Ill Gotten Gains: An Everlark Drabble

This was inspired by this story:

A little thank you gift for @papofglencoe for pulling me out of my crazy writers block and always being there to help me workshop the shit out of C-C. 

I never write anything that doesn’t include filthy language so please be aware. Also, TOTALLY unbeta’d so all mistakes are mine.

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Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten (Town Musicians of Bremen) statue in Bremen, Northern Germany. The statue is based on a folktale recorded by the Brothers Grimm. In the story a donkey, a dog, a cat, and a rooster (or hen), all past their prime and usefulness on their respective farms, were soon to be discarded or mistreated by their masters. One by one they leave their homes and set out together. They decide to go to Bremen, known for its freedom, to live without owners and become musicians. On the way, they see a lighted cottage; they look inside and see 4 robbers enjoying their ill-gotten gains. Standing on each other’s backs, they decide to scare the robbers by making a din; the men run for their lives, not knowing what the strange sound is. The animals take possession of the house, eat a good meal, and settle in for the night. Later, the robbers return and send one of their members in to investigate. He sees the Cat’s eyes shining in the darkness and thinks he is seeing the coals of the fire. He reaches over to light his candle. Things happen in quick succession; the Cat scratches his face, the Dog bites him on the leg, the Donkey kicks him with his hooves, and the Rooster crows and chases him out the door, screaming. He tells his companions that he was beset by a horrible witch who scratched him with her long fingernails, an ogre with a knife, a giant who had hit him with his club, and worst of all, the judge who screamed in his voice from the rooftop. The robbers abandon the cottage to the strange creatures who have taken it, where the animals live happily for the rest of their days. 

The tale has been retold through cartoons, movies, and theater plays. Statues modeled after the animals now reside in front of each of the 5 official German veterinary schools. The story was adapted into an animated feature in 1997 under the title The Fearless Four (Die furchtlosen Vier), though it varied considerably from the source material. 

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Pls consider coordinating with other artists who are victims of copyright infringement & finding a U.S. lawyer who'll file a lawsuit against these companies. Perhaps find one who'll work on contingency, pro bono, or a reduced rate, perhaps a law school will take it on as a practice case? The same company keeps infringing your works b/c there's no punishment for doing so. You all need a permanent injunction against them & for them to disgorge their ill-gotten gains to you & to be shut down.

Hi anon ^^

I’m so sorry but to be really honest, it’s not something I’m considering because it’s far too complicated. I’m French, I live in France, I don’t want to be part of a lawsuit that takes place in the USA even if it’s a pro bono case. I don’t know anything about the US justice system and I don’t want to find myself in the middle of a complicated and certainly long battle against companies like TeeChip (that will certainly say that they have a system of DMCA notice, that they are not responsible because it’s not people from the company but random people who launch campaigns at their site, blah, blah, blah)

Don’t get me wrong, I understand where you are coming from and companies like TeeChip and even FB deserve to have the law biting their ass because they are exploiting some kind of loopholes to exploit artists but it’s not really something I can be part of.

However, a friend is going to put me in relation to a French company that is a specialist of copyright infringement and DMCA notices even when the thieves are based abroad. I’ll see how it goes from there.

Thank you so much for your message! ❤ Seriously, thieves are apain in the ass

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Ok, not this one. It’s cute. You’ve got a pass, dude!

some Very Important Katana and Boomerang and Kaboom headcanons:

