthcare. 

It is so hard watching someone you love go through such a hard time, and to know that there isn’t anything that you can really do to help them. And watching others who love them worry is also such a hard thing. I would give anything to see those I love happy, and all I want to do is to be around and to try and make whatever time I spend with them the best.

It’s just so hard watching those you love suffer.

-Gentle reminder that it is okay to google your symptoms and do your research and determine that you *may**possibly* have a mental illness.

- Even gentler reminder that you can’t be 100% sure you have said mental illness until you go get checked out by a mental health professional.

- Gentlest reminder ever that if you do get checked out and they suggest a certain intervention, you should try it, and give it more than a couple weeks to work, cause recovery takes time and diligence!

Try to be kind to yourselves friends!

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hi i just wanted to talk about ksoo's lips, i can't get over how his upper lip is bigger than his lower lip, and how plump and kissable they look, and how his smile is shaped like a heart when he smiles brightly... i just... /sobs/ i'm sorry i need a moment







edit: the quality is so much better on pc btw