Spot head cannons cause i wanna

-please imagine spot trying to keep it together when jack betrayed everyone

-like, spot just going to punch him, but stopping, and then when he goes back to brooklyn and has some time to himself just gets super upset

-the only reason he didn’t soak jack there and then was race  (ofc im adding sprace in this, who do you think i am)

-but like spot being all tough and scary, but feeling weak inside sometimes

-spot seeing crutchie get cornered one day after he defended another newsie, spot starts to go over and soak em, but crutchie smacks em in the leg with his crutch, hard

-spot has massive respect for crutchie since that day, he was never wary of him, but he gained respect that day.

-spot loves touch, he loves the pressure of hugs. but is super jittery when people touch him cause he’s king, no one should touch the king of brooklyn

-however when race hugs him for the first time (after they had to leg it for some reason) he cries

-he full on sobs, cause no one hugs him, he cant have people hug him. but race is different

-he trusts race with his life

-his first kiss is with race, when they were both drunk

-spot avoids race for 3 weeks before race storms into brooklyn and demands spot to talk to him

-race ends up with a shiner, but then they make up cause spot misses race.


Finally a drawing of my most recent DND character!

This is Cornelius Guggul, an arrogant, chaotic neutral outcast of a small pyromancer community. His only love in life aside from his deceased parents is fire. He will burn down everything you love and yourself included if offended, which happens very very easily.

Additional backstory under the cut!

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i know im strong, i know i can get through this, i know im stronger than my illness and that ill be okay, even if i know ill never actually be okay healthwise.

but fuck am i tired of having to deal with this, of having to expect this and accept this.

people assume when i complain about my illness that im giving up, but im just complaining because thats ALL i can do.

nothing will help me or cure me, all i have is my chance to talk about how done i am with being sick.

i wish i could do that without someone worrying that im letting my illness beat me


Hey there! It’s me, your resident bigender/FTM trans kiddo.
It’s been a crazy year since last TDOV, but I’ve come through to the other side with great friends, a great relationship, and determination towards beating mental illness and embracing who I am fully. Someday I will transition, but until then I have full permission to exist as who I am- and nothing will stop me.

Negan reacting to you being seriously ill would include

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• Him feeling like he’s losing ground as he’d find out how bad your illness is and directly having a flashback to everything that happened to Lucille

• Him at first being stuck somewhere between panicking and just feeling numb while the only thought on his mind is that he can’t lose someone this way again

• Him promising, even swearing to himself that he won’t do the same mistakes again and will stay from the very beginning by your side doesn’t matter how fucked up he feels

• Him just trying to give as many tasks as he can to Simon or other Saviors to have all the time to be there for you

• Him having his Doctor caring for you and having his men search for all the medicine you need

• Him trying his very best to stay strong for you even though it drives him nuts to see you that way and he even catches himself tearing up from time to time

• Him trying to crack some jokes with you just to desperately try to get himself and you a bit distracted

• Him telling you that you’re a fighter, that you’ll beat this shit and that he’s gonna do everything to help you 

• Him not allowing himself to think about the worst case as well as angrily stopping you when you carefully try to mention what could happen and forbidding you to ever think about it again

• Him finding himself waking up from nightmares just to immediately check if you’re alright

• Him not being able to fall asleep again for a while and just watching you sleep while trying to get rid of his thoughts

• Him making sure that you know how much he loves you and that you’re the most important person in his life he would also do anything for

• Him acting tensed around others and having a hard time to concentrate

• Him getting you everything he knows you enjoy to lighten up your day and to just make you forget about the illness for a bit

• Him carrying you around whenever you need to see something else than just your room and need to catch some fresh air and your legs are too weak to carry you

• Him cursing uncountable times about your illness while just wishing nothing more than that you’ll get better again

• Him sometimes being outrun by his memories and just slipping under the blankets next to you, taking you into his arms and just holding you as tight as he can to calm himself down

• Him feeling from time to time that helpless and desperate that he’s close to freaking out and just wants to go out and bash walkers heads to mash but controlling himself for your sake and rather spending this time with you

• Him seeing that you’re also staying strong for him and extremely hate to see him suffer too

• Him refusing to leave your side even if you’re the one who tells him to take a break and just go for a walk

• Him being extremely happy about any little improvement of your health and just having more hope that you will beat the illness while knowing that he’s gonna help you to reach that goal no matter what

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Draco malfoy fluff request please! Him and reader spending time doing bets/contests together and end up becoming very competitive and seriously about it Thanks♡


Loved this request, thank you love!! <3

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A langst thing I thought of
Prompt: Lance snapping at the team
Warning: self harm, minor gore, and mental breakdowns.
Let’s get this terrible party started shall we?