  • In this interview, Jai talked about the backstory for Boomerang that was pitched to him - about him being ex-special forces and having been beaten down by the system. I imagine he was somewhat like Rick Flagg at some point - he probably had some high-minded ideals and goals regardless of his methods - but circumstances led him to want out and no longer be beholden to anyone while indulging his darker vices. And what better self-sustaining self-employment is there than thievery? You’re definitely your own man in that industry so long as you can manage to keep most of the profits for yourself - and as we saw in his brief origin story, he’s no stranger to screwing someone over to keep most of his ill-gotten gains for himself. Also, considering that he’s an experienced thief and escape artist, I imagine he was something of a prodigy who entered the special forces early, as he’s only in his early 30s now and has been a thief for a while.
  • After Flagg made the otherworldly stakes of their battle totally clear and everyone leaves for the bar, Katana joins them because she found Flagg’s concealment of the truth from both her and them dishonorable. They should at least know the stakes of their mission. She quietly takes in their investment in the integrity of the team and the endgame of the mission and decides that these are people she’d willingly bare her soul before (quite literally, when she later takes off her mask and speaks to her husband within full view of the rest of the group - showing them her own reason for fighting). There is some good in them - perhaps not enough for her to fully trust that they don’t deserve the edge of her blade, but enough to fight at their side with honor, should they choose to do the same. Most criminals deserve no mercy, but these might yet merit it, if they prove themselves worthy. 
  • Katana has a level of respect for Boomerang simply because, like her, he relies entirely on non-ballistic weaponry alone and goes into every fight with little other than his wits and athleticism to protect him. 
  • Both Katana (for obvious reasons) and Boomerang (due to his special forces past) deal with PTSD. Having read his file, she wonders at how he deals with it - is his hedonism in spite of it, or is it in some way largely because of it, as a distraction from his own inner turmoil? She’s found her own way to sublimate that emotional overload, perhaps more moral in its intents and goals, but equally unhealthy in many ways.
  • In an attempt to start a conversation with her, Boomerang mentions off hand that her name - Tatsu - means “dragon” in Japanese, which he finds “bloody ripper.” She asks him if he’s been practicing with that Japanese-English Dictionary she’s seen him thumbing through when he thinks she’s not looking. And he says no, a tattoo artist told him the other day and gets even more embarassed because no, absolutely not, he was not considering getting a tattoo in her honor whatever gave her that idea
  • After hearing that Boomerang is in a cell little bigger than a holding cell for mouthing off to Waller, she puts in a good word for him. He gets a bigger cell, a six-pack every week, a certain pink unicorn that he’s rather embarrassed she knows anything about, and a much more thorough Japanese-English Dictionary with rudimentary lessons contained therein along with a note in English that reads simply. “Practice. I will visit and track your progress.”
  • Belle Reve’s not a bar, but he does have beer and when she visits, drinks are on him.
FBI closes the books on D.B. Cooper
D.B. Cooper vanished over the Pacific Northwest in 1971 after hijacking a plane and parachuting into the sky with $200,000. The FBI is closing the case.
By Farida Fawzy, CNN

Diane, the FBI no longer regards me as a wanted criminal. I plan on retiring in Twin Peaks, and spending my ill-gotten gains on coffee and donuts for all my friends. 

A bit more of an expanded plot summary:

“StartUp” begins with Phil Rask (Martin Freeman), the FBI agent who specializes in financial crimes, who crosses paths with Nick Talman (Adam Brody), an intelligent financier working in a boutique firm. Rask is after Talman’s father, a wealthy, irresponsible man who forces Nick to stash his ill-gotten gain after he goes missing. Instead of going to the FBI, Nick decides to hide the money in a tech startup pitched by the unorthodox Izzy Morales (Otmara Marrero), a whiz with a great idea who’s out to change the world. There’s one hitch: Ronald Dacey (Edi Gathegi), second-in-command to a local Haitian gang, is out looking for the money he left with Nick’s father. When Ronald discovers it has vanished, he tracks down Nick and forms an unexpected partnership with him and Izzy. All the while, Rask is hot on their trail as he’ll journey into darkness to bring them to justice.

“StartUp” also stars Wayne Knight (“Seinfeld”) and Aaron Yoo (“Blacklist”), and is produced by Critical Content and Hollywood Gang Productions.

The 10-episode, one hour series will premiere on Crackle on September 6th. 

