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This blog looks awesome! May I have some headcanons for Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, and Law getting ill, please?

Lol way to choose the people least likely to get sick.  I love it.  I love these nerds.



  • Sick?  How can Luffy be sick?  He’s Luffy
  • Well the most obvious cure for this is eating all the meat he can
  • Is confused why Chopper can’t just magically cure him back to instant health
  • If it’s the type of illness that makes you not want to eat anything….
  • The whole crew is horrified and semi-convinced that Luffy will die
  • The most annoying patient Chopper will ever have hands down


  • Denies that he is sick
  • “If I’m sick, could I do this?”  Attempts to wield his swords and immediately passes out
  • Thinks he can miraculously not be sick through sheer willpower
  • (It doesn’t work like that Zoro.)
  • Claims that even though he’s sick he can still kick Sanji’s ass
  • Sleeps 3000x more


  • The type of person who thinks he’s dying when he has a cold
  • Wants Nami and Robin to nurse him back to health
  • Is incredibly distraught that he can’t cook for the rest of his crew
  • Loves it when someone dotes on him while he’s bedridden
  • Claims he can still kick Zoro’s ass despite being sick


  • The type of person who says he’s still fine even though he’s dying from the plague
  • Seriously Bepo, HE’S FINE
  • Claims he knows what’s best for himself because he’s a doctor
  • Is his own worst enemy
  • Is the asshole that infects everyone else in the ship with his cold
  • Needs to be locked in his own room to rest