We were in a battle. The galra ship we were fighting had these really strong shields but I could see two specific weak points and I bet if we shot them both the battle would end.
“ Hey guys?”
Then they went on with their conversations, do they really not see what I see?
“Guys I-”
“Lance now is not the time” shiro said, trying not to sound stressed.
“SHUT UP LANCE!” Pidge yelled again.
Interrupted again? Really?! I’m trying to help!! I finally had enough of this bullshit. Why won’t they listen?!
Finally I snapped.
“NO YOU SHUT UP AND LISTEN TO ME YOU IDIOTS!!” I’m not sure what happened but we disassembled voltron at that moment.
“IF YOU WONT LISTEN THEN ILL JUST BEAT THIS GUY MYSELF!” I felt tears falling from my eyes, I did nothing to stop them
“NOW JUST STAY QUIET AND OUT OF MY WAY” I flew past all the other palidans, they were so quiet. I shot the first weak point, success. Half of their shields were down. I hit the next one no problem. Then I aimed for their weapons. It was actually really easy for me to his just the right spot on all of their blasters and cannons so they wouldn’t work. In no time at all they were turning around and retreating. I laughed at them running away but the wave of joy was soon cut short by regret. What I had shouted at my team, they probably hate me. I started hyperventilating so I flew back to the castle as soon as I could, ignoring all the things everyone else was saying. I didn’t want to talk to them, I’d only be interrupted anyways. The moment I got tho the castle I ran as fast as I could to my room, I think I heard allura say something? I have no idea what it was though. Finally I was alone, the door to my room shut and everything was quiet, at least outside my head. I took off my armour and put on my normal clothes, and I sat on my bed. I felt numb, I looked at the floor. Tears still falling from my eyes but at an even quicker rate, still hyperventilating, the room was spinning. My words echoed in my mind getting louder and louder with every iteration. Out of habit I rolled up my sleeve and started scratching my arm hoping the pain would ground my soaring thoughts.
I said that? I really said that to my team, my friends.
I was shaking. I couldn’t see, or I could see just couldn’t comprehend what I was seeing.
“Why did I do that? Why am I such a horrible person? Why? Why? Why?!” I started saying to myself, eyes darting around the room hoping that if I just looked in the right spot everything would make sense. Suddenly I felt a hand around my wrist pulling it away from my arm, I forgot I was scratching myself. I blinked and realized that right in front of me was a red jacket. I moved my eyes up to see a look of pain on Keith’s face. I didn’t know what to do, so I just stared. Then after a few seconds he hugged me. Finally everything went quiet in my head. I heard Keith’s shaking breaths. “We are so sorry lance” he whispered, his hands running through my hair.
“Fuck I’m so sorry” he said again.
I put my arms around him but flinched when my bleeding arm touched his back. I was bleeding? I looked at my left arm and noticed how all the way up my forearm my scratching had caused big ragged gashes all over.
“Oh god” I whispered as I pressed my face into Keith’s shoulder.
“I’m sorry I- I didn’t-you were- I” why can’t I complete a sentence. I fealt a large hand touch my back and looked up, it was hunk.
“It’s ok buddy” he said smiling “You did save the day after all”
“Yeah we should be the ones apologizing” pidge said appearing behind hunk.
Shiro cut me off. “No buts, we should have listened to you. You single handily took out a galra battleship.” He smiled putting his human hand on my head. “You did great”
I started sobbing into Keith’s shoulder again.
When I had finally calmed down I realized it was just me and Keith now. Alone in my room. How long have I been crying? I looked back at my arm and realized that I had gotten blood all over the back of his jacket.
“Oh god Keith I’m sorry” I said placing my hand on the stain. Keith pulled back from the hug and looked me in the eyes.
“It’s fine” he said smiling. “I know how to get blood stains out”
“ That’s not concerning at all” I laughed
He then pulled me down to the bed and hugged me yet again.
“Shut up” he said sarcastically placing his arm under my head like a pillow. I guess I didn’t realize how tired I was because shortly after I put my head on his arm I passed out.
The end.
(Sorry if this sucked, I don’t normally write fanfic…I TRIED OK!)

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tsuna dino and enma falling in love with an idealistic girl who is running for the mayor of Sicily and refuses to be corrupted please


admin Adelheid


Tsuna looked at you with nonchalant eyes and saw you as nothing more than another puppet that would dance to his tune the moment he flashed his money and made his demands. He was certainly unprepared for the cursory glance you gave the briefcase full of money spread boldly on your desk before looking back at him with calm, serene eyes.

“What is this for?”

“Just a little donation. I heard you’re going to run for Mayor of our good city.” He replied coolly, his chin casually supported in his hand.

Your lashes hid your eyes for a moment and Tsuna stared in fascination at their length. He certainly had not expected such beauty when he made an appointment to see you.