(Via Indiewire)

Ill-Gotten Gains DLC: Part Two!

New DLC will be coming to Grand Theft Auto V next week!

The Progen T20

The second haul of high-end goods currently en route to Los Santos’ luxury shops and dealerships. We’re pleased to announce that the Ill-Gotten Gains Update: Part Two will arrive for all platforms next week, on Wednesday July 8th. This new collection of extravagant attire and potent transportation also includes the debut of the previously PC-exclusive ‘The Lab’ radio station across all four console platforms.

Also be on the look out for old favorites at reduced rates, including the Firework Rocket Launcher to celebrate the 4th of July!

The Coil Brawler, equipped to handle any terrain.

The Lampadati Toro

New shipments of clothing and accessories are available at high end retailers across Los Santos!

The Invetero Coquette BlackFin

The extremely powerful and damaging, single-shot Marksman Pistol.

Another stunning picture of the Progen T20 in action.

For the first time, Brass Knuckles will make their Debut in Grand Theft Auto Online. The Knuckledusters

The Vapid Chino

Luxury meets raw power with the Dinka Vindicator

Ill-Gotten Gains DLC: Part Two drops on July 8th for all Platforms.

My roommate, Sympathetic Villain

me: awww man. Did you eat the cake that was in the fridge? You know that was for my party tomorrow

sympathetic villain: Im Sorry… i havent adjusted to the human code of ethics yet. but im having an awakening somewhere inside my heart thats telling me i can still be a good person. i can only hope i am not killed for my sins until now

me: aww.. you know what… thats alright

me: hey wait! whyd you pour milk on my bed!

sympathetic villain: my core motivation to succeed to prove those who have hurt me wrong has become confused with one-sided lust for conquest. at my core and in my mind, i am still an innocent and wronged child, trying my best to cope by using even ill-gotten gains as a token of some kind of success

me: i feel you. thats ok. i guess it wont be so bad to clean

me: hey wait why did you kill everyone in the world????

sympathetic villain: we all have days like that

Rockstar gets greedy

So, as we all know, the newest Grabd Theft Auto V update has been released and is rather expensive… over $20 million to buy everything that the DLC has to offer. For players who are unfamiliar with the new DLC, the “Ill gotten Gains part one” DLC, the contents conisist of this:

Three new road vehicles 

the Benefactor Stirling GT, based on the 1955 Mercedes 300SL gullwing 

The Pegassi Osiris, based on the Pagani Huayra and Ferrari LaFerrari. Also, on a side note, don’t blow one of these up. No, seriously. Insurance costs on one of these takes about $25,000 out of your money if you blow it up. So, just don’t go there…

The Albany Virgo, a returning car from GTA San Andreas and GTA IV, based on the Mercury Cougar and Lincoln Continental Mark 5

Next are Two new aircraft, (albeit reskinned aircraft already in-game, just more expensive)

The Bukingham Luxor Deluxe, a gold painted Luxor; which allows you to perform multiple actions inside. These range from smoking cigars, drinking wine and using the internet. Oh, and it costs $10 million. So you better have deep pockets…. or be willing to splash out on shark cards…

And finally, the Buckingham Swift Deluxe, also gold painted. This costs slightly less, at $5.15 million… still pretty expensive, but it’s Rockstar; this is what they do. 

Other than these beautiful but downright money crippling vehicles, the new weapon skins and new clothes are pretty good, but as expected, do cost quite a lot. 

Overall, the update has been reasonably good, but it shows that Rockstar is quite money grabbin’ greedy with this update. Players with a lower cash fund (me included), sometimes have to resort to shark cards… giving rockstar another profit push-up. 

