Ill Gotten Gains: An Everlark Drabble

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A little thank you gift for @papofglencoe for pulling me out of my crazy writers block and always being there to help me workshop the shit out of C-C. 

I never write anything that doesn’t include filthy language so please be aware. Also, TOTALLY unbeta’d so all mistakes are mine.

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Rockstar gets greedy

So, as we all know, the newest Grabd Theft Auto V update has been released and is rather expensive… over $20 million to buy everything that the DLC has to offer. For players who are unfamiliar with the new DLC, the “Ill gotten Gains part one” DLC, the contents conisist of this:

Three new road vehicles 

the Benefactor Stirling GT, based on the 1955 Mercedes 300SL gullwing 

The Pegassi Osiris, based on the Pagani Huayra and Ferrari LaFerrari. Also, on a side note, don’t blow one of these up. No, seriously. Insurance costs on one of these takes about $25,000 out of your money if you blow it up. So, just don’t go there…

The Albany Virgo, a returning car from GTA San Andreas and GTA IV, based on the Mercury Cougar and Lincoln Continental Mark 5

Next are Two new aircraft, (albeit reskinned aircraft already in-game, just more expensive)

The Bukingham Luxor Deluxe, a gold painted Luxor; which allows you to perform multiple actions inside. These range from smoking cigars, drinking wine and using the internet. Oh, and it costs $10 million. So you better have deep pockets…. or be willing to splash out on shark cards…

And finally, the Buckingham Swift Deluxe, also gold painted. This costs slightly less, at $5.15 million… still pretty expensive, but it’s Rockstar; this is what they do. 

Other than these beautiful but downright money crippling vehicles, the new weapon skins and new clothes are pretty good, but as expected, do cost quite a lot. 

Overall, the update has been reasonably good, but it shows that Rockstar is quite money grabbin’ greedy with this update. Players with a lower cash fund (me included), sometimes have to resort to shark cards… giving rockstar another profit push-up. 

Still, as this is only “part one” of the DLC, what lies ahead for the next parts of the DLC, and will they be as expensive? Only time will tell…

That’s it for now, mateys. You’ve been reading the tales of the cap’in and ill be writin’ more gaming news soon.   

toothlessloveshiccup  asked:

The tiny dragon slunk in and stole the bag of gold off the horse as it passed her. She didn't think for even a second that anyone could have noticed. The young dragoness moved away, carrying her ill gotten gains close to her chest, into a bar.

Before she could order anything, some Royal guards came marching in and grabbed her, binding and gagging her before throwing her over the back of a horse.
How to cook the perfect kleftiko
By Felicity Cloake

One of the undisputed classics of Greek cuisine, kleftiko is a special-occasion dish which showcases Hellenic cooking at its simple best. It demands no fancy ingredients or tricky techniques, just good raw materials … and a good deal of patience. Said to be named after sheep-rustling bandits known as the klephts, who would cook their ill-gotten gains in underground pits to avoid detection, the success of the dish depends on long, slow roasting until the meat fairly falls off the bone. That’s handy, no doubt, when your knives were all engaged in more nefarious activity.

Though it’s no doubt at its best at a whitewashed island taverna, it’s also perfect for feeding a crowd when the circus of fire and knives that is our traditional Sunday roast feels like too much effort. Like many of the best summer dishes, kleftiko is happy to do its own thing while you get on with more important stuff – such as sunbathing and drinking ouzo.

Open Starter: Fighting for Warmth

The child hopped down from a junk pile and wiped some of the sweat glistening on their brow. One boot braced itself against a large piece of sheet metal, and small hands found their way around a frozen metal pipe. Muscles tensed, and their body arched backwards as they worked to free the prize.

Suddenly, the pile shifted and Frisk tumbled backwards in the snow, rolling with their ill-gotten gain. They felt the frozen ground beneath their back and waited until the world stopped spinning around them before they rose to their feet. The same small hands dusted white powder off of an old worn leather jacket that looked three times to large for the small body it draped over. A cloud puffed from their mouth and they looked up at the looming clouds in the sky.

How long had it been since the whole world froze over?

Stooping down, the child rolled up their filthy gray pant-sleeves before they picked up the pipe and gathered a couple of discarded chair cushions under their arms. If they were lucky they might be dry enough to burn before the next storm blew in. There was no doubt that they needed to hurry home.

anonymous asked:

Treasure chest! A compass that points to the nearest Rakshasa. However it tells nothing more of the monster? Age, name, power level you have no idea. It does bypass any and all methods of diguise employed by the beasts.

Harkin stared at the strange compass for a few minutes, observing every detail of it. “You will not escape me this time, demon.” He places the compass in his pocket. The strange tavern made Harkin uncomfortable. It reeked of excess and ill-gotten gains. The man Harkin was guarding was clearly enjoying it far more than Harkin. 