“If you’re going to make donations for my campaign then it would be best to donate them to my campaign committee. It would not be very appropriate for me to accept such gifts in this fashion.” Tsuna blinked but your eyes met his again directly. With a matter of fact aloofness that silently asked him why he wasn’t leaving yet. “Do you have any other business with me, Mr. Sawada? I’m quite busy. I only allowed this impromptu meeting because my old teacher recommended I meet with you.”

Your attitude surprised a twitch on Tsuna’s lip. “You really are a novice in politics, aren’t you?”

“I know enough not to take candy from a stranger, Mr. Sawada,” you replied smoothly with a gentle smile that surprised the don with its curious tenderness despite your sharp words. It certainly made your acerbic comments sound like honey. “I’m a firm believer that there is no such thing as a free lunch.”

“It would be in your best interests to―”

Tsuna held his hand up and stopped Hayato in the middle of his comment while he leaned towards you in interest. “You’re certainly not what I expected. Your… predecessor was much more open to negotiations.”

You nodded without even a flinch at the insult he threw at the office you were planning to succeed. “My predecessor is a very impressionable person. I’m sure he’ll enjoy his retirement wholly as long as he does not meddle with my affairs while I am in office.”

“And what exactly are you planning to do when you win?” Tsuna asked curiously, a small smile blooming on his face as he watched your eyes sparkle with fire.

“I plan to protect the people of this city,” you answer directly, steel under velvet coating your every word. “My aim is to protect every person in Sicily so they are not left as victims to senseless violence any longer. No one is going to stop me. Not my predecessor, not the Mafia or any other politician they have in their pocket.”

“Oh? You’re not afraid to die?” Tsuna’s eyes glinted with amusement. It had been a while since he felt this for anyone who was not involved in his dark empire. “The Mafia is not something to be taken lightly, after all.”

“Do you have ties with the Mafia, sir?” you asked with raised brows at him.

Tsuna laughed. “I don’t think I am under obligation to answer that question, District Attorney.”

You nodded in approval and Tsuna felt his chest sing with pride that he had managed to impress you. “Well even if you don’t I’m sure you can let everyone know this. I will show no mercy to the Mafia if they disturb the peace in this city. I really don’t care if you kill each other but once my civilians are involved…”

Tsuna raised his brows, impressed at the sudden steel invading the serenity in your eyes. “I hope they’re prepared to be hounded out of Sicily.”

As Tsuna walked out of the courthouse and back to his Mercedes he smiled.

Hayato, his eyes making sure their surroundings were safe and carrying the case of rejected money thought it was odd so he asked about it in the car. “You look happy, Boss.”

Tsuna’s smile did not budge one inch as he looked out his car towards your office window. “Hayato. Make sure to give her flowers when she wins.”

Hayato blinked. “Alright. I’ll have them prepare a funeral wreath for―”

“No, not that kind,” Tsuna leaned back in his seat as the car began to move. “Find out what our future mayor’s favorite flowers are and have them make a lovely bouquet. I would love to talk to our soon-to-be former District Attorney again over dinner in the future. Also, spread the word out.”


“Make it clear that anyone who touches her? Answers to me.”


It had been a long day and all you wanted was a bath, dinner and sleep. However, the moment you switched the lights on the modest little apartment you lived in you were not expecting a surprise guest that evening.

Because sitting on your favorite chair and facing the door you just came in was a handsome man you have never met before smiling at you ever so charmingly.

“Good evening.”

Immediately you were on guard. However, before you could shout for help or escape your mouth was covered from the back and your hand forced behind you in an arm lock by a bespectacled older man.

“No need to scream; I have no plans to kill you today.”

You glared defiantly back at him.”

“If you promise not to make a ruckus then I’ll have Romario here release you. Deal?”

You locked gazes with him for what seemed like hours before you eventually nodded. Dino then jabbed a chin at Romario who released you but remained at your back.

You rub your abused wrist before snarling at this unexpected visitor. “What do you want?”

“Nothing much, just your cooperation,” he replied with a charming smile. You have to admit that if you were any other woman you would have swooned at that smile already. “I’ve noticed that you’re very passionate about taking the Mafia down during your campaigns.”

“What about it?” you asked defiantly, narrowing your eyes at him.

“Well I’m here to offer you an alliance with us, of course.”

“I’m not interested in negotiating with criminals.”

“Now, now don’t be so hasty,” Dino’s smile turned sharp and you had to fight back a gasp at the sight of it. “We are quite a powerful force and an alliance with us will ensure your victory in the upcoming elections.”

You laughed harshly at that making Dino lose his smile for a moment. “Wouldn’t that be a conflict of interest for you? After all, you were the ones who put the previous mayor in office too, weren’t you? I’m running against him so how would you support the both of us at the same time?”