Still, as this is only “part one” of the DLC, what lies ahead for the next parts of the DLC, and will they be as expensive? Only time will tell…

That’s it for now, mateys. You’ve been reading the tales of the cap’in and ill be writin’ more gaming news soon.   

the central city pd fundraising at a carnival and barry allen pissed of the captain so now he’s manning the kissing booth. cue, captain cold putting down a twenty and monopolizing barry’s hour. (or barry suspicious that len is using ill gotten gains) OR LEN GETS JEALOUS AT THE LONG LINE 

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8 and SoMa :D

8. Seductive kiss

geez it’s been ages since i’ve done prompts let’s see if i don’t fuck this up too badly. idk if this is even seductive but, y’know, whatever

so here have a short, shitty con man/grifter AU 

also i do not use this trope too much idk what you’re talking about

also i sort of stole dialogue from Cap 2. oops. but not really

He was entirely too close, but try as she might she couldn’t bring herself to care at all. She ignored the voice in her head that told her this was supposed to be professional, they were only working together for the one job, and that after they’d unburdened Ariana Gorgon of her ill-gotten gains they’d both be in the wind. Instead she let herself focus on the little dimple that she hadn’t noticed before, and the too-long eyelashes that fluttered against his cheek whenever he blinked. 

Maka swallowed hard and met his gaze. His sleepy red eyes were far too cunning for her liking. Why she’d even agreed to work with him was beyond her, but work together they did, and she hated just how well they fit. 

(No, she didn’t.)

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James Mcavoy, a Monster Succes.

This is an interview from The Times, published the 29th of November, 2015.

James McAvoy’s recent roles have taken him to some dark places. Frankenstein is the latest to evoke ‘severe mental trauma’, but he is an actor who revels in confrontation.

James McAvoy is so confident that I only notice how short he is when he stands up. He is well under 6ft, but seemed so much taller as he sat ranting in a busy bar. To highlight this confidence, here’s what the actor said about a drama scholarship that he created so that wannabe peers from similar working-class backgrounds to his can attend an expensive school. He feels it is his responsibility to help. “And I’ve used,” he says with a wicked grin, caring less than any actor paid to flog clothes ever has before, “my ill-gotten gains doing a Prada f****** modelling campaign to fund it.”

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In the depths there are places that have never known the presence of the sun. Rays of golden light have never pierced the darkness here, and never will. The Oceans, in their hunger for all things that make their way through water, ensure this. The hunger goes beyond devouring light, course. All that dies here descends further into the endless maw of the dark.

You are no exception.

Nature may abhor a vacuum, but opportunists love them. The Ivarra Archipelago was once ruled by a powerful fleet of marauders and pirates, serving as a familiar base and storehouse for their ill gotten gains, from raw goods, treasure, and hostages. Their leader, Captain West, had ruled these isles from aboard Wise Hunter, the flagship for many battles upon the seas. Feared and reviled, the Archipelago was the one place where West had forbidden violence, so that they could sell their stolen goods here at double price. It had brought West and their crew great fortune.

Now it brought only blood.

The attackers had come not long after the news had reached the marauders of West’s crew keeping watch over the crew. “Cap’n West is dead. They went down with the Hunter and all hands, along with most of the fleet. The sea swallowed them up, and now the storm that did them in is on its way here.”

The wind picked up swiftly after, bringing with it a single ship. Men armed with steel and pistol manned it, but a figure hidden insalt worn rags led them, their face obscured, but with pale hands that had never been kissed by the sun. Their men killed with the tools of man, but the hooded one never needed to draw steel, for those that came too close would find saltwater in their lungs, or black water ooze from their form, and swallow them whole.

None were spared that day, not even the hostages. Few would remember the name of West or their crew in the years to come, the pirate nearly forgotten in the horrors that came after his time. Their memory cast off, into the sea.

You cursed fate at first, when you saw your ships going down, your men vanishing beneath the swells of black water. Sorcery of some kind, or the curse of the gods, you wagered, for this was no mere storm. There, barely visible with all the rain and salt in your eye, was a ship that somehow remained unbuffeted by wind or tide. Your true enemy was on that vessel, you were certain, and you were about to order the long range canons to be brought about, storm and distance be damned, when you heard it. The Hunter’s spine broke, and your beloved ship screamed, her dying cries mirroring that of your crew as wood splintered and water consumed everything around was torn apart around you.