“The idea that people can’t be bought is ludicrous. Look at Tassim here,” the gnome said patting Harkin’s side. “A hundred gold has him at my side for a month without question. People can be bought like anything else.” The gnome and a others laughed, their fine wines splashing about. Harkin scanned the room, smirking at the guards trying to intimidate him. The Rakshasa was here, this much he knew. The question now was who.

The lights suddenly dimmed, all eyes turning to a small stage. A young half-elf stepped from behind the curtain. “Friends, patrons, and honored guests. It is a pleasure to have you all here tonight. But I am certain you all knew that, considering the healthy amount of coin you spent to be hear.” The patrons laughed and Harkin checked his compass. The needle followed the half-elf as Harkin shifted slightly. “Now, this is a special night. Tonight we are to be graced with an act that originates from the mysterious desserts of Kar’bin’ta. And before I let your minds wander, I present…The Desert Lotus.” A shimmering mist apeared behind the half-elf, only to  be replaced by Harkin, grabbing the half-elf’s collar and slamming him to the ground. 

“Hello demon. Do you recognize me?” Harkin’s false visage fell, revealing his scarred face. A single guard leapt at Harkin, but was held in the air for a moment. “Pardon me.” Harkin swung an axe at the mans jaw, cracking it with thunderous force. He brought the axe to the half-elf’s face. “Where is Larissa?” There was a terrifying silence as the guards and patrons refused to move, lest the provoke the stranger.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, sir. Please, I mean you no har-.” The half-elf was cut short as his head was slammed against the floor.

“I do not need lies Rakshasa. Where is Larissa?” Harkin hissed at the cowering figure in infernal. The man stared at Harkin, attempting to discern his escape. As mist swirled about him, Harkin’s axe came down on the half-elf’s fingers. The mist enveloped the figure, but did not shimmer and vanish. Instead, it dispersed the appearance of a half-elf and left a figure of a Rakshasa, with two fingers missing., the demon now snarling at Harkin.

“Next is your tongue. Where is my wife? Where in the Nine Hells has she been taken?”

“I know nothing of this woman, but if she is the Nine Hells, she is already lost, human.” The Rakshasa spit in Harkin, the spits turning to acid, slowly burning Harkin’s face. Harkin hardly flinched, opening the demons mouth and cutting out its tongue. The demon flailed, blood spurting from his mouth as he tried to claw at Harkin, the man simply driving his knee into the beast’s chest. Harkin grabbed the beast by the collar once more, lifting it onto its feet. He gave it a quick headbutt and tossed it into the crowd. 

Harkin looked at the compass once more, the needle still pointing to the bleeding beast. It scrambled to its feet, quickly hiding behind a guard, who looked visibly confused by the situation. Once more a shimmering mist surrounded Harkin, his form disappearing then reappearing at the exit to the building. He threw a coin purse at the gnome who had hired him containing the full value of what he had been paid and exited the building.

No Man's Sky item duplication exploit: How to farm Warp Cells and Atlas Stones for quick credits

Crafty explorers in Hello Games’ procedurally generated space exploration sim No Man’s Sky have discovered an exploitable ‘cheat’ that duplicates rare items.

By using the trick, players have successfully replicated Atlas Stones - the most valuable trading item in the game - and sold them on for quick and easy credits hauls.

The ill-gotten-gains exploit could be considered game-breaking, in the sense that it tips the balancing of No Man’s Sky’s survival gameplay firmly into the realms of the stupidly easy (and possibly dull).

While players using the glitch have yet to report any save corruption as a result of the exploit, you may want to consider strongly before trying the trick for yourself.

The exploit essentially allows for the cloning of any items in the PS4 version of No Man’s Sky, such as Warp Cells for unlimited Hyperspace jumps, but selling Atlas Stones (worth around 70k units) is a tremendously easy way of gathering enough credits for that Starship or Multi-Tool you’ve had your eyes on.

Ready to get your hands dirty? Here’s how to perform the glitch on PS4 before it gets patched:

No Man’s Sky: How to perform the item duplication trick

  1. Obtain at least one Atlas Stone or item(s) you wish to duplicate. Check our Atlas guide.
  2. Place the item(s) into your Starship inventory and head into space.
  3. Save your current game - done by docking with a Space Station.
  4. Die, no really. Attack some nearby ships and they will soon make short work of you.
  5. After you revive, check that your Starship inventory has been cleared of all resources / trading items.
  6. Load up the game’s main menu by pressing the Options button on your controller, scroll to “Options” and select “Reload previous” under “Saved Game Data”.
  7. Once loaded, check that your Starship inventory is as it was before your untimely demise.
  8. Find the “Grave” located near to where you died (this will show up on the HUD).
  9. Pick up the items from the Grave and reclaim the items you lost.
  10. Sell, rinse, repeat.

The exploit requires a fair amount of inventory space (find out how to expand this in our guide), but after about an hour of farming and selling you will have a serious unit tally. Get in quick, this one is likely to get patched soon.

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