Dino’s smile turned a bit wry at that point making you blink. He did not look like a gangster at all when he smiled like that. “The current mayor has outlived his usefulness. He actually has delusions of running all by himself for the elections now that he has all that ill gotten money. He’ll beat you down with campaign posters and organize shootouts during your campaign speeches. I daresay he’s even more dangerous than us at this point.”

You can’t deny that. Even at this point your secret investigations of the current mayor had shown just how far he would go to maintain his position. You don’t have proof but you suspected he has made deals with the Mafia to assassinate his rivals in the past. It was one of the reasons why you were the only candidate running against him this year. Everyone else has backed out for fear of the current mayor’s influence. And it infuriated you that he was getting away with all of it.

Still though a criminal was still a criminal. You would never trust them as far as you could spit.

“My stance will not change. If I die then I have an ace up my sleeve that can ruin him easily,” you declared, thinking about the pile of evidence you had hidden away about the mayor’s past atrocities while he was in office. “I am not like him. I’ll step in that office with honor. And I do not negotiate with gangsters. Now either kill me or get out of my house.”

Dino regarded you with awe and disbelief but then smiled again and gracefully unfolded himself from the chair. “I see. So sorry to have bothered you then. We will take our leave. Good night.”

As soon as you managed to lock the door behind the two men you felt your knees give out as you slid to the floor.

God that was close.

In his car, though, Dino laughed happily as Romario drove him away.

“Boss?” Romario asked, his eyes on the road and the side mirrors making sure no one was following them.

“Romario, contact Reborn. Tell him I want him to personally end any assassins going after our little mayor-to-be.”

“You like her?”

“Oh yes, I like her,” Dino smirked. “I’ll have to tell Tsuna our new mayor will be under Cavallone protection from this point on.”


You were having a simple meal before going home. No one knew that the number one running candidate for the mayor of Sicily liked having her dinner at a homely little pizzeria with cozy booths and relaxing seats. The people who ate with you were generally ordinary working class people and not fancy lawyers and judges. You preferred the simple life because it made you feel closer to the people.

At first Enma couldn’t believe it when Julie gave him the info. It seemed like the height of carelessness to live in such a manner. Shouldn’t you be getting bodyguards now that you’re in the middle of your campaign? But even as he came closer to you he saw no panic on your face. You were far too engrossed on the file you were reading to notice him and he could see your surprise when he sat in the stool in front of you.

And yet instead of panicking, you calmly collected yourself and asked. “Can I help you?”

The Shimon Boss, dressed like an ordinary worker with his scarf wrapped around the lower part of his face almost shook his head at your naivete. Clearly you were not a native so why the hell are you running for office here? His curiosity was wasted. And here he volunteered to do this assignment himself despite Adel going ballistic on him because he thought you were interesting.

Derisively he set down a thick brown envelope on the table and pushed it towards you.

You looked down at it with narrowed eyes.

“We hear you don’t make much out of your salary as a public official,” Enma began, his voice quiet. His red eyes peeking out from under the rim of the newsboy he was wearing to try and hide his blazing red hair. “Here’s some pocket money to help with your expenses. Courtesy of the Shimon.”

Your eyes widened, recognizing the name of the Mafia Famiglia mentioned only in rumors even in the underworld.

It made Enma smirk underneath his scarf. “If you understand then you should take it and know we don’t like people nosing in on our business. Take it if you know what’s good for you.”

He stood up and was about to pass you by to leave but the Shimon don was stopped by your hand slapping the envelope of money on his chest before he could walk away. Enma looked down at you in surprise.

“I think you left something.” You said with a slight smile on your lips.

Enma narrowed his eyes at you and scowled. “Don’t be stupid. Do you really want to be the reason for the deaths of your loved ones?”

“I’m all alone in the world, I’ve got nothing and no one to lose anymore; my whole family’s been massacred when I was ten,” you tell him making Enma’s eyes widen and his heart skip a beat at the sight of your plaintive, wry smile. “If you’re going to do something then do your worst; but I’m not accepting money I didn’t work for. Why not give it to charity? I heard there’s an orphanage on the edge of town that can use it.”

Numbly, Enma accepted the cash. He couldn’t really take his eyes off you.

With the money gone from your hand you return back to your file and your meal as though nothing untoward had just happened. “I’m here to ensure the people will live in peace and not be afraid of being pinned between any of your wars. I think Sicily deserves better than being sacrificed to either the law or the Mafia. I don’t want to see anyone dying in vain again. So go ahead and do your worst. I’d rather die than look away when someone obviously needs my help.”

Enma left torn at your words and your smile etched in his mind. From then on he made sure you were safe from the shadows of his world as you reveled under that light of yours. Silently hoping someday he would get the opportunity to be close enough to reach you.

The orphanage at the edge of town continued receiving enormous donations every year on that same day from then on.

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