The water takes you, and as you struggle to surface, air burning in your lungs, you see everything, your ships, your men, your fortune, torn apart and made unto nothing. In the end, you have only yourself as you find yourself sinking deeper and deeper. Your last wish, your last desperate offering as you vainly reach for the pale light rippling above you, is mercy as your last bit of air is spent on an empty hope.

The Dead Ship, they called it, for it only brought one thing with it when it left the cursed Archipelago. Heralding the coming of an unnatural storm, only those who fled would spread word of the cursed vessel, and of them, only the very lucky. Those who fought, died, and those who hid, were taken. None knew what ever became of them.

These thoughts do not escape their minds as the newest prisoners are huddled together in the heart of the vessel. Horrible rumors are all they know of their fate, their imaginations supplying further terror at the sight of the pale captain, the skin of their gnarled hands paler than any corpse. Despair overtook them, and few prayed for a deliverance they did not think would come.

The Dead Ship returned to the Archipelago, with only a bit of driftwood that gotten caught on the hull being pulled in its wake.

Light is just a memory now, even more so than life. You must surely be dead, as you sink further and further down, with only darkness as your company. though your sight is taken from you, your body stiff and unmoving, you can feel the water flowing between the space of your fingers. The silence is loud in your ears, but you can hear something beyond it, a steady rhythm. That meant something, but it was so hard to remember it. It was so hard to remember anything that wasn’t washed away in all this void.

‘What you hear is the sound of your heart,’ A voice whispered in your ear, a soft as…the breeze, yes. Like wind. You remembered wind.

“Not…not dead?” And the words were so clear, hearing them escape your lips felt like music. Music. You remembered that. You were remembering so many things, but…?

“No, not dead. Not at the moment. The sun may never be seen down here, but life is a strange and stubborn thing. It can surprise Us where it surfaces sometimes. Of course, sometimes We help it along.”

The darkness moved, the void somehow gaining texture and dimension, and you can only face it because your body is still stiff as a board, even though everything you know says you should be afraid…why aren’t you?

“It’s not a pleasant thing, to find yourself lost in the current. Or to sink and never be found. You feared that, and you called for me. And I will give you what you asked for. But laws demand a price, and Death and tide are not easily circumvented. So, I have given you what remains of your mind and soul to make a simple decision, without desperation to blind you: Will you take my hand?”

The void coalesced into an open palm, and you know you have a choice now. You can feel the darkness behind you on two levels, the cold pressure of the deep for your body to waste away into sand, and a warm presence that touched your spirit, a reminder of the first darkness that all life draws succor from, or take the hand of the Impossible.

“What happens…if I do?”

“You will return here again, as all things do, but until then, you will live a second life in the service of the world. You will not be who you were before. Already much has been washed away, but you will have a purpose. What do you choose?”

When you take the void’s hand, it feels like the grip of an old friend.

The Dead Ship stalled as a second wind buffeted the sails, blowing in from the East. The Pale Hand paused in their movements, their head cocked to the side, as if listening. 

Steel sang through the night air. The first of the crew fell without a word, and the rest turned to see a figure, draped in rags and driftwood stand over their comrade, water still pooling beneath them.


There was a glint of grinning teeth before the figure marched forth, armed with only a cutlass bathed in pale light. As one they came upon it, and as one they fell, with only the sound of steel and thunder heralding their passing.

The Pale Hand fell last, confused as to why the water filling the attacker’s lungs did not slow them before the cutlass pierced their side in a flourishing smite.

The prisoners heard heavy footsteps, and a figure dressed in a rotted coat and armored driftwood peered at them through the bars, a bemused smile on their lips.

“I don’t suppose any of you know how to steer a ship? I seemed to have forgotten how.”